Joey lay still, his limbs spread eagle and his eyes closed, feigning sleep. He peeked at Lauren, hunched up at the end of her bed, she was shivering as she was only wearing a small vest and some thin baggy trousers. She wrapped a small blanket tightly around her shoulders, trying to keep warm.

Joey lay there for a few minutes and just listened to her breathing, soon they were both inhaling and exhaling in sink. He had quite the crush on her but knew she would never like him back. Plus Hannah, his girlfriend, ugh, she annoyed him and was soon going to break up with her. But the time wasn't right before the trip and now he had to wait another 6 weeks to see her and break up with her.


Lauren sighed, breaking the breathing pattern they had both been in and dramatically lay back landing with a thud.

Joey cleared his throat.

"Hey, Lo, You okay?"

Jumping up, startled, she stared at him blankly.

"It's just that you've been a bit restless all night."

She blinked and replied.

"Yeah I'm just cold, that's all." She didn't mention that the fact that he was right next to her had been keeping her wide awake.

"Hey do you wanna share my blanket, there's plenty off room if we push the mats together?"

She accepted. He shuffled his mat over and and she warily pulled the blanket over both of their bodies. They both lay awkwardly next to each other. Lauren's body pressing into his searching for warmth.