Hey guys hanna here with a review of Bohemina Rhasodpy! CAUTION SPOLIER!


It's a movie where you can get away with saying "yaaas queen" loud in the theater (get it cuz theyre Queen LOL)

I can't believe they brought Freddy MErcury back to life just to film this movie!

Fact number one: Jimmy Jupiter is my new favrotie singer

my favorite part was when he sang we ar the chimpinos. all of the songs were surprisingly good though! it was also cool when he first joined the band, and

his name was Fork but then he's like "mum dad I changed my name to Vinny Venus"

They kind disapprved but WHO CARES

UGH how is Freddie Mercury such a good performer?! Like even though his teth wer CRAZY he still sang so well and his dance moves are inSANE.

OMG now I am OBSESSED with Queen's lead singer Stevie Saturn now ugh so cool

To bad he got pnomeunia and died! I wish I could meet Nicky Neptune! :((( I am so sad hes dead he is my IDOL

Another cool scene was when Ulysses Uranus tried on the fur coat I was like YASSS QUEEN (get it Queen? XD)

But anyway Paulie Pluto how is he so cool :'( omgggggy


Eddie Earth's story was very cool, like who knew? Movie is sooo worht the ourtageous money for the tickest (My ticket cst me FIVE DOLLARS THAT'S LIKE MY WHOLE MOTNH ALLOWANCE but anyway)

Go see it! Try not to cry like I did ahahahahha it was so sad when Timmy Tatooine cut hs hair, saddest part of the movie.

And tjat was my review of

Bomenihan Raspberry: the story of the life (aaaand death) of Frankey Mars :DDD