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"So, what exactly is our mission?" asked Naruto to Kakashi as Team Seven all stood at the main gates to Konoha, the mostly rebuilt village in the background. You could still hear the faint hammering of nails, the rough scrapping of metal on metal and wood as the finishing touches of the rebuild were being completed.

"I wasn't going to go into detail until the client arrived as this should be a rather straight forward guard detail mission that he can explain, but since you asked so nicely, I guess I can spill some of the details" said Kakashi as he put away his book and looked at the trio of young Shinobi before himself "The leader of the Hidden Waterfall Village requested a team to escort him back to his village. With Naruto getting the Chunin rank, Sasuke being on probation for the Chunin rank and Sakura being in the Chunin Exams finals, Team 7 was given the mission."

"You make it sound like you're not coming with us, sensei" said Sakura

"That's because he's not" said a voice that Naruto was very familiar with at this point.

"Lady Tsunade" said Sakura in awe at seeing the living legend before her, Sasuke didn't say anything and Naruto could only narrow his eyes and groan.

"What do you want you old bat?" asked Naruto to the shock of Sakura who gasped in disbelief at the level of disrespect shown to their new Hokage

"I come to see my cousin off on a mission and this is how I get treated" fumed Tsunade as she shook her fist at Naruto who rolled his eyes

"You came out here to baby me like you do at every chance that you get, didn't you" retorted Naruto

Tsunade pouted "Maybe"

Naruto smiled and walked closer to his lone living relative in the village and hugged her tightly, an action that she returned immediately

When they broke apart, she pulled up his headband and kissed him on the forehead before pulling the headband back down "You be careful out there"

Naruto nodded "I will"

Tsunade turned and left without looking back at the new Chunin, something that he was thankful for if he was being honest.

As Naruto turned back to his squad, a taller teenager with long flat brown hair, wearing an green shirt with tan pants and blue ninja sandals arrived.

"Hi, my name is Shibuki, leader of the Village hidden in the Waterfalls" said the teen, his voice shaky and uncertain.

Naruto stepped right up to him, his hand extended and had to hold back his laughter as the man flinched as the hand reached out to him.

"Oh right, a handshake" laughed Shibuki as he reached out to shake Naruto's hand after realizing that Naruto wasn't going to hurt him.

They shook hands and Naruto said "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, the guy with the black hair is Sasuke and the pink haired girl is Sakura"

Sakura gave a small wave and Sasuke just gave a small nod, both of them were eager to get his mission started.

"Let's head out now" said Naruto to Shibuki, who nodded and the three Konoha Shinobi went into a triangle formation around Shibuki, with him in the middle and they leapt off into the trees, off to the Hidden Waterfall Village.

With Tsunade:

By the time she made it back up to her new office, she was greeted with a series of people in her new office.

"Why is it that nobody ever comes in here with Sake" grumbled Tsunade as she saw Danzo, Hiashi, Jiraiya, and the Suna shinobi Baki in her office.

"Lady Hokage, it is an honor to have this meeting with you" said Baki, his half covered face, dipping in a bow.

"Would have been great for me to know about the meeting" said Tsunade as she took a seat at her desk "So, what brings you to Konoha? We've already turned over all of the shinobi that we captured during the invasion for the agreed upon ransom."

Danzo spoke "It seems Suna realized that without us backing them, Iwa and Kumo are breathing down their necks."

Jiraiya nodded in agreement "Iwa already has started recalling all of their Jonin and ANBU back to the village, their forces will be mobilized within a week, two weeks at max"

Baki frowned "I know, which is why I am here. We want to reinstate the allegiance, at nearly any cost"

Hiashi added "Which is why we have gathered her, Lady Tsunade. Danzo represents the Elders and Civilians of the council. While I represent the Shinobi side, Jiraiya is here as top ranking Shinobi in our village."

"So, this is a quick abridged council meeting to see if Suna can offer us something worth re-establishing the allegiance?" asked Tsunade

The men in the room nodded and Tsunade said "Okay, so let's get down to business, why should we not allow the other village to wipe you off the face of the Earth. You're failed invasion brought about the death of my sensei, Hiruzen. Why should I agree to your terms?"

Baki pulled out a scroll and presented it to Tsunade who opened it, reading the contents of the scroll before dropped it on her desk.

"This is meaningless to me" said Tsunade "I could care less about a 100 year allegiance, a lack of import or export taxes, and several forbidden Suna jutsu."

Baki smirked and let out a huffing chuckled "I told the council that you wouldn't even entertain that type of offer, so let me lay the biggest offer on the table. Temari."

Danzo eye narrowed and he asked"You want a political marriage?"

"Absolutely not" said Hiashi

"I say we let the man finish his offer" said Jiraiya

"You would offer Konoha, one of the strongest Shinobi in your villages? For what?" asked Tsunade

Baki continued on with his offer "Temari would be part of a joint Shinobi program, we give you one of best and you give us basically anyone you want. If you wanted it to be a political marriage, I can amend the agreement for that. The council foresaw something like that being on the table as well, they wanted to pair Temari with the blond kid who stopped Gaara in the invasion"

Hiashi folded his arms over his chest "You want to pair Temari, the daughter of your Fourth Kazekage, with a relative of our First, Second, and Current Fifth Hokage? Why? That would only make our village stronger as the potential for their offspring would be incredible."

Danzo tsk'd "Because if Naruto and Temari are to wed, Naruto would feel some kind of way if Temari's home and family were being attacked"

Baki just shrugged and Tsunade put her hands under her chin and rested her head on them "Okay, I can get behind the joint Shinobi program, I will not force a marriage though. If Naruto and Temari end up liking each other, we can discuss that if it comes up. I will send over 20 Chunin and 4 Jonin, you will send over 10 Chunin on top of Temari"

Danzo couldn't help but ask "How did you arrive at those numbers? The village will be losing man power"

"Because I'm also taking their offer in the school" said Tsunade as she opened up her top drawer in her desk and pulled out a new scroll, opening it and started writing up the terms that she wanted.

Baki couldn't do anything but look on as his village's fate was hanging on by a thread as the Hidden Rock Village prepared to launch their attack on his home.

Back with Team Seven:

Naruto was fed up with Shibuki already, the man had been scared of a piece of moss hanging from a tree, a frog that jumped too close to him, and most recently a bird that flew overheard. The man was a giant coward who Naruto was surprised hadn't been scared by his own shadow at this point.

"So, Shibuki what is your village like? I've never heard of any Shinobi from your village" asked Sakura, trying to break up the silence.

"Well, we are a smaller village, we don't have a cast of S-Ranked Shinobi like Konoha does, but we hold our own. Most of our houses are on the edge of a lake." answered Shibuki honestly while also giving no real details.

Sakura frowned as she put together that she basically got nothing and the final stretch of the mission passed in silence until Shibuki stopped the group as the bushes shook just ahead of the group and out ran a young boy and girl who greeted Shibuki by name.

Shibuki tilted his head at seeing the young children from his village outside of the village "What are you too doing out here?"

"Mom told us to clean up the river" said the Boy as he lifted a plastic bag in his hand to show that it was filled with trash.

Shibuki smiled brightly "Well guess what? Your job is done as these Konoha guys will finish that task for you"

Sakura went to shout at Shibuki, but Naruto held up his hand to stop her "Shibuki, if we clean it up the trash in this river, our fee doubles"

Shibuki bit his lip before nodded "It will be worth it, if I can stop the kids from doing it themselves"

His words made the kids cheer his name and Naruto turned to his teammates "Let's get this over with, sooner we finish, the sooner we can go home"

In Suna:

The streets were nearly empty, a first for a Thursday afternoon, but Temari wasn't going to complain. She was just picking up some imported Sushi and fish dishes from the an island near the Hidden Mist Village, it was kind of pricey. But it was also a treat from her brother, it was not every day that you found out that you were promoted to Chunin for surviving a failed invasion that saw your people be slaughtered like helpless sheep, Kankuro had decided to fork over the money to feed the family.

She leapt up onto the roof of a nearby building and quickly bounced from rooftop to rooftop as she made her way back home. Home was a bit weird, the lack of her father's cold overbearing presence was not missed … but at the same time, it was a constant in her life for as long as she could remember. It had been a familiar part of her life that was simply gone, never to be experience, seen, or heard from again.

She opened her front door and Kankuro was sitting on the couch in the living room, reading something that she couldn't make out. But based on the green lining of the material, it was a scroll on puppet making.

"You've returned" said a cold emotionless voice from the stairs.

Temari had to prevent herself from jumping at the sound of the voice, because the owner still to this moment, kinda scared the shit out of her, if she was being honest. But she also had to resist the urge to say "Yes, Father" because in that single moment, Gaara sounded like their dad more than ever.

"I have" said Temari to her youngest brother "With the sushi as I said I would"

"Is it normal for people to announce the completion of their tasks?" asked Gaara, the young red haired man sounding confused for a moment.

"Kankuro, Temari is back, I am telling you like I said I would" said Gaara in a slightly raised voice before he looked back to Temari "Did I do that correct?"

Temari let a small smile grace her face "You did great Gaara"

Kankuro got up from the couch and asked Temari"Did you get the stuff?"

Temari held up the bag of food in her hand and the trio of siblings made their way to the dinning room, a room that Temari and Kankuro were more familiar with than Gaara. His anti-social behavior had made him skip on the simple things in life, like family dinner … or talking to people without the intent to murder them.

Temari ripped the bag open and passed Kankuro the order of fried Octopus salad, Gaara had ordered Shrimp Ramen (something about a blond monster who loved the stuff), while Temari had ordered the sushi platter for herself.

Gaara took a seat to her right and she couldn't put her finger on it, but something about her baby brother seemed a bit different. It took her a moment to realize that the large sand gourd that usually rested his back was missing.

"This is nice" commented Temari as the three siblings all sat at the same table, almost like they were actually a loving and caring family. Temari wouldn't lie, she loved Gaara with all of her heart, but she was still afraid of him. A week of good behavior doesn't clean up years of blood lust, but she was more than willing to try and connect with him.

Temari bowed her head in prayer before she dug in with gusto, matched by Kankuro, while Gaara ate slowly and under control.

Temari was about half way through her food when she noticed that Gaara had stopped eating, his hands trembling slightly.

"What's wrong Gaara?" she asked him

"Something is wrong, I can feel it in the shifting of the sand outside the village." said Gaara, his jaw clenching as he closed his eyes.

Temari looked at him with concern, but she felt the large spike right before there was a large cloud sand seen through the window.

She switched her hand on the sash on her outfit and in a burst of smoke, she was holding her large battle fan.

She opened the window and threw her fan into the air, her fan caught the wind and floated until she jumped onto it and used her chakra to push it towards the edge of the village. She arrived at the large wall that made up their watch tower and she looked out a the desert, seeing the large shinobi forces.

"Iwa Shinobi" reported the ANBU on guard to Gaara who had appeared next to Temari, the large sand gourd on his back again.

"How many?" asked Gaara

Temari could count a couple hundred, but considering that Suna only had 255 fully healthy Shinobi available in the village. Suna was not exactly in a situation to handle this type of assault, their best hope would be that the allegiance with Konoha had gone well and they could get some shinobi over to their location in a hurry.

"Have a hawk sent to Konoha asking for assistance, I will lead the charge against these fools who seek to invade our home" commanded Gaara before he leapt off the wall, sand rising into the air to catch him.

Gaara raised his hands and a tsunami of sand rose up behind him before rushing forward just as a massive wave of water would. It didn't bother him, morphing around his body as it crashed down on invading forces.

Temari looked at the collective wall of earth that sprung up to counter the wave of sand and she held her breath as Gaara's sand struggled to overwhelm the invaders. Temari jumped up into the air, channeling roughly a third of her reserves into this single attack, her fan opened all the way as she let the chakra built up before unleashing it in a massive windstorm that slammed into the wall of Earth created by the Iwa shinobi and shredded their cover.

Temari landed with a huff and she watched as the sand controlled by her brother attacked with renewed anger and aggression.

"Hold on Gaara, help is on the way" whispered Temari, despite not believing the words herself, Suna was resting on his shoulders and his shoulders alone.

With Team Seven:

The trio of Konoha ninja had just finished cleaning up the river when the three of them all shared a look before nodding at one another. Sasuke jumped high into the air above the water as Sakura leapt towards the children who had remained near the river to watch the shinobi work.

Naruto stood on the surface of the river and pulled out a kunai to deflect the spray of kunai that were sent at him, before throwing a kunai at the source of the spray. The thrower managed to avoid Naruto's kunai by jumping up into the air, but Sasuke unleashed a fireball at the perfect moment and the flames fried the attacker.

Sasuke dropped to the water again and said "That was too easy"

Naruto agreed and in a burst of smoke, was replaced by Sakura and the two kids, as he caught the wrist of the man who had tried to assault Sakura.

He had spiky black hair, a waterfall headband that had slash through it. He wore an all blue outfit and shinobi slippers. He also wore a look of shock at seeing Naruto gripping his hand so easily, Naruto's eyes meeting his own.

"Why you brat" snarled the man before a wooden stake exploded from the ground and into this neck from behind, killing the man.

Naruto turned around to see Sasuke had dealt with a female shinobi while he had finished off his opponent. The trio of dead shinobi were all missing ninja, deflectors that nobody would miss based on their pathetic skills.

Naruto was drawn from his thoughts by the flapping of wings as a hawk circled above him, before making a dive towards the arm that he had extended for it to land on. It was from the Hokage's office if the seal on the scroll was anything to go by. Naruto took the scroll from the hawk that immediately took back off to the skies and he opened the scroll and started reading the message.

A flare of chakra and the scroll went up in flames and Naruto turned to his two teammates to give them the updated mission information,

"We're allies with Suna once more, we are to head there now and help defend them from an Iwa invading force" said Naruto as he fished into his pocket, pulling out a shinobi food pills. He took one himself before flipping one to Sakura and Sasuke.

They consumed them immediately and Naruto could feel their chakra levels spike up beyond what they usually were.

"We're about 25 mins out if we run at full speed, we need to get there as fast as possible" said Naruto "If you can't keep up, fall back and arrive when you can"

Sasuke and Sakura nodded and the trio of them disappeared in a blur, leaving behind the dead bodies for the Hidden Waterfall to deal with.

Leaping up in to the trees, the three Konoha shinobi raced through the forest that surrounded Waterfall country and into the Land of Grass. They sped through the small country, flying through the trees and briefly the wetlands before taking off into the trees once more.

It was weird as within minutes of when they passed what Naruto knew was the border of Grass and Rain, the bright sunny sky started to darken with heavy rain clouds. Lightning split the sky and Naruto felt his heartbeat skyrocket as he felt a nervous chill tremble down his spine. Glancing around, Naruto tried to find the cause for such feeling but couldn't find it.

The sky darkened even more and the Sun was completely hidden behind a wall of clouds, and then it began to rain. The first of the droplets were so soft that Naruto barely felt them touch his head, his thick hair soaking up the water instantly. But as the downpour started to get heavier, Naruto could feel something in the water, each drop contained a tiny little chakra signature.

Sensing chakra was weird, or it was at least to Naruto. You didn't quite feel it, like touching nothing. No, it was nothing like the five standard sense at all. Sensing chakra was like having a spider web around you made up of your chakra. A large net that when other sources of chakra came into contact with, would shake and draw your attention.

Well right now, Naruto's web was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane, his body was tensing for battle but there was nobody in sight. What was worse was that the chakra in the rain felt so peaceful and almost … pure. Like this is how chakra was supposed to feel, even if this chakra's feel was completely unique.

"Do you feel that?" asked Sakura who's medical training was making her more and more sensitive to chakra and the feel of it.

"Yeah, the chakra in the rain" said Naruto

Sasuke's eyes opened and closed, his Sharingan revealed and activated as he looked at the falling drops of rain before looking up at the sky, seeing the connection.

"The chakra in the rain, it's not normal chakra. It's not even an elemental nature transformation, I'm not sure what it is." commented Sasuke as he allowed his eyes to revert back to normal as the trio of them continued to race through the trees.

"Do it feel kind of familiar to you?" asked Sakura

Naruto didn't say anything but Sasuke's eyes flicked to Naruto and then Sakura, giving her a nod to confirm his agreement.

The chakra, while not an exact match, had a similar feel to Naruto's when he used his Mokuton ability. It was probably something to do with the ability to warp and bend nature to your will, something that was clearly being done with the rain.

Naruto still couldn't shake the feeling of danger and slowly shifted the group to the East, slipping out of the Land of Rain and into the Land of Fire. And it was not a coincidence that the rain did not fall them once they left the Land of Rain, the chakra and rain that coated them dispelled in a flare of chakra as Naruto led Sasuke and Sakura into the Land of Rivers.

"That was a smart detour" said Sasuke as he pulled even with Naruto, Sakura still half a step behind the two of them.

"It was needed, we were getting closer to Ame, I didn't want to take a chance running into whoever was causing the rain. They had extremely potent Chakra and unbelievably control to cover the entire country in rain." replied Naruto

"You think it was Hanzo?" asked Sasuke, his mind thinking of the most powerful Hidden Rain Shinobi

"I don't think so, he was never mentioned to be able to control the weather before" said Naruto as the trees in River country started to thin out and they leapt over the river that separated the Land of Rivers and the Land of Wind,.

Heading south, the trees ended and the desert began, forcing the trio to run through the sand. Naruto knew to coat the bottom of his feet in chakra to avoid slipping on the hot sand and made sure to let his squad mates know as well.

"You have to treat the sand like water walking" he said as they raced through the sandy landscape.

Glancing back, he noticed that both of them had followed his instructions, the three of them racing over the sand.

As they got closer to Suna, Naruto had them slow down as he felt multiple new chakra sources creep onto the edge of his sensor web.

Now only moving at an average walk speed, Naruto said "Okay, the plan is simple. Sakura hit them with a Genjutsu, Sasuke unload some fire on them and I will try to trap them."

The three of them split up, Sakura taking up position behind a sand dune as she wove through handsigns, twisting her chakra until it was flat like a blanket before letting it role out over the makeshift camp that the Iwa shinobi had set up.

Genjutsu was more than handsigns and chakra, it was not like Ninjutsu where pumping it full of chakra made it work, No, Genjutsu required mental strength, chakra control, and precision. As Sakura allowed her chakra to flood the camp, it wasn't overbearing like Naruto's or even noticeable like Sasuke's. No, it was like soft droplets of rain, slowly making it way toward the target.

Sakura could feel her chakra touch people, slipping into their chakra pools, her tiny sliver of chakra almost like a needle in the haystack.

Now that she had her targets, she focused on what illusion she was going to cast, this was the hardest part. Keeping her chakra inside the other person's body while she actually cast the Genjutsu, hence why you needed mental strength to be good at Genjutsu past the basics.

Sakura decided that she would double everyone's vision and basically sent her sliver of chakra up to their eyes, before allowing it to spike, creating the illusion of doubles.

She could hear the mass panic of the section of Iwa shinobi that she had caught in her illusion and rolled away from the sand dune, racing along the outskirts of the battle to another hiding place. As she was running, she felt a skin blistering heat wash over the area as a bright ball of fire rained down on the Iwa shinobi.

Some of them tried to run, but a massive stone wall rose up around the battlefield and they were trapped inside, getting cooked to death by the flames. Eventually the fire died down and Sakura watched as Naruto slammed his hands onto the ground and wooden spikes erupted all over the battleground, stabbing all of the Iwa shinobi, dead or alive.

Naruto had basically just confirmed almost 60 kills in an instant, it was both scary that he could do something like that so easily and relieving that he was on their side.

"Brutal" commented Sakura as Naruto approached her, Sasuke was on his way to her location as well.

"It's us or them, and I choose us" said Naruto as he stomped his foot on the ground and the wooden spikes all dropped back into the sand covered ground, leaving no trace of what had caused the mass death.

"I know but it still is weird to think that anyone can go about killing this many people without a care in the world" said Sakura

Sasuke grit his teeth and turned his back on her causing Naruto to grit his teeth and say "Let's keep pushing. This was a backup squad of 60, that means most of the Iwa forces have already began their assault"

Naruto took point again as the three of them ran towards Suna once more, every step getting them closer to this massive presence. The chakra in he air was so angry and seemingly hungry that it washed over the trio of Konoha shinobi with ease, even at their distance.

Sakura shivered as she felt the chakra, her nerves getting the best of her until Naruto flared his chakra and the cold angry presence was replaced with the warm sunny relaxed feeling of Naruto's chakra. He barely spared her more than a glance and she have him a small smile.

Naruto stopped as they approached the edge of the battlefield, the sand was soaked in blood, there were body parts laying randomly, the bitter smell of burnt flesh was in the air.

"Sakura, I want you and Sasuke to wrap around and make it to Suna. Let them know that we are here. Once you get there, Sasuke, I need you to find a wind user and have them send a blast of wind at your fireball jutsu, it should get whoever is leftover" said Naruto, his eyes morphing from blue to forest green.

Sasuke and Sakura took off to the right, away from the majority of Iwa's forces, leaving Naruto alone. Which was great for him, but terrible for the Iwa shinobi forces. Naruto released his chakra allowing it to flood the air as he forced the Iwa forces to pay attention to him.

He flashed through hand signs and called out "Mokuton Release: Containment Prison" and when he slammed his hands on the ground, a large wall of wood sprung up and circled the battlefield much like he had done earlier with the earth wall on the 60 reserve Iwa shinobi.

But this wall was different, as the Iwa shinobi tried to climb it, they found that the wood absorbed their chakra and they could scale it or destroy it with anything other than brute strength. The sand inside the containment started to lash out, stabbing and crushing the Iwa shinobi with a rigid that made Naruto know that Gaara was nearing his end.

Fortunately for Gaara, Naruto saw a giant ball of fire descend on the people in the wooden prison. Unfortunately for the shinobi of Iwa, the wind bullets that slammed into the giant fireball from behind made the red flames turn white as the fireball turned firestorm slammed into the remaining forces and Naruto wrinkled his nose as he smelt the people being cooked alive.

He made sure to maintain his wall, trapping all of the Iwa shinobi inside with the flames until he was certain everyone was dead. The wood sank back in the ground and Naruto looked at the charred stains and remains of the Iwa shinobi. There was over a hundred burnt corpses in front of him, but Naruto was looked past that as the sand rose and swallowed the entire battlefield, burying any and all evidence of the battle.

Sasuke and Sakura regrouped with Naruto, the three of them slowly walking up to the great sand walls of Suna.

"That battle was a bit too easy" said Sakura

Sasuke shrugged "Not many people can stand up to the might of elites like us"

Naruto shook his head "This was nothing more than fodder, we slaughter a large amount of Genin. I couldn't feel a single chakra level above Genin level."

Sasuke frowned "Why would Iwa send a bunch of Genin to attack Suna?"

"That's a good question" said a female voice from above, causing the three Konoha shinobi to look up as Temari glided done to them.

Naruto let a small smile on his face as he stepped forward and extended his hand to Temari, who extended her hand to shake Naruto's hand. Their hands separated and Naruto gestured for Sasuke and Sakura to walk over.

"It's good to see you again, wish it could be under better circumstances" said Naruto with a pointed glance back towards the place where they had just killed over 100 Iwa Genin.

"I agree, but this is the life that we choose" replied Temari, a grim smile on her face. Her clothes were scuffed up and dirty, her skin was caked in sweat and her chakra levels were low.

Naruto nodded and he turned as the sand next to them rose to reveal Gaara's form, Naruto smiling at his Chunin Exam opponent.

"Gaara, it's good to see you, how ya been buddy" said Naruto with a bright smile on his face

The edges of Gaara's lips twitched and Temari looked at her brother in amazement, that might as well been an ear to ear grin for her brother.

"Uzumaki, I have been well. Our battle has really helped me regain control over Shukaku" said Gaara in a dry emotionless tone "I've also been able to connect with my siblings for the first time"

"That's great to hear" said Naruto as he nodded at Gaara's words "I actually have something to give to you"

Gaara watched as Naruto opened his hand, palm facing the sky and a wooden circle morphed out of his hand.

"If you ever have any issues with the beast inside or you just want some sleep, put this bracelet on and it will suppress Shukaku until you take it off" said Naruto

Gaara reached out and grasped the wood bracelet with an look of awe on his face, the first emotion that he had shown in years.

"I … I don't know how to thank you" said Gaara, his eyes fixed on the wood bracelet that he was now holding in his hands, even just the touch of it caused the chakra flowing through his hands to get sucked up by the wooden circle.

Temari looked at Naruto "You're too kind, we were enemies not that long ago, why would you do something like this for us, for Gaara"

Naruto shrugged "Gaara and I are more alike than anyone will ever know, I can't let someone like us suffer if I can help it"

Sasuke and Sakura remained silent but had so many questions, like how was Naruto like Gaara in any way, shape or form.

"So, when do you think that Iwa will mount their real attack?" asked Sasuke

Gaara hummed for a moment "I am not sure, they knew that we did not have the manpower to overcome their Genin forces. Even with my control over sand, I do not believe we would have won that battle. Suna is much weaker now than any previous point in history"

Sasuke chewed over the information "If you're lacking manpower that only a couple hundred Genin is a serious threat to you guys, what did you guys offer Konoha to get the allegiance back in place?"

Gaara said nothing and Temari shrugged "I don't know, it would have to be something valuable enough that you guys were willing to put the allegiance back in place within a single day"

Naruto turned around and looked out at horizon with narrowed eyes, picking up on the familiar feeling of Kakashi in the distance along with the guy who had half his face covered from Suna who had been at the Chunin Exams.

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