Title: Night Out
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters here or the material of The Little Vampire (2017). This work was created for fun and not for profit.
Fandom: The Little Vampire (2017)
Pairings: Gen
Warnings: None
Additional Notes: Some Angst, Not a Happy Ending
Description: "I want you back by twelve," his mum shouted. "It's a school night!"

Night Out

"I want you back by twelve," his mum shouted. "It's a school night!"

"Yeah, Mom, back by twelve!"

Tony was already off with Rudolph, squeezing his hand as they flew through the air. Tony laughed, giddy with joy, the breeze blowing at his face. He watched as the houses below them grew smaller and smaller as they flew through the darkness of the night sky.

He turned to Rudolph, who was already gazing at Tony with a great grin. Tony grinned back, excited for the adventures that awaited them that night.

"Hey, what is this 'School' your mother mentioned?" Rudolph said, his face contorted in confusion.

They flew down, now passing over a forest. They ducked between branches and gaps in the trees, laughing. They flew back up towards the sky and a bird missed slamming into Tony's face by a few inches. Tony gawked while Rudolph burst out laughing. Tony joined him a few seconds later, punching his shoulder.

"Not funny!" He muttered, although his tone was light and his eyes wrinkled. They started laughing again.

They were well on their way to Transylvania, the flight steady and easy, when Rudolph raised the question again.

"School?" Tony said. "Blegh!" And he stuck his tongue out, his face twisted in disgust. Rudolph marvelled at his expression.

"It must be a truly horrific place, for you to detest it as you do." Rudolph ventured.

"Yeah," Tony agreed, "it sucks." And he looked at Rudolph and they both burst out laughing again.

"Th-that was unintentional…" Tony bit his lips, laughter tickling at his words, before he burst out laughing again.

Rudolph chuckled a little before falling quiet. Tony watched him, feeling the silence of him like the perpetual coolness of his skin. He squeezed Rudolph's hand harder.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"What do you mean?" Rudolph blinked, avoiding Tony's gaze. "Nothing's wrong."

"Liar." Tony narrowed his eyes at Rudolph.

He moved, spinning over Rudolph and holding his hand as tight as the bar that held him in place on a ride at a carnival. He positioned them so they had reluctantly stopped flying, Tony in front of Rudolph, miles and miles of forest below their feet and darkness above their heads.

"Why did you stop us? We have to keep moving, Germany is a long way from America."

"We're not moving until you tell me what's wrong." Tony squeezed Rudolph's hand hard until he winced.

"Ow," he said. "Fine, fine, fine, now please stop squeezing so hard." He sighed. "Okay. So…" He paused for a moment more before blurting out. "I hate that we can't hang out everyday and that you have to go to School and that you live in America and why can't you and your parents stay with mine? It's a big place, we can all fit." He grinned desperately at Tony, his cheeks slightly flushed with a dull blue.

Noticing Tony's grimace, his face fell.

"Nevermind, forget I mentioned it. Come on."

Tony opened his mouth again, but Rudolph refused to talk for the rest of the night.

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