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"Portal Mistress...oh Portal Mistress…" a wise sage like voice called out as a young woman stirred, "Kiina, please wake up. It's me, Eon."

"U-Uh…" the woman mumbled as she opened an eye, revealing her eyes were a gentle magenta, and began to get up, shaking her shoulder-length violet locks.

"It has been a while, young one, since you defeated the Darkness and depowered Kaos."

"It wasn't just me, Master Eon," Kiina replied as she sat up, rubbing an eye, "The Skylanders were…" she gave a yawn, "...were the main reason we won."

"You've done so well since you were a child, my dear, and now look at the world. Sadly, this peace will soon be destroyed."

"What?!" that woke her up, "B-But we just beat the Darkness!"

"A new evil has set its sight on this world. If you would notice...you're not in a cloudy area."

"Huh?" Kiina blinked twice as she looked around, "What the Kaos Cake?" she went to look back at Eon but he was gone, "Master Eon?" soon, her attention was captured by the roar of bikes, "Bikes? ...Happy Trigger isn't racing Fryno again, is he? We're still fixing the Land Race Track from that last time."

The next thing she knew she heard a sound. It went 'Vroom' as she looked to see a figure ride in on a motorcycle that was mostly silver with black and gold on the headlight portion. The person riding it was what appeared to be a man, clad in a black body suit with red armor over his chest and shoulders and a helmet that had a bug theme with a silver mouthplate shaped liked mandibles, two large red eyes, and a golden Y-like crest separating his eyes before going into two pointed horns above his head. The man ducked an explosion before he revved the throttle handle of the bike before it shot forward lifting up off the front wheel and running down the ground.

"A...A beetle?" Kiina tilted her head.

As the explosion cleared a figure walked out, a tall figure. It was a large mechanical walker machine themed after a motorcycle the one driving it being a man in a black and yellow armor with an X design to his suit. As the machine stomped forward an army or trooper in black and bronze armor with large silver colored dome visors all charged forward. More and more explosions and energy missiles hit the ground sending several of these trooper flying off into the air and letting them fall to the ground painfully.

The Walker stopped as the driver hit a button, making its two arms raise up and begin to fire missiles from its silos that broke off into a barrage of smaller explosives.

As the smoke from these missiles dissipated, two dragons flew from the smoke, both were long and serpentine with metal armor all over behind Eastern Dragons, one was bright red and the other pitch black. Both began to unleash powerful flames of matching color to their bodies while beams began to fire at them the first one to go down being the red dragon before a beam hit the head of the black dragon, making it fall into the side of a mountain and explode violently.

"Oh my goodness!" Kiina yelped, "Oh, those poor dragons..."

Out of the smoke rode another figure. He was clad in black and red armor and a helmet themed after a Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle and blue colored compound eyes as a visor, he rode a bike that had one wheel in the back and two in the front but also had a large beetle horn like ram in the front. The Bike lifted up off its front wheels as its horns blocked a beam before it rode forward faster. Behind him came in two more motorcycles; one red and gold, the other blue and white. On the red and gold bike was a warrior clad in black and gold armor with silver accents and a slight dragon theme while the other wore techi blue armor that covered him all over with large red eyes.

These riders rode past Kiina as she regained her balance. Watching as they all rode off towards a threat. Her concentration was then broken again as Kiina heard the loud roar of yet another dragon. She looked off into the sky as a swarm of flying troopers obscured the sky and leading them were three riders. Two had a beetle theme with one being blue with a single horn and the other dark red with two horns. The blue one had two long wings made of metal while the red had a series of peacock like feathers that kept him in the air. In-between them was a white and purple rider with a jetpack.

But behind them was a floating castle that had a dragon head poking out the front, stubby legs and wings and a tail. It roared and fired purple flames of magic from its jaw as two warriors rode the beast. One was an all red suited figure with a chinese style sword in his hand as behind him on a clock tower portion of the castle was another figure who had gothic armor that was black with a silver vest like armor and bat wings shoulders and blood red armor and a bat themed helmet with large yellow eyes. The dragon continued to fly forward unleashing more blasts of flames, as more energy missiles flew at it, one even hitting the white armored figure with the jetpack, knocking him out of the sky.

The dragon roared before its head was hit with another blast knocking it, out of the air. The beast slowly fell to the ground roaring in pain as it caught fire and soon crashed into a large stone wall, destroying it. The two warriors that were on its back landed next to the girl before they both charged down the field to the threat all these forces were fighting.

"Oh, that poor dragon," Kiina whispered, bowing her head, "Rest in peace."

From the crumbling mountain wall, a large Green Ape seemingly made of a mechanic plate crushed the rest of the stone, making a path as another man rode its head. He was clad in an all purple body armor that seemed like a second skin with a silver belt and chest straps and a leather loincloth. His head was a purple screen with red marks along the side and silver horns. He twirled around two red drum stick with demon heads on the top. He gave a shout of advancement as the ape moved forward. From behind, more bike riding warriors drove in with foot advancing warriors right behind them, all of them with various forms of armor with bug themes to them mostly running through smoke and debris from even more explosions.

"What is with these armored people and bugs?" Kiina tilted her head.

These warriors ran past the young woman, ignoring her presence and choosing to just attack their target. More and more blasts sent the troops flying and landing to the ground with a thud and left unmoving. As more explosions occurred, the sounds of a train whistle caught Kiina's attention as two train tracks formed in the air with two trains following. The First one was a green bull-themed Train with a green armored figure riding the top before he pressed a gun into the back of a mechanic minotaur that opened to reveal a payload of weaponry.


A white bullet train came in from behind before it looped up higher over the green one as it curved down. The green figure pulled the trigger, unleashing a payload of missiles and lasers, while the white bullet train revealed its own cache of weapons it unloaded on its target. However, snaking and curving Magenta shots flew through the air, blocking and destroying all the blasts and missiles before hitting the green train and destroying the Mechanic Minotaur and sending the armored figure flying off from the train and to his doom. The white train charged forward, shooting more, but it too soon fell to more magenta energy shots that caused it to crash to the ground, causing an even larger explosion.

More blasts and debris hit the ground around the armored fighters causing more and more explosions that sent their bodies flying through the air. They all screamed in pain as explosion after explosion sent them soaring through the air and falling to the hard ground.

Kiina could only just watch it happen in shock. She couldn't move, she couldn't speak. She just watched as explosion after explosion, body after body, the army of armored warriors was slowly whittled down in numbers. More explosions went off as energy artillery hit the ground, causing larger and larger fiery explosions. Even the riders on bikes were eventually sent flying from their mounts as their rides were either destroyed or knocked off their balance. Eventually, even the large green ape and its master where hit by a blast, knocking them off a mountain side and crashing into the lake, splashing water into the air.

The sky was nearly blotted out by the smoke and dust of the explosions, making everything look darker. The purplette looked around at the slew of bodies unmoving, essentially just lifeless armors now, strewn out across the apocalyptic battlefield. The bikes that were in the area soon began to spark until they soon exploded violently in a large ring of fire around the girl, making her cry in surprise.

Kiina slowly looked up as flames and smoke covered the area, the armored warriors now all but lifeless. She looked up at a pile of wreckage made from the two trains and the mechanical remains of the red dragon from before, making her send another prayer to the fallen dragon and whoever was in the trains. The red dragon's head was used as a shield from the explosion, evident by it being tossed to the side to reveal a figure floating in the air with a magenta glow, his body and armor darkened by the smoke and his own glow. The most she could make out were black bars on his head with two large horns like a crown and green compound eyes, she then tailed her vision down his body to his belt that was white and hexagonal in shape. It had two levers on the side, with three gems on each one, and the white center section had a red window with what looked like a barcode inside, and a ring of symbols and a green gem at the top. And engraved just above this white part was a metal stip and engraved in it was a word…

"'DECADE,'" Kiina whispered.

[OP Journey Through the Decade by Gackt]

Miageru hoshi(Looking up upon the stars,)

sorezore no rekishi ga kagayaite(where various sagas are shining)

Seiza no you(Just like the constellations,)

sen de musubu shunkan(only by connecting them with lines,)

hajimaru Legend(does a Legend begin)

OORORA yurameku jikuu koete(Go through the dimensions flickering like auroras)

Tobikomu meisou suru Parallel world(And dive into that straying Parallel world)

On the road dare mo tabi no tochuu(On the road, everyone is in the midst of a journey)

Hontou no jibun jishin deau tame(In order to encounter their true selves)

Aruki tsuzukeru no sa ima o We're all travelers(Let's keep on walking for now, for We're all travelers)

Boku no me no mae ni hirogaru(Everything's spreading out right in front of my eyes)

Kokonotsu no michi wa itsuka kasanatte(Just when will the 9 paths ever overlap)

Atarashii yoake e to tsuzuku(The road will probably change)

michi ni kawaru no darou(to continue into a new dawn)

Mokugekise yo Journey through the Decade(Bear witness to it, Journey through the Decade)

The figure slowly floated down, his body becoming more clear as the magenta aura around him slowly faded away. His body armor was colored in black, white, and magenta with an X pattern engraved into the groove armor on his chest, the X right over his heart. The same groove patterns went along his limbs. The figure locked his green compound eyes on Kiina and began to walk towards her. He walked over each motionless suit of armor around him, giving no care for those who once opposed him.

'What is this? Why did...Why did all these armored bug people fight this one barcode guy?' Kiina pondered.

The Magenta colored figure made his way closer to her. His body gave off no vibe, it was as if he was a mindless machine that was just marching closer and closer. And yet, his presence still felt as though it was one who stood above others. Why was he getting closer and closer to Kiina? Why had he not spoken? He just stalked closer and closer, ignoring all the enemies he defeated without a care in the world.

As the Magenta figure walked past one of the armored figures, his fingers moved. Kiina gasped as the red beetle-themed figure slowly awoke. His fingers dug into the dirt beneath him as he slowly raised his head, his red eyes glaring at the magenta-armored figure. He turned his head to see where he was going, seeing Kiina. The beetle-themed Rider seemed to panic in worry at seeing her.

'He's still alive…' Kiina thought with wide eyes, 'If...Are the others...alive too?'

The beetle-themed rider stood back up and seemed to have trouble standing, as evident from the heavy rising of his chest armor and sounds of breathing from behind his mandible-themed mouthguard.

"Wait…" he finally spoke, surprising both Kiina and the Barcode masked figure.

'He...He sounds around my age,' Kiina thought.

The Beetle themed rider raised his arms as he began to growl. His belt flashed bright gold as he growled. Lightning raced off his armor along with a pitch black aura, the aura seeming to raise stones and the bodies of his former comrades into the air. The Rider then began to scream as the dark aura seemed to stain his armor slowly, causing it to ripple and change, while his body seemed to radiate some strange dark aura. The dark aura seemed violent and destructive, yet at the same time something about it felt...kind?

'This...Does he use the Darkness like Spyro and the others that had been tainted by it?' Kiina thought with wide eyes.

The Rider stopped charging up as his armor changed. Before, it looked heroic looking; now it looked like a dark armor of magic with golden veins and accents. His horns had grown even larger, with two smaller ones forming inside his two, while spikes formed from his shoulders, arms, and legs. His body seemed to pump up with muscle mass while his eyes were now black. The Rider still yelled before the eyes flashed back to red as he stopped. Everything that lifted into the air slowly floated back down.

The magenta armored figure turned around as both now faced off, both glaring at one another from behind their helmets. Green and Red 'bug eyes' glowed with determination and rage at the same time as both slowly took one step forward before their next step picked up pace. Both leaned forward slightly before taking off in a full sprint towards one another. Both reared their hands back as they began to glow. The magenta armored figure raised his right arm as it began to glow with what could best be described as magenta energy made of data while the Beetle themed rider raised his left arm as it was coated with golden fire that shone like the sun. Both got closer and closer, their glowing arms just glowing brighter and brighter to blinding degrees. Both warriors roared with rage as they swung their arms at the other's chest, intent to ram it through. The result was a pure blinding white light. Kiina yelped as she shielded her eyes with her arms.



"Owwww…" Kiina groaned as she sat up on the stone floor, "What was that about?" she shook her head before getting up, wearing a blue sleeping gown, and looked at the massive bed, "Last time I try something big bro makes that isn't a chimichanga." she went over to a door and opened it, revealing a walk-in closet, "Okay…" she stripped before going in and putting on a sky-blue tee and jean shorts and then putting a deep blue robes over it and a sash depicting ten different symbols in different colors, "...Time for a new day."

"AHHH!" screams outside were heard, getting her attention.

"What's going on?"

"You owe me a repair bill, buddy," a voice said.

"I told you, it was an accident. How about I give an autograph and we call it even?"

"Who would want your autograph?"

"I'm the guy who saved Skylands."

"Word has it was a woman." the voice countered.

"A human," some of the students muttered.

"A male human."

"Another Portal Master?" They gossip as the voice continued arguing with a guy covered in deep yellow/orange fur in an old aviator's outfit, a large red scarf, and blue eyes.

"Hey, look, I just want to get back to my life." the voice complained, revealed to be a male in his very early twenties.

His messy head had clearly dyed brown hair. He was wearing a black jacket, a nice shirt and pants with fitting shoes. He also had a box-shaped twin lense camera around his neck.

"But I would like a picture of this savior; maybe capturing them will give me something good." he muttered, fiddling with the camera.

"Hey then get a pic of this good looking guy. BOOM!" Flynn smirked with a pose.

"..." the man took a picture with the smallest of click of his camera, "Now take me to the real hero. And give me money for my boat repair bills, harpoon boy." he stated bluntly and coldly. "Preferably that last part first."

"Hey, I said I was sorry," Flynn snorted.

"And I said I wanted money." he replied bluntly. "Or do I need to spread the word that a so-called hero of this place is skipping out on paying for his mess?" he muttered in a thinking manner while walking around Flynn. The human's obvious bluff seeming to work on him as evident by his turning all stiff.

"Excuse me!" a voice called, "Oh! Pardon me, excuse me."


"Ohh...Sorry, Spry!" the students moved away, letting a pleasantly plump, brown-fur coated figure in a green parka, a blue backpack holding an oversized book, and glasses came out, "Is everything okay he…" he saw the human, "Another human?! Oh my goodness."

"What's up?" The man waved calmly as he snapped another picture.

"Oh, good!" Flynn patted the newcomer's back, "Hugo here can help you with that." he ran off after that.

"So he's going to take your money and give it to me is what I hear?" the man asked simply. "Or are you going to take me to this woman everyone says saved the world? I'm good with either one but would like some money mostly."

"...What did Flynn do this time?" the newcomer sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Shot a harpoon recklessly and put a hole in my boat. Didn't notice as he dragged me here against my will." he explained. "Kind of a bummer caught sight of something I really wanted to snap a picture of."

"We can fix your boat, no problem," Hugo replied, "Someone please go find Mags!"

"He's paying me money," the man still stated, "Or so help me, I'm-a eat him."

"What?!" the newcomer freaked as the students tensed.

"I'm joking...I bet he doesn't taste good... He'd probably give me indigestion or worse." he said, "Hell, his face screams 'Hasn't had a date in 10 years.'"

"How did you...I mean lair!" Flynn whistled.

"Seven, actually," everyone parted quickly, letting Kiina walk up, "Hello."

"..." the man raised his camera and took a picture. "Done." he said, turning back to the one he was talking to before, "Okay, listing that off. Now boat, money and…" he listed before his stomach growled, "Food…"

"...Flynn broke your ship with a harpoon and never noticed?" Kiina asked, earning a nod, " Yeah. That happens every so often."

"But he's paying me money or he dies." he said, jokingly...or seriously...hard to tell with his neutral face.

"That is my brother you just threatened," Kiina frowned.

"And I'm hungry, broke, and lost." he replied simply.

"Look, we can fix the ship and give you food," Kiina rolled her eyes, "But right now, we're strapped for cash because Skylands is still trying to heal up from the Sky Eater destroying almost all of it. We're trying to fix it all right now by trying to gather all the magic we can for Mount Cloudbreak and chipping in all extra cash into helping transport it all."

"And all that meant...what?" he asked confused.

"We have a tight budget and can't give any since we don't have any due to said tight budget," the brown-furred one simplified.

"But I wasn't asking from you. I want him to pay me money. You guys keep it. You saved the world, so more money to you, but he ruined my only boat."

"And we've agreed to repair it," Kiina replied, "Plus, after the mail-order catalog incident, Cali has all his money and she's currently out transporting the latest shipment of concentrated magic to Mount Cloudbreak."

"Then I'll just wait 'till he can pay me back. I may look fly and smooth, but I have my standards." he explained. "And one of those is paying me what I'm owed from an idiot."

"What an asshole." Flynn muttered.

"For that, every hour I'll raise it 5 percent." he stated simply.

"We don't have any money!" Kiina groaned.

"My terms have been stated." he said simply.

"How much do you want?" Kiina sighed.

"I don't know. Still haven't figured out how currency works here."

"How long have you been here?"

"3 days...maybe a week or two?" he muttered. "I take long naps, so maybe I slept like two days last time…"

"...Well, that's easy then," Kiina shrugged, "We'll pay you what's owed for Mags to repair your boat."

"Every hour that raises to 5% and it has to be his personal money."


"Because you guys shouldn't cover for his faults."

"We're not covering for his faults," Kiina argued, "And we are not agreeing to the interest. You will be paid exactly the amount of the bill and that is that. If you argue, then we have the right to not give you money."

"Excuse me?"

"Law 457-E," the glasses-wearing one noted, opening his large book.

"And I should follow that when I've been here for I don't know how long? How about this; I may drop it if you can get me home."

"...Are any Superchargers available right now, Hugo?" Kiina asked the glasses-wearing one.

"Well, Fiesta is returning here as we speak," Hugo replied.

"Good. So where are you from?" Kiina asked the man.

"Earth. Japan specifically. Where I live...don't know. When was I born, not sure. But I'm thinking I'm 20 even, maybe 19, but that's just a guess, I might actually be a tall 17 or young looking 30." he said simply and kind of quickly, "I just know I'm from Japan, Tokyo. I doubt you guys know the mapping of Japan's areas. So to be safe, I'll go for that. By the way, my name is Kadoya Tsukasa." he bowed his head quickly before snapping another picture. "Your confused and flabbergasted face is cute." he smirked...his smirk was very...VERY cocky.

"Well, nice to meet you, Kadoya! I'm Kiina," Kiina introduced, "And this is Skylander Academy."

"My name is Tsukasa." he corrected as he used Japanese formality to introduce himself so family name went before given name. But then his stomach growled again, "Oh, I forgot...food."

"Lucky for you, it's almost breakfast," Hugo noted before a bell rang, "Correction: it is now breakfast."

"Oh goody!" Kiina beamed, "Come on! I'll show you to the cafeteria, Kadoya!"

"It's Tsukasa!" he shouted in annoyance, walking after her.

"And this is the cafeteria," Kiina informed as the two entered a massive room with seats and tables of various shapes and sizes filled with a variety of beings ranging from insects and plants to dragons and lava people, "When Skylanders aren't on missions, they often stay here and share some stories of their adventures with the students. It's mandatory for teachers to attend each meal to keep an eye on the students since some get a little rambunctious or in case a student falls ill during meals."

"Good morning, Ms. Kiina," a child-sized humanoid eagle in a kilt and red armor greeted, walking by with a tray of food.

"Good morning, Pet Vak. Hope you have a good first day back to Academy," Kiina waved as she and Tsukasa approached a buffet area, "There are runes in the trays that alert the chefs when something is getting low and another rune that lets them teleport the food. But we never teleport bread. Last time we did, we thought it made tumors in the bread when it actually turned them into mutant bread that tried to eat everyone."

"Wai...wah?" Tsukasa asked with bread stuffed in his mouth.

"Relax. We stopped teleporting bread last month," Kiina assured.

Tsukasa nodded as he swallowed the bread in his mouth before moving onto the next piece of food to grab his attention, "Ooh~ Bacon." he said, sticking a few strips in his mouth.

"Get a plate," Kiina handed him a tray with a large plate, "It's rude to eat straight from the buffet. Last time Hot Dog did that, he got banned from the buffet for a month."

"Right…" he muttered, not paying too much attention as he grabbed it and began to pile on food. Bacon, ham, eggs, pancakes, sausages, toast and just about any other food he wanted to suck down. And of course an entire gallon of orange juice to wash it all down. "Thanks…" he said, popping the cap off his OJ and beginning to chug it down as he looked for a place to sit.

"If you're going for an empty table, that won't work," Kiina noted, "You're new here and a lot of the students tend to try to make newcomers to the academy feel welcome by sitting with them."

"Uh-huh…" he muttered through his gulps of juice as he sat at a random seat and just began eating without a care in the world.

"Wow. He is an interesting guy," Kiina whispered under her breath as she sat across from him, "...Huh. You found the only two-seater table in the entire place."

"Don't doubt how amazing I am." he stated with his cocky grin as he munched on a piece of toast.

"I've never heard of an island called Japan before," Kiina noted, "Where is it in Skylands?"

"It isn't," Tsukasa replied, moving onto his bacon. "It's back on Earth where I think I'm from." he simply added as he swallowed.

"Earth?" Kiina tilted her head.

"Yeah, you know. It's the place where we humans come from. We all live there. Sometimes we fight each other over stupid stuff." he explained. "You know it's where you're probably from before you ended up here...unless you were born here...in which case…" he muttered as he chewed on a slice of pancake. "Ah crap...I'm stuck here, ain't I?" he figured with an annoyed sigh.

"That depends on if the Rift Engine is powerful enough to reach 'Earth,'" Kiina replied.

"Rift Engine?"

"It's a special engine that all Superchargers use. They were designed by the Ancients to travel to different worlds," Kiina explained.

"Hmm...that must have been how I got here." Tsukasa figured as he finished his mountain of breakfast foods, "Maybe...or maybe I'm so great I could have just waltz on into your world."

"Maybe you were summoned here by someone. That's how we got two Skylanders here; Star Strike and Enigma," Kiina informed.

"Hmm...nah, I don't listen to others. Not my style." he smirked cupping his chin. "I'm sure I came here on my own somehow." Tsukasa was truly so cocky, he believed something like that. Even if all logic Kiina knew pointed to it being wrong.

'The first human I've met aside from Kaos...and he's really cocky,' Kiina sweatdropped.

"You keep staring at me. Am I that good looking?" Tsukasa asked with a smirk.

"No, you're just...different," Kiina replied, "Then again, everyone's different in Skylands."

"Well I'm one of a kind, my dear."

"Not in terms of being someone who's really cocky," Kiina replied, "That goes to our Skylander from the Cloud Kingdom, Lightning Rod."

"Cloud Kingdom? Hm...wonder how th….wait...wait...Lightning Rod?" he asked looking at her with a confused face that seemed to ask 'Really?'.

"Yes. Quite a few Storm Giants have names related to weather in some way or another," Kiina replied, "Their ruler is named Queen Cumulus and don't get me started on what it was like when I went there. ...Okay, I'll tell you. Lightning Rod is famous there to the point that every ten steps you'd see a bust of him on a pedestal or a statue or even a mural."

"Note to self for later...buy mansion...do that same thing." Tsukasa muttered to himself...even writing it on the back of a developed picture he pulled out of his coat...but what was odd was the picture itself...it look...distorted like it was badly developed.

"That's an interesting picture. Reminds me of the last time we let Happy Trigger do the class photo," Kiina noted.

"Hm...oh, this?" he asked as it shows a figure...but their face was faded in with what seemed to be the background, making it odd, "It's just another dud. Proof this world rejects me," he explained simply.

"Rejects you?" Kiina repeated before seeing someone, "Oh! Snap Shot!"

"Hm?" the figure stopped heading to the buffet and turned, revealing themselves to be a blue crocodile/aligator humanoid wearing leather gloves, boots, and straps over his chest with a silver badge resembling a stylized 'T' on it, "Oh! G'day, Kiina."

"Kadoya, this is Snap Shot. Leader of the Trap Masters, an elite team of Skylanders who are in charge of capturing villains and use powerful weapons and traps," Kiina introduced, "Snap Shot, this is Kadoya Tsukasa."

"G'da…" Snap Shot began before sniffing once, his eyes widening, "Uh, well. Much to do t'day, sheila. Need to fill myself up before I set up the training grounds." he proceeded to move quickly to the buffet, "G'day!"

"...That was weird," Kiina blinked twice.

"I smell chicken fried steak." Tsukasa said, sniffing the air. "I'll be right back" he said as he walked past Kiina, "I may be back." he said as he left her, "And my name is Tsukasa!"

"I know that, Kadoya," Kiina nodded.

"I will hurt you if you keep that up, woman!"

"...Keep what up?" Kiina tilted her head.

"Not going to rage…" Tsukasa sighed to himself as he kept walking, using his camera as his eyes so he could take a picture of anything interesting.

But as he did, he noticed something off. A bit away from him from the lens of his camera he saw a strange...reflective wall that seemed to ripple, like a liquid mirror. The wall began to move before it left another human in its place. He was a young man around Tsukasa's age, with long auburn hair that was neatly combed down and a very attractive face. He was wearing black pants a white long sleeved shirt and a matching scarf hanging loosely around his neck.

"Huh?" Tsukasa blinked, looking up from his camera to see nothing, then looking back down to see the other human male still there in its lens...before a large nose filled the camera, sniffling it.

Tsukasa moved back, seeing the nose's owner. It was a strange quadrupedal creature with green/yellow skin and covered in rock-like armor with a club-like tail.

"Hey...What's that?" the creature asked, pointing at Tsukasa's camera, "Looks mighty tasty."

"The heck is this?" Tsukasa asked in confusion.

The creature suddenly shot its head at him, its neck stretching out. He moved back before the creature could bite at his camera. The creature tried three more times, even doing a jump at him.

"Oi!" Tsukasa shouted as he stopped his head. "You so much as scratch my camera, I'll make you feel the pain you made it feel only ten times worse!"

"Slobber Tooth!" a voice barked.

"Uh-oh," the creature mumbled.

Tsukasa looked to see a figure approach. It was a sky-blue/white dragon covered in a blend of scales and fur. She had a horn on her head and deep blue eyes. Her wings were covered in feathers.

"We don't eat cameras," the dragon scolded the creature before turning to Tsukasa, "I'm really sorry about Slobber Tooth here. He's not a big thinker."

"Think? Me? Not exactly," Slobber Tooth replied before the dragon narrowed her eyes at him, a threatening growl in her throat, "Uh...I'll, uh...yeah." he scurried off away...before heading into the buffet and eating the entire tray of chicken, tray included.

"The heck is that thing?" Tsukasa asked.

"That's Slobber Tooth, an Earth Element Skylander. We're not sure what species he is because he's the only one of his kind not hibernating," the horned dragon replied, "Another human? Nice. My name is Whirlwind, an Air Element Skylander and designated healer for any team I'm with on a mission."

"Yo, Kadoya Tsukasa." he introduced before snapping a quick picture, "Just so you know, Kadoya is my family name, not my first name. It's just how we introduce ourselves where I'm from."

"Ah," Whirlwind nodded, "An interesting way of...you didn't introduce yourself like that to Kiina, did you?"


"You did," Whirlwind sighed, "I'm really sorry about her. But when she gets something in her head, it tends to stick tougher than the Hyper Glue made by Pop Fizz."

"I'm going to find it hard talking to the only other member of my species here….great." Tsukasa muttered.

"Well...there is one other," Whirlwind noted, "But I don't think you'd get along with him."


"Kaos," Whirlwind replied, "We used to be enemies until the Darkness was defeated and he lost his powers. He's the school's…" she began to make air quotes with her wings, "'Evil Consultant of Ultimate Evil.'" she tapped her chin, "Well...we think he's human."

"He sounds like he's some annoying little prick with a Napoleon complex." Tsukasa stated simply.



"..." Whirlwind began to whistle innocently.

"I'm just going to move this talk along now." Tsukasa stated.

"Okay. Hope to see you later, Tsukasa," Whirlwind nodded as she flew off.

"I want to fly." he muttered to himself, feeling an odd twitch in his mind; A figure in armor with a magenta aura came to mind for a moment, "I need more sleep." he mumbled as he went back to taking pictures of the odd beings he could see.

"Uh, Lord Kaos?"

"What?! What is it, Glumshanks?! Can't you see I am busy?!"

"Uh, well, sir…" a tall, lanky troll in a red vest and brown pants gulped nervously as he watched the child-sized human-like being pouring something into a bubbling cauldron, "I'm just...well...I think I'm having second thoughts about this potion."

"Nonsense, Glumshanks! I'm sure that this will give me back my powers as a Dark Portal Master!" Kaos snorted before tossing a plate of haggis into the mixture, "Now fetch me that picture we found!"

"...That's a picture?" Glumshanks blinked twice as he looked at a photo that had been heavily distorted, "I thought that was someone sneezing on a piece of paper." he explained with a hint of worry in his voice. "Oops."

"What did you do, Glumshanks?" Kaos growled.

"Uh, n-nothing...I'll...go find that picture for you."

"Well, hurry it up, Glumshanks! For once I add that final ingredient, I shall regain my power and conquer all of Skylands! Ahahahahahaha!"

"Uh...uh...picture...picture…" Glumshanks muttered as he looked around random things. "Oh wait...the human kid who gave me those really weird-looking ones." he snapped his fingers and reached into his pocket, pulling out the badly developed photos, "Thanks kid."

"Hurry up, Glumshanks!"

"Coming, Lord Kaos!" Glumshanks replied as he ran over. He then pulled out one of the more odd looking photos seeming to show a mirror like wall. "Here you go."

"Excellent!" Kaos grinned, "Now watch! As I regain my POWER~!" with that, he dropped the picture into the cauldron, the mixture within starting to glow, "Yes...Yes!"

"Uhm…" Glumshanks muttered as his legs slowly began shuffling back, never know when something might you know...explode.

"Come on! Hurry up! Give me the power!" Kaos demanded.

The cauldron continued to glow as the light seemed to ripple like water. It then became solid like a wall.

"Eh?" Kaos blinked twice, "...Glumshanks! Did you sneeze in the cauldron again?!"

"No, I swear I didn't!" he defended, shaking his hands quickly as the wall seemed to open slightly, "Huh?"

A strange figure then peered its head out. The creature stood tall with skin that was mostly black but with a stain glass-like texture to it of purple. The creature almost looked like a rat. It looked around in confusion before looking at Kaos. Its hand grabbed him by his neck and lifting him up.

"Feed…" the rat creature said slowly as large glass fangs formed in the air.

"Eh?! What is this?!" Kaos snapped, unaware of him losing a sock into the cauldron, causing it to start bubbling and bouncing.

"Your life energy should keep me good for a bit," the Rat creature said, slamming Kaos into the ground as his fangs floated closer to his neck.


Kaos coughed and gagged as he waved away the smoke, "What happened?!" he looked around, seeing the cauldron had blown up, "Oh come on! That's the fifth one this week! Hm?" he bent down and picked up a pile of stained glass shards, "This is interesting. Glumshanks, look at this?"

"Oh…" Glumshanks groaned, covered in soot.

"These shards are full of magic!" Kaos informed, "Get me another cauldron! I have another potion to make!"

"Uh...boss…" Glumshanks said as the mirror like wall was still there...and growing...and growing...cutting into anything in its path.

"What's huh?" Kaos pondered as he looked at it.

"Was that planned?" Glumshanks asked before the shards reformed into two rat creatures.

"Hungry…" they moaned as they broke glass on their arms that reformed into swords.

"...RUN!" Kaos screamed, grabbing Glumshanks and dragging him out...before going back in and broke a glass case by the door, revealing a lever and pulled it.

"How'd you get the last one?" Kiina asked, looking at Tsukasa's plate to see a large cinnamon bun shaped like a bunny rabbit.

"Skills." Tsukasa explained simply before looking at her and then back at the cinnamon bun, "Want it?" he asked teasingly.

"Really?!" Kiina gasped.

Tsukasa opened his mouth before a siren began to go off and red lights flashes.

"Skylanders! Intruders in the academy!" Kiina shouted, getting up, "All students stay in the cafeteria!"

"So...you don't want this?" Tsukasa asked, pointing to the treat once again and ignoring the panic.

"This isn't the time!" Kiina replied before the cafeteria doors slammed open and Kaos and Glumshanks ran in.

"I deny everything!" Kaos shouted as he ran under a table.

"...Was that a Midget?" Tsukasa asked bluntly, being insulting on purpose, "Or is the proper term little people here, too?"

A loud explosion outside was his response.

"What the...?" Tsukasa asked before the sound of more violence was heard, a bad feeling creeping up in the back of Tsukasa's mind.

"Kiina!" Hugo called as he ran up with Flynn, "There you are! Hurry! We need all the Skylanders here!"

Kiina nodded as she took out a small stick. The stick glowed before enlarging into a staff embedded with ten different-colored gems while the top was shaped like a sun and a moon with a glowing diamond-shaped shard in the center. She slammed her staff on the ground, causing all ten gems to shine. A series of roars were heard outside before Kiina collapsed to her knees, panting.

"That's...that's all of them…" Kiina informed.

"I got you, sis," Flynn picked her up, "We're going to the emergency shelter, everyone! Portal Mistresses and their brothers first!"

"What's going on?" Tsukasa asked before another wall seemingly made of a liquid mirror cut into the room.

"Oh my!" Hugo gasped.

The wall then began to spit out humanoid creatures. Their bodies were pure grey in color with animal themes. Tsukasa had never seen them before...yet, he knew what they were.

"Orphnoch…" he said as the monsters roared and summoned weapons or blue fire in their hands.

"Hawk and Awe!" a voice cried before a blast slammed into one of the monsters, knocking it over.

"Volts and Lightning!" another shouted before black lightning rained down on them.

Two figures ran into the room, one a humanoid hawk that looked like an adult Pet Vak in a blue version of his armor while the other was a black/dark-violet dragoness with a magenta underbelly and silver jewelry.

"Jet Vak! Cynder!" Hugo exclaimed in relief.

"How did these things get in here too?" the dragoness scowled as a purple ghost-like creature floated at her side.

The Orphnochs growled as they got back up, ignoring their weaker members who turned to sand. Most of them just charged with only murderous intent coming from them. More armor formed on Jet Vak's body as a green-tinted visor covered his eyes.

"Bring it on!" the eagle humanoid declared, the Scottish heavy in his voice before he rocketed at the creatures via his air-powered jetpack.

Cynder charged at them before turning into a shadow. She swept under them all, leaving a trail of green cartoonish ghosts. Reforming, she turned and released black lightning at the ghosts, causing them to explode. A Orphnoch jumped into the air and swung at Jet-Vak, only for the eagle to turn and fire a blast of pressurized air at it, sending into crashing into the buffet table, skidding to a halt before Slobber Tooth. He sniffed the Orphnoch.

"Ohh~" Slobber Tooth drooled before biting the Orphnoch's upper half and eating it, "Mmm~Not bad." he burped out a trail of blue flames, "Ugh…" his face turned puce before he ran behind the counter, "UGH!" he poked his head up wiping his mouth of his lost breakfast, "Don't eat them! I think they expired."

"They are like zombies," Tsukasa explained. "People long since dead but risen as a new race."

"So they're Undead element…" Hugo mumbled, "Wait, how do you know this?"

"I...I don't know…" Tsukasa said as the Orphnochs growled and continued to fight.

"Tough guys, huh?" Cynder smirked as she took flight over them, "Good."

"Wait…" Tsukasa remembered as a horse themed Orphnoch roared before its body turned into a more centaur like one. He even grew a horn atop his head and seemed to lead the charge of his race.

"Crusher, now!" Jet-Vak called.

"Okey-dokey! It's Crush Hour!" a massive stone sledgehammer slammed into the horse Ophnoch, sending it crashing on the other side of the room.

"Matte! Don't anger that one!" Tsukasa shouted.

"Can you warn beforehand?!" Flynn demanded as the large stone golem in gladiator armor hefted the hammer.

The Horse Orpnoch roared as he crushed the wall he slammed into. He then charged at great speed as he pulled out a sword and cut anything in his path. Crusher grinned before his green eyes glowed and fired a purple beam, hitting the blade. The blade was engulfed in stone after a few seconds with the petrification going into the sword-wielding hand. Crusher roared as he swung his hammer, shattering both hand and sword.

"Giants are capable of moving islands," Hugo informed.

"That thing is known for defying nature itself." Tsukasa said, making them look as the Horse Orphnoch pushed his enemy out of his path with his hooves, roaring as he set his eyes on them, "And will fight anyone who harms those before him."

"Hey, you one-trick pony!" the Horse Orphnoch looked at at a smirking Cynder, "Today's forecast? Lightning Rain!"

She gave a strong flap of her wings and black lightning rained down, slamming into the Horse Orphnoch and the others surrounding it.

"We should go." Tsukasa said as the mirror like wall split into two that began to move across the ground sucking anything in its path up and spitting out even more monsters no one had ever seen. Like a giant barracuda with bird wings.

"Ah! Fish with wings!" Flynn screamed as he ran off, carrying Kiina.

"Flynn, wait up!" Hugo called as he ran after them.

The giant fish monster crashed into the wall, making a large hole as it flew off into the sky before more versions of it followed. The mirror wall shattered in the process only to reform in a different position, leaving Tsukasa trapped on one side away from the others.

"Oi!" Tsukasa shouted before he began slamming his fist against the wall, "What the hell?!" he demanded as he kept hitting and hitting the wall. He then saw more of the monsters nearing the various beings he'd met. "Oi...run! Run!" he shouted, yet none of them heard him as they began to fight to creatures, unleashing the very elements even upon them.

After a moment, the wall changed from transparent to dull grey, making it so he could no longer see them. The wall then swept over Tsukasa, the boy finding himself...home?

"Eh...This is Earth?" he blinked, seeing the normal Earth city around him in the middle of the night.

"Why don't you fight?" a male voice asked him, making Tsukasa look up as he gasped, seeing a second Earth above the one he was on. It then zoomed in before a tall skyscraper almost crushed him, stopping just short of so. Atop it was the man he saw before.


"What happened to your cards and buckle?" the man asked Tsukasa. "Is it...you can't find them, Decade?"


The man just shook his head at Tsukasa's confused and perplexed expression. What did this man know...how did he know...why did he know and not Tsukasa? It was so confusing to Tsukasa. So many questions running through his head. He wanted to know everything this strange upside down man knew about his history that he did not. Yes...for so long, Tsukasa had wondered where he came from, who he truly was.

"You! Who are you?" Tsukasa demanded of the man as he just paced around on his downward pointing skyscraper.

The man pointed to the side making Tsukasa turn to see...a third Earth. The man then pointed to the other side showing a fourth Planet Earth.

"I'll ask again, where are your buckle and cards?" the man asked after shocking Tsukasa.

"It's my policy not to carry cards!" Tsukasa defended.

"To save this world...your power will be needed." the man smirked. "This world can fight for only so long when the multiverse just spits out army after army of creatures at them." he explained before multiple walls passed over Tsukasa teleporting him all over the world in a matter of seconds. He saw everything, Africa's savannas, Mt. Everest, the Jungles of South America, and any other famous landmark he knew on Earth. The man then slowly began to be enveloped by these wall as well until he was gone; the final wall showing a shadowed figure with large yellow eyes in his place for a moment.

The next thing Tsukasa knew, he was stranded in some random hallway in the building he was in not too long ago. It was very quiet. Tsukasa took a few minutes to think. Then remembered.

"Kiina...oi, Kiina, where are you?!" he shouted as he began running.

"Hoo boy…" Flynn panted, "I...I think we lost them."

"I don't hear fighting anymore," Kiina noted in worry before looking around, "...Big bro, when did we get a giant tree-shaped skyscraper at the academy?"

"Huh?" he blinked looking around. "Wowzers! When did we get here?"

"I don't know," Kiina gulped.

"...Well, I'll be the first to say it; I blame Kaos," Flynn stated, trying to lighten the mood.

"Tell me your wish…." a voice said as the two looked down to see a pile of sand reform into a crab-like monster behind them.

"Ulp!" Flynn gulped.

"Um...Hi?" Kiina greeted.

"No...tell me your wish!" another monster that was whale themed said, appearing behind them.

"No me!"

"No me!"

"I shall grant your wish!"

Multiple animal themed sand monsters formed around them, all looking at Kiina and demanding she make a wish.

"Umm...Hoo boy. This is like Ninjini when she got drunk again…" Kiina mumbled.

"Tell us your wish!-!" they all shouted, evil intent coming from their voices.

"Run away...again!" Flynn screamed before the two ran off.

"Do you think they'd agree on them jumping off a cliff as a wish?" Kiina asked.

"Now you wanna joke?!"

The two kept running before something landed in front of them; a lizard-like monster with medieval/punk themed armor and a blade on its arm. More matching animal themed monsters landing around them.

"Undead...kill them!" a Rhinoceros beetle-themed monster ordered, aiming his sword/axe at them.

"Oh come on!" Flynn groaned before Kiina dragged him off before they began to run away once more, "And you guys don't look like any Skylanders I know of that element!"

"I want that girl's head now! And the furry for a rug!" The Rhino Beetle monster, clearly their boss, ordered.

"You and fifty-seven islands!" Flynn snapped.

"Not the time, big bro!" Kiina snapped.

The two kept running until they ran through another of those mirror portals, ending up in a different location entirely as it was pouring rain. Kiina tapped her staff and the bottom opened up into an umbrella that the two went under.

"Okay...We ran into sand genies and guys trying to imitate the Undead Skylanders," Flynn noted, "What next? Monsters made of glass?!"

At that, the two heard screams as bodies landed...but now see through glass. Monsters made from stained glass and black skin walked out, all themed after mammals, sea life, or bugs. Each of them looked at the two...hunger evident in their empty eyes. Kiina glared down at Flynn, who had the decency to blush.

"Wait! You don't want us!" Flynn shouted before pointing behind them, "You want them!"

The monsters turned and saw nothing. They turned back and barely saw Flynn's scarf going around a corner and nothing else.

"Matte!" they shouted as they smelled them out and ran after them, some flying or one octopus one growing wheels on its feet.

"I can't believe that worked!" Kiina panted as they continued running.

"Me neither! I just saw that in a movie!" Flynn panted.

The two kept running before yet again another mirror wall sucked them up and spit them back out where they first started out…Where they last saw Tsukasa. Flynn groaned as Kiina got off him and helped him up.

"What is going on here?!" Flynn shouted.

The two then heard a sound as a large...lobster...crab...bug monster burst out of a wall and flew off into the distance. More of the same monsters followed it along with a series of manta ray-like monsters that had bird wings and the legs and tails to match.

"This way!" Kiina pulled Flynn off and down a ruined hallway before gasping, "Oh no…" she knelt down and picked up a small figurine of Whirlwind.

"Oh man...Good thing for that failsafe spell," Flynn noted.

"Was...Was everyone beaten?" Kiina pondered.

"We...we can't be sure." Flynn spoke, trying to keep calm. He then looked around to see if any other creepy creatures popped into existence. So far, so good in his mind.

The two looked around for anyone else, as they did, the one to notice something odd was Kiina. In the corner of some rubble was two odd things; a box-like buckle and a small pocket book. Both were covered in dust and looked to be rusted. It was as if they had been hidden in the walls for years.

"Big bro, over there," Kiina pointed to the objects.

"What the heck?" Fynn pondered as the two moved over to the rubble and Kiina picked the objects up, "Okay, I thought the academy lost all its surprises to me, but now it goes and shows this."

"..." Kiina looked them over, 'These...look familiar…'

"Kiina! Flynn!" the two turned to see Hugo running up with a feline-like humanoid wearing a leaf-themed outfit and her red hair pulled up into a mop top.

"Oh thank goodness," Kiina sighed in relief as they ran over.

"I was arriving for a visit when all those monsters just started showing up. Hugo managed to hide us in the tunnels while the Skylanders were fighting them," the feline girl explained.

"It...It was horrible! Just when one large swarm was defeated, those weird veils appeared and made even more!" Hugo shook his head before holding up a small satchel, "We were able to collect all the Skylanders when their failsafes went off."

"Oi! Can anyone hear me?! I know someone's there! Come out before I do the Kaijin's job and beat your ass!" Tsukasa's voice shouted.

"Who's that?" the feline asked.

"Kadoya!" Kiina called, "Over here!"

"I can't! There's another stupid veil in my way! I've been punching it for ten minutes!"

The four ran towards the voice and skidded to a halt when they saw Tsukasa was behind a transparent veil.

"Another human?" the feline pondered.

"That's Kadoya Tsukasa, Tessa," Kiina introduced, "Kadoya, this is Tessa."

"Is she really doing this now?!"

"She does this when she's afraid," Flynn facepalmed.

"Ugh…" Tsukasa groaned as he slammed his forehead to it before he blinked. "Oi...Kiina…" he said in shock as he pointed behind her making the four turn to see…a second Kiina smirking at them.

"What the…?!" Flynn gawked, "I have another sister?!"

"Uh, Flynn? I don't think that's Kiina's long lost twin," Tessa gulped.

"Guys, stay away from that...Don't get even one step closer or it will kill you!" Tsukasa shouted as he began punching the wall even harder.

"Yet again, I blame Kaos," Flynn informed as the four backed away from the other Kiina, ending up bumping against the wall.

Tsukasa saw the buckle and book in Kiina's hands. And a memory came back to him again. "Oi...Kiina, where did you get that?" he asked, getting her attention again.

"Huh? This?" Kiina held them up, "They were in some rubble."

'Where are your buckle and cards?' the man's voice asked once more in his head.

"That's it...Oi! Hand those over!" he ordered.

"Huh? Um...O-Okay?" Kiina pressed the objects against the wall...where they passed through, "Oh!"

"Uh, guys…?" Flynn spoke as the second Kiina smirked and melted into a green humanoid bug...that then molted into a violet colored mosquito monster with its proboscis on its arm like a fencing sword, "Aw come on! Mosquitos now?!"

"Don't move!" Tsukasa ordered, "They can move at the speed of light. A second is a minute to them." He grabbed the two items as they seemed to clean themselves while passing through the veil.

"Whatever you're doing, do it fast!"

"Don't worry." Tsukasa spoke. "I'm going to save the world...I think." he stated simply, but it did not inspire much faith in the others, save for Kiina. He pulled on the items, pulling them through his side and restoring them to a lustrous white and black color; a green gem glowing in the buckle.

Three more bug monsters blurred into the spots next to the Mosquito one. One a beetle, the other some kind of spider, and the third a cricket. Each of them looked at the four before them, each of them growling...in one of their voice for each of them. Each of them raised a weapon-themed limb or just their clawed fingers and walked towards them.

"Guys, hide!" Tsukasa ordered as he put the buckle on over his stomach and a silver belt shot around his body and tightened. The book then flipped open, revealing a sliding card slot with a card already inserted and an extra card in the cover. The card depicted a magenta armored figure with words reading: 'KAMEN RIDER DECADE.'

Seeing this card seemed to ignite an instinct within Tsukasa's mind as the bug monsters advanced on the four. He pulled the two handles on the side of the buckle that had three gems each, colored in red, green and blue each. All six lit up as he slid the handles, twisting the center of the buckle-a white square that had a circle of nine symbols with the green gem at the top-and now pointing to the left as the buckle twisted so a slot pointed up now.

He then pulled the card out and held it up before flipping it around to reveal a symbol on the back of the card resembling a barcode with two holes, making it look like a face.

"Henshin!" Tsukasa shouted as he slid the card into the slot of his buckle so the barcode/face symbol appeared in its little window. He then pushed the two handles in, resetting the buckle to normal.

Nine images of armor formed around Tsukasa in a circle with him completing it. As these images formed, the belt suddenly spoke in a deep voice.


At that, the 'armors' slammed into Tsukasa, the force of this cracking the veil in front of him. He was now clad in a suit of armor, the armor was just plain white and black in color. It covered most of his body in a plated style, but was designed to allow him full movement. The armor also had grooves down his legs, along his shoulders, elbows, and across his chest in a sideways X over his heart.

Several magenta bars shot out of the belt, floating in the air before slamming into his helmet that had green eyes. As the bars melded into his helmet, magenta light shone down his sides and painted his suit a third color. The sides of his legs, waist, and arms were now magenta with black grooves and stripes separating the center of his armor's colors. The inside of his legs were now white and his abdomen was black with padding over his abdominals, making the appearance of muscles, the inside of his arms were also white from his triceps down. His gauntlets were a mix of black and white with black large bars/grooves over his elbows and white bracelets. His black armored gloves slowly opened revealing the exoskeleton design inside his gloves, and fingers, and his black armored boots ground into the dirt making him look even more intimidating and at the same time heroic. His Magenta shoulder armor stood out as it also made the white X on his chest plate more dynamic.

Tsukasa's new helmet flashed with Magenta color as his green eyes glared at everyone, the bars forming a barcode like pattern on his mask. His face was magenta with a black brace around the back of his head and side along with a silver strap under his chin. The black bars stuck out of the top of his helmet forming a series of horns that mimicked a crown. A yellow light formed in the center most bar and lit up brightly. This new figure was dynamic and despite his coloring seemed more imposing than any other presence those present have ever met.

"Kablam…" Tessa gawked.

"Wowzers…" Flynn squeaked.

Decade ran forward as the bug monsters seemed to react in fear and blurred off at super speed.

"Buzzing pests," Decade spoke in annoyance as he turned his back to the others, his eyes tracking down the monsters. He then moved his hand to his book now on his waist and pulled out a new card, before slotting it into his buckle.


At that, hexagonal patterns formed up his armor as it changed. He now wore a black, leather-like combat armor with red beetle wing-themed chest armor and shoulder pads. Silver armor pieces formed over his arms and legs while his helmet was now red with a silver mouthplate and a large blue optic visor. A red horn rose up and attached to his chin and locked into place on his helmet, forming a rhinoceros beetle-theme as his optic visor was split into two light blue compound eyes.

"Oh!" Kiina gasped under her breath, her dream coming to her, 'This was one of those armored fighters in my dream.'

D-Kabuto backhanded a piece of stone the bug monsters tossed at him. He then pulled out another card and slotted it into his buckle.


At that, D-Kabuto ran forward and became a blur to the others. In slowed down time, the bug monsters turned to see D-Kabuto as he charged at them. He pulled out his book and unfolded the black part as it became a handle. A black section unfolded twice and a blade slid out of the extension, becoming a sword. D-Kabuto sliced down any debris the Bug Kaijin tossed at him. He ran past all of them, slashing them as he did, with his sword cutting into the exoskeletal hide and making sparks fly from the impact.

As D-Kabuto sliced all four while running past them, he turned back on his feet and ran at them, slashing them all again. He then pulled out a second weapon; a short dagger weapon called a Kunai that had a red guard themed after his horn. He held the orange blade and slashed into one of the bug monsters before stabbing his sword into the second. D-Kabuto then ran past them, pulling his weapons with him as he slashed the last two.

In normal time, the four watched as a red blue ran past the four bug blurs, leaving multiple red slashes in the air as it did. Each slash cut down the Bug Monsters until only shreds were left in the air. In less then a second four explosions occurred, leaving nothing but multi colored flames as D-Kabuto slid to a halt across the ground, both his blades dripped in bug-like blood.

"Wowzers! That was like trying to watch Deja Vu fight!" Flynn gawked.

"Oh...Oh thank goodness," Hugo sighed in relief.

D-Kabuto stood up as he turned to face the others, his armor fading back to his old magenta and barcode theme. His card ejected out of the belt before a blue flame erased the picture that was on it.

"Why...did I pick this card just now?" Decade asked himself, why his instincts told him to choose that one. Even though it worked out in the end. His yellow light then lit up as another veil formed, making everyone blink before they heard an engine. A bike then broke the veil and drove up to Decade. The white bike had black accents and magenta bars on the front with a bright yellow headlight. The Bike rode up next to him before turning itself off. "Huh?" he asked before he kicked his leg over the seat and sat down. "This...this feels right." he said as he grabbed the handles and revved the throttle, making the engine roar.

"Is he a SuperCharger?" Hugo pondered.

Decade drove his bike up to them, stopping right in front of them. He kicked the kickstand and stopped his bike. He looked at them mainly at Kiina. "Come on. Let's go." he said with a shake of his helmet.

"But...where are we going?" Hugo asked, looking around in worry.

"Anywhere but here's a good idea to me," Flynn informed.

"Hurry up. If someone doesn't follow, I'll leave you to the next wave of Kaijin." Decade stated, plainly annoyed now.

"...Shotgun!" Kiina called.

"Shotgu-darn!" Flynn cursed as Kiina hopped on first, Hugo and Flynn before Tessa hopped onto Flynn's shoulders.

"This quickly became crowded." Decade muttered, before he revved up the bike, "I owe you money."

"Huh? Why are you saying…." Flynn started before Decade drove through a couple of walls in the school.

"I swear I'll have those fixed later." Decade stated as the headlight fired a beam that shattered one of the reflective dimensional walls in their path. "This thing is awesome…"

"Ahh! We're heading off the islan…" Flynn panicked before the bike...just kept riding...on thin air.

"Note to self...get the biggest insurance plan ever on this thing." Decade told himself. "So unless those things can fly we're in the clea…" he stopped as he turned around, "No one's afraid of flying Barracudas, are they?"

"Hurry up and use those cards!" Flynn panicked.

"I can't...you're all in the way...so I can't shoot it even if I wanted too, unless I shot through you." Decade explained, "Besides...I don't even know which one to use, and if I did it be a waste. So I'll do things as I say, so just shut up and don't backseat drive me...or so help you I will feed you to it." he said. "Kiina, take the wheel." he said as he jumped and stood on the headlight of the bike.

"What are you doing?!" everyone asked in shock.

'Why is it that I'm always the one who has to drive the motorcycles?!' Kiina thought.

"I'm gonna kill it." Decade said simply as he pulled out his book as it unfolded into a sword. "Hope you guys like sushi." he said as he jumped off the bike and made his way towards the monster. "Ha!" he roared as he slashed his sword multiple times his arm moving like a blur. "Huh...I can float…" he said as the monster burst into chunks of flesh all neatly sliced by the sword. "Gross…" Decade said as he floated there. "Uh...how do I...do I have to like swim through the freakin' air?" he asked as he put the book back on his belt. "Well...I wanted to be cool." he said as he began 'swimming' back to the others. "Oi...you guys turn back here so I can get my bike back!" he shouted as he realized how far away they got.

"Okay, I think I got this," Kiina muttered as she managed to turn the bike around, "It's kinda like Happy Trigger's bike, only less explosive."

"Okay good...now slow down...I said Slow-!" Decade complained as the bike crashed into him. "Kiina!" he complained as the kept driving. "Ah...nevermind…" he shook his head. "Let's just find a place to park so I can get back in the driver's section of that seat…" he muttered.

"Hey look! Another of those walls," Tessa pointed ahead.

"What?!" Decade asked as they drove through another dimensional wall. The bike's tires touched ground as they found themselves driving across what could best be described as the destroyed city from some apocalyptic future. "The hell...where are we?" Decade asked as they kept driving, "Kiina, we're on ground. You can hit the breaks now!"

"Right!" Kiina replied before the bike sped up, "Sorry! Sorry! Who puts the accelerator where the break should be?!"

"I'm left handed!" Decade argued, explaining the different set up.

"Right!" Kiina nodded, "Glad to know, Kadoya!"

"It's Tsu…" Decade began before Kiina's sudden halt sent him into a wall, "..." he then pulled himself off as he screamed and it shattered the wall, "Ugh...Know what...when I'm in this suit...my name is Decade...got it?"

"Sure thing," Kiina giggled nervously as she got off the bike with the others.

"Good…" he nodded.

"How did you shatter that wall by screaming?" Hugo asked.

"I...I'll figure that out later…" Decade groaned before he stopped. "Nobody move." he growled. At that, a grey tentacle shot out of a wall and snared around his neck, dragging him back through. "So...Orphnochs again!" he said as he took out his sword and rammed it through the snail looking monster's stomach and lifting it up. It growled before igniting with blue fire...and falling apart as sand all over Decade, "Everyone...be careful...This place is crawling with these guys!" he shouted.

"If they are, why are you shouting and exposing our location?" Tessa muttered.

"Because it doesn't matter." Decade explained, "They can smell humans from miles away." he said, looking at Kiina. "They're going to come after her no matter what."

At that, the walls and ground erupted in dust as more and more of the grey armored monsters appeared. They all roared as they either summoned weapons or mutated parts of their bodies. Such as the one Elephant-looking Orphnoch that turned into what could best be described as an elephant-sized centaur.

"Huh...Reminds me of what happened when Ninjini got drunk that one time," Kiina noted as Flynn and Hugo's face turned green.

"Could be worse. There's a giant Rhino-like one the size of your giants, maybe bigger," Decade said calmly as he pulled out his sword and swiped his hand across it. But no one noticed as a tentacle shot out of the ground and grabbed Kiina before dragging her away. "Oi!" Decade shouted as a squid-themed Orphnoch grabbed her. "What is with sea themed monsters trying to kill you!?"

"We may or may not have killed a hydra that managed to lay a sea monster-hate curse on her," Flynn replied.

"I was being colorful...but seriously?!" Decade asked before the book portion of his weapon opened and he pulled out a card. "This one seems right." he said as he opened his belt and held the card out. "Henshin!" he shouted as slotted the card.


At that, red lines formed along Decade's armor before a blinding red flash caused everyone, monsters included, to shield their eyes. The light faded as Decade's armor changed once again, now his suit was all black with red neon lines across the entire suit, a large solid silver chest place covered most of his torso with black armor framing his sides and back, rounded shoulder armor with a red line across them connected to the chest armor, as the neon stripes went down his arms to armored braces around his forearms, his fingers flexed as each of his fingers were tipped in metal; the red lines went down his stomach and his legs through metal knee pads, and connecting to black boots with silver accents. His helmet was rounded and black, it had a silver mouth guard with lines making a fanged pattern, one singular orange eye split into two by twin red lines that formed antenna/fins on top of his head.

"Faiz!" the Orphnoch all panicked seeing the new form Decade took.

"That's right...to these guys...this form is the bogeyman." D-Faiz spoke calmly as he pulled out another card. "Oi you guys might want to get off the bike now." he said as he tossed the card into his DecaDriver.


At that, a large red Phi symbol spread over Decade's bike, replacing it with a futuristic silver dirt bike. Those currently sitting on it where thrown off; then, the bike roared to life on it's own. It raised up on its rear wheel then began unfolding and transformed into a robot. It's two legs slammed down as the front wheel became a hover pack, and it's rear wheel transformed into a shield. The robot's visor lit up with data before it turned to face Kiina and the Squid Orphnoch. The monster looked left and fight in confusion before pointing at itself. Autovajin raised its hands as it cracked its knuckles before he walked over to them.

The Orphnoch let go of Kiina before Autovajin stopped its attempt to flee. The Robot shook its finger 'no' at the monster before it landed an uppercut to its jaw, sending it flying away...before exploding in the sky. Autovajin then turned to Kiina and raised its arm defensively, telling her to stay behind it.

"Oh! You're pretty cool. You remind me of Jawbreaker, but with less Traptanium and can turn into a bike," Kiina noted.

"Autovajin what a dependable fellow he is~" D-Faiz sang as he walked over to them. D-Faiz then walked over before he grabbed what use to be the bike handle and slid it out. As he did, a long red beam formed from it before he held it out as a sword. "Beam sword...oh...I'm gonna enjoy this." he said as he charged and slashed through an Orphnoch before he stabbed another and then slashed upwards cutting it in two. He then spun around and bisected two more of them.

Each Orphnoch he killed was marked with a red Phi symbol before they were ignited with blue fire and they disintegrated into dust. Autovajin picked up Kiina and flew away as the Elephant Orphnoch chased after them trying to stomp them. D-Faiz slashed an elk themed Orphnoch before ht ran past a horde of them cutting them all as he did so. He then slashed as the back leg of the Elephant Orphnoch making it trip and call into a wall. D-Faiz turned and slashed a rhino themed Orphnoch making it stumble back as it's horn rolled across the ground. D-Faiz then stopped when a broadsword blocked his sword.

D-Faiz looked up as he saw the Horse Orphnoch standing there. Both clashed blades again before stepping back from one another. Both raised their swords as they touched and sparked from the contact of solid energy and metallic material. Everyone watched the two before blinking as the Horse Orphnoch turned around and beheaded a beetle themed member of his race. D-Faiz turned around as he stabbed a stag beetle version of the same monster. Both D-Faiz and the Horse Orphnoch turned around and stood back to back as they held their swords at the ready. D-Faiz and the Horse Orphnoch both ran to the side as they slashed down the Orphnoch in their path.

The Horse Orphnoch ran as he slashed a fishman themed Orphnoch that was about to surprise attack Autovajin and Kiina. As the downed Orphnoch rolled across the ground, he was stopped when D-Faiz pinned him with his beam sword. The Horse Orphnoch nodded as he held his sword up again.

"It's okay." D-Faiz spoke suddenly, "He likes humans." he explained as the Orphnoch nodded and slashed down another of his kind. D-Faiz turned around and did the same as he cut a spider-themed Orphnoch in two.

'What about those not human?!' Tessa, Flynn, and Hugo thought, hiding behind some rubble.

Autovajin and the Horse Orphnoch both charged as they tackled into the Elephant Orphnoch and began pushing it away with their combined brute strength. Both then lifted the giant monster up before tossing it away. D-Faiz ran towards the falling monster before he flipped forward into the air as he slashed down and cut the monster in two, letting it explode into blue fire. The three fighters all stood as the remains of the giant Orphnoch crashed into the rest of its kind, causing a larger explosion of blue flames and dust.

"Wowzers! That's a lot of blue fire and explosions!" Flynn noted.

D-Faiz stood up straight as his belt opened and the card ejected once again. His armor flashed magenta light as he returned to his normal armor. Autovajin tensed before forcibly transforming back into a bike and reverting to Decade's original bike.

"Aw...I was going to ask if he'd like to be a Skylander," Kiina pouted.

"It's still my bike…" Decade muttered to himself.

"Hey, what happened to the card?" Tessa asked, seeing the image on it fade away.

"That's why I can't waste them...seems they are only good for one shot." he explained as he put the card back in his book, "But likewise it seems each form I take is tailored to take out a specific set of vermin." he explained before they all heard a whistling sound...coming from anything reflective. "And...seems that with one vermin gone...the rest want to move in on their territory."

"Oh what now?" Hugo groaned before pausing, "Uh, excuse me?" he pointed behind the Horse Orphnoch, "Do mirrors here normally have someone's reflection have webbing around their neck like I do now?"

"Mirror Monsters…" the Orphnoch spoke, making them all blink at how young his voice sounded.

"This is gonna get trippy." Decade said as Hugo was suddenly dragged near the mirror. "I thought they only ate humans!?"

"They've learned to live off anything that quote unquote 'lives,'" the Orphnoch said as his lower body turned into a horse's before he rode off, "You're on your own from here on, Rider."

"Ack! Gah!" Hugo gagged as Decade managed to grab him.

"Matte! Oi...pull us free!" Decade said as he held onto Hugo, "Goddamn horse bastard...I hope you end up in a glue factory!" he shouted as he grabbed an invisible string. "This is just creepy!" he shouted as it lit up with fire. "Okay...new power discovered." he said as it snapped, letting them fall over.

"Hugo!" Kiina called as she, Flynn, and Tessa ran over to the Mabu as he took in deep breaths.

"Okay. This is getting weird, even for me," Tessa noted as she looked around warily at any reflective surface she could spot.

"Ugh...my head." Decade groaned as he sat up, "Mirror Monsters, synthetic life forms of varying power. They can only exist within the world behind the mirror, prolonged time in the real world will cause them to slowly lose power and die. They feed off the life force of living beings, primarily humans. They do so by eating them. The larger more monstrous mirror monsters however can live by eating the souls of the smaller human sized ones." he spoke as if suddenly remembering an encyclopedia entry. "Ugh...knowing stuff sucks...why is it whenever I suddenly learn something...I get a headache?!"

"Because it's a large influx on knowledge being forcefully put into your head," Hugo suggested or, rather, stated like he had experience with that before.

"Well, how come I'm all of a sudden some interdimensional bestiary?" Decade asked, rubbing his helmet...as if it would ease his headache.

"Um, guys?" Tessa gulped.

"That is a lot of gazelle on their hind legs," Kiina gulped, pointing at a mirror.

"Ugh…" Decade slumped his shoulders. "Okay, everyone get behind me. It's time to show them who's at the top of the food chain." he said pulling out another card. "Henshin!"


With that, mirror reflections layered over Decade before they smoothed out in a red flash to reveal another kamen Rider. His suit was pure crimson red in color, he had black torso armor with a silver chest, black armor along his upper arms, and black gauntlets with armored gloves. Black and red boots grinded across the dirt. Several ports that looked like they connected to something framed the sides of his armor. His left arm had a dragon head gauntlet attacked over the normal one. Finally his helmet was black with a large silver grilled faceplate covering most of it like a mask, two red compound eyes could be seen through the gaps in the mask however as a dragon emblem formed on the forehead of the helmet.

"Let's see how big they feel facing their natural predator?" D-Ryuki joked as he pulled out another card and slotted it into his buckle.


With that, a mirror behind them began to ripple before a large chinese dragon flew out of it. Its body was colored in bright red and it seemed decked out in armor with it's tail ending in a dao sword. The Skylands natives gasped at the sight of the dragon with Kiina's mind flashing to seeing it die in an explosion.

"Get em." D-Ryuki ordered as the dragon rushed and attacked the gazelle themed monsters, slashing and biting them apart before it unleashed a large torrent of flames; burning them away. It roared before it leaned its head down and actually ate one of them with a loud crunching sound. "Aw...she's hungry." D-Ryuki chuckled as the dragon unleashed more flames upon the creatures. "Okay that's enough playing with your food girl, let's send them crying with their tails tucked between their legs." he said pulling out another card.


D-Ryuki ran forward before he jumped into the air. His dragon flew back to him as he flipped through the air. The dragon coiled around its master as he did so. Both danced around one another in the air before D-Ryuki aimed his body in a flying side kick just as the Dragon stopped and aimed at where his leg pointed. The Mirror monster unleashed a large blast of orange flames as they swallowed D-Ryuki before he shot forward as the flames covered his legs. The kick hit the group of monsters, causing a huge explosion that shattered many of the mirrors.

D-Ryuki stood there as he once again reverted as the card ejected out and faded away. Decade turned around to see everyone with their mouths agape at the stunt he just pulled.

"Guys...I know I'm hot...but please...only the ladies are allowed to look." Decade said as he struck a model pose.

"Not you," Tessa replied before pointing at the dragon, "Her."

"Oh...Dragredder." Decade noted as he patted its head gently. "You must have been starving in this dimension...the small fries going nuts." he said as she flew back into the one remaining mirror.

"She was beautiful," Kiina noted.

"She is a naughty child that needs dicipline. She will bite the hand that feeds her." Decade stated jokingly.

"You make her sound like a pet," Kiina noted.

"She is a Contract Monster after all." Decade explained, "As long as you keep up your end of the deal and feed them and keep them happy...they will be the most loyal friends you could ask for. Unless you get a crab kind...those are just plain evil." he shook his head.

"Why the crab?"

"No one really knows...it just seems like such a jerk." he mused, "Dragredder here is just a rental. Feed it small prey and it'll protect you. Most of these things will even try to avenge you depending on how you treat them." he spoke, "I guess you could say, not all monsters are bad." he shrugged his shoulders.

"Not everything dark is evil and not everything light is good," Kiina nodded.

"Oh shock. You can actually say something adult." Decade blinked under his helmet.

"I am in my twenties, Kadoya," Kiina replied.

"Whatever you say, cutie." he chuckled as he began walking. "I think I sense a way back this way." he said, snapping his finger as his bike rode over to him. "Come on, let's get out of here." he shook his head as he swung his leg and mounted the bike. "Let's get you guys home."

"Yeah. Home sounds good right now," Tessa agreed as they got on.

"Let's get going then." Decade said as they drove off. The bike's headlight fired another beam that forced open a dimensional wall for them to drive through and find themselves driving along the ground of where they once were. Where all of this craziness began.

"I don't see anymore of those creatures," Hugo noted as he looked around.

"Uh, Hugo?" Flynn tapped his shoulder and pointed to the academy itself...covered in larger monsters...some of which resembled mutant sheep in a way.

"...Why did you harpoon the ship?!" Hugo blamed, shaking Flynn comically.

Decade got off before he took out another card. "Once more...Henshin!" he called out, slotting the card.


Decade was covered in bright purple fire before he swung his hand revealing his new purple armor, red gauntlets, straps of armor along his chest. His helmet was clean of any markings save for silver spikes framing the face and a golden demon head ornament on the forehead. He also for some reason had a loincloth.

"Let's rock this joint."


Decade pulled out red batons topped with crystal demon heads. They ignited with purple fire before he began swinging them, sending fireball after fireball that destroyed the giant monsters. One of the sticks then unleashed a surge of fire that became solid like a blade as he sliced a flying manta ray-like monster in half as it tried to dive bomb them. D-Hibiki then roared as his helmet opened up, revealing a demonic fanged mouth that spewed purple fire all over a spider monster. The monsters roared as they either exploded or burned into ashes. D-Hibiki sighed as he took a moment to breath as all the monsters died in one form or another.

"Okay...I took care of the pest problem." he chuckled turning to the others as his 'mouth' closed. "Anybody else suddenly in the mood for BBQ...or just me?"

"Only if you're serving enchiladas," Flynn replied.

"Let's check inside. Right now, a place to call base or shelter for that matter would be handy." D-Hibiki said as he reverted to Decade, then to Tsukasa as he left the belt open for a longer duration of time.

"Oh, I hope the book is okay," Hugo gulped as he ran into the academy.

"Oh shoot! I can't believe we forgot about the book!" Tessa yelped as she ran after him.

"Book?" Tsukasa asked.

"The Book of Skylanders. If anything happens to it, it will happen to the Skylanders written within its pages...and me since I'm the current Portal Mistress," Kiina replied.

"So...the thing if you hit everything goes down. Like the Death Star?" Tsukasa compared.

"What's a Death Star?" Kiina and Flynn asked.

"..." Tsukasa pulled out a magazine before rolling it up and gently tapping their heads, "No, no no. Bad, both of you." he muttered, "Every universe should have the Star Wars trilogy."

"Star Wars? Is that related to Star Strike?" Kiina asked.

"Bad, Kiina." Tsukasa said, gently tapping her head again.

"Good news!" Tsukasa looked over his shoulder to see Hugo running over, carrying a rather large tome, "The book is okay! Fortunately, they didn't breach the room we had it stored in."

"Say I've been meaning to ask...but this is a School...so where is your...like Principal dude? If this place is like a school of magic, then shouldn't the old wise wizard dude who runs the place know something that will fix this?" 'Once again...drawing off movies here but not even gonna bother bringing it up. If I ever take them to a normal world...I'm making them watch everything good.' He thought to himself, while trying not to reference where he got the idea...but it was too much temptation. "And then he'll introduce us to a boy with a lightning scar and we'll have a wonderful school life."

At that, the book began to glow. Hugo opened the book and a figure formed in an ethereal light. The figure appeared to be an elderly man in blue robes, a blue horned helmet, and a white beard.

"Master Eon!" Hugo gasped.

"Best...Pop Up...book...Ever~" Tsukasa chuckled.

"Greetings, Portal Mistress. If you are seeing this, then the worst has come to pass and Skylands is dying and the Skylanders defeated," Eon informed.

"D-Dying?!" Kiina gasped.

"It was something I feared would happen the moment Kaos's Sky Eater, fueled by the Darkness itself, began to destroy our world. However, there is a way to save Skylands from this; the power of Mind Magic," Eon informed.

"...I hate to interrupt…" Tsukasa said, "But this isn't just Skylands' problem." he explained, a look of seriousness on his face, "It would seem whatever is doing this to your world has spread to other worlds...worlds like mine...worlds where those monsters came from."

"Normally at this point, someone would most likely have interrupted this pre-recorded message and now looks rather foolish, Flynn," Eon spoke as everyone had to hold Tsukasa back as he wanted to toss the book away now, meanwhile earning a 'Hey' from the Mabu, "I fear that it is not just Skylands that is in danger. If whatever has caused the death of our world is out there, it may be in other worlds as well, though I am unsure. After all, the only other world we know of is the one where that bandicoot comes from and the one that the Darkness originated from."

"So basically a pre-recording just said what I said and made me look like an idiot." Tsukasa listed. "I owe this old man a punch to the gut." he growled.

"Why?" Tessa asked.

"Because I said so. And it'll make me feel better...also, I am a very petty man," he listed. "By the way, Flynn, you still owe me money."

"In the Book of Skylanders, there are a unique set of pages. Ones that link to an elite team of Skylanders that know how to use the power of Mind Magic…" Eon's form shifted, becoming a group of shadowed figures, "The Sensei. However, when Kaos's Sky Eater activated, it whisked them away from Skylands."

"...umm…" Tsukasa started, seeing something odd. "Guys?"

"Shh! Master Eon is talking."

"Don't you shush me and freaking look at this!" he shouted as he grabbed everyone and forced them to turn around.

"I thought you blew them up!" Fynn freaked, seeing more of the monsters now attacking one another.

"They are cannibalizing each other." Tsukasa blinked.

"I think I'm going to be sick…" Hugo groaned, his face turning green once more.

"...Wait a second." Tsukasa blinked, "Why is the waterfall still?" he blinked before everyone noticed...everything just suddenly stopped. Not like something had gotten their attention, but like everything was now forever frozen in place.

"So...you were able to last this long?" a voice asked as the man Tsukasa met in the dimensional veil appeared walking out of thin air itself. "I'm sorry for the suddenness of this. But we didn't want to let your world die." he explained walking past everyone and up to Tsukasa. "So...Decade, are you prepared to take up your journey?"

'Mr. Batguy?' Kiina pondered.

"Journey?" Tsukasa asked.

"Hm...this is an odd story. But please listen." he nodded slowly as he walked away from everyone before he clapped his hands and it became night. He then motioned as projections of planets formed. "These 9 worlds are worlds where 9 different Kamen Riders were born." he spoke, "The 9 worlds are all converging...when they clash." he said as the projections smashed into one another and vanished. "If you want to save this world, Decade must travel to them and correct the wrongs happening in them." he added. "Me and my friends shall keep this world frozen in one moment in time, it will not destroy, but life shall not move forward till all is fixed."

"So...you're saying the fate of this world...all relies on me?" Tsukasa asked.

"Not just this world...all worlds. All Alternate dimensions are at risk." he explained, "You Decade, can either be their destroyer...or their savior." he looked over at Kiina, "While the spirit is correct in some ways, in others he's wrong."

"...Now I don't want to hit him...but I want to be the guy who tells him he's wrong." Tsukasa grinned evilly.

"In each of the nine worlds, one of your 'Sensei' are hidden, dropped there when this world was starting to be destroyed the first time," he informed, "They are safe of course, the worlds they were dropped into are different then normal Earths. Such is the confusing risk of alternate dimensions." he muttered to himself before shaking his head. "Anyway, I shall tell you that if you journey together...everyone will be saved and everyone will eventually return home."

"Comforting...so...how do we get to these alternate worlds, Mister Vampire King?" Tsukasa asked sarcastically.

"That...is the dealer's choice." he smirked, "But...as you said Decade. Maybe a place to call shelter would be best." he smiled.

"A shelter? Mmm...Oh!" Kiina looked around, "We're not that far from our family home."

"Well...it's better than in a cave." Tsukasa joked. "Alright...he's gone." he blinked as the man already vanished and it turned back into day.

"Aw...I wanted to see the little bat again to thank him," Kiina pouted.

"Kiina, home?" Flynn reminded.

"Oh, right!" Kiina looked around, "Uh...Oh! Kadoya, can we get your bike over here please so we can get to mine and Flynn's house? Pretty please?"

"..." Tsukasa shrugged his shoulders before he put his fingers in his mouth and whistled, making the bike drive over to them. "Let's get going then." he smirked.

"Ah, home sweet home," Flynn sighed as they approached a humble cottage outside of a village, "It's not much, but it's the best place Sis and I have."

"Much better then a cave," Tsukasa stated as he parked right in front.

"Glad you approve, Kadoya," Kiina grinned.

"So this is where you two grew up? Really...homey," Tessa noted as they entered the cottage.

"Yep! A few guest rooms, two bathrooms, and a perfect view of the sunrise," Flynn chuckled.

"Wow...place looks clean. I'm surprised." Tsukasa said, already inside, leaving them outside.

"You still have the book?" Kiina asked as the others went in after Tsukasa.

"Of course. If we leave this, who knows what would happen to the Skylanders or you," Hugo replied before yelping as the book started to bounce in his arms the moment the last of them entered the spacious living room, "It's never done that before!"

"Oh cool...you guys got one of these really old cameras!" Tsukasa said as he came down from the attic, holding an old gold and black camera.

The book jumped out of Hugo's hands and collided with the camera. The camera flashed at the same time the book opened. The book landed on the ground, revealing two blank pages that quickly filled out into a vivid image. The left image depicted what resembled a humanoid penguin in bulky armor, bladed armor going up its flippers as it posed, while the right image depicted a Rider with a stag beetle theme, with golden horns, red eyes, a mouth guard shaped like mandibles, and his body was covered in red armor.

"I'm okay...if anyone cares…" Tsukasa groaned as he got up before he propped the camera on a stand. He then looked through it's lense and blinked. "Hey...has that painting always been on that wall?" he asked, making Kiina walk over and take a look.

"Who vandalized the house?!" Flynn freaked.

Kiina blinked as on the wall was an image of a street with police cars racing down the road towards a large mountain with smoke rising from the side as if some kind of fire was starting.

"Where the TV come from?" Tsukasa blinked, seeing a pretty decent TV set resting near a coffee table.

"Well that's suspicious and mysterious," Flynn stated the obvious.

"Weird…" Tsukasa blinked before everyone jumped as they heard sirens outside. "What the...police sirens!?" he shouted.

Tsukasa and Kiina both ran to the door and opened it...to find that it now lead to a busy city street with people watching as police cars raced down the road. The two blinked as they stepped out of the house before a dimensional viel...a very small one fell over them and altered their clothing. Tsukasa was now wearing a typical patrol officer police uniform, cap, and necessary tools included. Kiina was now sporting a red blouse with gold accents, a black skirt with black leggings, and her hair pulled into a ponytail by a gold band. As if forgetting something, the veil came back and dropped an apron in her hands.

"Pfft...that's a preschool teacher's uniform." Tsukasa chuckled.

"Pre...school?" Kiina repeated.

"How old were you when they 'nap you?" Tsukasa asked in a little bit of concern. "It's where parents send their little kids to learn and get ready for school." he explained, "You're essentially an overpaid babysitter."

"Overpaid? Oh dear...I mean, it's not bad, per-say, but…" she pursed her lips.

"I was just joking...besides. I bet you'd be great with kids." Tsukasa smirked as he took out his wallet. "And I am a cop...and...I'm 20?" he blinked, looking at his ID. "...Flynn come here. I'm arresting you for reckless use of a harpoon." he said holding up his badge and taking out his cuffs.

"But it happened in Skylands. I don't think this is there," Kiina replied.

"AH!" Flynn cried as Tsukasa already cuffed him inside the house.

"You say something?" He asked.

"Someone get me a lawyer! And a good one!"

"I'll check if Happy Trigger's recovered," Kiina informed as she opened her satchel.

"And if you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed to you by the court of law." Tsukasa continued reading the miranda rights. "You also have the right to be silent for anything you say can and will be used against you, you have the right to waive that right but I suggest you don't."

"I think we're going to need a book on law here," Hugo mumbled.

"Oh you would if the law applied to anything that wasn't human." Tsukasa said, "Honestly if I was some scared human seeing whatever the hell you guys are...I'd shoot you first and ask questions never."

"Ulp," Hugo gulped, sweating heavily.

"What?! Okay, that is so not cool," Tessa scowled.

"Hate to spoil you guys this, but...Skylanders don't exists here." Tsukasa said. "So you're gonna have to be really careful. If you're not seeing anthropomorphic animals casually strolling or it's not Halloween right now, you're better off laying low."

"Laying low?" Kiina repeated, "Mmm...Oh!" she ran over to a bookshelf and started looking, "100 ways to tell someone you're not interested in them without hurting their feelings...How to serve to 100 trolls...101 jokes about water…"

"Uh...not sure that you're getting this. Alright, here's the deal: only humans are allowed outside the house." he stated firmly, "No Ifs, ands, or Buts about it. Unless you pass for human...stay." he said like a command to a pet.

Flynn snorted, "You said 'buts.'"

"Oh! Here it is!" Kiina beamed as she pulled out a book, "'The Basic Guide to Crafting Disguises by Anon E. Muss.'"

"Anon?" Tsukasa blinked as Kiina started flicking through the book, "Wait...you mean to tell me you had a magic book to disguise this…" he held up Flynn before he dropped and and pointed as his face, "And make it look a fraction as handsome as me?"

"Heh. Oh please, like you've got the looks compared to me," Flynn smirked before posing, "Boom!"

"I bet you ten bucks if you show your face to someone, they scream," Tsukasa crossed his arms.

"Ah. Here we are," Kiina stopped at a page, "Now let's see, uh…" she began to move her free hand about as a swirl of white energy began to form in it, "And…" she pointed at flynn and the energy engulfed him, releasing a puff of smoke to revealing a troll in Flynn's clothes in place of the Mabu, "..." she looked at the cover, "Oh. There' a bit of dust on here." she cleaned it, "Oh. The Basic Guide to Crafting Troll Disguises." she grunted as she held her head, dropping her book, "Ugh...Not a lot of magic here…"

"Okay. Maybe you shouldn't do magic while we're here," Tessa advised, "Unless it's an emergency."

"What? Don't like the new look?" Flynn asked.

"Don't look in a mirror," Hugo warned.

"What?" Flynn looked at a mirror and screamed before he turned back to normal.

"I told you not to look in the mirror," Hugo facepalmed.

"You're not allowed to use magic unless you're about to be attack. You don't know how it'll affect you on each world." Tsukasa said, "If we go to a world full of magic, you might have better odds. Magic works different on each world, so you'll need to obey that."

"How do you know that?" Kiina asked as her headache abated.

"I wonder how I know a lot of things. For example why do I know how to fight when I have no memories of ever having been in one?" he explained. "I think that belt uploaded a whole lot of information into my brain. Now I've got all sorts of talents I never had...or I did and I forgot. Maybe." he said, making everyone fall over at the 'Maybe,' "I have no memories of who I was. But I can determine who I'll become. In the end, all I want to do is take pictures." he explained as he grabbed his camera and put it around his neck. "Well, you guys go ahead and clean up the house, I apparently have a job in this dimension." he muttered as he walked out the door again before he grabbed the radio clipped to his belt, "Dispatch, this is unit 10. I repeat, unit 10. What's the emergency?"

=Another unidentified lifeform has been spotted=

"Unidentified life form…" he muttered to himself, unaware of the others listening in by leaning as close as they could, Tsukasa turned the radio back on, "Understood, awaiting further orders." he said as he turned it off. "So...I'm just a typical rookie cop...I don't even have a car." he muttered, looking at the bicycle clearly meant for him. "Make do with what you got. Kiina, want to go see something cool?"

"Okay," Kiina shrugged, "It could be one of those 'Sen-say' Skylanders Master Eon talked about." she giggled, "In his recorded message you argued with, Kadoya."

"I'll enjoy telling him a big old 'he was wrong.' And then if he's a jerk about it, I'll see what else." he said getting on the bicycle, before he realized the issues with the setup, "Might have to get my real bike." he muttered as he walked over to a garage and opened it to find his motorcycle parked inside. "Your house is so cool. It changes to fit the world we go to." he smiled as he got on before he pulled out a small siren light he taped to the top of the headlight.

"I...didn't know it could do that," Kiina blinked twice, seeing the new shape of the house.

"It blended in nice with the streets, almost can't tell it's the same place...well from the outside. Inside still looks the same." Tsukasa noted as he drove out and he patted the back of the seat. "Come on, I can feel something moving. Something...strong."

"Oh good. I thought that was just me," Kiina agreed as she hopped on.

"So you can feel it too." Tsukasa noted as he put his helmet on. "We'll be back, you guys keep the house safe." he said as they drove off.

"Oh please. What's the worst that could happen?"

"Remember no salesmen!" Tsukasa shouted as they drove off down the street to follow police cars.

"Oh please. Like anyone would answer for a salesman," Tessa snorted as she closed the door.

Tsukasa pulled the bike to a stop as he and Kiina followed the officers to an empty lot filled with old and empty warehouses. The two heard gunshots before a metal wall was burst open by three figures. All three resembled humanoid animals to various extents. Their skin colors where either a dark grey or very dark primary color.

"What are those things?" Kiina whispered.

"Unidentified life forms...but...I think they are called Gurongi." Tsukasa explained as he quickly grabbed his camera and took picture of the monsters while officers shot at them. He then looked up as did Kiina when they felt a strong presence behind them.

Walking up behind the police blockade was a man wearing a black and orange baseball jacket, a dark red tank top underneath, a pair of slightly tattered jeans with a belt around his waist and a pair of boots, he took off a motorcycle helmet as he revealed his punk fade haircut. The sides of his head were cut down just short of being shaved like a crewcut; while the hair at the top of his head was grown out slightly to the point it could be combed wildly to the side while dyed blond. He also had two piercings on each ear, he took a sigh as he breathed in some air before tossing the helmet away as he did a belt formed around his waist. The belt began humming as if it were charging up energy, the stone in the center glowing red as he began picking up speed.

"Henshin!" he shouted as he pressed on a switch on the left side pad on the belt.

With that, the humming became louder before he was enveloped in light. It ended as a new figure took his place. A Kamen Rider clad in a black padded suit, with crimson red chest armor designed in such a way it looked like muscles, a golden collar with inscriptions going around his clavicle and to the back, red shoulder pads and red gauntlets with golden bracelets. Golden kneepads with red stones in the center and golden anklets finished out the body armor. His helmet finished forming last, it was all black with golden edges along the bottom, a silver mouth guard resembling fangs and golden horns in between two red compound eyes.

The Rider roared as he jumped over all the police officers before he landed and slammed a punch to a vulture Gurongi, making it stumble back. He then grabbed the fish looking one before he swung it around and slammed his armored fist into it's face making it stumble into it's grasshopper looking friend.

"So...this is the world we ended up in." Tsukasa spoke as the Rider beat the 3 monsters with his bare fists. "This is the world of Kamen Rider Kuuga." he finished as Kuuga punched the Fish Gurongi again.

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?: Destroyer or Savior. I'll discover that for myself after all…

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