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"Okay, first things first, Kadoya," Kiina noted as she patted her pockets before pulling out a folded map, "Ah, good. I like pockets. They're so much fun to have." she beamed before she scowled, "Unlike skirts with how short and pocketless they are…"

"You...have issues," Tsukasa simply replied.

"No, I have justifiable reasons about wanting to throw any and all skirts that try to get on me into active volcanoes and plug the tops," Kiina replied.

"You're just upset the last one that got on you was fanservice bait…" he pointed out in a deadpan.

"Oh, that's just the third shortest skirt anyone's managed to get me in," Kiina replied as she unfolded the map, ignoring Tsukasa's raised brow, "Now let's see…'Toot-sue-key Academy.' ...Toot-sue-key?"

"Give it," he said, yanking the map out of her hand, "How about we leave it to the native speaker 'till you get the hang of this."

"...Carry on," Kiina replied, blushing a bit, "Still, it's an academy, so I'll be able to manage myself well here."

"Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute." Tsukasa translated for her.

"An institute? Well, this will be enjoyable," Kiina noted before pulling out a wallet, "Oh, I love this as well. Look, Kadoya! There's an emblem on the wallet I got from it, too!"

Tsukasa rolled his eyes as he took it, flicked it open, and checked her ID, "Says here you're a teacher specializing in restaurant management both in and out of the kitchen." he translated, "Can you do that...or, like me, do you suddenly have the skill to do so?"

"Our head chef back at Skylander Academy was also my cooking teacher and he ran several businesses all of which were least until people discovered he was using endangered species for ingredients, he turned villain, got trapped in Traptanium, and then reformed to be the head chef at the academy," Kiina replied.

"...You should write a book series about your life," Tsukasa noted.

"…" she considered the concept.

"Did I just give you an idea?" Tsukasa realized.

"Maybe, I'll need to talk to Hugo later and try not to tell Flynn since he already has a book out; 'Meditations on 'Boom.'"

"If I ever get that as a gift, I'mma burn it…" Tsukasa bluntly stated as he began walking while pulling out his wallet, "I'm a first year teacher."

"Alright, let's see…" Kiina muttered as she checked her pockets and pulled out a planner, "Oh, that's perfect!" she opened it and looked at it, "...What date is it?"

"Looks like we...wait, do we have phones?" Tsukasa realized, patting around before patting his rear pocket, "Bingo." he smiled, pulling out a smartphone, "Okay, looks like…"

Kiina nodded as Tsukasa gave her the date, "Ah, then we have about ten minutes to report to…" she looked at the map and poked a building, "Here for our classes." she kept her smile on for a few more moments, "Can we please call your bike?"

Tsukasa put his hands to his mouth and whistled. A shed suddenly had its wall explode as his bike burst through and drove over to them. As if sensing it was covered in wood chips and splinters, it seemed to shake the debris off. Kiina looked at the shed and then at the bike. She peeked at the map.

"I'm guessing it's your shed in this world that was meant for your bike," Kiina guessed.

"I wish I'd known that…" Tsukasa admitted, "Well let's get going; this is a culinary school...I can't wait to grade some good assignments." he smiled, licking his lips as he pulled out his helmet and a spare for Kiina.

"Thank you," Kiina replied as she put it on and the two quickly drove off, "Though there is more to teaching than simply tasting dishes, Kadoya."

"It's not like I'm gonna be here long enough for it to fully matter…" he shrugged, "Sides, worse comes to worse, I'll just Gordon Ramsay everybody...mwahahaha!"

'I don't know who 'Gordon Ramsay' is, but if the evil laughter goes for him, then he might be like Chef Pepperjack,' Kiina thought.

"Check and see if you have a phone, too," Tsukasa suddenly told her making her blink as she dug around in her pocket and pulled out a similar smartphone, "That thing can access the internet, the Earth's ethereal well of knowledge and entertainment. You can use it to learn things...but beware videos about cats and'll realize you've wasted a whole day by the time you look up from the video."

"Oh, Kadoya, we have internet and cell phones back in Skylands and those videos," Kiina replied, "No worries about me doing any of that during class hours. I am headmistress to an entire academy, after all. Have to keep a good image for people and all that."

" guys have internet…?" he blinked, stopping at a turn to both check both sides and then turn to look at her.

"What? We have an entire element called 'Tech,'" Kiina argued, "You really think we're in some sort of dark ages, didn't you?"

"No...going off more the mythical land that uses Magic for everything." he replied honestly.

"Ah, well that's perfectly understandable," Kiina noted, "Now hurry! We have eight minutes and fifteen seconds to get to our classrooms before classes start." she gasped, "Oh blast it all! I don't have a lesson! Okay,'s autumn, so maybe review on what they did last year?"

"School's don't end at the start of summer and begin at the end of summer in Japan."

"They don't?!"

"Nope," he shook his head, "Let's work off the idea we are subs for the time being." he offered a method of helping her adjust to this difference.

"Right...right," Kiina agreed.

The classroom was bustling with activity as students talked with one another at various places. The desks were actually individual stoves, ovens, and mini-fridges assembled to resemble desks while the drawers and cabinets were filled with various ingredients. Crouched down at one of the desks, a young girl with blue/black hair was busily making a 'man' symbol and 'eating' it in a nervous wreck.

"Seems like a normal batch of first years…" Tsukasa noted as he and Kiina peeked through the window in the door, "Including that one kid who's so intimidated because of how lucky they were to get in…"

"That isn't good in a kitchen," Kiina admitted before looking around, "Considering this is your class you'll be teaching, I don't want to overstep my boundaries…"

"Step ahead."

"That boy over there," Kiina pointed at a red-haired boy with a white cloth wrapped around his lower left arm that was amusingly looking at everything without a care in the world, "Put him together with the nervous girl."

"You sure?"

"Contrary to popular belief and experience, Cynder was more like that girl and Spyro-the one I know-was like that boy when they were in the Academy," Kiina explained, "Master Eon's journal showed me how he had them work together and how Spyro helped Cynder lose her nervousness and really start to shine."

"Did he draw in it?"

"No, it's enchanted to let you experience what he entered with a nice narration done by him," Kiina replied.

"That...sounds like a cool book. Maybe if we show it to Spyro he'll regain his memories." Tsukasa offered making her nod in agreement, "Still that could work…" he nodded.

"Alrighty then. Good luck," Kiina grinned.

"Same to you. Thankfully this is an international school so you can act as different from Japanese norms as you want." Tsukasa quickly explained making her blink as she took a few to fully process that before smiling and giving a thumbs up.

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy this," Kiina giggled before looking around, "Ah, my class is just a few doors down. Wish me luck."

"Already did." he reminded. He then turned around and opened the door as he walked in, "Yo…" he waved as he sat down at the front desk, "I'm your temp teacher for a while. My name is Kadoya Tsukasa." he greeted.

'A substitute?' many pondered.

"Alright, you brats listen up. I don't go halfway with grading, so you either pass or you fail," Tsukasa stated.

"Eh!?" many of them gasped in shock.

"Also I pick pairs, so no complaining, and no crying." he went on changing the topic so fast that several of the students swore they got whiplash, "Let's and and and you…" he listed by pointing and pushing certain pairs together, " can go with...this cute one over here."

'Eh?! C-Cute?!' said 'cute one' thought in shock.

'Huh...all of the others are glaring at redhead,' Tsukasa thought, 'And he's not even noticing it or if he is, he's ignoring it quite well.' he noted, 'This guy must be the ultra rare...Highschool Blockhead...interesting.' "Alright, I want you to make me a good ol' beef dish. You should have a recipe card that tells you the steps, so follow 'em and make some improv with 'em. Then bring 'em up and I'll taste them for your pass or fail." he explained, sitting at his desk, "You may begin."

The students scrambled to begin preparations. Tsukasa mentally chuckled at seeing how many were panicking and double and even triple-checking their paperwork. He, however, focused on the redhead who rather then panic just began looking over what needed to be done, clearly thinking to himself and making up his own solution. The fact unlike the others he was so calm and prepared must indicate he had experience in a very real restaurant like environment.

'Speaking of's Kiina?' Tsukasa pondered.

'Not even the first day and the teacher that's meant to be here had to deal with a stomach flu,' a slender student with long blond hair thought in annoyance, 'Grandfather, why would you allow a substitute?'

The door slammed open and Kiina entered, "Stations, now! Anyone who dares to cause a ruckus in this here kitchen is getting clean up duty for the entire time I am here with no chance at cooking! Am I clear to you all?" everyone but the girl quickly scrambled for a station since she had already been at one, "You are here to learn how a restaurant is run in the kitchen. However, you are also going to learn how to run a restaurant outside of the kitchen as well. At the end of this here week I'm with you, you will be leaving this here class with the ways of being a darn fine chef in the workforce or you will be thrown out on your behinds after I amuse your bouche for being incompetent in the kitchen! Now am I clear or do you all have the vocal cords made from a rotten tomato?"

'Wha...what is the meaning of this?'

"I said 'Am I clear?'!" Kiina demanded sharply.

"Yes, ma'am!" everyone instinctively replied.

"Alright, so none of you have tomatoes for voices," Kiina huffed, "Now before we start anything…" she gave a sharp look over them all before relaxing and sat at her desk, whipping out the student roster, "Let's take a Role Call so I can know your names." several students nearly fell over with one knocking a spoon to the floor, "You there!" she pointed a wooden stirring spoon at the student, "Sinks now! Y'all are done for the day! Cleaning duty and a failed grade for you today! Now pick up that there fork and get to cleaning it and any utensils used today!" the student gulped at the sharp, burning glare before picking the fork up and running to the sink, "And no running! That's tomorrow as well!" she looked at the students, "That there was a test on how you react to a customer who can be calm one second and frenzied the next and vice-versa. Those of you who didn't flinch at the sudden change, good on you. Flinchers? Y'all are lookin' at a loss of ten points on today's grade! And why's Mr. Fork-dropper stuck on cleaning duty? He dropped something we'll need on the floor, causing a delay in work and customers to become ornery and eventually leave with horrible reviews for the place!" 'Oh, thank you so much for the lessons, Chef Pepperjack…' "Now then...I'm quite serious about knowing each of your names, so we'll begin Role Call at once. When I say your name, say 'here.'"

Everyone nodded in understanding as she began. Luckily the names were written in English which she could somewhat better read and pronounce after learning multiple written languages. But with time, she read off each name, getting a response, some a few seconds late though given their minds were still reeling by the whiplash of reality they just got.

"Alright, let's get started with something simple and cl-HOLD IT! Why are your stations not prepped?" Kiina demanded, "Not a single thing is prepared for a day's cooking! When you're out there, you are not simply going to cook all willy-nilly! You need to get your spices, your meats, everything all set up and prepared before the boss even shows up! Now I'll forgive all of you today for this considering this is our first day, but tomorrow I expect everything prepared before I show up or it's cleaning duty with Mr. Fork-messer for the day!"

"Ah man and now that's gonna stick…" 'Mr. Fork-Messer' complained to himself in his corner.

"I'm hearing you blabber, but I am not hearing that there fork being cleaned to the point it glows like the sun!" Kiina snapped, "Now then, today's not going to be practical, oh no. Today...will be learning the hierarchy in a working kitchen."

"Hierarchy?" the blonde haired girl repeated.

"Yes a hierarchy! Do you have pata in your ears? Now listen, in a kitchen things are run as so; first you have the head chef. They're in charge of the lot of you, making sure you know what to do how to do it and make sure you don't do what you ain't supposed to do. They also prepare the menus and purchase the food you use in restaurants. After that are your Sous Chefs. They are your second in command and take orders solely from the head chef and, should the head chef be unavailable, be the one in charge," Kiina informed as she stood up and began marching around to add a little extra sense of importance to her words, "After that you have the Chef de Partie. Mr. Fork-Messer over there is considered one at the moment because he is currently the one solely in charge of the sink, his sole station in the kitchen. There is no one single Chef de Partie since there is no single station in a kitchen. Now the cooks? They're the Cuisinier! Each one is responsible for preparing specific dishes at a specific station. A Chef de Partie can have one or more Cuisinier under them. Little Ms. Medicine here…" she pointed to a girl with short hair beside the blonde, surprising her, "And yes, I call you that because you have a faint whiff of aloe on your hands meaning you handle more medicinal herbs and spices in cooking. She and her partner could be considered a Chef de Partie and a Cuisinier or Commis depending on the situation. That's a junior cook for those of you note taking like any good student should…" she smirked a little at seeing the students scurry to write down what she was saying, "...Commis work at specific stations but they are generally responsible for taking care of the tools at said station and report directly to the Chef de Partie. Now back to Mr. Fork-Messer here. While he may be working at a supposed 'station,' you can also consider his current standing as the lowest of the hierarchy: Apprentice. Oh he'll be working at a station, eventually, but they're normally there to simply gain experience and help with cleaning and prep work. And, yes, a standard and stereotypical sign that you're an apprentice is washing dishes." she stopped at her desk and looked out at them all, "Now then, by the third day, I will be naming a Sous Chef for the remainder of my time here so you all are on the chopping block for either getting it or becoming a lower rank. For now? You're all at the lower stations. But not apprentice. That's Mr. Fork-Messer there. Now before I continue, any questions so far?"

"..." Everyone shook their head negatively. Mainly out of fear that asking a question would be the wrong thing to do.

"No? Alrighty then, let's move on to what I mean by 'stations' then," Kiina noted, "Now I won't be going on and on about them considering so many are outdated nowadays in a fully-operating kitchen. First, we have the Saucier. Now while, yes, they are the cook who makes the sauces, but they are also the one who flips what's cooking in pans. Your Rotisseurs is in charge of all things roasts. Your grillers, or 'Grillardin,' are in charge of, you guessed it, making sure all thing grilled come out perfectly cooked and timed correctly for quick service. Now all of you make sure to underline that last part: 'come out perfectly cooked and timed correctly for quick service.' In a real kitchen, that should be a piece of the unofficial motto since if you're too fast, the food is undercooked. Too slow and you've done burned the food and ruined the entire dish or dishes, causing people to dislike the food which in turn causes dislike for your place of business which means less customers and workers getting laid off because you were a dang fool who didn't keep time and cook it right!" she banged her fist on the desk, making everyone nearly jump...well, outside of one who dropped a pan, "Cleaning duty! Failed grade today, apprentice Ms. Pan-Dropper! Now back to stations. Next you've got the Friturier. They're the fry cook who's gonna be frying your French Fries, you oysters, catfish, tempura, cookie dough, and anything else you want them to fry. If you need it to be fried, that's the Friturier's job to make it fried."

"Such a wonder she was tasked with taking over…" some students mumbled.

"Hey! Now who be talking without raising their hand?" Kiina demanded, "This here's your only warning. If you want to speak, you need a hand up. Next one who so much as mumbles gets two days of being on cleaning duty with Mr. Fork-Messer and Ms. Pan-Dropper over there. Now back to it with the Poissonier and, no, it does not mean they put poison in the cooking! It means they're in charge of everything and anything that involves fish and seafood preparations. Now this next one we're talking about is important. The Entremetier is in charge of entrees, literally the 'entrance' to the meal. Yes, you Ms. Medicine."

"Um, what do you mean by 'entrance,' Head Chef Boomer?"

"Well, I'm glad you asked. You just went up a few points in becoming Sous Chef in my books," Kiina replied, "Now then while in today's kitchen we consider an entree to be the main course. But back in the older days? Nah. Entrees were a much lighter starter course. They were meant to be your first 'step' into the 'house of feasts.' Now the Entremetier supervises these next two: the Potager and the Legumier. Potagers are in charge of making soups and has a very big role in the kitchen; part of their job is to use up any leftover scraps that might otherwise go to waste in the kitchen. A good Potager can save a kitchen a bundle of money in food costs that would otherwise go to waste on more food than you need. Legumiers are your vegetable chefs. They're in charge of gratins, pilafs, braises, and other hot vegetable side dishes. Boulangers are your bakers. They prepare breads and breakfast pastries such as cinnamon rolls and french toast. Then there's the Patissier, the pastry chef. They create an present all dessert items. They supervise glaciers, or ice cream cooks, and confiseurs, your candy cooks, along with boulangers, and decorateurs, or the cook charged with making large show pieces. And to round it all out, you have yourselves the Garde Manger! They are in charge of all cold preparations, from gazpacho to charcuterie, from salads to pates. Now along with the potager, it is the garde manger's charge to virtually eliminate food waste by finding uses for scraps an animal offal and presenting them in ways that are pleasing both to the palate and the eye." she stopped at her desk once more, "Now then, tomorrow you'll all find your desks are different with a sign on them speaking of their station and your name and role in this here kitchen. Except for you, Mr. Fork-Messer, you're still on cleaning duty tomorrow. But for today? I want to test you all on cooking. All of you make a dish of your choosing and present it. At the same time, I'll be preparing a little something for you all to try as well so you'll have an idea of the standards you'll need to come to in order to do your very best in cooking. Also, anyone have a food allergy in here?" several moments went by with no hands raised, "Good, because we have no protective gloves on hand since the rubber-like material tends to linger on the food it touches. At least, to me it you all have the rest of class to make those dishes and bring them to this table I've got..." she pulled out a folding table behind her desk and popped it up with a sharp flick of her wrists, " be graded. Except you two over in cleaning duty. You're still there with an F for today."

A lot of them really wanted to question that, but the fear of what she might respond with kept them from saying anything. But boy did they sure as hell think about it.

"Now am I looking at scarecrows that got glued to the floor or are you going to start already?!" Kiina demanded as she pulled out several ingredients from behind the desk along with several utensils, "Begin cooking already or get to cleaning duty with Fork-Messer and Pan-Dropper!"

"D'oh!" said students groaned at the nicknames they knew would now be glued to them.

'I wonder how Kadoya is doing...or maybe I don't want to know...for plausible deniability.' Kiina mentally muttered to herself, going off what she knew of her traveling partner.

"Hmm...soft pass," Tsukasa said, chewing on a steak, "Could have been a little pink in the center...but eh…" he muttered.

The two sighed in relief. Barely passing was good enough, but they knew they could use improvement. As they left when Tsukasa dismissed them, the Rider looked back at the two Kiina pointed out to see their pot was open with neither noticing.

'That was closed the last time I looked,' Tsukasa noted before seeing two students smirking darkly at the two when they finally noticed, 'Ah, sabotage.' he noted as he looked between all of them quickly, 'That guy...made enemies...even I can tell when a fellow jerk has made people hate them. Wait did I...well at least Kiina will never know, but I think I'm getting it now...this is how this school works. To them it's all some big competition to be the best...That's fine and all but what good will it do them in the real cooking world?' he shook his head before watching the redhead smirk undeterred by this change of events, 'Oh...that guy's not even's like he's already a pro…' he looked at the girl, 'Seems she's panicking again. Now what…' he watched the redhead clap his hands over hers, '? Huh...seems like something I'd do. I like this guy, he's likeable. But what will they do to fix their dish?'

"We've finished, sir," another student spoke as they and their partner offered a plate.

"Hai," Tsukasa nodded before taking a bite, "Hmm...pass." he nodded, putting the fork down.

"Yo, sensei," Tsukasa looked to see the redhead and the girl approach, "We're ready for tasting."

"Oh?" he questioned with a raised brow, "A lot sooner than I expected...alright." he motioned to the spot on his desk, "Let's see what we have to taste here."

"We ran into a small delay, but it's fine," the redhead assured, "Please enjoy."

"Let's see then." Tsukasa smiled taking a bite, his eyes widening as he let the flavors overwhelm him. 'Nande...this's far beyond anything that should be presented in a first year class,'s like the meat is melting...and this flavor...honey?' he realized as he savored the flavor a little longer, 'A combination of flavors like this is not something any regular rookie chef would think of, this guy...he's already far more advanced than the others in this class.' "You put honey into this. Is there a reason why?"

"Oh? You noticed. Before boiling, I rubbed it onto the mead and added it as a seasoning as well," the redhead explained.

"Protease," Tsukasa noted, "Since honey contains it, you used it to make the hard beef tender far faster than usual. So how did you know to use it?"

"Oh, a long time ago, I was reading a cooking book that said that you could use pineapple to make meat tender, but you on't have much opportunities to but a pineapple, so I tested various things to see if one of them could make meat tender. Honey can be preserved and it's the easiest to use by far!"

"Interesting," Tsukasa noted, taking another bite while looking at his class roster, "Yukihira Souma and Tadokoro Megumi, correct?" the two nodded, one confident an the other shyly, "The best dish of the day, so you pass."

"Heh. It wasn't much!" the redhead assured, taking his headband off and rewrapping it back onto his arm.

"Hmm." Tsukasa smirked at his response before lightly sniffing the air, 'And those two messed up. Karma at its finest.'

"Hmm...Not bad," Kiina noted after swallowing the bite, "Ninety-four for the day." she looked over at the long-haired girl who approached with a dish covered, "Ah, and now for you, Ms...Erina Nakiri, was it?"

"That is correct." she nodded.

"Well then, let's just see the meal you've prepared then," Kiina noted.

Erina nodded before placing the covered dish before Kiina. She removed it, exposing the dish beneath. At first glance to Kiina, it appeared to be a simple dish. She took a bite and blinked.

'It feels like there's a warm glow spreading from inside of me...The texture, taste, and even the smell of it all feel like they're working together,' Kiina thought as she chewed her bite before swallowing, "It's quite good,'s lacking. Ninety-seven for the day."

"?!" Erina looked at Kiina in surprise, 'Lacking?'

"You'll understand shortly, Ms. Nakiri. Now, as I said earlier, I cooked as well while you were all preparing your dishes to be graded," Kiina informed as she motioned to the large vat beside her, "I would like for all of you to have a bowl as a way of thanking you all for staying and not leaving. I am a harsh teacher, but I am also one who looks out for their students."

'A dish? Hmph. Of course it'd be that,' Erina thought, 'She knows who I am. The God's Tongue.'

Kiina opened the vat and the eyes of the students all widened at the eruption of scents. Kiina was swift in filling up bowls and quickly delivering the dish to each student.

"Before you is a dish that I learned from a great spice chef," Kiina informed, "This is his specialty that he calls the 'Pepperjack Five Alarm Chili.'"

'Chili?' Erina mentally repeated.

"Please, enjoy. And don't be afraid to ask for seconds if you want. I overdid it since I'm used to helping with preparing meals for well over a hundred people for three meals daily," Kiina sheepishly rubbed the back of her head.

"Over a hundred…" one student gawked.

"What kind of amazing chef is she?" another whispered.

'Pepperjack...A derivative of Monterey Jack, the 'original' American cheese invented by a Mexican-American by the name of Frenciscan Friars in Monterey, California. Flavoured with sweet peppers, rosemary, habanero chilies and garlic and even spicy jalapenos for an extra 'kick,'' Erina thought, 'It's semi-soft, open texture is spicy to the taste yet leaves a delicate and buttery taste in the mouth. How did she incorporate it into the chili?' she took a spoonful and bit down, '?!' she repressed a moan as she swallowed it, 'Wh...What is this?! I already swallowed it?!'

"S-Seconds please!" a student called.

"Onegai!" another added, even holding up her empty bowl.

'Th-They've already ate the entire bowls?!' Erina thought as she looked down to see she was already three-quarters finished, 'Wh-What?!' she barely stopped her hand from putting the next bite into her mouth, ''s just so good...but…' she bit down on her spoonful and forced herself to savor it, 'H-Hot! But...but also sweet and the small chunks of grounded meat are just A5 beef?'

"At its most basic level, chili contains three simple components: meat, tomatoes, and a form of heat such as chili powder, hot sauce, or something else," Kiina explained, refilling another bowl for a student, "But for professionals? The secret is in the sauce itself."

'The sauce?' Erina thought, 'C-Could it be...she used the pepperjack cheese in the sauce and made the sauce the heat?' she was startled when Kiina refilled her emptied bowl, "Th-Thank you." she began to eat again, 'It's so rich and filling...but also strict and hot!' a moan escaped as she swore she was being roughly ordered around by a large man with a head made of a chili pepper with a beard made of its stem, 'What is this dish?!'

"I won't tell any of you what's in it, just like my teacher did for me," Kiina informed, "The reason? Your last day with me? You are all going to try to recreate this dish from remembering this taste alone."

"That seems like a hard hurdle for most of these kids." Tsukasa spoke while appearing in the room, enjoying a bowl, making most everyone jump back from how he just...appeared.

"True, but I only had three days to recreate this dish while they have twice as long," Kiina replied, earning looks of shock from the students.

"True...I suppose that is a lot more harsh than their situation." Tsukasa nodded, taking another bite, "Well I guess a good week in one place sounds nice. Besides, this place seems enjoyable." he smirked, finishing his bowl, "Thanks, Kiina. You gave me an idea for something to give my brats...I have them cleaning up the place after their exam."

"Not a problem, Kadoya," Kiina replied.

"Tsukasa," the Rider corrected, "It's only polite to start using my given name given how long we've been traveling together now."

"Huh? But I am using it," Kiina tilted her head in clear confusion.

"As you kids can see...she's a genius in just some fields…"

'Huh?' the students gawked.

"Alright, everyone. Once you're done with this next round of chili, get to cleaning," Kiina ordered before handing them all a sheet, "Tomorrow, you will need all these prepared before I arrive to class. Your sole homework is thinking on what you tasted and trying to recreate it."

"Okay to reward you kids for a day well spent, Teacher will cook you something." Tsukasa told them as the students awed at the prospect, "I went to check on a fellow teacher and got a sudden inspiration." he smirked as he rolled up his sleeves slightly and took out a kitchen knife as he ran his hand along it quickly, "I will prepare a vegetarian dish that will fill the palette of meaty flavor."

The students blinked as he suddenly pulled out all sorts of spices, and tofu. He went to work as he began cooking up peppers in a pan. After he took a whiff of the air, he poured them out into a bowl and began grinding them into powder. He put the tofu into water to simmer before he sprinkled salt in by dusting his hands. He then moved as he took his knife and began chopping up different types of mushrooms before wiping the knife clean with a swipe of his hands. He then began chopping garlic, ginger, and scallions.

"So fast…" one student gawked.

Tsukasa began cooking the mushrooms before he reached out and grabbed a bottle before pouring some of the contents in. He let the ingredients cook before skipping to the side as he dropped fermented broad bean paste into a different wok. He then began adding the aromatics before adding fermented black beans. After cooking it through and stirring it, he swung his hand out in a blur and grabbed the ground peppers before sprinkling it into the wok. After a few moments, he used his knife to pluck out every single piece of tofu and let it fall into the wok with all the spices. After a moment, he flipped the wok next to it, adding the mushrooms in. He grabbed the water from before and slowly added it to the mixture while turning the heat up bringing it all to a simmer.

Tsukasa removed a lid of another pot the others ignored due to his showy preparation of the main dish. He then began adding steamed potatoes to the mixture after taking a taste. He smirked as he added just a bit of starch to the dish. After he was sure he got what he wanted he grabbed red flakes before sprinkling them over the dish and lightly stirring it. Everyone sniffed the air as flavors filled the room.

Tsukasa turned once more towards a cooker as he opened it to reveal perfectly cooked jasmine white rice. He served multiple bowls of rice before he added the finished concoction from the Wok over it. Tsukasa smirked as he cleaned his knife before swinging it to push the scent towards them.

" up." he smirked, serving them all Mapo Tofu.

"Mapo tofu…" they all awed.

One student took a bite before aweing at the flavor and swallowing it all down. Soon all joined as they began eating. Sure enough, there was almost no meat used in the dish, but yet...the had the same savory fulfillment of a meat dish. But how…

"Those looks…" Tsukasa smirked, seeing their faces, "How did I get that meaty fulfilling flavor...easy, Mushrooms as a whole are no different than meat in terms of texture...the key is simple to push it over that edge: Worcestershire sauce. The potatoes are filled with a lot of texture and iron from the skins," he smiled, explaining the dish, "I added powerful peppers as well, so be warned to the weak of palette to spices."

"Seconds!" Soma smiled, holding out his bowl.

"Feel free," Tsukasa motioned to him.

'This is really neat. Guess even substitutes need to be strong forces in cooking to work here,' Soma thought as he ate some more.

"Alright you guys enjoy, 'cause tomorrow's lesson is try and make your own tofu dishes," Tsukasa warned them, "Same teams as today, and don't copy teacher~"

"Hai, sensei!" the students replied.

"Yosh…" Tsukasa smirked.

Tsukasa sighed as he and Kiina walked back towards his bike. Tsukasa stretched his arms before giving out a slight belch. He chuckled as Kiina slapped his shoulder.

"Sorry sorry...too much beef today." he chuckled.

"Any troublemakers?" Kiina asked.

"Nope...well not for me. Just some kids who thought they could mess up the ones you noted would work well together...but...karma got them before I think it's all balanced out." he admitted, "You know this world's not so bad...if I had to pick, I'd like to keep this place as my home dimension."

"Skylands will always be it for me. Though so far I do like this academy," Kiina noted, "Maybe I could make one for Skylands…"

"Maybe. So any troublemakers yourself?"

"Well, one dropped a fork and another dropped a pan, so I have them washing dishes tomorrow with a failing grade for today and tomorrow," Kiina replied.

"Wait, what?"

"Since I'm a teacher of restaurants and their kitchens, I'm treating it as one," Kiina replied, "From what I can guess, they may be tested with working in a restaurant to see how they do in one, so I'd like them to be ready."

" job is just to cook and teach and test their skills with ingredients and how well they can prepare a meal." Tsukasa spoke, "I worry on the food they make, which is one of several factors to learn." he grunted mounting his bike, "Honestly we've been here almost a whole day and no…" he paused feeling a tingling, a sense of danger in the air, "Kiina...don't...panic...and move very slowly...something is watching us…"

"...We're already encountering the monsters in this world, aren't we?" Kiina asked.

"Yep…" Tsukasa nodded.

"How do you possess such strong levels of magic? Humans should not have that..."

"...Is this a kidnapping or…"

"They kill humans who they perceive as 'too powerful for humanity's good,'" Tsukasa replied.

"...I just had to forget to ask for Stealth Elf or Cynder to hide nearby when we left the house…" Kiina groaned as they turned to see a kaijin emerge from the trees, "So what are they called?"

"Lords…" Tsukasa spoke, "They are the inspiration for humanity's concept of angels...due to the fact they form halos above their heads." he said drawing a circle above his head.

"Where did you gain that magic?" The Lord's voice spoke again as a blur flew around them.

"It's none of your business…" Tsukasa spoke for Kiina as he stood next to her.

"You, too...powerful...heresy!"

"Eh, I'm probably atheist anyway…" Tsukasa scoffed back.

The blur landed to reveal a humanoid crow-like monster. Its body was made of black armor like skin, feathers forming wings under each arm. Its head was covered in a mask resembling a skull with a large bird like beak nose. The monster held up a large curved saber at them as he growled.

"Well...he's...kinda creepy looking." Tsukasa admitted as the Lord began walking towards them, "Kiina, stay behind me. We can't afford to let you use magic and leave yourself vulnerable." he ordered as he walked backwards slowly while putting on his DecaDriver.

"Righty-o," Kiina gulped.

"Ha!" the Lord shouted while charging at them.

"Henshin!" Tsukasa shouted, slotting his card and closing it, the nine projections rather then form a circle shot out in a straight line and hit the Lord, making him stumble back in surprise before the images all layered over Tsukasa, forming Decade as the bar code blocks finished his transformation.


Decade dusted his hands as he charged at the lord and blocked his sword with his left arm before landing a straight punch to his chest. The Crow Lord roared, swinging his sword low as Decade jumped and flipped over the swing. As Decade landed on the ground, he grabbed his RideBooker and transformed it into sword mode. He swung it back and held it behind his back so it pointed straight up and used it to block a slash aimed at his back. Decade grunted spinning around the Lord before swinging and slashing the monster across the chest. Decade swiped his hand across his sword before blocking another swing from the Crow Lord. He grunted, spinning him around before yanking a card out of the RideBooker. He held it up to steal the monster's attention before he flicked his fingers and sent it flying straight up into the air. The Crow Lord looked up and, for its mistake, was slashed across the chest three times, making him stumble back, Decade quickly opened his belt as the card seemed to just fall right into place in the slot.


Decade roared as he slashed his sword as the projections raked the Lord's body with cuts. Each hard light sword blocks useless as at least two to three blades still struck the monster somewhere on its body. Decade spun his sword around creating a perfect circle of projected swords before he spinning around and slashing, the after images of blades cutting like a buzzsaw through the monsters torso. The Crow Lord stumbled back before holding his arms out and jumping into the air. He flew around before coming back at Decade who pulled out another card.


Red lines formed along Decade before a flash made him into the spitting image of Faiz minus the belt which stayed the same DecaDriver.

"That never gets old," Kiina noted, hiding behind Tsukasa's bike.

D-Faiz held out his golden finisher card and slotted it just as the Lord flew back at him. D-Faiz turned around as he slotted the card.


D-Faiz gave a chuckle before the flashlight attachment appeared on his lower leg. He jumped into the air as the red on his armor glowed and went into the attachment. The Lord flew right at him only for D-Faiz to point his leg with the attachment on it at the Lord. The Crow Lord let loose a shocked squawk as a beam shot from the pointer before forming a large crimson cone of energy. D-Faiz roared as he rushed and jumped into the air before he slammed his kick into the cone, casing it to spin like a drill and bore through the Lord. It cried in pain as a halo of light formed above its head moments before exploding in a burst of azure flames. D-Faiz landed in a crouch on the ground before dusting his hands as Faiz's symbol was left glowing in the air as the smoke and fire died down.

"...There's not a flock, is there?" Kiina asked.

"..." D-Faiz stood up as his eyes and antenna flashed brightly, X-ray vision and satellite based imaging sonar working to scan the area. He looked around before shaking his head, "Nope...also since he was a crow….it's called a Murder…" he corrected as he pulled open his belt, ejecting the cards as his armor double flashed from Faiz, to Decade, and then back to Tsukasa.

"Phew," Kiina sighed in relief before sighing, "Sorry. Maybe I should just hide in the house until we leave…"

"...You shouldn't have to be a prisoner in your home." Tsukasa spoke, earning her attention, "I promise I'll protect you. If you ever feel nervous then come find me, or if you happen to find this world's Rider stick to them like glue if I'm not around." he added, "It's not the best of times...but this is your journey too, isn't it? You should be able to enjoy the good of it." he smiled.

"...Yeah," Kiina smiled, "Still, let's get back to the house." she pulled out the vat, "I still have enough chili for everyone back home!"

"How much did you make?"

"I fell into the usual amount for Skylander Academy when the Giants aren't there."

"And that is…?"

"Enough that if everyone took just one bowl there'd be 250 servings left over," Kiina replied.

"...You used magic to make that thing bigger on the inside, didn't you?"

"No, this is from the house," Kiina replied as she shoved the vat back into her pocket.

"Alright...just be careful with that thing...I don't want my seat smelling like chili the whole time here." he sighed as the bike started back up.

"Oh, this is great chili!" Spyro exclaimed between bites, "And we got to eat like this all the time in Skylands?"

"Sometimes. It'd depend on if Kiina had a long night studying, grading, or having conferences or not," Jet-Vak replied, "But even still, the chefs in the cafeteria were always on their top game."

"Awesome~" Spyro sang, digging in again.

"Lazy dragon…" Tsukasa muttered, having changed to his casual clothing as he fumbled to set the TV to this world's stations.

"So we're going to be here for roughly a week at best," Kiina explained before noticing something, "Tessa, where are Big Bro and Hugo?"

"Oh, they went out with Wolfgang," Tessa explained before the door opened and the trio entered, carrying bags.

"...Please tell me there's no news on them and people panicking," Stealth Elf groaned.

"I…can not," Tsukasa said, changing channels quickly.

"Ah, relax. It's quite a simple thing really," Wolfgang chuckled, "You just tell the folks that you're a 'cosplayer.'"

"Cause what?" Eruptor asked.

"Inukai done explained it to me during the first few days when I was feeling restless bein' all cooped up," Wolfgang explained before pulling out a pile of business cards, "Just had to have these made sayin' I was a professional werewolf cosplayer and anyone asks, I just give 'em one with a bow."

"Cosplay is short for 'Costume Play.' It typically means elaborate costume works for performances or just to show off someone's skills at making them," Tsukasa explained simply, "Also, maybe...this isn't the best world for anyone who's anthropomorphic to go out into…" he muttered, stopping on a news channel depicting a crime scene as an image of a humanoid Mantis Lord was shown as the attacker.

"Ah! We were just there an hour ago!" Hugo gasped, "Oh those poor people!"

"The Lords search out and kill anything...that's not normal." Tsukasa explained as his mind processed the new info on this worlds monsters, "Think of them like horrible extreme beings who don't want people to grow beyond their limits...keeping people happy and weak...determining what humans can and can't accomplish."

"And they know I have magic and don't like that," Kiina noted, "So Cynder, can you hide in my shadow whenever I have to head to teach?"

"Always," Cynder assured.

"I hate to say it, guys, but this is a world where we might need to take some extra steps of caution," Tsukasa sighed, "Lock Spyro in the basement for safe keeping."

"Muh?" Spyro asked, his mouth filled with chili.

"Raise your hand or wing or whatever if you think it'll be his fault these guys suddenly discover us!" Tsukasa held his hand up.

Everyone raised a limb at that.

"Aw come on. I'm not that bad," Spyro huffed.

"Ja, you're worse," a muscular red-skinned man in a leather loincloth, biker helmet with a fire coming out of the top, and leather gauntlets and boots stated as he ate some.

"Ka-Boom!" Kiina beamed.

"Whirlwind filled me in on the situation," Ka-Boom explained before holding his hand out to Tsukasa, "A pleasure, Tsukasa Kadoya, and many thanks for helping us in a time of need."

"Likewise," he nodded, "I like this guy…" he bluntly stated.

"Most do," Hugo agreed, "He's gotten Skylander of the Month five years in a row."

"Ka-Boom, you're on Spyro Duty," Kiina informed, "He is not to be allowed out of the basement where the Skylanders are working on expanding it for sleeping quarters as more of you wake up."

"Don't worry. It'll just be for as long as we are in this world," Tsukasa added, "Afterwards...I think we can afford to give him some slack...some…"

"Oh please, like he can get me to not get out of h…" Spyro began as he jumped for the window when a purple gem with a purple skull-shaped gem at the top of it with horns tapped him, "Huh?" the gem glowed before Spyro yelped as he was sucked in, "Hey! What's going on?! Why's it so dark...and why does it smell like mustard in here? Seriously, anyone else smell that?"

"Told you so!" Wolfgang laughed as Tsukasa paid him.

"Zis is Traptanium," Ka-Boom explained to Tsukasa, showing him the crystal, "All Trap Masters carry a Trap in each Element for detainment." he finished his bowl off, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking Spyro to his confinement in ze basement for ze rest of the time we are here, ja."

After a moment, Tsukasa tapped his hand into his palm, "Oh I get like a PokeBall...which none of you know what that is as it's a show from Earth."

"PokeBall? Oh you mean this?" Flynn asked as he held up a videogame guidebook, "We bought two of every single book at the store and this one's kinda neat."

"That is some cosmic ironic timing…" Tsukasa muttered to himself.

"Hey, Tsukasa!" Hugo called as he pointed at the TV, "I think I found a Kamen Rider!" he pointed as the news feed changed to show an armored blue and silver Rider carrying a large gun as he fought off an Ant-themed Lord, "Why...he looks almost like Yusuke when he's Kuuga!"

"Kamen Rider…" Tsukasa began as a name came to him, "G3…"

"G3? You mean like 'Generation 3?'" Jet-Vak guessed.

"Yes. G3 is a Rider made by the police to combat monsters like the Lords. The most recent combat advanced suit with a high success rate of putting down Lords," Tsukasa explained, "Honestly, he's a Rider without superpowers...All he has is a cool suit and a lot of weapons. But...yet, he's still very much a Kamen Rider. I guess you could classify him as a Tech based Rider..."

"Well, about time the local law enforcement improved on their defenses," Jet-Vak noted, "Honestly, the last world's police were incompetent if what Stealth Elf said about them was true."

"Well in Yusuke's world, the cops were really confident and had an entire precinct just for the monsters. Granted, they didn't have a completed power armor and relied on Kuuga," Tsukasa muttered before pausing, "Wait…" he blinked to himself.

"You think they were making a Generation 1 of G3?" Eruptor guessed.

"Yes...but that's not the big takeaway...if that's true...then...we're back in Yusuke's world…" Tsukasa realized.

"Really?" Kiina asked in surprise, "...How many Lords do you think he's beaten with one punch or kick?"

"With any luck...thanks to him, the Lord problem is far from bad as it could be without him," Tsukasa smiled, "I mean...he probably attracts them like honey does flies...only this honey is also their worst poison….a dumb...and really stupid poison…" he chuckled.

"I'll go find a goat!" Pop Fizz declared before seeing Tsukasa's raised brow, "What? We need a Bezoar for Yusuke if there's poison involved!"

"...I get the feeling he missed you a lot..." Tsukasa muttered simply.

"Tsukasa, do you know what Riders besides this G3 exist here?" Jet-Vak questioned.

"Two come to my green and violent...the other golden and calm," Tsukasa muttered as he pictured two Riders in the back of his mind, "Kamen Rider Gills...and Kamen Rider Agito...the Riders of this world are a trio."

"A trio? So no chance of any bad Riders like that lion guy who kidnapped Kiina, right?" Eruptor asked.

"None that I can immediately think of...but it's not like I knew of Psyga in the first place, either," Tsukasa sighed, "But still this is a good note, three good Riders who work together for the most part and a confident police force who has a handle of the monsters for the most part. Now...where are these other two?"

A young man hummed to himself as he walked around a garden. He had shoulder-length light colored hair and was dressed cloths suitable for gardening, consisting of jeans, gloves, and a simple t-shirt with straw hat to block the sunlight. He looked around before he picked only specific vegetables and fruit. He looked over each one before he gave a smile.

"Perfect," he noted, smiling while looking it over, "The rest still need some more time, but you're ready to use in tonight's dinner menu." he smiled at the green bell pepper, "Let's see...what can we make with this batch tonight?" he muttered to himself, revealing he actually had no idea what he was making.

He walked into the large building and directly into the kitchen where he put his box of fresh produce down on the counter. He quickly began washing it so he could prepare it. He then stopped as he heard the doors open as a large cluster of voices filled the building. Everyone had finally returned home from class, and it made the dormitory building feel much more warm as people filled it.

"Megumi doesn't seem as bad off as she normally does," he noted, "She must have managed to get a good grade." he smiled a little as he began taking out his knives, "Ara...she was paired with that new student everyone is talking about? And substitutes? Interesting..." he chuckled, "Maybe a nice soup would be good."

Tsukasa walked out and was busy looking over how to fix the shack that was used for his bike. Said bike drove itself back inside as if nothing happened. Tsukasa half wondered if his bike was sentient, now he wanted to see if any of Kiina's Skylander friends with that 'Tech Element' could figure that out for him. Last thing he needed was his bike pulling a Stephen King and coming after anyone who upset him -another reference that went over his traveling companions' heads-.

Tsukasa sighed as he grabbed some wood to fix the whole...only to grab a roll of duct tape and stick some pieces of wood to the side so a regular sized person or bike can't just waltz in or out. Figuring that was enough, he turned around only to see the confident Yukihira Soma from before walking nearby. The redhead was looking at a map while scratching his head.

"Well...I think I'm good and lost," Soma noted to himself.

"Oi...Yukihira Soma-kun!" Tsukasa called out, getting his attention, "Shouldn't you been in your dorm...or on your way home?"

"Hm? Oh, sensei, yo," Soma greeted before sheepishly rubbing the back of his head and pointed at a location on his map, "Yeah. I'm looking for this one."

"Polar Star…" Tsukasa read as he walked over, "Hmm…" he muttered, looking over the map, "Got it. I'll take you there." he nodded, "I take it you need to find this place...or sleep in the dirt." he shrugged.

"Heh-heh. Yep!" Soma replied.

"Hang on though, I need to have someone get a better lay of the land, and they learn best via their own eyes then from words." Tsukasa muttered before walking over to the house. After a few moments of what sounded like confused commotion, Tsukasa walked out with a confused and dressed-and-ready to go Kiina.

"Huh? What? What's going on?" Kiina pondered, a lesson plan in one hand and a pen in the other.

"We're taking a student to their dorm," Tsukasa replied.

"Ah, got lost? Everyone has that trouble on their first week," Kiina noted.

"You need to get a grasp of this place yourself, and since you probably learn better by doing, let's take this as an advantageous situation. Plus, chances are something might split us up, so you need to know how to navigate this, well what I call fun land of a school, yourself." Tsukasa explained his reasoning.

"Ah...Fair enough," Kiina agreed, "And, yes, I am a kinetic learner." she was let down and looked at Soma, "Hello. I'm Kiina Boomer, a temporary teacher here showing the students how to work in a restaurant's kitchen."

"Yu-!" he began.

"Soma...his name is Soma." Tsukasa cut him off, "She's the kind who doesn't mesh well with formalities."

"Soka...ah, I like people like that! Straight to the point!"

"Why thank you," Kiina thanked, "Now shall we get going?"

"This way," Tsukasa stated, turning both in the proper direction, as he began leading them.

The young man smiled as he put away the leftovers of the stew he made. He smiled after seeing all the students' smiles from eating together. He sighed as he decided to go out for a bit. He got as far as the front door before opening it and jumping back as someone's fist was mid-swing to knock. He cried in shock, falling back and rolling across the ground.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" Kiina apologized, lowering her hand.

"What kind of timing is that?" Tsukasa blinked.

"Is he okay?" Soma asked.

"Not it," Kiina and Tsukasa quickly said.

" two are good…" Soma muttered in awe of their reaction speed.

"Years of practice," Kiina explained.

"This too is a part of the kitchen; not getting stuck with the grunt job." Tsukasa spun it into a lesson.

"Oh...that's a good point. You two must be really something in the pro community," Soma chuckled.

"Just a passing through chef." Tsukasa added before gently nudging his shoulder, "Come on. Let's get him to a seat and see if anyone else is here."

With that, the two grabbed him. Tsukasa grabbed him under the arms while Soma grabbed his legs and they carried him over to a couch and laid him down on it. Kiina quickly tucked a pillow under his head as he groaned from the movements. Tsukasa quickly moved off to check the house for anyone else around.

"Oi...anybody home? ...Your long haired guy with a goofy grin passed out!" Tsukasa loudly shouted as he walked down the hall.


"...Was that a cow?" Tsukasa asked before jumping back as a herd of animals ran by, chased by a young girl with her hair pulled into side-ponytails.

"Ah! Guys, come back here!" the girl shouted as she was out of sight before anyone could stop her.

"...You sure this is the place?" Tsukasa asked.

"Wow! That was pretty neat!" Soma laughed.

"Is it safe to keep so many wild animals indoors?" Tsukasa asked as Kiina shrugged, unsure of that answer in all honesty.

"Ah? Guests?" the trio looked to see a young man walk down the stairs to them, "Hello. Welcome to the Polaris Dormitory. I'm Satoshi Isshiki."

"Well someone normal." Tsukasa noted, "Greetings, sorry for the intrusion, we were showing Soma-kun, a student, the way here."

"Yo!" Soma greeted.

"Hm? Ah, you're here to live at the dorm?" Satoshi asked, "Well, I do hope you have some supplies."

"Huh? Supplies?"

"For cooking, of course," Satoshi replied, "It's a rule in Polaris Dormitory set up by our late former housekeeper, Daimidou-san. Any student that wants to live in Polaris Dormitory is required to prepare a dish for the housekeeper and, if they get approved, are allowed to stay. Though…" he looked at the man, "Seems he's out of it at the moment."

"...Kiina did it." Tsukasa muttered, earning a punch to the arm, "Ow…"

"Wait. This is the housekeeper?" Soma asked.

"That would be Shouichi-san, he's a great caretaker," Satoshi nodded.

"Well I mean...we could slap- Ow!" Tsukasa cried at another punch to the arm, "Or smelling salts...smelling salts seems safer. Dang Kiina same spot..."

"I have quite a lot of practice with my coworkers and my brother," Kiina replied before pulling out some smelling salts and lightly waving it underneath Souichi's nose.

"Bwah! That's a little undercooked…" he rambled while shooting up, "Ah...oh the back of my head…"

"Oh he's up." Tsukasa noted, "Soma, this looks like your chance here, and remember when in doubt-"

"Don't," Kiina cut him off as she put the salt away, "My apologies, Mr. Shouichi."

"Ah it's fine...just surprised was all." he grunted getting up, "Are all of you new students?" he blinked.

"Nope...just this one." Tsukasa pointed at Soma, who smiled and nodded, "He's a lively one, so take care of him."

"Ah, hai, hai. Ano...I hope he has some ingredients with him, though," Shouichi noted, rubbing the back of his head, "I just used nearly the last of it for today's dinner for the students. I avoided any seafood, though. Apparently, Megumi had a bad encounter with some squid dunked in peanut butter."

"..." Tsukasa blinked before putting two and two togethers, "What'd you do?" he asked, gently slapping the back of Soma's head, not so much it hurt but enough to elicit an awkward chuckle in guilty response.

"Huh...That actually sounds kinda tasty," Kiina noted, earning looks from three of the four males in the lobby, "Maybe deep-fry it with a pinch of salt…"

"Hmm…" Shouichi and Soma muttered in thought.

"...Not even gonna bother lingering on this," Tsukasa spoke up, "Yosh, Shouichi-san you test Soma-Kun. Soma, you pass...or you might end up calling a random shrub your bed for the night."

"That's a joke right, Sensei?" Soma asked.

"You can have the barn out back," Shouichi offered, "Provided you don't pass…" he chuckled.

"Good luck," Kiina spoke with a smile.

"Well sounds like passing is my only option then!" Soma smirked.

"Do your best, Soma-kun," Shouichi led him to the kitchen.

After a moment, as everyone moved towards the kitchen, Tsukasa stopped Kiina, "Oi Kiina...did you feel something interesting from that Shouichi guy?"

"Interesting?" Kiina pondered before closing her eyes, "Hmmm...Strangely, he feels like a Water Element."

"Something from him feels...different from a normal people." Tsukasa muttered, "Just call it a weird feeling. But...a good kind."

"Right," Kiina agreed before sniffing the air, "Ah, he's started to cook."

"Hey, Kiina...quick said you sensed an element from you sense one from me?" Tsukasa asked as they began walking towards the kitchen.

"Yes. In truth...I've been feeling it from nearly all the Riders we've encountered so far," Kiina noted, "You and Mr. Faiz both have a strong connection to the Dark Element and Yusuke was a very strong Light Element."

"Soka…" Tsukasa smiled, "Dark doesn't sound so bad. It's not like dark equals evil in this world." he chuckled.

"True. Just because something is 'dark' doesn't mean it's evil. It's just like not everything 'light' is good," Kiina agreed, "You should never try to see the world as simply black and white. It's the grey you need to look at for everything to be in harmony." she giggle, "Otherwise, you end up as Narutaki and his mouth filled with ghost peppers I bred to be a thousand times spicier than normal."

"Pfft hahaha…" Tsukasa chuckled, "I'm sure he has some reason for hating me…" he spoke, "But...I want to see if I can stop from turning into the Decade who wronged him. Sides, if I'm not getting my memories back...might as well just strive for making a new Tsukasa all together." he chuckled, "Don't expect me to start being nice to your brother though." he quickly tacked on.

"Wouldn't expect it," Kiina replied.

"Let's see what Soma made, starting to smell good...and making me hungry." Tsukasa chuckled.

Narutaki walked through the long hallways of a building. He arrived at the location of a group whom he knew for sure would be able to deal with Decade. Until now, the one he called the Destroyer of Worlds had dealt with regular threats; thugs and monsters of their time and place. But this world had something a little more than that. He stopped at a door as he opened it and looked at a case displaying a suit of dark black and silver armor. The shoulder armor read: 'G4.'

"Soon Decade...soon I shall see you finally meet an end," Narutaki spoke as a man sat before the armor.

The man grunted standing up as the case opened. He moved his hand up and grabbed the helmet as it opened from behind and became just a mask. The man quickly moved it to his face as it closed. The eyes came to life as he proceeded to put the rest of the armor on.

"So...when does the mission begin?" he asked, turning to Narutaki.

"Soon…" he promised walking away, "Soon Kamen Rider G4...your next war shall begin."

"Got to hand it to that Soma...he's creative." Tsukasa smiled as they walked back to their home.

"Very true. And it was quite delicious," Kiina giggled.

"That kid has incredible talent. Even if he is a little too passionate." Tsukasa chuckled, "Ah, but still I'd love to eat at a restaurant he opens." he admitted as they finally made it back to their home's current location for this world. Tsukasa then stopped at the door as a familiar sensation went off in the back of his head, "So...I can sense the Lords in this world…"

"A magic user?"

"...I must be like sugar to ants…" Kiina groaned.

"Kiina...don't...turn around…" Tsukasa ordered, having already turned to see who came to greet them this time. To his genuine worry, he counted at least six ant like Lords. They all growled as they marched forward clearly far less intelligent than the crow one, but the one who did speak had red armor all over him giving him more of a fire ant visage, where as the rest were black armored army ants, "Also kinda ironic timing on your metaphor…"

"I smell great amounts of magic within that home...humans do not need magic...humans do not need such dark arts. They do not need power…" the red ant spoke.

"Excuse me?! 'Dark arts?' Me?! Oh, why I…" Kiina growled before whistling sharply, "Skylanders, UNITE!"

"Whoa, now that's a lot of ants," Eruptor noted as the Skylanders were quick to get outside and form a protective defense around Kiina.

"Formica Pedes...the black army ants," Tsukasa named the grunt like monsters, "Just like their appearance, they are mindless drone ants who serve their queen: the Formica Regia. The red is a Formica Eques, a higher leveled commander with some semblance of individuality. Oh also...they typically come in the hundreds. So...we lucked out with this small search party."

"Can you repeat all that?" Hugo asked from the window, book and pen in hand.

"Later," Tsukasa pointed at him, "For now...time to play 'ant bully.'" he sighed, taking out his DecaDriver and putting it on.

"Slaughter them." the Eques ordered.

"Henshin!" Tsukasa shouted, slotting his card and closing the buckle.


"Ha!" Decade roared punching his way past two of the Pedes before tackling into their commander. The two tumbled along the ground before Decade kicked the fire ant themed monster off of him.

Five Pedes charged towards Decade to help the Eques only for a puff of green smoke to appear before them, revealing a scarecrow of Stealth Elf. The five tilted their heads before a blast of pressurized air knocked them onto Eruptor before he erupted like a volcano, blowing the five up. Jet-Vak and Stealth Elf traded high-fives as Eruptor chuckled. Wolfgang howled as he fired several arrows into potions Pop Fizz tossed into the air, coating the tips with the potions. The arrows struck several more Pedes, causing one to melt, one to turn into a tiny rabbit, one to swell up before popping, and one to collapse due to its bones becoming cotton candy.

Decade blocked punch after punch from the Eques before kicking him back. Decade pulled out his RideBooker and began shooting the monster making him stumble back and onto the road. Decade moved to shoot again but stopped along with the Skylanders the moment they heard a bike engine. Everyone turned to the right as a beam of light illuminated the Lord.

"Agito!" the Eques gasped as the Rider dismounted his red and gold sports bike.

The figure stepped into the light of his bike to better reveal himself. The Rider breathed slowly as if calming himself for battle as he slowly stepped forward. He looked around and somehow...he knew who was enemy and who wasn't.

"..." he walked over and stood next to Decade, "You fight to protect lives, correct?" Agito asked.

"Something like that…" Decade sighed, looking away before messaging his neck, "You're not gonna call me the devil, are you?"

"These monsters think themselves angels…" Agito spoke, "So maybe a Devil is something we need?"

"Eh…" Decade chuckled at his response, "Then let's send this ugly freak to where he belongs."

"Ha!" Agito shouted, getting into a martial arts pose with one arm held forward and the other to his side.

"Grrr…" the Ant Lord growled, getting up as he formed a halo above his head and pulled out a trident like spear.

"Guess this is one of this world's Kamen Riders," Pop Fizz noted before drinking a potion that made him into his Beast Form and went to town on one ant that tried to sneak past them, "GRAWR!"

"His mask looks like a dragon," Eruptor noted as he blasted another Pedes with a ball of magma.

The Eques grunted, swinging his trident at the Riders. Only Agito rushed and blocked it by grabbing the handle. Decade ducked under the weapon and proceeded to punch the Eques across the face making him stumble back. Both riders grunted at they kicked, striking the pole length and sending the monster skidding back across the ground. The Eques roared as he thrust his weapon forward only for Decade to block with his RideBooker.

Agito swung his left hand and hit the switch on the left hip of his belt. A blue shine came from the buckle of his belt. Suddenly a shimmer of blue light changed his chest plate from gold to blue and his entire left arm covered in new blue armor with a rounded shoulder pad. He moved his hand to the belt as a staff extended from the buckle, Agito swung the staff as it unfolded and extended into a twin bladed halberd. Agito rushed and slashed the Eques across the chest making sparks fly as it stumbled back.

Decade slotted an attack ride card as he swiped his hand over the blade.


Decade rushed and slashed the Eques across the chest once with his spectral hard-light swords. Agito spun around and slashed the monster across the chest with both ends of his Halberd making more sparks fly. Both Riders swung their weapons downward and slashed the monster in a cross slash, leaving an X like scar on its chest. Agito spun around as he reverted to his gold base form before hitting the switch on his right hip. His chest armor became red as his right arm doned red armor, with sharper angular shoulder armor. He held his hand to his belt as he grabbed the handle of a sword and pulled out a saber with a golden crossguard resembling his horns.

Agito slashed the Eques across the chest several times, each slash leaving smoking wounds as the monster cried in pain. Decade slashed the Monster across the back as the hard light after images raked it with multiple cuts. Both slashed downward making the monster stumble and fall back. The Eques crawled to his feet as Decade and Agito put their weapons away and began jogging forward in their base forms.


Agito grunted as his horns opened up with a 'shing' sound.

"Ha!" both of them shouted, jumping as golden light covered Agito's leg while digital golden energy resembling a barcode covered Decade's leg.

Decade's cards formed between them as both riders passed through them. Each time they did, a large golden projection of Agito's mask crest flashed from the fading cards. Both riders slammed their kicks to the Ant Lord's chest. sending him flying away before ultimately exploding very brightly. In fact, it was probably one of the biggest explosions those present had seen to date from a monster dying via flying kick.

"I...we...we can do that?" Decade blinked behind his mask as Agito seemed to lose his state of warrior calm and began freaking out over the explosion.

"B-big! Big boom! Ah...oh someone's gonna notice that…" Agito muttered as his horns returned to normal with another 'shing'.

"At least Boomer hasn't gone active yet," Jet-Vak noted, "He'd try to one-up it."

"Ah!" Agito panicked, still in his panic mode, "Oh...magical creatures!"

"Oh now you notice us," Whirlwind sarcastically noted before sighing sadly with a slump and tears in her eyes, "Are we really that un-noticeable outside of Skylands?" she then growled, "I swear, this was all Kaos' fault! Oh, when I see him, I'm gonna..."

"I think it was more before this he was in a state of warrior clear mind." Decade spoke up, "So when he got here, he only saw good guys and bad guys. But since his state of clear mind was broken...he's returned to being a regular guy meeting magical beings."

"...There better not be a thermometer on you," Eruptor warned.

"Ah...I left it in the kitchen...besides you're magma...that would ruin it," he pointed out, "Oh….that's so cool! You're sentient magma...question...can you cook things with your hands?"

"Well, not to toot my own horn, but I do make a mean pancake," Eruptor chuckled, rubbing his chest.

"Oh, that sounds so helpful to have your own body to about cutting down on prep time." he chuckled happily, "Can I try your pancakes?"

"So clear mind...awesome zen warrior clear mind...goofball." Decade muttered, he then stopped as he sensed a small trace of danger, "Kiina!"

Everyone turned as a single Ant Lord rushed from a hiding spot. However, before it could move to attack, a green figure jumped and grabbed him out of the air. The figure pinned the monster down before raising his arms and growing large yellow claws from his wrists. The figure roared as he began punching and stabbing the Lord while growling. The figure roared as he lifted the monster up before tossing him upwards into the air. The figure then raised his hand, revealing sharp taloned fingers, as he stabbed the monster in the back as it dropped down. The Lord finally exploded as the light of the explosion revealed a Green Kamen Rider who's body seemed to be made up of organic armor. He had a simple yellow belt around his waist, with a green gem in the center, a silver mouthplate that opened as he growled, and green horns above his head.

"Why is it always coming at me from behind?" Kiina groaned, having jumped behind a tree on Decade's shout, "...Hey, Kadoya, can I guess and say that Mr. Green is the 'Gills' you talked about with Mr. Agito?"

"'s okay...he's harmless to people...unless he's REALLY mad," Agito spoke up, walking over.

"I'm not a pet," Gills complained as his mouthplate closed and his claws retracted.

"I'mma hanging this in the living room!" Pop Fizz, still in beast form, declared, holding up one of the weapons the Lords had as he ran by with a laughing Happy Trigger on his head.

"Explain," Gills ordered as his hand shot out and grabbed Agito by his helmet.

"Ah, claws, claws!" Agito panicked.

"Huh...This reminds me of the last family picnic at the Academy," Kiina noted, "Only with less explosions and food being thrown about."

" like we're all stuck in a rather...awkward situation." Gills spoke, tightening his grip on Agito slightly.

"True," Jet-Vak agreed, "Perhaps we could speak over some chili Kiina has prepared?"

"Seriously, how much did you make?!" Decade asked, looking at the sheepish Kiina.

"Ch-chili sounds nice…" Agito spoke, clearly afraid of Gills' talons poking through his helmet.

"I could eat." Gills replied, lifting and tossing Agito towards the others, "Ha…." he breathed out as a green aura formed around him as his Rider form faded away, leaving a man with messy brown hair dressed in a tan leather jacket and shirt which simulated a snakeskin pattern, "Call me Ryo."

"You're so quick to expose your secret identity…" Agito muttered.

"Since when was it a secret?" Ryo argued.

"A pleasure, Ryo," Kiina greeted before looking at Agito, "Heh-heh. Same as I sensed earlier. Nice to see you again so soon, Mr. Shouichi."

"Ah…" Agito gawked.

"See...she already knows." Ryo said, kicking Agito and sending him rolling towards their house, "He's a little dense, but reliable."

"Oh, I know several who are like that," Kiina giggled, "Oh, my name is Kiina. It's a pleasure to meet another friendly Rider."

"I'm just a good protector." Ryo sighed, "Sorry if I'm a little...violent. It helps to fall back on some more wild instincts...I was never really much of a fighter before getting my powers."

"We find his aggression is handy as a fright tactic." Agito groaned as he flashed and revered to Shouichi.

"As I've said before; I known several who are like that," Kiina replied before gasping, "Ah infestations!" she bent down and picked up the burnt remains of her paper, "I'll need to start all over on what I was planning for my temporary students…"

"I'll make the coffee…" Decade sighed, reverting to Tsukasa.

"Ah! No coffee for Kiina!" Jet-Vak panicked before whispering to Tsukasa, "Last time she had any, we lost an entire month and none of us can remember what fully happened! It's why she only drinks Hot chocolate instead of coffee."

"...Hot Cocoa it is!" Tsukasa exclaimed, "I love a good joke but...I am not looking to lose a month of my life."

"Ooh hot chocolate." Shouichi smiled, walking in.

"I'm partial to hard drinks but sure." Ryo said following the Skylanders in.

"So you have amnesia, too?" Jet-Vak questioned as they sat at the table.

"Yes. I woke up on the beach with a letter that had my name and a picture of my sister." he explained, "The headmaster took me in I live here. Coming and going to fight the Lords and protecting people from their sick plots."

"I'm just a dude who got in an accident and unlocked the power to become a green rage monster." Ryo simply stated, "Only without copyright infringement." he muttered to himself, taking a sip of his hot beverage.

"At least your blood's not radiation-filled and no split personality issues, so there's that," Flynn noted, reading a comic book on said copyright infringement.

"Well it's not as amazing as you all what with being travelers from another world," Shouichi spoke, "And a world filled with magic and the like."

"One more Rider and some magical beings with command of the elements makes our jobs a lot more easier for as long as you're here." Ryo smirked, "I might be able to enjoy a night at the bath house without something going wrong."

"...Should I get a piece of wood for him to knock on now or later?" Tessa whispered to Hugo.

"I'll take it now." Ryo spoke, making them jump, "Side effect or benefit of the freaky powers…" he motioned to his ears.

"So what do you think is your mission in our world, Tsukasa-san?" Shouichi asked.

"I can't be sure...each world is different but most times after my belt pops out three cards with your powers, it's all said and done." Tsukasa explained.

"It's not a reliable method…" Kiina sighed, "But our best sign that it's all said and done. Well, that and finding a Sensei that was brought to a Rider world thanks to the Sky Eater."

"Sensei?" Shouichi asked.

"Let me guess...figure of major importance who imparts wisdom and has mastered a one of a kind power." Ryo summed up while putting a hand to his head.

"Eh, a little of column A and a little of column B," Wolfgang replied, "But if ya want to learn somethin' from me, we'll need a really ancient library and two years," the two looked at him with raised brows before he chuckled after a few awkward minutes, "Kidding!"

"It's nice to finally have a calm sit down with the Riders of a world." Jet-Vak changed the subject, "First one was a bit of a rush, and the last one well...we left on good polite terms towards the end."

"Yeah...I'm takin' the fall for that one," Wolfgang noted, "Came to wrong conclusions and did a few things I am really ashamed of."

"We've moved on from scolding to teasing him with it," Tsukasa added.

"So you need to find a Sensei...and unlock cards from his belt?" Ryo muttered.

"The gist." most of them nodded.

"Well we can find your friend. We are somewhat sensitive to magic and the like...but...that last part is on your friend here," Ryo pointed at Tsukasa, "Shouichi, you make friends with him. You're better with people."

"Eh?" he blinked, confused at suddenly getting this responsibility.

"It's also a smart move considering we're currently coworkers," Kiina agreed, "It could be set up as Shouichi helping us get used to the place."

"There, you help them, I'll look for this Sensei. I don't work or live here, so I'll do what I do best: get around," Ryo spoke while getting up.

"Great! Hold on, I think I have something to help ya," Wolfgang noted as he shoved a hand into his chest fur and pulled out a photograph, "Ah! Here we are. Here ya go, bloke. A picture of all us Sensei at the last Sensei Picnic. It was Pit Boss's turn, so apologies for any misconceptions due to the scenery."

Ryo took the photo and raised a brow at roughy thirty figures, Wolfgang and King Pen among them...inside of a dungeon-like structure filled with picnic tables, party favors, and multiple weapons, targets, and training dummies that were roasted, blown up, sliced, diced, pummeled, littered with arrows, shuriken, coated in green goo, coated in ink, being nibbled on by some green tiny thing with big stalk-like eyes and razor sharp fangs, turned to gold, and bits of candy.

"No worries about King Pen," Wolfgang continued, "He's restin' up after a big brawl when he got found by these blokes. ...That's the penguin, by the way."

"We should make copies of that…" Tsukasa muttered to Kiina.

"Right," Kiina agreed as she looked at ten of the figures, 'Those are some of the villains that got out of Cloudcracker Prison when Kaos blew it up...So they've become Skylanders? That's good.' she looked at the clock, "Gha?! One in the morning already?! Ah man…"

"Wow...We've been up all night."

"We have classes tomorrow!" Kiina exclaimed, "Ah...ah…" she looked around, "Pop Fizz, I need a five hour knockout potion STAT!" a vial hit her in the face, shattering and covering her face with a blue smoke, "Thank...yo...zzzzz…"

"...How is she not hurt from the glass breaking?" Ryo asked.

"Oh, it's just fake glass made from sugar that I pour the harmless powder ones into," Pop Fizz explained.

"Oh…" Shouichi nodded, "Sugar glass...huh…"

"I imagine that's useful for when you break one on your head for whatever reason." Tsukasa turned to Pop Fizz.

"Oh yeah. Plus, I can break them up and make cotton candy!" Pop Fizz beamed.

"So they are edible!" Shouichi mused to himself.

"That's where his mind went?" Most of them blinked.

"Yep! And the flavor changes depending on the potion," Pop Fizz noted, "It's blueberry when I use the knockout potion like Kiina asked for. But if you taste lemon, rinse your mouth immediately. You, uh, you don't want to know why."

"Trust him on this. It was a horrible week for Chill," Eruptor noted, "The students, though? A whole week of the academy being closed for snow and they voted her as Skylander of the Year that year."

"There are a lot of fun stories to be told…" Tsukasa explained to his fellow Riders.

"Ah great...Hey, boom guy?" Spyro knocked on the door, "Hello? What the heck's going on out there?"

"Apparently, the native Riders," Ka-Boom replied before opening it and slapped Spyro upside the head, "And I am 'Ka-Boom.' Amnesia does not count for rudeness, ja!" he closed the door once more and leaned against it.

"That smarts…" Spyro groaned.


"Bwah!" Spyro yelped, jumping in the air and spun around to see Eon, 'sitting' on a rock.

"But still, just because you have amnesia doesn't mean you shouldn't use someone's name when they give it to you after they tell you it when they learn of your amnesia," Eon noted before a blast of lightning went through him, "...Really?"

"Oh my god, a ghost! Boss! Boss! Do something! You fight Ghosts!" Spyro panicked, banging on the door rapidly.

"Spyro, it's a nightmare! Go to sleep!" Tsukasa shouted.

"Reminds me of the first time you saw my astral projection...only, less setting Hugo on fire," Eon chuckled in good nature, "Ah, my apologies. Here I am agreeing with Ka-Boom, and yet I am being rude as well. You may not remember me, but I am Eon, the last good Portal Master before Kiina's powers awoken."

"Ah…" Spyro stood there, his mouth agape as he let out a silent cry of confusion and terror.

"...Yes, yes, I know that I am a spirit with a marvelous beard," Eon deadpanned, "But I was not always a spirit, you know. In fact, when I was alive, I found you wounded on a small island."

"How's it?" he asked after slapping himself.

"Yes. I was on my way back to the academy after a wonderful Beardles concert and happened to spot you. You were unconscious, lying on a lone empty island bleeding out," Eon explained, "I quickly summoned Whirlwind to tend to you. Even if she had only recently graduated, she was an expert medic already. After that, we took you to the academy. When you awoke in the medical bay, all you could remember were two things: your name was Spyro and an amazing level of detail on a strange gun that no one had ever seen before and that it shot you." he lightly 'tapped' on Spyro's head, "It was right here where you were shot."

"Shot…?" he asked as he cringed as a memory flashed in his head, a young man with long hair, smiling, before suddenly a bang, "Ow...ow…" he groaned, "Well...I didn't pass out that time?"

"You did that at times when you tried to remember who had the gun that shot you," Eon agreed before smiling a little, "After a few days, I gave you an offer to stay and become a Skylander. I felt that by being one, you would be able to go to distant lands and be able to go into places that would help you find your memories." he sighed, "Sadly, there was nothing on you in particular, but more on your unique species of being a Purple Dragon. It wasn't until all this began to happen that we've finally discovered that you were not from Skylands, but another world entirely."

"The boss's world." he smiled, "I can remember a lot about him after I saw him. He found and hatched me, and kept me in this tiny house with my name on the front...and we went to all sorts of weird places...we burned a lot of sheep." he muttered that last part, "We probably enjoyed that more than we should have…"

"Ah, young Tsukasa," Eon nodded, "Maybe he's why you liked to set the sheep in Skylands on fire so much." Spyro sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, "It's taken me quite some time to reach anyone from Skylands, mainly because each time you changed worlds, I barely managed to find a connection from where my spirit tends to reside. Though, to be honest, I do wish I had my body at times in those last two worlds. They had such fascinating beard products..."

"Huh? Looking for us?"

"Well, mainly you and Kiina," Eon replied, "Kiina because she is the one who inherited my responsibilities. While you I consider a great and close friend. Though, I'm surprised that you haven't taken your journal out."

"Oh, a close fr-I had a diary?" Spyro cringed.

"Journal," Eon corrected.

"What's the difference...oh man so embarrassing." he groaned, falling face first on the ground, "Boss is gonna be happy to tease me about it…" he then blinked, "Wait a minute...Boss says nine times out of ten, everything here is magical…"

"Well, it wasn't at first," Eon noted, "You did it yourself, really. After visiting the Ancient Spell Punk Library for information on the Darkness and how to defeat it, you managed to reverse-engineer the unique spell the library had for its books and put it on your journal. When I asked you about it, you said 'what? It was an amazing way to read a book by experiencing it yourself. It's like a live-action video game.'"

"Live game?" he blinked, "Need to find that book…" he jumped around quickly.

"You like to hide it in the underside of your right wing since you hide snacks in your left wing," Eon explained, "And the reason I know that? Someone managed to put a spell on a Beardles music video and sent it to everyone in the academy and several islands around it and you blurted it out when I asked who took my last bag of cotton candy. Fortunately, I had already seen the music video and deleted the video before I could see it. Took an entire week to get things back to normal."

"In my I have some kind of organic pockets...Oh, that's so cool!" Spyro said to himself.

"No, I lost a bet and gave you magic pockets in your wings...and had to dye my beard pink for a month," Eon muttered the last bit, "Blasted Eidetic memory caused by the mental trauma from the shot letting you remember perfectly the answers…"

"Weird thing is...I probably forgot the answer that won me that bet. Ahaha!" he laughed to himself, " that irony…? No one ever knows when that's actually irony!?"

"Spyro, your journal?" Eon reminded, clearing his throat.

"Oh, right, right right," Spyro replied as he dug around under his wing before pulling out a bag of cotton candy, "...Oops. Wrong wing. Saving that for later…" he put it back before checking his other wing and pulled out a large leather-bound journal decorated to resemble his scales, "Oh sweet! I love my wings! So how does this work to make it be a video game?"

"Just open it and put your 'hands' on the pages," Eon replied.

"Seems easy…" he muttered, following the simple instructions as he put his hand on the pages, "...So what no-WHOA!" he yelped as the book's pages glowed and sucked him into it, "Gah! What is this?!" he grunted as he crashed onto a floor, "...okay...not fun…"

"Yes, it is quite a surprise for first timers," Eon agreed, appearing beside him.

"...I really wanna know if I know how to hurt ghosts…" Spyro grumbled as he got up, "So how does this work?"

"We start at the beginning," Eon replied.

"I don't think I'm ready for that conversation…" Spyro muttered.

Eon chuckled, "I mean the beginning of the book."

"Oh...right…" Spyro chuckled sheepishly, "So do I think about it or does it…"

=Entry 1=

"Start on its own, okay," Spyro noted as the darkness around them faded away, revealing a cozy nest-like bed that Spyro was resting on with a large window and a video game console set up, "Oh, snazzy!"

=I suppose I should start with my name...well, that's kinda obvious since you're new and everything. My name is Spyro. Not sure of my age or...well...anything outside of my name, really. Whirlwind, a unicorn-dragon hybrid, told me that I have something called amnesia. It's a miracle I can even remember my name. Master Eon gave me this journal to write down everything I can remember in...which won't be all that hard. Apparently, the event that caused my amnesia also caused me to obtain Eidetic memory to make up for the sudden loss of memories. Basically, it means that everything I experience, I remember with a perfect accuracy down to the smallest detail= Spyro's voice came from above =Right now, I'm writing in you, my new journal, in my bedroom that Master Eon gave me. It's really nice and spaceous and even came with a sweet video game system and games! And the view, oh man! That endless sky is something I don't think I'll ever ever want to forget! It feels as feels like it was waiting for me, ya know? Skylands, I mean. What's Skylands? Well, it's a world full of magic and adventure! ...No, literally. From the smallest grain of sand to the most massive of mountains, everything has magic within=

Spyro walked over to the window and looked out, gazing upon the massive expanse of sky before him, "Whoa~!" he heard the door open and looked to see Eruptor stumble in, wearing a baseball hat and carrying a suitcase.

=I've decided to become a Skylander, mainly to try to find my memories. Today, I've met two new roommates I'll have at this place for the four years we'll be here. The first one I met is a sentient magma creature from a volcano that got kicked out because said volcano erupted. His name is Eruptor and we met when he was trying to find his room, which was to the room on the right of my room=

"Oh! Uh, s-sorry about that," Eruptor sheepishly apologized as he scrambled to pick up his suitcase only for it to go up into ashes, "D'oh. Another suitcase burned up..." he growled a bit as the area turned warmer.

"Whoa, whoa! Chill out, man," Spyro spoke up, moving over to him, "No harm done. Easy enough to clean. Name's Spyro."

"Eruptor," the magma creature replied, "Say, any chance this is room 204?"

"Nope. This is 203. 204's that way," Spyro replied, pointing to the right.

"Oh," Eruptor blinked twice, "Thanks."

"Wow. I'm amazed that hat isn't burnt away already," Spyro muttered to himself as Eruptor left before he heard something go 'fwoosh.'

"Aw magma! My new hat!" Eruptor snapped outside, "Dang blasted flammable objects!"

"Spoke too soon." Spyro chuckled sheepishly.

=As for my other roommate...yeah, she startled me=

"Hi there!"

"BWAH!" Spyro freaked, jumping into the air and landing on his head in his bed.

"Oh! I'm sorry," Stealth Elf, her mask not on, apologized as she helped him up, "Forgot that's not how others outside the forest greet each other…"

=Her name was Stealth Elf. She came from the Enchanted Elven Forest where she learned the art of the ninja. I'd say Ninjutsu, but that's just one of the skills she learned there. The normal greetings for two people there is saying 'hi' right behind them when they least expect it. She's not all that social=

" problem?" Spyro replied, "Spyro."

"Stealth Elf," the elf replied before tilting her head at the offered claw.

"What? Never had a handshake before?" Spyro asked.

"Um...a hand...shake?"

'Wow. Way to underestimate that level of 'social,' book me,' Spyro thought, 'Eh then again can't be worse then boss…his first instinct is antagonize people into liking be fair it's worked so-so thus far.'

"Yeah, it's where you take my hand and we move them up and down." he took her hand and shook it, "See? Up and down and then release."

"Oh...That's, um, interesting," Stealth Elf replied

"Well no offense, but it's preferable to giving someone such a scare they almost have a heart attack!" Spyro laughed.

"Huh? Really? That's...kinda normal back home," Stealth Elf noted.

"Wait, really?" 'Wow...Better not diss the book. It's accurate,' Spyro thought, "Say, Eon, how long are these entries?"

"Well, normally, you'd easily read the pages in about an entry every twenty or so minutes. But since you enchanted them to act out in? ...You'll finish the entire journal in week," Eon replied.

"Oh...Wait, what?!"

"Mhmm...mmm...hnnn…" Kiina paced before the tables, "All cleaned to sparkling and set out for preparations...ingredients all set up...Everyone receives an 'A' in preparing for a day's work." several sighs of relief went off, "Now let's get straight to cooking! On your stations are the recipes for today and what part you make at said stations! To get a full grade, you need all of them completed in one hour or less!"

'An hour to get seven dishes? Many of these need to be worked on in multiple stages that would take far more than an hour,' Erina thought as she looked at the recipes.

"As I consider you a restaurant kitchen, this is a shared grade so you all pass or fail!" Kiina continued as she put a timer on her table and turned it on for an hour, "Begin!"

"Seems like Kiina takes to this far too well..." Tsukasa muttered sitting back with his feet up against his desk, "And here I hoped I'd have the Hell Kitchen…" he spun around so as to stand up, 'While I don't mind getting comfortable in this world, I don't want to end up wasting time here either...I really need to find out what the conditions are for these cards and to save each world. Otherwise it'll be an endless cycle of meet Riders, fight, talk, fight and fight some more until the problem is cleaned.'


"Nande? Can't you see I have adult problems to deal with? Babysit yourselves. In the real kitchen, the boss can't take the time to hold your hands and expects you to do it right or not at all." Tsukasa told all of them, "Case in point?" he pointed to Yukihira, already working, "He's got experience in a restaurant."

"Got to move fast to fill the orders!" Soma cheered as he worked away without even thinking it seemed.

"Something you kids lack is motivation and experience. I find myself dumbstruck at how little you know of the field you wish to excel in," Tsukasa went on, "If you want to brag or cheat your way to win, I'm sure there is some sport you could try. This is the kitchen; it works as a machine, always moving, and striving not to mess up. If you think I'm sitting here to tell you what a good job you did, then you got the wrong teacher. I'm cynical and sarcastic...just ask anyone who knows me."

"I kinda got that feeling from yesterday," Soma muttered.

"And again he gets how to deal with me. I take it you know how to deal with a rather similar type of dude...boss or dad?" Tsukasa asked.

"Oh, both since they're pretty much the same thing when you grow up with your dad running a restaurant," Soma shrugged.

"See? He's ready for this life. You brats could do to take a lesson." Tsukasa smirked, "Now back to it." he snapped his fingers as he walked back to his desk, "If you all finish with time before class ends, I'll treat you to a special desert today."

This seemed to earn their attention as many tried to follow Soma's lead and do things themselves. Tsukasa honestly enjoyed the chaos as he went back to his thoughts. However his thoughts where paused when he felt...something, a sort of tingling in the back of his head.

"Time's up!" Kiina snapped as her timer went off, "Utensils down!" she looked around, "Hmm...Not even one is complete, huh?" she pointed at Erina, "You! What is the issue we have at the moment, hm?"

"We had to attempt to make seven dishes, all with several steps, all at once in a limited time," Erina noted.

"And how many dishes are typically served at a restaurant, especially a top notch one, in a single hour?" Kiina pressed as she smirked on seeing most of the class starting to get it, "When you work, you won't be 'oh gotta finish this one dish for this one customer in this amount of time.' Not at all. In actuality, it's more like 'Oh shoot! I need to complete all this in this amount of time for this many customers!' You have to work together, form a harmony of sorts, and get all these steps completed all at once! When you complete the steps you're on for one recipe, get to working on the next recipe immediately! Don't just stand there being all wallflowers, keep it flowing from one recipe to the next! When I look at you all? I see potential for greatness, but when I see what you can do now?" she motioned to the incomplete recipes, "Uh-uh. No chance for what I feel you all have can be achieved." many grimaced at that, "We'll spend the remaining time finishing these recipes and you'll be given lists of what's to be made tomorrow. For now? You all get an F for today and keep that in your heads to compare the grade you get for your last class I give you this week with what you received today."

Many began to complain, mostly to themselves, so as to not risk getting something worse like punishment by arguing with their teacher. For the most part, many did understand and agree with the lesson, but still many found it unfair on simply principal of their own ego.

"Um, sensei?" Kiina looked at the red-haired girl by Erina.

"Ms. Hisako Arato, correct?" Kiina noted, earning a nod, "Yes?"

"Well...I was wondering about that chili you want us to recreate," Hisako noted.

"I have extras of it for you all to take with you once you finish the dishes," Kiina replied as she pulled out small containers filled with the chili, "This will be all you get of it to compare to what you make to try to recreate it."

"Eh…." many of them blinked at that.

"But that's only if you can finish those dishes you're working on," Kiina smirked, taking note of the few who were still working and hadn't fully paused when she said that.

By the end of the class, the dishes had been completed and everyone was leaving with the list of dishes for tomorrow and a container. As Kiina prepared to leave, she noticed Alice and Hisako still there.

"Yes?" Kiina asked.

"Sensei, I would like if you could be one of the judges for a Shokugeki I am participating in this afternoon," Alice informed.

"A judge? Hmm...Very well. Where will it be and when?" Kiina asked.

"This the time and location," Hisako replied, handing Kiina a paper.

"Thank you," Kiina thanked and, once the two had left, curled up into herself, which Tsukasa came upon a few minutes later, "Oh what did I just agree to do…? What's a Show coo geh key? Oh, I got too into teaching again and went along with it and now...mmmm…"

"'s a Competition where two competitors are challenged to make a type of dish in their own style and have it judged," Tsukasa explained, "You know, normal cook off things. Only here in this school victory means to earn prestige and power in the ranking."

"...So that means we'll have a chance of those monsters coming to one?" Kiina asked, "They might be attracted to competitions since it may seem like people are breaking limits they shouldn't?"

"I'd not put money on it….unless one of the students in it has...a skill that is abnormal or beyond human," he muttered honestly, "But your wording makes me think maybe…." he sighed while rubbing the back of his head, earning her attention from how much it seemed it was hurting, "Why are you even asking?"

"...One of my students is participating and asked me to be a judge," Kiina replied, showing him the paper.

"This is a big deal here. It's an important part of their school's customs and rituals." Tsukasa spoke, "Shouichi told me a lot about it while you were distracted. This is a big honor really, but for simplicity's sake just treat it like a usual cooking competition; taste and be fair."

"Right...right...I can be fair. Just taste and be fair," Kiina nodded, "Just like the competitions I've had to host because I'm a Portal Mistress back in Skylands."

"...don't worry about it…" he sighed, patting her head, "Here they just asked because they respect your talent. If anything, I think maybe they look up to you and want to impress someone like you." he explained with a smile, a cocky half smile, but a smile nonetheless, "Don't be nervous. Those brats are probably more nervous than you. You're the person they look up to at this moment, so show them some strength so they can show you some."

"Right. I can do this," Kiina nodded, "I can do this."

'I CANNOT DO THIS!' Kiina thought with blank eyes as she sat between two men at a judge's table in the middle of a stadium filled with students cheering.

"I probably should have added it's a whole big event…" Tsukasa realized too late that his lack of total information might be making Kiina have an internalized panic attack.

"You are made of jackass…" Ryo said, sitting next to him along with Shouichi.

"It can be jarring for the more reserved types," Shouichi spoke, "But don't worry, she should be fine. All the eyes will be on the students and only her judging will matter."

"Don't tell me. Tell the female statue with white eyes…." Tsukasa pointed.

"Ah!" Shouichi panicked, realizing how spot on that was. He made his way down to encourage her as Tsukasa and Ryo sat back.

"First time participating?" Kiina was snapped out and looked down at one of her fellow judges, a short elderly man in red and green robes.

"Y-Yes," Kiina replied.

"It's quite a constant for those who do these in one of the big stadiums," he noted, "I actually froze up several times until I was used to it all. Don't pay attention to anyone except for those who have come to this stadium to cook and your fellow judges."

"K-Kiina…" Shouichi panted walking up, out of breath from the struggle to make it there, "It'll be leg…"

"Seems one of your fellow coworkers was worried about you," the elder noted.

"Y-Yeah," Kiina noted, "Are you okay, Mr. Shouichi?"

"''s nothing new for me...I'm just here to tell you it'll be me this is jarring for everyone…" he gasped, "But...I guess you are doing better'm just gonna...go pass out in the hallway…" he then blinked when Tsukasa and Ryo picked him up by his arms.

"Kiina...something important came up, so I will be back in a few." Tsukasa said, pointing at the DecaDriver in his pocket to indicate what it was, "Do your best!"

"We'll take him to a seat to rest." Ryo said, before leaning down to whisper to him, "You're not going to rest…"

"Eh?" he asked in panic as he was dragged off by his fellow Riders.

"Okay, bye," Kiina waved.

"Quite some eccentric teachers these days," the elder chuckled, "Ah, seems we're starting. Do you know who's who?"

"Um...I know the girl participating," Kiina replied, "One of my students, Alice Nakiri. She asked me to be a judge for today." she then looked at a big student in robes and his hair pulled into a topknot, "But...not her opponent."

"Ah, that's a second year student, Goudabayashi Kiyoshi. He's the 76th chief of the high school section of the Chanko Nabe Research Society," he explained as the two students approached the table before the judges.

'Chanko Nabe?' Kiina pondered, 'Why does part of me wish I was fighting monsters with Kadoya?'

"Henshin!" the three Riders shouted while racing down the street on their bikes.

Tsukasa drove into all nine projections as his armor formed over him. Shouichi was obscured by a flash of light as he and his bike transformed. His normal looking sports bike was now a red and golden armored machine matching Kamen Rider Agito. Ryo was overshadowed by a green image as he became Gills, his dirt bike changing into a green monstrous bike to match the wild Rider. The three made short work of the distance from the school to the docs where sure enough, an entire swarm of the Ant Lords where running around causing untold chaos. Several police officers stepped back, letting the three ram their bikes into the Pedes grunts, sending them flying.

"Lords attacking in such a public manner?" Agito asked shocked.

"Ants do what they want...It's why we make sprays to kill 'em," Gills spoke, extending his claws.

"So for today we are exterminators." Decade sighed pulling out his Ride Booker.

"You're right. Best not to concern ourselves for why until we get the people to safety and stop them." Agito nodded, slapping his belt as his armor changed to Flame mode.

"I like that style of thinking." Decade agreed while pulling out a card, "Henshin." he said while slotting it.


Agito and Gill jumped back as he changed into a totally different Kamen Rider in a blinding flash of neon red light. D-Faiz dusted his hands as he stood his ground and waited for the monsters to rush them.

"...How did he do that?" Gills asked, "I thought he was pink."

"Pinkku janai; magenta da." D-Faiz said, getting up and up close, "Try and remember that."

"Maa maa…" Agito spoke, pushing them apart, "We are here to fight them remember?" he motioned fo the Fromica Pedes.

"...This isn't over," D-Faiz stated as they turned back to the ants.

"Let's just get to the killing...bugs creep me out." Gills spoke before his mouthplate opened, "RAH!" he roared as he jumped and stabbed his claws into one of the Pedes, before lunging at another and biting into its neck.

"Couldn't agree more." Agito said, summoning his sword as he began slashing through the Pedes, lighting them on fire.

"Oi, take care of the Constables," D-Faiz ordered slotting another card.

=ATTACK RIDE: Auto Vajin!=

With that, his bike transformed into Faiz's bike before transforming into robot mode. It flew over and began using its tire shield to fire a barrage of bullets and keeping the Formica Pedes away from the police. D-Faiz grabbed the FaizEdge from the robots shoulder before rushing and slashing all the monsters in his path, letting them explode into blue fire.

"His bike turned into a robot," Gills noted as he stabbed his arm into a Pedes, "...How come he gets a robot and we get sleds?"

"It's not like we asked for what our bikes turn into…" Agito chuckled as he formed two swords and slashed down two Pedes at once.

"Most of my skills are just copy and paste anyway." D-Faiz said, stabbing his FaizEdge through a Pedes and kicking it away to explode, "You guys are a pain, so let's try this then." he said, slotting another card.


With that, his chest armor opened up along with his eyes turning red. He quickly pressed the button on his watch as the monsters seemed to freeze in place for him. With a merry whistle, he slotted his golden finisher card.


Gills and Agito cringed when suddenly red drills fell from the sky and into many of the Pedes and caused them to explode. D-Faiz skidded to a stop along the ground as his armor reverted to regular Faiz. He turned as more of the Pedes seemed to crawl out from behind the many crates filling the shipping yard. D-Faiz groaned as he held up both his FaizEdge and RideBooker in gun mode.

"And this is why I hate ants…" Gills groaned.

"They seem to be so dedicated to attacking this area...why?" Agito asked.

Before the monsters could advance, they were stopped by a storm of bullets which took out many of them. The Riders turned around to see a fourth Rider clad in blue armor holding up a Rifle/Minigun hybrid.

"Kamen Rider G3-X...advancing!" he shouted, jogging up to their side. He then turned to D-Faiz, "EH!? When did we get a new guy!?" he panicked, "Hajimemashte! Boku wa Kamen Rider G3-X, Hikawa Makoto!" he saluted.

"Oh…" D-Faiz dumbly nodded, "Eh?" he blinked behind his mask.

"He's a new friend so to speak, Makoto," Agito chuckled.

"He's got a lot of tricks...almost as many as you," Gills added.

"Ah...I'm not good with positive people." D-Faiz added, "Let's focus on just killing the monsters."

"Hai!" G3-X nodded.

"Ikuze!" Agito cheered as the four Riders rushed the Formica Pedes.

Kiina sighed as she continued watching the Shokugeki, the entire time her nervousness coming and going, as people looked to the judges now and again to gauge their reactions of what the contestants where doing. Yet she still could not shake the desire to rather be confronting possibly murderous monsters who called this world home then to be here in this situation. However, when she could truly pay attention to the Shokugeki, she was in awe by how skilled the two contestants truly were. Their cooking skills were indeed amazing. While they might not be ready for the real world of cooking, their raw talent certainly did shine through.

"They do have a lot of potential," Kiina noted as time wound down.

"It's almost time for our part of this contest," the elder noted, "It's always a pleasure to enjoy the meals they create. You never know what will be served."

"It sounds fun." the other judge agreed.

"Any advice?" Kiina asked.

"Be impartial. If you know a contestant or both, then you need to push away your personal feelings to them," the elder explained, "Ah. Here's the first dish and it's from Goudabayashi-san. Looks like a Canko Nabe."

"Nabe?" Kiina tilted her head, 'Ah...Kadoya could be useful right now...wonder how he's doing?'

"Ha!" D-Faiz shouted, slashing several Pedes as he ran down a hall of shipping crates. He turned and shot his Ridebooker as he unleashed red photon lasers. Each blast hit a Pedes, causing it to explode. He roared as he slashed through several at a time, causing an explosion of blue fire.


"X gonna give it to you!" D-Kaixa shouted, swinging the KaixaBlayGun and slashing through a Pedes.

He swung his reverse grip weapon around cutting through several of the Pedes while he charged. He spun around slashing several of the ant monsters across the abdomen before kicking his leg and flipping up. As he came down he slashed another of the Pedes. He stabbed the weapon back and into a Pede's as he slowly stood back up, he yanked the energy blade out before backhanding the monster away letting it explode when it slammed into several of its brothers. He aimed and fired a blast which caught several in a yellow energy net as an X formed in front of him.


D-Kaixa rushed forwards as the X of energy pierced through all the Pedes, causing another explosion. As the monsters exploded into blue flames, a flash of blue light ran out of the smoke.


"Ha!" D-Delta roared, holding up his ride booker and Delta Blaster.

He roared as he fired blue photon beams at the Pedes, making them all fall back and explode. He spun around and shot around him before crossing his arms and shooting down two Pedes that tried attacking him from above. He swung and pistol whipped a Pedes before shooting it in the abdomen and knocking it away with a second strike to the head.

"Ho…." Agito breathed as he held up his Flame Saber.

He rushed as he slashed from his right cutting down several Pedes. He swung around from the left cutting through more of his enemies. He split his sword in two as he swung down from both sides in an X cut. He then swung both in a large horizontal rushing slash. The cross guard opened with a shing as he held up one sword once more. He held the sword up as it began forming fire. He roared and rushed with swing as his slash cut down dozens with the elongated blade of flames.

The Pedes all began to explode into large pillars of fire. The Pedes stopped as the flames began to dim. But a sudden wind picked up making the flames grow. The Formica Pedes all looked as Agito storm swung his halberd around rapidly. He grunted as his weapon opened up before he took a step forward. The Pedes could hardly react as the flames were blown away by a sudden gust, Agito now standing behind the group of monsters before they to fell and exploded.

"GRAH!" Gills roared as he pinned down two of the Pedes.

He growled as his claws extended and through their throats. He pulled his organic weapons out before rushing and slicing down several more of them. With each swing the monsters cried in pain before exploding. He swung his right arm as his claw was replaced by a large red tentacle, it whipped out and around the neck of a Pedes which stood atop several containers for higher ground. Gills yanked it down with great force as a snapping sound was heard.

The wild Rider slammed his prey down on several more just as it exploded as he roared, "Gills...Hell Stab!"

A Pedes cried in pain as his arm rammed through its chest...and then through another before Gills entire arm harpooned 6 of the monsters. An explosion obscured him as he rushed out. He roared and jumped on another of the Pedes before his mouthplate opened and he began biting into its neck, with a growl he got off before flipping through the air. Gills gave yet another roar as he grew his claws from his wrists and heels. The Pedes while simple minded...knew one thing at this moment...that running was their best course of action.

"Get back here!" Gills shouted, lunging at them.

G3-X grunted as he backed a Pedes into the wall of a container before he aimed his firearm the GM-01 Scorpion. He aimed and fired at the head of a Pedes, making it fall back and explode. He grunted, turning around and pushing the Pedes behind him down before aiming and shooting it once more in the cranium. He rolled to the side before aiming up and shooting two more of the Pedes knocking them down. He swung around and tripped one of the Pedes down and once more took it out of the fight with a well aimed bullet to the head.

G3-X grunted as he grabbed at his leg and pulled out a trench combat knife as the blade extended. He swung and slashed one of the Pedes before shooting at another. He grunted when one of them was able to swing a spear and knock his firearm out of his hand. He ducked under another swing before grabbing at a bike handle he slotted into his arm as it extended into a jutte. He swung the jutte as it shocked one of the Pedes before slashing it with his knife the GK-Unicorn. He swung and struck the spear of his previous attacker as it sent a current through the metal pole making it cry in pain and let go. G3-X twisted both weapons and held them upside down before swinging his arms back and stabbing both into a pair of Pedes that tried to sneak up on him. The Kamen Rider then rolled forward before grabbing his Scorpion and turning around as he began unloading bullet after bullet into his enemies.

"There are still so many…" Agito sighed, reverting to his base form.

"Even I don't got enough anger to keep me going here…" Gills gasped.

"I can't afford to use all my Cerberus ammo all at once." G3-X sighed, lifting his gatling gun.

"Downsides to very real guns," Decade sighed, back in his base form.

" did you...when…?" G3-X asked, seeing Decade for the first time.

"Cards," Gills replied, "The animes were right. Cards are magic."

"For all I know, I am Magic." Decade sighed while holding up his RideBooker sword.

Before the quartet of Riders could advance on the last of the Formica Pedes, they stopped as a helicopter flew overhead. The four stopped to gauge what could happen at this moment. The door to the Helicopter opened as...a Rider stepped out. He was clad in black colored armor with yellow accents the yellow spelling G4 on his left shoulder.

"One of yours?" Decade asked G3-X.

"No...I've never seen that armor before," G3-X answered.

G4 proceeded to jump out of the helicopter and land on the ground, his armor and weight causing the pavement beneath him to buckle and crack. He rolled his shoulders before turning around and holding his arm out in time to catch a giant rocket launcher with four very large and potentially deadly rockets attached to it. He hefted the weapon over his shoulder before extending a cable and connecting it to his belt. He reached over and spun a dial on his other hip before aiming and shooting one of the rockets as they hit the swarm of Pedes. A large explosion tore apart the ground and several shipping containers. The riders grunted as they lowered their arms and gasped at the devastation that one rocket caused.

"Target eliminated." G4 spoke, lowering his launcher.

"That's too much power for a weapon to be used in urban settings…" G3-X spoke, "The police department would never authorize that type of weapon!"

"Military would…" Gills grunted.

One Pedes shivered nearby, seeing the destruction of the others. It started to flee only for a set of eight-pointed shuriken the size of buffet plates stabbed the ground before it. It looked around before crying out when more shuriken were thrown at it before they spun around, binding it with the piano wire tied to them. A red and black blur leapt down from where the shurikens had been thrown to reveal it to be a large, humanoid crow wearing a red karate uniform without sleeves but thick leather gauntlets and thick leather guards on his lower legs, exposing the crow feet-like hands and crow feet. A red strap of fabric covered his face, exposing gold eyes while a communicator was on the side of his head.

"Tae Kwon Crow has one that tried to flee! Returning back to base with the cowardly ant to face death with dignity!" the crow declared loudly.

=You don't have to shout= a voice on the line grunted.

"Oh. Tae Kwon Crow is very sorry, doctor," the crow apologized, much softer now, as he picked up the Pedes and carried it towards the copter.

"Oi, that's one of Kiina's friends…" Decade realized, "Hey, Beak Face!" he shouted, running to get its attention only for G4 to get in his way, "Move it, buzzcut."

=G4, protect Ninja Sensei and the subject in escaping to the copter= the voice on the line came inside of G4's helmet.

"Ryokai." he nodded reaching for his gun.

"Okay Soldier asked for this," Decade said, raising up his fist.

"What do they want with a lower Lord?" Gills asked.

"I don't's not sitting well with me," Agito added.

"We should withdraw," G3-X spoke up, "If this is the military, then we can't afford to confront them like this."

"Tsk…" Gills complained, retracting his claws.

"..." G4 and Decade stared one another down as their hands hovered over their weapons. Decade instead closed his belt as he jumped back.


With that, Decade vanished in a flash of light. G4 looked around only to find the other Riders had already retreated and drove off on their bikes.

"Target has withdrawn. G4 returning to base for maintenance." he spoke over the radio as jets of steam escaped his suit.

"You did an amazing job!" Tae Kwon Crow declared loudly as G4 got on the copter, "And did I not tell you doing those stretches would help you carry those weapons easier?"

"G4 requesting to smack Ninja Sensei," G4 muttered.

=Denied. Subject may be lost=

"I can still think it...stuck up woman…" he muttered.

"Once we return to base, I say we get some rice while those scientists handle this cowardly killer," Tae Kwon Crow noted, talking in a more indoors voice, "You've more than earned a break."

"It'll just be time to rest before the next sortie," he replied simply, "A soldier is never done fighting." he sighed while taking off his helmet, "Never…"

=And in an unanimous decision, the winner is Nakiri Erina!=

"Eh?! No way...our Chanko Nabe RS...failed?"

Erina walked up to the Nabe served by her opponent and took a sip of it, "Senpai's dish has flaws in 27 parts of it. First, the lobster was blanched for two seconds longer than necessary. Second, the small amount of bitterness that comes from the oysters ruins the stew."

As Erina listed the flaws, Kiina paid attention, 'While she is pointing out things that made the dish not as good as it could have been…' she looked at Kiyoshi, who was starting to grit his teeth and clenching his fists, 'Instead of putting it in a way to both help keep him calm and actually learn from his mistakes, all she is doing is causing a rift to be formed. Her chances to be Sous Chef...are gone.' "Mr. Goudabayashi..." the two students looked at her as she smiled at him, "I hope to be given a chance to try another dish you make. It was actually the first time I tried a Chanko Nabe and it really impressed me."

Kiyoshi paused at hearing those words of kindness. The sincerity of it served to calm the anger that was forming, and while it didn't fully relieve the sting of helped greatly to hear those words. Erina raised a brow, wondering why her teacher said that.

"Ms. Nakiri, would you be willing to give the Chanko Nabe RS at least one hour to get the most important items from their former housing so as to preserve the history of its time in the academy at the location?" Kiina asked, "While this school looks ahead, it would be disrespectful if we do not remember the past that helped create such a wonderful academy."

Erina frowned a little as she took her phone out, "...It's me. Delay the destruction for one hour and allow the Chanko Bade Research Society to retrieve anything of importance from it. Once that hour passes, tear it down."

'Quite an interesting teacher. Despite her only being here for a few days, she was able to figure out that Nakiri-sama care deeply for the academy and how to help it,' the elder thought, 'Even if she's only here for a week, it feels like such a waste to not hire her full time.'

Kiyoshi thanked Kiina as he rushed off to help move things from the Chanko Nabe RS. Everyone began to leave slowly but surely. The crowd leaving served to help calm Kiina down greatly, letting her finally take a relaxing deep breath. However, as many spectators left, a woman near the back watched Kiina and Erina carefully in interest. She tapped an earpiece as the two walked near the same direction.

"Add one more to the list of potential subjects…" she whispered.

=Roger! Subject name?=

"I believe her name to be...Boomer Kiina," she smiled, "Call it a feeling, but something about her is truly special."

"Can you please stop laughing?" Eon sighed as the entry ended.

"B-But Stealth Elf...a-and Eruptor...and the balloon with peanut butter...AHAHAHAHA~!" Spyro cackled, "Oh...oh...I am loving this! What's next? What's next?"

"Next? Why, graduation if I remember right," Eon replied as the entry began.

=Okay, journal...this...this is going to be one entry for several pages more than usual= Spyro's voice noted as the void changed to the academy and Spyro caught a thrown sheep =I was playing Sheepball with Eruptor and Stealth Elf when I spotted Hugo running by in a hurry. So...I tossed it at him= he then pondered =Eeyup, I would totally do that again. In fact, first thing I'll do when I'm back with boss...wait. Boss? Huh...Hugo was right, this does help. Now I feel kinda bad about the sheep=

"Well, if journal me says so," Spyro shrugged before tossing it at a running Hugo.

"AH! SHEEP! Everyone, cower for your lives!"

"Hahahaha!" Spyro chuckled, "Ahh...I wish I had boss's camera."

"If you remember the entry, you can always tell the book to go back to it later with him," Eon noted.

"...I love this thing," Spyro chuckled as he picked up the sheep, "And Hugo has gotta chillax. They're harmless."

"They are harmful! They are literally full of harm!" Journal Hugo argued.

"Says you, god they make great pillows," Spyro said before sighing, "I need to get out of here...I wanna be with boss."

"Very well, Spyro. All you need to do to get out is simply say 'End Read,'" Eon informed.

"End Read!" Spyro called.

"Oh, and watch out for the boing," Eon chuckled as the scene returned to the void.

"Sure, o-wait, 'boing?' What…"


"BOIIIIIIIING?!" Spyro screamed as the book opened and he catapulted out of it and ended up embedded through the door halfway, "Ow…"

"Well...You haven't done zat in a while," Boom noted.

"I am gonna burn somebody's facial hair off," he groaned trying to get out. "Why is this door so strong?!"

"Well, after ze last time a Fire Element Skylander was here, Kiina used magic to reinforce everything," Boom explained.

"Reticocal question, Boom. Now I've read my diary, so not confused on you guys anymore...well, most of you, but still don't feel comradey for you guys yet, so sorry if I can't treat you like I used to."

"Fair enough. But I thought you said you'd rather eat peanut butter-coated dried squid with grape jelly slathered over that then admit you have a diary and not a journal," Boom noted.

"Joke's on dairy me. I love to eat weird stuff! Plus, now I know I have pockets in my wings, so more stuff!" Spyro said.

"...I'm telling Cinder."


"She always wondered what happened to little Spry's money." Boom said.

"Oh like I…" he started, checking his wing pockets before freaking out via a deadpan look of terror, "Time to panic…"

"Nein. It's time to go see Tsukasa for camera for blackmail," Boom chuckled as he walked off, leaving him stuck in the door, "Don't move. Hehheh."

"Oh come on!"

"You've been enjoying your new job here a lot?" Cinder noted talking to Kiina.

"It almost feels like classes at Skylanders Academy! ...Minus the daily repair spells from fighting in the halls," Kiina noted.

"Yeah...I...huh...I have an urge to kill Spyro," Cinder sighed, "I swear if it's about Spry's money..."

"Ah, Cinder," Boom greeted, the Trap Master poking his head in, "There you are. Spyro remembered he has magic pockets in his wings and dropped a bag of gold with Spry's name on it."

"...Excuse me while I have a talk with my mate on taking our hatchling's allowance without valid reason," Cynder informed, her eye twitching, "...Speaking of…"

"I could summon Spry now," Kiina offered.

"No summoning!" Whirlwind snapped, "You are still healing from the overuse last world."

"...Also...I don't want him around a Spyro who doesn't remember him...Spry loves his dad so would break his heart."

"Okay, Cynder. I won't summon him. But when he does wake up on his own, we can only hope Spyro remembers," Kiina noted.

"Oh, he found his journal and was spending the whole day in it," Boom added.

"It's a diary and we know it!" Spyro shouted as Boom saw him dragging himself and the door to him, "I'm gonna roast you!"

"...Is that the basement door?" Kiina groaned.

"Maybe…" Spyro replied.

"...Cynder, please hold nothing back this time," Kiina pleaded.

"No wait! Traitor!" Spyro panicked.

"Can do," the dragoness informed.

"Boss, save me!"

"Kadoya's still not home?" Kiina realized, seeing his chair empty.

"Ha!" Decade and Agito shouted, punching another Pedes.

"They surrounded us...they trapped us…" Agito gasped as he and Decade leaned against one another.

"Your friends got away...that's good enough for me…" Decade sighed, swiping his sword clean of Lord blood.

"Agreed." Agito sighed as the two got ready to continue fighting.

The two moved to fight, only to blink as the Pedes stopped. The riders looked around before a light shone down and slammed down onto them. The two cried as they were blown away by an explosion that left a burn mark in the ground shaped like a cross. Both their armors faded away as the Pedes parted to let a new Lord walk forward. This new one was not an insect, but rather a large minotaur-like monster with a nose ring. He held up a large staff/spear as the tip closed. His body was covered in black armor-like fur as gladiator-like armor covered his body. His horns curved with his head, making him more akin to a Buffalo then a bull.

"Gh…" Tsukasa grunted in pain as he and Shouichi pushed themselves up, "Taurus Ballista…" he named the Lord.

"You speak our name so well human...but your kind are not needed," he spoke, " not need this type of power, humans need not evolve beyond what they are." he preached, "Your limits need not be shattered." he informed as his staff opened and another cross of light formed above them.

"Tsukasa-san!" Shouichi panicked as he moved to protect his fellow rider.

" owe me for this, Tsukasa…" a voice whispered as they held up a Ride Card. But before he could do anything with it, a red blur rushed out and kicked the Lord across the face making, him stumble back.

"Nani!?" Taurus Ballista shouted in pain holding his face as the figure stood before Tsukasa and Shouichi, they held their hand up and stopped the cross of energy, "This power...Kisama! Nani mono da!"

"Ore?" the figure asked as the smoke from the exploding cross faded away to reveal a rider with familiar red armor and stag beetle mask, "Torisugari no Kamen Rider…" he chuckled as he stood before Tsukasa, "Yo Tsukasa...been a while!" he saluted.

"Omae...Yusuke!?" Tsukasa shouted in shock.

"It's time I paid you back for your help last year!" he cheered while cracking his knuckles, "Leave this fight to me!"

"A year?" Tsukasa blinked.

"Ha!" Kuuga roared, running down towards the Lord as his leg began glowing with fire, "Orya!" he roared before jumping and aiming his kick.

"Onore!" the Lord roared.

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