Chapter 17

Name: Yorudan

Race: Human?

Age: 9.2 years old

Level: Lvl 87 Next Level: 46,125/388,200

HP: 238438/238438 Regen: (5842 per min)

CP: 367927/367927 Regen: (12693 per min)

CC: 100%

STR: 1061

VIT: 1074

DEX: 1061

INT: 795

WIS: 780

ENGY: 1386

Points: 140

Ryo: 3,355,348

Hidden Attributes

T: 7-B+


- STR x DEX0.4


- % ENGY


- % INT


- Your strongest attack does: 325000 DMG


- Traveling: Hypersonic+

- Reaction/Combat: Massively Hypersonic+

LS: ~(Lvl^2 * STR)

- 8,000,000 kg


- Damage: 44362


- Negate 23188 DMG


Accelerated Analysis II (Passive) Lvl Maximum

Accelerated Analysis II is a skill granted to those with incredible processing capabilities and brain power. It allows the user to increase their processing capabilities by the full % of the user's INT x 2 stat. (If the user has 200 INT then their thought processes will be accelerated by 400%)

Basic Calligraphy (Passive) Lvl 100 MAX

A basic and non-combative technique that improves one's penmanship and their artistic side. Allows for better drawn pictures, written kanji and designs.

Penmanship improved by 100%

Writing speed increased by 100%

100% chance of having no faults in characters drawn

Boil Release (Active) Lvl Max

Boil Release is a nature transformation kekkei genkai, a combination of fire and water. It can produce steam by heating chakra to its boiling point and emanating it from the user's body, either to melt their surroundings or propel them in a direction.

Cat's Grace (Passive) Lvl Max

Cat's Grace is a skill given to those with a high level of dexterity and allows you to have the elegance of movement as a feline. You acquire 'Cat Like' reflexes and you take less damage from falling from extraordinary heights that would usually damage you.

50% increase to reflexes and movement speed

Decrease fall damage by 50%

Chakra Reinforcement (Active/Passive) Lvl 50 [MAX].

Chakra Reinforcement allows the user to focus chakra internally through their body for added offensive, defensive, and evasive capabilities. It is a basic chakra manipulation skill that becomes practically second nature the more you use it making it effectively Passive.

Grants a 50% increase in STR when active

Grants a 50% increase in DEX when active

Increase Durability by 25% when active

Cost: 100 CP

Cooking (Passive) Lvl 135 [34.5%]

Cooking is the ability on how to cook meals and how good it turns out. Current level allows you to make highly complex meals such as beef bourguignon, beef Wellington, complex soups, Macarons etc. Hint: Some meals can only be made when using a recipe or having watched someone teach you how to cook it.

Increases cooking speed by 135% (instant meals aren't affected).

Increases the success of creating a new dish by 135%

Increases how well the meal taste by 135% (instant meals aren't affected)

Danger Sense (Passive) Lvl 100 MAX

Sensing danger is a natural survival instinct. The higher the skill level, the earlier it can sense danger. It allows the user to sense when a bad thing might happen.

100% chance of detecting Danger


Trap Detection (Passive) Lvl 100 MAX

Trap Detection allows you to better sense and detect the presence of traps. It is a sub-skill of Danger Sense due to the fact that not all Traps will necessarily be dangerous.

100% chance to detect traps

Deconstructive Analysis (Active) Lvl 3 [00.00%]

Deconstructive Analysis is a skill that not only allows you to observe objects, situations, and people in order to gather information, it also allows you to visually deconstruct your opponent. This allows you observe their state of mind and weak points. The higher the skill, the more weak points you can unearth.

Information of individuals 106 Lvls higher than you is now available

Can Observe 3% of the enemy's weak points (Note: successfully targeting those weak points allows you to deal critical damage.)

Dense muscle II (Passive) Lvl Max

Dense muscle is a skill given to those with overwhelming Strength. The denseness of your muscled increases greatly, allowing you to suffer less damage form physical attacks.

Increase Durability equal to your STR x 2 value.

Eidetic Memory (Passive) Lvl Max

Eidetic Memory is an ability given to extremely Intelligent individuals. This allows for the one given the ability to recall everything they perceive with an accuracy of 100% percent.

Empathy (Passive) Lvl Max

With great wisdom, you are able to understand the emotions of all living beings you come across. Empathy allows the user to grasp and know all the emotions and emotional changes any individual is going through. It has a maximum range equal to the user's WIS stat in meters and it can be turned on or off at will. (If the user has 200 WIS then this skill will have a maximum range of 200 meters. This range can be adjusted to the user's whims.)

Energy Conductor II (Passive) Lvl [Max]

Energy Conductor II is the ability is given to those with high amounts of any form of Energy. The user becomes more in tune with their own energy's nature allowing them greater energy control.

50% increase to your energy regeneration

50% increase to your energy capacity

25% damage increase to energy based attacks

Energy Resonance (Passive) LV 37 [5.45%]

Energy Resonance is the evolved form of Chakra Sonar And is useful for the same purpose of detecting living beings with Energy and for scouting, effectively making the user a 'sensor'. Every living being radiated some form of energy which vibrates at certain unique frequencies which produces a 'resonance' with the surroundings that the user can sense. This skill increases in distance by 100 meters per level and costs no CP.

MAXIMUM RANGE: (4700 meters)

Gamer's Body (Passive) Lvl 140

Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. After sleep in a bed he restores HP, MP and all status effects. Allows you to master techniques and adapt to external stimuli much faster. Training Gamer's body allows you to increase your healing rate. Your body is made with a high level of adaptability and improves on itself. Sleep allows for your body to fully restore itself to its peak condition.

145% increase to HP and CP regeneration rate

145% Increase to HP and CP

Gamer's Mind (Passive) Intensity (90%).

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Grants immunity to psychological status effect. The intensity level dictates how much Gamer's Mind influences your emotions. An intensity of 100% completely shuts off your capacity to feel emotion while an Intensity of 0% returns your emotional capability to its maximum possible state.

(WARNING: Due to your unique circumstances, the intensity of Gamer's Mind is unable to be adjusted)

Hand-to-Hand Combat Mastery Lvl 50 MAX

Hand-to-Hand Combat encompasses all forms of such combat. Increased mastery of any type of hand to hand combat will increase the level of this skill and the effectiveness of your hand to hand fighting techniques.

50% Increase to Physical Damage

50% Increase to Attack Speed

50% Increase in Reaction Time

Hawkeyes II (Passive) Lvl Max

Hawkeyes II is a skill granted to those with incredible natural vision. With this ability, every point the user has in Dexterity x 2 is a meter long increase to their natural vision range. It also allows the user to see in the dark. (I.e. a DEX stat of 200 [including bonuses] would increase your maximum vision range by 400 meters.)

Henge (Active) Lvl 100 MAX

The Henge technique is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons. This gives the technique a wide range of versatility. There is a caveat, however, as a transformation performed by an inexperienced person will have obvious discrepancies and it will be impossible to deceive anyone with it. Leveling up this skill will allow the realism of your transformation to increase and at a certain level, your 'transformations' become more than mere illusions and actually become true transformations that will be nearly impossible to tell apart from the real thing.

100% Henge Realism

Costs: 50 CP

High Energy Capacity (Passive) Lvl Max

High Energy Capacity is an elite ability given to the few users that are born with a very exceptional ability to handle any form of Energy.

25% Damage Increase to Energy Based attacks

20% Less Energy Usage for all abilities.

Hyperfocus (Active) Level 3 [32.57%]

Hyperfocus is a state achieved through the combination of 'Meditation' and another skill that is compatible. Compatible skills mainly include those that do not require any movement to use or execute. Hyperfocus drastically increases the rate at which those skills level up by increasing brain activity to an extreme. By focusing your all your brain activity on a singular skill, you essentially 'Meditate' with that skill in mind. The user burn through CP more when in this state due to the extremely rapid use of the compatible skill. Leveling of this skill will increase the amount of time you can spend in this state as well as increase the amount of times you can use it per day.

USAGE: (3 per day)

DURATION (85.48 minutes)

Ice Release (Active) Lvl MAX

Ice Release is a nature transformation kekkei genkai, a combination of water and wind. It allows the user to form structures of ice that they can use for any purposes.

ID: Create (Active) Lvl 29 [34.00%]

ID: Create is used to create instant dungeons. Instant dungeons are 'mirrors' of the real world that you can travel and train. Since they are mirrors of the actual world, when you exit the ID, you'll find yourself in the same area you were at in the ID on the outside world. Stronger instant dungeons may be created at higher levels.

Available Instant Dungeons:

Empty ID [Monsters: None]

Zombie ID [Monsters: Zombies]

Ghost ID [Monsters: Ghosts]

Werewolf ID [Monsters: Werewolf]

Cost: 200 CP

ID: Escape (Active) Lvl 27 [34.00%]

ID: Escape is used to escape instant dungeons.

Illusion Mastery (Active) Level 100 MAX

Illusion Mastery embodies the level of achievement you have in casting illusions. Each level increases the of your illusions affecting your opponents.

100% chance of illusion success

-1% per level your opponent exceeds you by

Iron Body (Passive) Lvl Max

Iron Body is an ability given to those rare few born with surpassing Vitality. The user possesses a body with great resistance to harm and unending strength to endure.

50% Increase to Chakra recovery rate.

25% Increase to Durability

10% Increase to total HP amount.

10% Increase to total Chakra amount.

Kawarimi (Active) Lvl 83 [23.65%]

Kawarimi is a technique that allows the user to replace their own body with some other object, generally with a block of wood or a log, the moment an attack lands. With increase in level, the distance that you can replace your body with objects increases.

Current Range: 83 meters.

Costs: 50 CP

Kunai & Shuriken Mastery (Passive) Lvl 100 MAX

Kunai & Shuriken Mastery increases with the level of skill you have with Kunai and shuriken.

Increases damage when using Kunai & Shuriken by 100%

Increases accuracy when using Kunai & Shuriken by 100% in battle

Increases accuracy when using Kunai & Shuriken by 100% out of battle

Lava Release (Active) Lvl MAX

Lava Release is a nature transformation kekkei genkai, a combination of fire and earth. It allows you to control molten rock both in solid and liquid states. There are other applications of Lava release that can be unearthed.

Leaf Concentration Practice (Passive) Lvl 25 MAX

The Leaf Concentration Technique is an introductory chakra control exercise taught to all academy students. This training method is done by placing a leaf over your forehead and directing your chakra onto the leaf, using it as a focal point. Every level, a new leaf can be added. This technique helps hone your concentration.

Increases CC by 25%

Uses: 15 CP per min

Lying (Active/Passive) Lvl 87 (72.37%)

The Lying skill measures your ability to lie to people without getting caught.
This skill automatically comes into play when you lie.

87% chance of success.

-20% if the lie is too unbelievable

Meditation (Active) Lvl 100 MAX.

Meditation is a skill created through continuous inner focus. Meditation helps to sharpen focus and order thoughts, and it increases clarity of mind and awareness of body.

Passively increase INT by 200%.

Passively increase WIS by 200%.

Passively increase ENGY by 200%

HP and CP regeneration increase by 1000% when active.

(NOTE: Cannot be activated during combat. At higher levels you are able to better sit still and the rate of HP and CP regeneration increases.

Mud Release (Active) Lvl Max

Mud Release is a nature transformation kekkei genkai, a combination of water and earth. It allows the user to create and manipulate mud and transform the ground into said substance.

Mystical Healing (Active) Lvl MAX

Mystical Healing is a combination skill composed of the Mystic Palm Technique and the Natural Healing seal. With this, not only does the user have an augmented Healing ability, but they can also regrow limbs and lost body parts. It converts the user's chakra and natural energy into organic matter for the growth of the new tissue.

100X Increase to HP regeneration rate (10000%)

Caution: The regrown limb might be calcified into stone depending on the level of CC of the user. (If the user has 95% CC, 5% of the regrown limb will turn to stone.)

Cost: Varies based on the degree of the wound.

Mystic Palm Technique (Active) Lvl 100 MAX

The Mystic Palm Technique is a medical ninjutsu which allows the user to speed up the body's natural healing process by sending chakra from their hands into a wound or affected body part. It is vital to match the amount of chakra used to the severity of the affliction or injury which requires a great amount of chakra control.

1000% Increase to HP Regen

Natural Earth Affinity (Passive) Lvl 100 [2.50%]

Your Natural Earth Affinity allows you to more naturally manipulate and control Earth style ninjutsu.

Passively increases Earth effects by 25%.

Reduces cost of Earth Style Ninjutsu by 50%.

Increases experience gain when learning and using Fire techniques by 50%

Natural Fire Affinity (Passive) Lvl 100 [2.50%]

Your Natural Fire Affinity allows you to more naturally manipulate and control Fire style ninjutsu.

Passively increases Fire effects 25%.

Reduces cost of Fire Style Ninjutsu by 50%.

Increases experience gain when learning and using Fire techniques by 50%


Natural Lightning Affinity (Passive) Lvl 100 MAX

Your Natural Lightning Affinity allows you to more naturally manipulate and control Lightning style ninjutsu.

Passively increases Lightning jutsu effects 25%.

Reduces cost of Lightning Style Ninjutsu by 50%.

Increases experience gain when learning and using Lightning techniques by 50%


Laser Finger

Lightning Strike

Lightning Scythe

Lightning Ball

Natural Water Affinity (Passive) Lvl 100 MAX

Your Natural Water Affinity allows you to more naturally manipulate and control Water style ninjutsu.

Passively increases Water effects by 25%.

Reduces cost of Water Style Ninjutsu by 50%.

Increases experience gain when learning and using Water techniques by 50%

Natural Wind Affinity (Passive) Lvl 100 [2.50%]

Your Natural Wind Affinity allows you to more naturally manipulate and control wind style ninjutsu.

Passively increases Wind jutsu effects 25%.

Reduces cost of Wind Style Ninjutsu by 50%.

Increases experience gain when learning and using Wind techniques by 50%

Perception II (Passive) Lvl Max

Perception II is a skill granted to those with great Wisdom. With great brain capability comes the increase in efficiency of all human senses. Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch and Smell increase by your percentage WIS x 2 value. (If you have 200 WIS, then your senses will increase by 400%)

Perfect Movement Lvl 50 MAX

Perfect Movement is a skill given to those who have mastery of their own bodies granting the user amazing agility and accuracy. This skill allows for the user to decrease the amount of wasted movement they make as the skill level increases.

100% Increase to Movement Speed.

50% Increase to Attack Speed.

50% Increase to Evasion.

50% Decrease in wasted movement

Toxin Resistance (Passive) Lvl 88 [35.0%]

Toxin Resistance Increases your resistance to Toxins. As you get infected with more forms of Toxin, their effectiveness to you will decrease.

Decreases effectiveness of all Toxins by 88%

Physical Conditioning (Passive) Lvl 81 [1.08%]

Physical Conditioning is a skill that measures the strength, health, and overall fitness of the user's body. It is a passive skill in which the user trains their body to enhance both bodily function and physical capabilities.

Passively increase STR by 162%.

Passively increase VIT by 162%.

Passively increase DEX by 162%

Passively increase ENGY by 162%

Rasengan (Active) Lvl 25 [50.00%]

The Rasengan is a spinning ball of chakra formed and held in the palm of the user's hand, and does not require hand seals to perform. It does, however, require extremely refined chakra control, something that very few ninja naturally possess. Once it is formed, it also does not require any additional chakra to sustain it, which means that there is no definite limit to how long the Rasengan can be maintained.

Range: Requires Physical Contact

Damage: 2500% ENGY

Cost: 3000 CP

Second Wind (Passive) Lvl Max

When your HP reaches 0, Second Wind allows you instantly recover 10% of your max HP. Can only be used once per day.

Shadow Clone Jutsu (Active) Lvl 325 [63.00%]

The Shadow Clone Jutsu allows you to create a physical copy of yourself with Chakra. Your chakra is divided evenly between each clone you create, however it should be noted that creating too many can be dangerous to you. Each level of this skill will increase the total number of clones you can summon.

Maximum # of clones: 325

Shunshin (Active) Lvl 128 [23.42%]

The Shunshin, also known as the Body Flicker technique, is a skill that a ninja can use to move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds

Current range: 1280 meters

Costs: 100 CP

Stealth (Active) lvl 96 [23.45%]

Stealth is the fundamental skill that all ninja's learn to become, well better ninjas. Having good enough stealth allows you to more easily infiltrate enemy lines, assassinate priority targets, and spy. This skill is subconsciously activated when you need to go into stealth mode. It grants you increase stealth where your every movement is subconsciously inconspicuous, making it more difficult to notice your presence and find you.

Stealth infiltration, avoidance, and concealment ability is at 96%.

For stronger opponents, -2% for each level they surpass you by

Storm Release (Active) Lvl MAX

Storm Release is a nature transformation kekkei genkai, a combination of lightning and water. Despite its name, Storm Release does not manipulate actual storms; it instead manipulates beams of electricity which flow like water.

Thick Skin (Passive) Lvl MAX

Thick Skin is your body's natural outer defenses that depends upon your maximum HP value. It increases your final durability equal to 1% of your HP value.

DUR increased by 1% HP

Tree Climbing (Active) Lvl 25 MAX

Tree Climbing uses your chakra to stick to surfaces you can now move more freely and better use your chakra.

Increases CC by 25%

Uses: 25 CP per min

Unique Muscle Memory (Passive) Lvl Max

Unique Muscle Memory is a skill granted to those with an incredible mind-muscle connection. It allows the user to rapidly improve upon all skills that require the use of the body. Increases the % training rate of body skills by the user's strength. (If the user has 200 STR then their bodily skills will improve by 200%)

Uzumaki Fuinjutsu (Active) Lvl 86 [23.98%]

A professional skill allowing you to create seals that can be used to improve your gear, make explosives, seal stuff away for later, and almost any other thing you can imagine. Uzumaki seals are the stuff of legend. The creativity and ingenuity they put in every seal is the stuff of envy to seal masters everywhere.

Increases Chance of successful seals by 86%

Increases speed of creating seals by 86%

Current Fuuinjutsu Type Masteries:

Explosive Seals (100%)

Storage Seals (100%)

Kinetic absorption Seal (100%)

Restriction Seals (100%)

Natural Healing Seal (100%)

Gravitational Seals (10%)

Space/Time Seals (45%)

Water Walking (Passive) Lvl 25 MAX

Water walking is a more advanced chakra control exercise and by expelling chakra from your feet to repel the watery surface, you are able to stand firmly upon it.

Increases CC by 25%

Uses: 35 CP per min

Yin Affinity (Passive) Lvl 28 [04.40%]

Yin Release is one of the two nature transformations that exist outside of the elemental circle, and is based on the spiritual energy that governs imagination. Yin Affinity increases the effectiveness of your mental based techniques such as illusions and other forms of mental attacks.

Passively Increase Yin Release effects 14%

Reduce cost of Yin release Ninjutsu by 7%


Yin Release: Spiritual Pressure (Active/Passive) Lvl 32 [45.86%]

Yin Release: Spiritual Pressure subjects the opponent to an energy based mental pressure that can induce certain negative mental effects such as fear. The effects are greater the more energy (in your case CP) you contain compared to your opponent.

Cost: 68 CP per sec

Duration: 32 minute