Heaven and Hell

SPN 100 drabble, word: wash.

Summary: Blessings come in curious ways for those who do their bloody job the best they can.

A/N: Guys, I can't believe that I finally found my way from RL back to you. Happy to play in the sandbox after all that time. Hope you're all good :x

They staggered out of the cabin, clothes drenched in gore, ears filled with cries and curses, lungs clotted with the thick stench of blood. The adrenaline from the battle was evaporating like mist in the sun, leaving them empty and worn out.

Those fangs wouldn't take no more kids for sure.

Didn't bring back the ones they'd already turned, though.

They sat in silence, watching the sky grow dark and heavy with clouds, sucking in the moist air with the fragrance of earth and summer and life, and when the rain came, they let it wash death from their bodies.