So I went back and did a little bit of editing and gave it a little more details.

Mary tossed and turned in her bed. She was glad the worst was over, but she couldn't understand why Francis had not stayed with the others. She remembered the kiss he'd given her and wondered if their agreement had changed. She was starting to feel different about him. It was becoming more than just a simple engagement to benefit both countries. Finally, she threw off the covers and silently made her way to his chambers. She gave a soft knock then opened the door. He was standing there in his nightshirt and trousers. He looked somewhat surprised but also as if he'd expected it. "I couldn't sleep." She said tears in her voice. He moved closer and they meet in the middle.

Francis was slightly surprised when Mary opened the door and stood there in her robe and nightdress. "I couldn't sleep." She said sounding as if she was going to break down. "Neither could I." He walked towards her and stopped. "Why?! Why did you come back?!" She exclaimed pushing him back with her hands. "You didn't know the gold was poisoned! It was one man against ten!" She beat on his chest as she said each phrase. "Mary stop." He said taking her wrists in his hands. She had shoved him back till they were a few feet away from his bed. "They could've killed you! Why would you..." he held her face in his hands so she would stop. "Because I love you!" He said looking into her eyes an earnest expression on his face.

Mary stopped beating on him and looked up at him realizing he was cupping her face and how good it felt. She wasn't sure if she heard him right. "What?" She said softly. She moved her hands from his chest to his arms. "Because it's pretty obvious that to stay sane we must stay together." He said softer this time caressing her check. She wasn't sure she was hearing him right. "But what about not having control of our lives..." he slowly lowered his lips to hers and cut her off with a slow sweet kiss. She closed her eyes warmth seeping through her. He slowly pulled back their foreheads touching a mind their eyes closed. "What about France and... and Scotland?" He moved his hand to her waist pulling her against him the other hand at the nape of her neck. He pressed his lips to hers again this time with a little more meaning behind it. She moved her hand to his face then as the kiss deepened she moved both to encircle his neck.

Francis was done keeping her at arm's length. She was so scared for him and he knew then and there she returned his love. The first kiss was to stop her from making excuses to ruin the moment. He's pulled away quicker than he'd wanted but he wanted to be sure she wanted something more. She'd started talking again but didn't pull away. He didn't know if he was pushing to hard but when he pulled her against him she stayed. He broke the kiss and she looked at him with trust in her eyes. He didn't pull away too much and they locked eyes. "There has been entirely too much thinking going on." This time she made the move to kiss him and he returned them with passion. He put his hand to her face and she placed her hand on his side and the other on his neck. They both kept kissing and Francis turned and they moved towards the bed never stopping in their kisses.

Mary pushed all doubts aside as she felt like she was thirsty, and his kisses were the finest of wines. She realized they were headed towards his bed, but most thoughts fled her mind as they kissed each other passionately. Then she found herself lying on her back with Francis above her. They shared a look before he leaned down and continued his kisses. Mary felt herself becoming lost in the taste of his lips. Her hand came around his neck as he lay on his side. His hand slid to her waist pulling her closer.

Francis could feel himself coming more and more alive as their kisses went longer and deeper. He lifted his head slightly and looked into her eyes. "Tell me when you want me to stop." He said summoning all the strength he could to give her a serious look. She never wavered. She kept looking straight up at him. She put her hand around the back of his neck again. "Never." Was her reply as she pulled his face to hers and began kissing him. Francis knew then he never wanted to be with anyone else. He hadn't felt like that with any of his past "lovers". There was some connection something that made him want to never leave her side. He wanted to marry her for sure now. He kept kissing her as he worked to slowly undress her and caress her soft skin. She gave a soft moan as he placed kisses in the crook of her neck working his way across her collarbone to her shoulder and back.

Mary felt her body start to respond to his touch and waited as he threw his shirt off. She slid her hands from his neck to his now bare chest. She felt the muscles move underneath her hand has he placed kisses on her neck and shoulders and chest. Then she gave a shuddering sigh as he found a sensitive spot as he kissed her torso. She closed her eyes and let her instincts take over. There was no hesitation after that. Neither were thinking of the repercussions that could follow. Both were caught up in the moment and how good it felt to express how much they loved each other. Francis looked into her eyes making sure she meant what she's said. There was no doubt in her eyes, so he didn't stop. Neither of them did until they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Mary woke up to soft caresses on her shoulder. "Morning." She rubbed her eyes and realizing she was still in Francis' arms she started to sit up hurriedly, but Francis stopped her, and she lay back. He looked down at her and she caressed his cheek making sure it wasn't all a dream. "If you are worried about the servants gossiping about your unmade bed it's too late to rectify the situation." He rolled till he was over top of her and started tickling her. She giggled and laughed till he stopped. He leaned down and kissed her bare shoulder and neck as she ran her hands through his long, soft curly hair. She closed her eyes till he stopped and lifted his head. "Do you think we're being too reckless?" He sighed good-naturedly. "I'm yours, you're mine." He said leaning down and kissing her stomach. He lifted his head slightly, his eyes not leaving her stomach. "I hope you're pregnant." She gasped. "Francis!" He smiled and moved closer to her face. "It would force the wedding sooner. How could my father argue? Even my mother might stop fighting you so hard." He touched foreheads with her. She was smiling back. "You don't think what we're doing is wrong?" She sat up holding the sheet to cover her bare chest. "Seeing as we're not married?"

Francis took hold of her arms and pulled her up keeping her close enough for their faces to be inches away. "After we rule, for a great long while and we leave France and Scotland to our children…" she played with his hair as he put a hand to her cheek. "And our grandchildren and to our great-grandchildren." He leaned closer and began kissing her cheek and down to her neck as he spoke. His breath sent delightful shivers across her skin. "And we meet our maker." He said as he pulled away, so he could see her face again keeping a hand to her cheek. She placed a hand on his chest and looked up at him. "You can ask him yourself." He began kissing the crook of her neck and she laughed as they both lay back in the bed. Just then they heard the door and Mary gave a small squeal and hid under the sheet. Francis turned to see a pageopen the door. "Forgive me, but there is word for you. From the Holy Seat." Francis was surprised. "The Pope?" he asked. "The Cardinal from the Vatican is in the throne room." The pageanswered. Francis nodded and the pageclosed the door.

Mary heard the door close and uncovered herself smiling as though they were children and had just fooled their charge. Francis gave a soft chuckle and Mary laughed. He turned to her and making the covers billow he hovered over her. "Or you can ask him now." He sat up straight and changing his voice to sound a little more baritone as he said. "As the word of God is back at court." Mary was covering her mouth to suppress her giggle, but Francis' imitation of the pope tickled her, and she slipped her hands from her mouth laughing. Francis sighed and leaned forward to place a kiss on her forehead. "I do wish we could stay like this, but someone else might come in and then what would we do?" Mary smiled and ran a hand through his hair again. "Tonight then? If possible." He nodded and kissed her one more time. "Now off you go." Mary rolled out from under the covers and slipping her robe back on she grabbed her nightgown and headed to her chambers through the passageway.

Mary held her stomach as she tried to quell the nausea that threatened to expose itself. She remembered the night she and Francis made love for the first time a few weeks ago and wondered if the two were connected. They'd visited one another often in the nights and now it had been two weeks. She'd learned a few things since then and it caused her to almost destroy her relationship with Francis. Things were so uncomplicated then and everything seemed okay until Nostradamus revealed the prophecy about one of her friends never returning to Scotland and Francis dying because of her. Now Francis had left and the possibility of legitimizing Bash was hovering over everything as well as Catherine's impending execution. She had pushed Francis away and if what Mary suspected was true it would seal her fate with Francis. She couldn't bear the thought of losing him, but at the same time she knew she could never regain his trust if she kept her suspicions quiet. She looked up when she heard footsteps down the hall getting closer. Kenna appeared and looked worried when she saw how pale Mary looked. "What's wrong Mary? You don't look well." Mary straightened, but started tearing up at the concern in Kenna's voice. "I think I've sealed our fate." Kenna looked puzzled. "What? What's going on?" Mary paused for a few moments then she looked at Kenna. "Walk with me." She took Kenna's arm and they started walking slowly down the corridor. "Two weeks ago when the castle was held by the Italians I went to Francis' room that night because I couldn't sleep. I wanted to know why he'd come back. Why he'd risked himself. That's when he told me he loved me and I realized that I loved him. Things went from there and continued a few nights until recently when we grew distant." Kenna looked confused for a moment until Mary placed a hand on her stomach. Kenna stopped and gasped. "Oh Mary! This could change everything." Mary nodded. "That's why I'm worried. If Nostradamus' prophecy is true and Francis' life is at risk for marrying me this could be worse." Kenna took hold of Mary's arms and stood in front of her. "Maybe and maybe not. Things might have changed. That prophecy was seen before your lovemaking. Maybe the baby changes things." Mary embraced her friend. "I just want to be sure. Francis wanted this to happen you know. The morning after he said he hoped I was pregnant. That it would rush the wedding." Kenna took Mary's arm and started walking. "Then I think you should tell him. Francis knows about the prophecy and he still thinks you should marry. But if you push to hard he'll give in because he loves you and the fear of losing you would be greater." Mary nodded. "But he's probably half way between here and Paris by now." Kenna rubbed her arm. "Then you must tell Bash and have him send for Francis. He might be part of the plan but I'm sure he wouldn't stand in the way of this even if he might have feelings for you." They'd reached the throne room where Henry and Bash were having a heated discussion. "It's now or never." Mary said. Kenna gave her a little nudge and she walked into the throne room.

Bash looked up and saw Mary enter. "Mary. You don't look well." Henry just stood there with his arms crossed. "I must speak with you Bash. Alone." She said. "We will discuss this later." Henry said before nodding his head towards Mary and walking out. "Is everything alright?" Bash said walking closer and taking her hands in his. "No it's not." Mary said a little tremor in her voice. "I have news that will change everything. I'm..." Just then there was a commotion down the hall and Francis walked in followed by Lola. They both looked travel worn and exhausted as if they'd ridden all night. Mary visible paled and swayed slightly. Bash took her arm. "I...I have to go." She said gathering the skirts of her dress and placing another hand on her stomach she ran out of the great hall.

Lola glanced at Francis and then ran after Mary. She found her in her chambers sitting on the settee. Her eyes were red as if she'd been crying. "Mary. What's wrong? It's not because of Francis and I traveling together? We met at a chateau and rode here together all night. Francis was worried about Catherine." Mary shook her head. "No, no it's not that. I mean I did wonder, but that's not why I left." She placed a hand on her stomach absentmindedly and Lola gave her a curious look. "I'm just not feeling the best and didn't want to face him right now." She straightened and a look of determination settled on her face. "Now I'm sure you're exhausted from the trip and don't need to be worried with your queen's problems. I'll be alright." She said shooing Lola to the door. "Alright, but let me know if I can do anything to help." Mary nodded and shut the door behind her. She would talk to Francis. She just needed more time.

Francis left Bash to worry about Mary and went to find his mother. As he entered the room where her execution was to take place he saw her and when she saw him she rushed over to him. "Oh Francis. It's true! You have returned." He embraced her, but she cut it short and gripped his arms. "I'm going to find father. He's hunting near the south keep. I will..." Catherine shook her head. "There's something else you must do. First I want you to know everything I did I did for you." Francis sighed. "You needn't remind me." He said impatiently. "I want you to forget all of it. Ignore it." Francis wasn't sure he heard right. Was the fear of dying getting to her? "What?" "The vision was wrong. You must go and tell Mary that I believe you two can wed." Francis frowned. "I don't understand." Catherine gave a small smile. "Your fate has changed. You may not have believed the prophecy but Mary did. She still loves you. You still love her." Francis grew more impatient. "I did love her. You ruined that." Catherine sighed. "Yes but what do you want? Is it Mary? Is it to save my life? Is it for France's throne? Is it to save your brothers?" Francis stepped back. "Yes of course. I want all those things." Catherine took his arms again. "Than tell Mary I will cause her no harm ever." Francis was having a hard time wrapping his head around everything. "You must go now." Said a voice. He looked up and saw Kenna standing there. "She has something she must tell you. It will change your mind for sure." Francis grew curious. "She's going to be in the throne room." He nodded and left them to get his love back.

Bash wondered if Mary would come back to finish their conversation. She'd told the servants she wanted to be alone so Bash respected that and waited for her in the throne room. He turned and saw Francis standing there. "You're not Mary." He said. Francis shook his head. "No. I was looking for her as well. But now that you're here I can speak with you. I must tell you something and you may not like it." Bash crossed his arms. "I know you are supporting Mary, but you don't have to marry her anymore." Francis explained. Bash frowned. "The prophecy is irrelevant. It's changed. My mother's let it go. Mary can talk to her and Nostradamus. She'll be convinced."

Mary finally got up the courage and headed for the throne room to talk to Francis. Her talk with Kenna had her hopes up, but they started to fade as she heard raised voices coming from the throne room. She peered around the corner and saw Francis and Bash.

Francis moved closer and Bash shook his head. "She won't trust Catherine. I don't trust her." Now it was Francis' turn to frown. "You're going to play on Mary's fear." Bash stepped forward. "She came with me willingly. And she will stay." Francis shook his head. "She turned to you because she had too. It was only a marriage of convenience." Bash started pacing. "And what was yours?" He asked. Francis stopped him. "It went beyond that." Bash was about to say something he would've regretted when Mary walked in.

Francis looked up when he heard footsteps approaching the throne room. He saw Mary enter looking a little pale and unusually nervous. "There you are. I've come to tell you that you don't have to marry him." Francis said. "Mother and Nostradamus say we can be wed." Mary looked puzzled and then seemed to relax a bit. "Say no more. I must talk to you. Alone." Bash turned on his heel walked out of the room. "Come to my chambers." Francis said taking Mary by the elbow. She started looking as if she would drop at any moment. They made their way to his chambers and after ordering the guard to stand outside Francis shut the doors. "What did you want? I really don't want to hear more about your reasoning not to marry me." Mary sighed and sat on the leather chair. "I almost didn't want to come. But I knew I would hurt you even worse if I didn't tell you." Francis paced impatiently. "I'm with child. Your child." she stated simply. Francis froze in his tracks and turned to look at her. Her face was a mixture of worry and delight. "How long have you known?" he asked still slightly shocked. "Not until yesterday." she replied. Francis walked towards her and knelt in front of her. "You know what this means. I can't let you continue with your plan. My heir could be in there and if I let you marry Bash my child will be viewed like Bash was." His eyes held a mixture of pleading and excitement. Mary closed her eyes and stayed quiet for a moment. "But I couldn't live with myself knowing that if I marry you I could be the reason you die." Francis took her hands in his. "I don't believe the prophecy and I don't want to lose you like this either. I still love you. I could've died the night this child was conceived. I could die tomorrow from an assassin. Whatever the reason for my death it could be the result of something you can't control." He lifted her head so she could look at him. "I'm not going to give you up so easily. This child won't be called illegitimate because of a prophecy." Mary sighed. "You once asked me to trust you. Now I'm asking you to trust me again." She lifted a hand to his face and placed a kiss on his forehead. "I'll give in on one condition. We don't let this baby be the only reason we married and we keep it a secret till after our wedding tour." Francis smiled. Mary looked into his eyes and remembered what he'd said when he'd asked her to marry him. "I'll pressure you, and listen to you and argue with you, and love you until the day I die."."That's two conditions, but I think they can be managed. I love you and wanted to marry you before all this. Now all we have to do is figure out a way to fix the mess and get our plans on track." Mary nodded and kissed him again. "How about we put that on hold?" he said. She gave her reply by kissing him relentlessly.