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This is a collaborative piece between me and a friend, therefore it is also posted on their ao3 account.

Author's Note: As mentioned this is an AegisSwap AU! Meaning Mythra and Malos have switched places, meaning certain things will obviously be different while other things might not. And also in keeping with the AU spirit, Rex is a girl, named Reyna in this fic.

Warning(s):AegisSwap AU. Good!Malos. Evil!Mythra. F!Rex. Older!Rex. Possible OOCness. Mentions of violence and possible adult themes.(I mean, they are using things like swords and cannons and whatnot, so..it's not all going to be sparkles and fairydust.)


"Words can be a curse."

"Hurry! This way, just a little further I'm sure of it!"

Her breaths were coming out in sharp, short bursts of air. Spots dancing in her vision as her eyes throbbing painfully; Her blade pulsed from within its sheath -a sure sign danger was imminent- but there was little she could do about it right now, not when he was so close by.

All around her inhumane growls and snarls were heard, braiding in with futile battle cries and the ringing of swords. A harshness of noise that made her eardrums feel like they were bleeding, meant to signal the arrival to their journey's destination. Still, she forced her eyes to work, looking past the hordes of vile beasts.

Where they were once only a dozen or so there now seemed to hundreds- maybe even thousands. All converging in on herself and her allies, intent on blocking her way forward.

She, however, would not be denied. Without so much as a glance backward she charged drawing her sword.

One by one the demons fell as she sliced through the air with godlike force, their ethereal forms almost looked human-like amongst the disfigured green masses; their bodies fading away into the nothingness they once were

She ran forward not stopping.

"Reyna, wait!"

She barely paused when one of her friends called out to her, the urgency being the only reliable source of comfort in this dismal environment.

Even so, selfish though it maybe, Reyna secretly found herself wishing to hear another voice instead. As she found herself at the foot of one of the many staircases she was to climb she felt a stab of emotion pulsate from the amethyst core embedded in her chest.

'He's waiting for you, Reyna.' A cold detached feminine voice whispered in her ear, taunting her; pushing her further and further up the few winding staircases and jagged cliffs. 'How much longer do you intend to keep him waiting? Perhaps you've grown tired of your toy. Do you hear his cries of agony? How he calls for you knowing you have abandoned him." She wanted to snap at the cruel voice, to deny their claim.

'He'll never love you.'

Reyna grit her teeth. "Lies."

'You can't save him. You're already too late, his true place was always with me after all.'

The voice stopped, cutting off its own maniacal laughter as Reyna finally reached the end of the long arduous climb. Reyna's own biting words dying in her throat.

Being held to a slab of stone was a man; a familiar splash of black with olive skin. There was the unmistakable presence of twin orange-pointed wings on either side of him, metallic claws gripping each arm poised like statues.

Her lips moved, but no sound came out.

The sounds of fighting suddenly seemed so far away. The only thing that mattered at that moment was the one in front of her. The person she so painstakingly fought to get to.

Slowly, oh so slowly, did she close the distance between them. Her previously endless pool of strength draining, her energy just starting to wane when a flash of emerald green obstructed her view of him. A sword that sparkled like diamonds was aimed at the shimmering piece of amethyst that shone on her own chest -'proof of their bond' they'd called it- the increasingly familiar action spoke volumes in itself evoking a powerful surge of violet-colored light from the crystal in Reyna's chest.

"Well now, you've kept us both waiting….Reyna."

You figure everything's got to start from somewhere right?

For me, it all began when I met you.

Hope you enjoyed!

As mentioned Reyna's(F!Rex) age is modified a bit from about 14/15 to 17/18.