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Alright! I really love this pairing, like, a lot. So, here's another Sakugiri. This one revolves around the Karatsu Kunchi, which I'm actually late for, but I'm okay with that. I hope you all enjoy!

Sakura yawned as she and the others waited for Kotaro to join them for the morning meeting. She and the others had been up practicing most of the night. Being zombies, they didn't actually need sleep, but having it helped them all feel a little closer to how they were when they were alive.

The others busied themselves with anything they could get their hands on. Lily played with a doll one of their fans had given her a little while back. It was a cute thing with big blue eyes and orange curls. It didn't have a creepy smile or anything like that, which was Saki's original worry about the thing. It seemed fine enough, though.

Junko and Ai battled each other on some handheld videogames. Videogames were just taking off when Junko died, so she had been excited to see what they had evolved into in the last thirty years. Saki played around with a Tamagotchi she'd found on the internet, happily petting and feeding it. Tae snoozed as usual while Yugiri simply brushed her hair.

Personally, Sakura didn't think she needed to brush her hair. With how often she did, it already had a sleek shine to it. No doubt, it felt like silk or velvet to the touch. Sakura wondered what it would feel like to run her fingers through it.

She was knocked from that train of thought by the door opening and Kotaro strolling in. Wide smile already in place, he faced them all and shouted, "GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!"

Sakura, conditioned through fear, immediately straightened and replied, "Good morning, sir!"

Saki rolled her eyes and said nothing as she, Ai, and Junko put their games away. Lily set her doll on her lap and Yugiri put her brush away. Tae snapped awake, cocking her head semi-attentively.

"Look alive, ladies, not that you can," Kotaro grinned, marching to the board. "We've got a super huge gig in two days!"

"What's the 411, Shades?" Saki asked, cleaning her ears with disinterest.

"You ladies are finally going to get another the chance to perform at a big event!" the eccentric manager told her, doing finger guns at them all. "Karatsu Kunchi!"

That made all of the girls straighten and even Yugiri's eyes widened. "That still happens?" she gasped, a small hint of excitement entering her voice.

"Hell yeah!" Saki pumped a fist in the air. "It's still around!"

"It sounds exciting," Junko said, looking to Ai.

The younger idol nodded. "It's a big festival held every year in Karatsu to celebrate the harvest. The families there open their homes and shops to share food and festivities with strangers and friends alike. A ton of people show up."

"When is it?" Lily piped up, big eyes sparkling eagerly. "When are we going?"

"In two days!" Kotaro told her. "The festival is held from November second to the fourth."

"Oh, sweet!" Sakura chirped. "We might have a chance of getting on TV in more than just commercials!"

As everyone began talking excitedly about what they all wanted to do, Sakura glanced over to find Yugiri still sitting, a pensive expression on her face. It was unlike the redhead not to at least listen to the group chatter. Moving over, Sakura took Junko's usual seat, smiling up at the older woman.

"Hey," she said softly, so as not to startle her.

Yugiri blinked and turned to their second-in-command. "Ah, Sakura. How may I-?"

"Please don't finish that sentence." Sakura could already feel the first prickle of a blush, knowing what Yugiri was prone to saying. "We still have to work on that phrasing after all."

The taller woman gave a giggle and asked instead, "What did you need?"

"You just seem really quiet," Sakura explained. "Is something wrong?"

"Not at all," Yugiri replied. "I just wonder if the floats are still the same as when I was alive."

Sakura beamed at her. She knew, of course, that they were all the exact same floats, some of which even created and gifted during Yugiri's lifetime. However, instead of saying as much, she offered a large smile. "Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there?"

Yugiri blinked up at her before returning the smile with her usual. "True enough. I can't wait to get there."

At that moment, Kotaro clapped his hands to regain attention. He wouldn't admit it, but he was waiting for Sakura to get Yugiri back on track before calling things to order. "Alright, make sure to rest up and practice! We leave in two days!"

With that, he swept out of the room with a flutter of his jacket. The girls all made their way back to their room, still chatting excitedly about the news. Sakura remained beside Yugiri, watching the others contentedly. Saki fell back onto her blankets, Lily sitting off to her side as they talked about all of the great food they were hoping to try. Junko and Ai chatted about the rhythms they would hear outside of the drummers and flutists on the floats. While Tae went about her own thing, Yugiri and Sakura settled on Sakura's blankets.

A warm feeling erupted in Sakura's chest and stomach at realizing that this was the longest she and Yugiri had ever been next to one another. She stole a glance to the side to find the redhead looking off into space once more.

Yugiri stared blankly at the wall as her mind wandered. The Karatsu Kunchi was still around. It was still a festival celebrated in honor of the harvest. That meant the Karatsu shrine was still standing as well. It was absolutely astounding, discovering that something from as far back as her own time and even long before she had even been born was still practiced even a century or so later. How had the floats changed? Were they completely new now? And what of the shrine? Were visitors still allowed to come and pray?

She didn't want to admit it, but Yugiri was desperately hoping not too much had changed about the parade. From the way the others spoke, it didn't sound like it, but she knew better than to assume based on the words of others. She would have to see for herself. In all honesty, she was… frightened. It was one thing to see things she hadn't actually experienced change. To see something she'd seen off and on during her lifetime change so drastically-.


The soft voice snapped the courtesan from her thoughts and she took a deep breath. Her blurry vision focused slightly and Sakura's worried visage appeared before her. It was then that Yugiri felt something wet drip down her cheeks. Sakura lifted a napkin and dotted the tears away.

"What's wrong?" Sakura inquired gently. "You were fine for a second, but then you just started crying."

Mustering a smile, Yugiri tried to calm herself while reassuring her friend. "Ah, I suppose I got lost in memories for a bit. Forgive me."

"There's nothing to apologize for," Sakura told her with a smile, scooting closer. "I'm sure it's a little scary, not knowing if or how things have changed since you were alive."

"Somewhat," Yugiri agreed quietly.

The pinkette beside her grinned. "Then I'll tell you what. How about you and I experience the festival together?"

"I beg your pardon?" Red eyes blinked in confusion, but Sakura was all smiles.

"If you're afraid of how things have changed, you shouldn't be alone. And besides, a festival about giving thanks and community shouldn't be spent alone anyway. Saki and Lily can handle Tae just fine. Ai and Junko are probably going to be going off together. So, why don't we see the sights?" Yugiri looked down contemplatively and Sakura added, "Come on. It'll be a great way to know what's going on and see everything."

The older woman closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Very well," she agreed, opening her eyes to nod to Sakura, a small smile slipping onto her lips. "I shall explore the festival with you."

"Great!" Sakura cheered. "And I'll be there to help if anything seems overwhelming."

Yugiri stared into the wide red eyes of Number One and felt a stir in her chest. "That is very kind of you, Sakura. Thank you."

Her apprehension from earlier still remained, but it had been diminished by the optimistic and supporting warmth of their second-in-command. Perhaps this trip would be good after all. With Sakura around, nothing can go too terribly wrong.

Here we go! First actual ZLS fic. I hope you're already for fluff and festivities!

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