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Chapter 1:

Harry paced the length of the smallest room of Number 4 Privet Drive.

Since he had returned from school almost a month ago, his emotions had been all over the place. He was angry all the time but he had an unbearable sadness tearing at his heart.

The battle that took place at the Ministry of Magic in June had taken what little Harry had. He had lost Sirius to the Veil of Death, the cackling of Bellatrix still rang in his ears, her insane giggling reigniting the ever-present anger as he punched his wall.

It wasn't fair!

And he was sure no one knew or noticed, but he knew what that vacant look meant. It had been an accident when he had been trying to escape through the Department of Mysteries. He had meant for the spell to stun his opponent, to give him enough time to escape. But he misjudged and sent the man into a wall of unidentifiable substances.

He stared in horror as the man screamed as the substances burned through his skin, unable to look away as the Death Eater reached out to him for help.

Green eyes, paralyzed in fear, could do nothing but watch the light leave the man's eyes, the hand that had been outreached, falling limp to the ground.

Stumbling backwards, Harry emptied the contents of his stomach, refusing to look at the body any more.

He needed to get out of here, he had to find the others!

Shaking himself out of his memories, he threw himself onto his bed, mulling over how, after all of that, Dumbledore had still sent him back to the Dursley's, the one place in the world he hated above all others. He wanted to leave just to spite those who still treated him like a child. But when the urge came, he reminded himself that Sirius would have died for nothing if he left and was captured by Voldemort.

To release some of the pent up agitation, he'd pace, sometimes for hours, when he wasn't allowed to leave his room.

Turning to his side, Harry moved his eyes to his window seeing the last rays of the sun dipping below the houses of Privet Drive. His thoughts drifted to Remus and how he would be, facing his first full moon without his best friend.

All he could hope was that he wasn't alone. He remembered Remus transitioning alone, the wolf wasn't kind to him. He let his old professor occupy his thoughts, wondering whether he should send him a letter tomorrow to see how he was or if that would be deemed inappropriate.

Harry let out a gasp at the sudden pain that shot through his leg, sitting up to clutch it. Another painful sensation shot through his body, this time from his back.


He fell off his bed at the next bout of pain, this time it was everywhere! It was like nothing he had ever experienced before. It was like every bone in his body was breaking.

He cried out at the excruciating pain again as he both felt and heard his back break.

What was happening to him?!

Panic raced through his mind as his last coherent thought was how similar this was to the night he saw Remus transform all those years ago.

Golden eyes stared back at him from his window and nothing mattered anymore except getting out of this room. His instincts took over and he broke the window, running under the moon, trying to find his pack. He spent two hours at the park in pain as his bones kept breaking and snapping, reforming. But when he finally rose, he had never felt better and took off running, howling under the moon.