2. The Reunion

BTS Characters Year of Study

7th Years - Kim Seokjin | Kim Namjoon

6th Years - Min Yoongi | Jung Hoseok | Park Jimin | Jeon Jungkook

4th Year - Kim Taehyung (yes he's the maknae here)

On with the chapter...

Ash Vorhart walked into her new room holding her wand over her shoulder levitating her luggage. Sixth year had arrived, and Ash was looking forward to splitting her dorm two ways instead of four. Her roommate, Vanessa wasn't here yet. Ash's tall slender figure paced around the room and her green eyes sparkled as she took in the size of it. Deciding to take the bed near the western window, she started put her luggage next to it when she heard a knock on the door.

That must be Van, Ash thought as she stood up excitedly to usher her friend in. The door opened and a dark haired girl stepped in, dressed in black woven robes, dyed deep green on the insides. Her hair fell in waves from her shoulders to her waist. Her eyes were purple.

'You are not Van...' Ash said. Her question was met with an eyebrow raised in her direction, but no verbal reply ensued. The girl continued walking in, her sharp features in complete contrast to her soft almond shaped eyes.

Ash Vorhart knew this girl, if not by personal interaction, at least by her reputation. Everyone in their school knew Laura Dracwyn, the heir of one of the wealthiest and most ancient pure blood families. Not to mention very loyal followers of the Dark Lord. Ash watched Laura turning toward the sunlit window, the light bathing her face in a softer tone.

'Are you in the wrong room?' Ash asked the girl, walking toward her to get her attention. 'This room is 608. Vanessa and I h-,'

'Vanessa has been shifted to another room. I am your new roommate,' Laura said to her without much emotion. She brought her luggage in and lined it up at the foot of the empty bed.

'Shifted to another room? There must be a mistake!' Ash said, confusion colouring her tone.

She had never really spoken anything to Laura besides the occasional greeting. Laura Dracwyn kept to herself and her group of pure blood elites. Ash was friends with some of them but she always felt Laura was too cold.

'I'd say you could talk to the prefect about it. But then... I am the new prefect,' Laura said lazily, removing one item at a time from her suitcase. 'So, just believe what I say. It is what it is.'

'It is not what it is. I'm gonna go talk to Snape,' Ash said even though she knew Snape would throw her out of his chamber faster than you could say blimey. He would not entertain such a "trivial" matter. She stormed out of the room towards his chamber.

'You have come here to disturb me from my class preparation so that you could exchange roommates?' Snape said to her in his usual sarcastic dead-beat voice.

'Vanessa and I had made sure to file in our request at the earliest so it could be granted this semester. Why have you suddenly changed your mind?' Ash demanded of him.

'Miss Dracwyn does not have a roommate. Miss Gwen Osburg is at home due to a medical condition. Dracwyn needs a roommate so we have put her with you. Now stop wasting my time and leave,' Snape said.

'What happened to Gwen?' Ash asked him. Snape gave her a dangerous look.

'I am telling you one last time. Leave, or serve detention for the first whole month of your new semester.'

Ash was seething in anger by the time she reached her room. She banged the door shut, making the frames on the walls shake. She started to set her table, scrubbing the wax markings on the side table as she channeled her frustration. She looked through the window, watching Hogsmeade in the distance, smoke billowing out of many chimneys. Closer to them was the Great Lake, students were walking around, the juniors were playing, having fun.

'Ugh... what's he even doing' Ash said absentmindedly, seeing one of her 6th year housemates sitting with a Ravenclaw boy. The Slytherin boy had raven hair, chubby cheeks and eyes that crinkled when he smiled. His lips were plump and skin pale with a tint of pink on his cheeks. He was describing something very animatedly to the Ravenclaw, his small hands making invisible shapes in the air.

'Who?' Laura asked from her bed, flipping a page from the book in her hand.

'Park Jimin,' Ash replied, eyes trained on the boy. 'Why does he have to be so chummy with everyone...' she said to herself but Laura heard it too.

'Yeah, I don't know what's his deal,' Laura said, clearly feeling the same as Ash about their friendly fellow Slytherin. 'It's because of him that half the school knows all about our common room and all that we do here. Our world isn't much of a mystery anymore, all thanks to him. Is he a half-blood?' Laura enquired.

'No, he is of the Rheingold lineage. His mother is a half blood though,' Ash said, continuing to stare out the window. Her hand had ceased scrubbing the wax drippings.

'No wonder. The Rheingold's were always way too open to other people. The Dark Lord didn't approve much of it,' Laura stated.

Vorhart's attention snapped back to the reclining figure on the bed. She knew for a fact that Laura didn't mention the Dark Lord much. Though she came from a family of Death Eaters, her history with it was twisted in more ways than one. She had lost her mother and father in the war, killed by Aurors. Since the age of 9, her grandfather raised her, in a strict pure blood fashion. But to hear Laura speak of it was rare.

Ash slowly went back to setting up her table, wondering what life would be as an elite. Would it be better? Everywhere people knew you and respected you. If you have the right name, they even feared you. But seeing Laura, she wasn't so sure of it anymore.

A shout from the grounds distracted her and Ash looked over again. Jimin was being chased by the Ravenclaw boy and distantly noted his quick reflexes while evading the other. They were carelessly roaming beating each other with trick wands now. They ran into the castle. Ash rolled her eyes at their sillines and turned away.

Ash suddenly felt immensely grateful for her childhood and family. Though her lineage was pure blood, her family never imposed anything on her. They had fortunately escaped the pull of the Death Eaters. Being a Slytherin, she had to deal with the 'grimblooded' part of it- other students hated them for having families that followed the Dark Lord. But she wouldn't have liked to be in any other house than this. It felt just like home in Slytherin. Most of her childhood friends were here. Besides, muggle borns would bring their own weird muggle craziness and creations and she was glad to do without it. Her chain of thought broke as she saw Laura leave out the door and checked her clock. It was time for dinner. She decided to finish setting up quickly and go eat. The welcoming dinner of the year was always a big feast.

Laura stepped out of the girl's dorm right as Yoongi stepped out of his. Together they made their way to the Great Hall.

'You won't believe,' Yoongi had a frown on his face, 'Who my roommate is,'

'What's wrong? I thought it was Montague,' Laura said.

'Well I didn't want it to be Montague. I'm tired of his kiss ass behaviour. So I told Snape to make it anyone but him,'

'And?' Laura arched her eyebrows when one of their housemates came in with a smile.

'Hey Yoongi!' Park Jimin was waving at him on the foyer . 'Did you see the list? We are roommates this year,'

Laura chuckled, amused at Yoongi's misery while her cousin glared at her.

'Are you sure you wanna be my roommate Jimin?' Yoongi asked the boy before him.

'Well, why not?' Jimin asked seriously.

'I have rules, and if you break those rules...' Yoongi's hooded eyes watched Jimin's reaction. The boy wasn't scared at all. His cheeks were still tinted pink.

'It's ok, we'll work it out. You should know by now I'm a very organised person, so don't worry about a messy room,' Jimin smiled.

'And you'll keep the noise under 10 decibels. And if you see me sleeping, don't ever wake me up or I'll kill you,'

'Yeah I know you love your sleep, don't worry I won't disturb you. Never tickle a sleeping dragon,' he continued smiling.

'Well then,' Laura was enjoying this, 'aren't you the luckiest Yoongi?'

'Shut up,' Yoongi snapped. 'Let's go, Snape's waiting for us,'

'Yeah congratulations on being the new prefects!' Jimin called out behind them, waving his hand.

'Whatever,' Yoongi rolled his eyes.

'I can't believe this,' Laura was laughing. 'You got the loudest guy in our year when you sleep for 14 hours a day. You know you could switch him for Montague,'

'Never,' Yoongi bluntly said. 'Jimin is any day better. You know I can't stand fake ass morons. Jimin might be silly and naive but at least he's not faking it,'

'He's not that naive,' Laura said.

'And what makes you think that?'

'Some incidents... I feel like... he knows about... him,'

'Well,' Yoongi nodded, 'The sorting hat did put him in our house. A serpent is never naive. I heard they replaced Vorhart as your roommate. How's she?'

'She's alright. What's she like?' her cousin asked. 'You would know her better,'

Ash was the new Slytherin Quidditch team captain and Yoongi was the team's keeper. Ash had been his fellow team member for the past 3 years, 'Yeah, she's alright. Actually, it's good she's your roommate. She is not bothersome. Feel like you guys might even be friends,' Yoongi said.

'Ha, friends?' Laura chuckled, 'I feel like she dislikes me like the rest of the bloody school,'

'Yes, they should love you cuz you are so friendly to them' Yoongi said and Laura rolled her eyes.

That's when she saw a Hufflepuff boy walking towards them, looking nervous and scared. Laura could recognise the boy from any corner of the castle- Kim Taehyung: fourth year, Hufflepuff, silly, soft and smiles a bit too much. She remembered him sitting for the Sorting. His face was distinct to her from the time she saw him under the sorting hat - his sharp jaw with prominent cheekbones, a wide box smile with thin shapely lips and a slender nose. His silky-straight brown hair that fell on his forehead.

He was trying to meet her eyes but couldn't and kept looking back as if someone was following him. Laura and Yoongi slowed their pace. The boy came to them and tried to talk but no voice came from him.

'What's the matter boy?' Laura asked Taehyung.

'Speak up, or go,' Yoongi said firmly.

Just then two Slytherin 4th year boys walked into the corridor, cackling by themselves.

'There he is! The jerk!' They jeered at the Hufflepuff boy. The boy moved away from Laura and Yoongi in fear as they neared.

'Hey, stop bothering our seniors! Don't you have any respect for them?' The Slytherin named Derrek Rosier said, grabbing Taehyung by the back of his shirt's collar.

'We were looking for you, but you scurried off like a little mouse! Your house sigil should be a mouse, don't you think? You all look scared mice anyway,' the other boy - Jeffrey Coleman said.

'The mouse is not worth it. Leave him and let's all go eat,' Yoongi said stepping forward, motioning the other two boys to follow when the Hufflepuff prefect entered the corridor. The prefect looked angry and annoyed, his eyebrows scrunched together on his broad forehead. He had wavy copper hair and prominent, shapely lips and high cheekbones. The Hufflepuff prefect watched all of them carefully, zeroing on Derrek holding Taehyung's collar. 'What is going on here?'

Derrek quickly let go of it at the sight of the prefect and the Taehyung ran away, giving one last glance to Laura. Taehyung... is he alright? What did these two do to him? Laura wondered face passive, as she watched him go.

Yoongi walked to the front, eyes on the other House prefect, he cocked his head and smirked, 'Nothing's going on Jung,' The Slytherin's lilac eyes looked fiercely into Jung Hoseok's and the Hufflepuff seemed to have accepted the challenge.

'You expect me to believe that?' Hoseok asked as he squared off against Min Yoongi.

'Jung, you as a prefect should believe another,' Yoongi stated, raising an eyebrow.

Hoseok mocked a smile. 'So you two are the new Slytherin prefects? Guess all the rest of us will have to keep an eye on you both.'

Laura glared at him. How dare he? Hoseok realised he was getting the response he wanted and decided to tease her more. He walked past them to leave but paused after a few steps.

'It's a good thing I have the 'golden boy' in my team too,' he said and left. Without looking back, he knew that Laura would be boiling inside head to toe.

Yoongi cursed once he was gone. 'How was he made a prefect? He used to be one of the clowns in that house and now he's a prefect? Guess he's the best Hufflepuff has. That house is becoming more laughable as the years go,' Yoongi said, watching the Hufflepuff's back as he walked away.

Laura was not really listening to all that Yoongi was saying to her. She was still burning at the fact that her arch nemesis, from Ravenclaw- the golden boy of Hogwarts, was a prefect as well.

'Anyways, we have to head to Snape's chambers before the sorting ceremony begins,' Yoongi said and they headed to their house teacher's room where they would receive their prefect duties and robes.

Once they dressed as the Slytherin prefects, they headed to the Great Hall. Both wore white shirts with black coats and bottoms, over which they wore emerald green robes with silver borders and embroidered with the Slytherin sigil of the serpent.

The four colours of the Houses filled the Great Hall. It was already full of students laughing and chatting. The teachers were filing into their seats. Argus Filch stood at the main door, carrying his sneaky cat Mrs. Norris in his arms. The roof of the Great Hall showed a half moon with some silver clouds. Yoongi and Laura walked along the Slytherin table to sit in the front, the seat reserved for the Prefects, so that they could usher in the newly sorted first years. The Slytherin table was to the extreme left of the Great Hall. Next to it was the Gryffindor table, followed by Ravenclaw and then Hufflepuff at the extreme right. Laura tried to check on the junior boy Taehyung and caught a glimpse of him happily chatting with his friends on his table. She sat at her place in front, looking across the rest of the prefects, but her eyes were seeking only for one.

At the front of the Ravenclaw table sat Jeon Jungkook, wearing the blue robe of Ravenclaw. His frame was tall and lean with muscular arms and shoulders. His dark brown hair fell messily on his forehead and he wore round glasses. He was smiling and talking to his house mates. The prefect badge was shining on his chest. Even though she always knew that the Golden boy Jeon Jungkook would be made prefect it annoyed her to no end, to even acknowledge it. He was perfect in all aspects for everyone else. She hated that.

Ash entered with her friends and started walking towards her table.

'Is she too bad?' one of them asked her.

'She is bearable I suppose. But I think she'll make a very boring roommate,' Ash replied.

'I heard Gwen is not coming to school anymore because of her,' another friend of hers chimed in.

'Because of Laura? What could she possibly do?' Ash asked.

'I don't know! I just heard something like that...' her friend trailed off. 'Didn't you see how Gwen got snubbed by her last year? I heard them argue many times'

As Ash passed the Gryffindor table, she saw the Head Boy of their school, enter in black and red robes, the sigil of gryffindor stamped over the fabric boldly. He had a handsomely rugged face with blonde hair. His eyes looked at you with an intensity even behind thickly framed glasses. He caught her eye and looked at her for a moment and then looked away, just a bit shyly, dimples forming in his cheeks as he tried to hide a smile.

'That Kim Namjoon is looking at you again,' Ash's friends teased her.

'No he's not. He just happened to look in our direction,' Ash said.

'He is kind of cute and he's the head boy. Don't be so harsh on him Ash,'

'Um, he is Gryffindor! Do you seriously think I'll fraternise with a Gryffindor out of all the houses?' Ash said rolling her eyes. They took their seats. Ash was sitting across Namjoon who was trying his best to not look in her direction, trying a bit too hard. Kim Namjoon might be the most intelligent student in the school but he was so oblivious sometimes.

They were distracted by a sudden increase in giggles by the girls as someone walked into the great hall. Ash couldn't see at first glance but her suspicion was correct. The boy, known as the Prince of the Hogwarts, had just entered. Many people waved at him from all the tables and he waved back, giving them all a big smile.

He was very popular and had tons of friends. Kim Seokjin, or more commonly known as Jin, was easily the most handsome guy in the whole school. Maybe even in the whole of the current decade. He had a body with golden proportions with broad shoulders and a tall frame. His skin was fair and flawless. He had silky brown hair and big, expressive brown eyes that looked like pools of delicious melted chocolate. It was not just his looks that made him a Prince. His family was part of the royal bloodline from the east who had come to Britain around 200 years ago.

'Well I wouldn't mind fraternising with a Gryffindor if it was Jin,' her friends said, looking at Jin flirtily.

At times his beauty would astound Ash. But she had seen enough of his dorkiness in her five years of school to make her not fall for him. If it weren't for his looks, he would have been known as the school clown. He was Namjoon's best friend since their first year. Both made a cute pair, Ash thought. Namjoon had always shielded Jin from bullies, her Slytherin folks told her. Being prefect in his fifth year and now Head boy in his seventh year, Namjoon always had that authority about him. And Jin would take care of Namjoon, making sure he ate his food properly and resurfaced from his books once in a while.

As Jin sat next to Namjoon, he looked toward the front and realised Ash was sitting right across him. Ash could have sworn Jin bent his head down to the table trying to control his laughter at the situation. Jin was not good at being subtle. He was dying to tease Namjoon and Ash knew that from twenty feet away. By now everyone knew the rumour of Namjoon having a crush on her. But she preferred denying it just to keep the grapevine under control.

But one day, last year, the genius of subtlety - Jin, expressed his anger at Namjoon in the hallway about losing a Quidditch match to Slytherin. He scolded him that they lost the match because Namjoon, the Gryffindor seeker was too distracted by the Slytherin chaser: Ash. He said a lot more too. Angry Jin had no mouth filter.

'Hey guys!' Jimin walked in, giving a big wave to Jin and Namjoon.

'Oh hey!' the two Gryffindors waved at him with greeting smiles.

'Hey Jimin,' Jin's eyes twinkled mischievously, 'Namjoon was wondering if you could talk to Vorhart for him? Set them up,'

'When did I-!' Namjoon looked at Jin disbelievingly. The older threw his head back laughing.

'Vorhart?' Jimin gave a dry chuckle, 'You... you're still crushing on her?'

'Jimin, don't believe Jin,' Namjoon said to him pleadingly. 'He just wants to tease me-'

'Jiminnie, you know Namjoon is shy in these matters, so will you help him out?'

Jimin looked at Jin cluelessly, not knowing what to answer.

'Hey Park,' one of the Gryffindor seventh year girls named Jessica called to him, 'I guess you should head to your table now, the sorting ceremony is about to start,'

Jimin looked from Jessica to his friends and his smile faltered a little.

'The ceremony hasn't started yet,' Namjoon said, 'You can stay here a while Jimin,'

'No it's alright,' Jimin smiled. 'I don't want the sorting hat calling me out to sit down,' and he went to his table, sitting among some of the Slytherin juniors who welcomed him.

Jin gave a stern look to Jessica. Jimin was his friend. He was kind and humble, unlike many others of his house, yet people shunned him for being a Slytherin. Jessica looked startled at Jin's expression and only gave him a big smile in return.

'She's still pining for you,' Namjoon whispered to him, seeing the way Jessica smiled eagerly.

Jin sighed, turning his eyes to the front, 'When will they realise I'm not interested,' he glanced at Namjoon who was talking to another one of their friends. I am not interested in them... but you are so oblivious.

The small Professor Flitwick stood up on his chair and clicked his glass which sounded abnormally loud and rang throughout the hall.

'Settle down everyone! It's time to welcome the first year students!' he announced and everyone went silent.

The great doors opened again and Professor Minerva Mcgonagall, led the students in. Yoongi watched them walk past her wondering who all will be the new Slytherins. The first year students looked like little children to him. He couldn't believe he was that small when he first came here.

Kim Taehyung watched the ceremony with a smile on his face, clapping excitedly for all the new Hufflepuffs. He greeted them with high fives, made them feel welcome. He was trying to not think of the incident that happened a little while ago. The two Slytherin boys- Jeffrey and Derrek had knocked his trunk down when he was heading towards his dorms. Taehyung had lost his cool and warned them to stop, which made them corner him against the wall and threaten him with the disappearance of his new owl. Taehyung couldn't bear to put another living being in pain for his sake, so he let it go, broke his fiery gaze from the boys to look at his shoes. He'd rather take the pain than put someone else through trouble.

He had been Jeffrey and Derrek's target for bullying since the first year. Hoseok, his friend since the beginning of school had tried his best protect him but how much could one person do. Snape always swooped in to rescue his house students.

Will things change now that Laura and Yoongi were prefects? He had learned not to keep his hopes too high. His eyes scanned the table further. Laura's friend Gwen was nowhere to be seen. Where was she? A chill went down Taehyung's spine remembering what had happened in the dungeons, on the last day of the previous year.

'Are you alright?' Hoseok asked him while he was walking around the table, making sure the first years got a seat.

'I'm fine Hobi,' Taehyung smiled. 'You don't have to worry,'

'Of course I do. Even more now that those two are prefects,' Hoseok looked in the direction of the Min-Dracwyns. Laura was busy ushering the students in. Yoongi was talking to one of his friends, smirking about something. His gaze suddenly shifted to the front, finding Hoseok looking at him with distaste from across the tables and Yoongi raised his eyebrow. Hoseok looked away, he had enough of Yoongi teasing him over the years.

They heard the clink of McGonagall's goblet and the chatter died down. Taehyung looked at his empty plate and gulped. He was starving. Their headmaster, professor Albus Dumbledore stood up and smiled at all of them. He was wearing lavender robes with silver thread work, matching his long silver beard. His blue eyes twinkled as he started his traditional speech before the commencement of the feast.

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