Seven figures creeped in the dark, walking over the school caretaker, Argus Filch's unconscious body.

'We should've killed him,' one of them said.

'No,' a dark haired woman replied. 'I owe him a debt,' she smiled and walked forward. They reached a corridor through which faint white light fell in. Their shadows moved one behind another. As soon as the light got brighter, one of the shadows changed its form, becoming bigger and beast like, a low growl breached the silence. He swiftly moved away from the rest, who took another turn toward a brighter corridor.

'Looks like they've made it easy for us. They are all together in the east wing,' said the man with a husky voice.

'Lovely,' a dark haired woman replied. 'Looks like we are feasting tonight.' Giving a devilish grin, she lead the way to their prey.

Chapter 9 - Fear and Courage

They looked at Jin's blank face and a few of them knew what had happened. He was having a vision, about something that was about to happen in the future. But along with that, there was something else out of place around them. They felt the ground tremble slightly and the door banged open. No one had any time to react. Splinters from the door flew in their faces and unspoken hexes were shot that them. Everyone dived and ducked behind the broken furniture to save themselves. Namjoon dived to the ground but then remembered Jin was still in his trance.

'Jin!' He yelled getting up. He cast a protective shield around Jin who was still sitting blankly; asleep to the chaos around him. Namjoon grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him under the table. He shook him but there was no reaction. Finally he had to slap that face, as he yelled his name to call him back. At last Jin blinked, a sense of his surroundings coming back to him.

'WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!' Namjoon yelled amidst the disarray.

'Confrigo!' he blasted the back wall of the room. Behind it were a series of old tunnels. He grabbed Jin by the waist, dragging him out through the tunnels.

Emina tried to stand up after her first chaotic fall but a hex hit her in the shoulder. She saw Hoseok on the floor, blood all around him.

'Finish this mudblood,' a man said, turning to leave, 'I need to catch the boy.'

A tall man turned Hoseok over with his foot. Emina saw her friend's face. He was bleeding from the lip and there was a gash on his abdomen. The man lifted his wand.


Emina yelled her lungs out. He looked at her in surprise, his long hollow face showing an expression of shock for the briefest second. She grabbed her wand and without thinking just whipped it at him. A white flare shot from her wand, hitting the man in the chest. He was thrown back, hitting the wall behind him. Emina got up and ran towards a barely conscious Hoseok.

'Hobi! Hobi, wake up!' She cried, holding his head. There was a wound on his chest that scared her to the bone. She wanted to heal him but her hands were shaking.

By this time the man had recovered from the hit and came walking towards them.

'Stand aside girl, unless you want to die too,' he said, his hazel eyes had a crazy spark to them.

'Who are you?' She asked, wand at the ready.

'Why I thought my face was quite famous,' He laughed eerily, stroking his greying beard.

Emina remembered his eerie laugh from the papers, eyes widening in horror. He was a Death Eater named Howard Jenkins who had gone into hiding after the Dark Lord had been defeated. He belonged to You Know Who's inner circle - the selected 13 who the Dark Lord considered his best and most loyal. He had a death warrant on his head from the Ministry.

'What do you want?' She asked, praying that one of the professors, or better yet, Dumbledore came through the door to rescue them. Then she remembered that Dumbledore wasn't in the castle and a new fear washed over her.

'This mudblood right here,' he pointed his wand at Hoseok. 'I lost my brother because of his parents. His bloody mother did not give us what the Dark Lord wanted and my brother had to pay for it. So now I'm here to take her son from her,' he said spitefully.

Emina stood up, her wand aimed at him.

'Don't think that you can come in here and do whatever you want,' she said in a dangerous voice.

'And you, a kid will stop me?' He laughed again, his yellow teeth flashing.

'Reducto!' Emina shot at him. But he blocked it. He looked at her as if he wanted to play with his prey now. He grinned devilishly and both paced around slowly. Hoseok lay in pain in the middle.

'Em….' he whispered. 'Run…'

'I won't leave you like this,' she said to Hoseok, her eyes still fixed on Jenkins.

'You are making a grave mistake girl,' the Death Eater said. 'Incendio' Tongues of flame erupted from his wand, surrounding them in fire. Emina tried to not show her fear on her face. She relentlessly attacked, one hex after the other but Jenkins blocked them all.

In a last attempt, she thrust forward her wand, 'STUPEFY!', and the force of it was so strong that the windows shattered, shards of glass flying everywhere. Jenkins was thrown back from the impact. He hit the wall but got up quickly, grinning.

'Now we getting there,' he licked his lower lip. 'Crucio!'

The red beam of light hit Emina and she screamed in pain. It was like her insides were on fire. She curled up on the floor, screaming, her fingernails clawing at the stone floor. She felt a thousand knives piercing her and it wouldn't stop no matter how much she screamed.

Hoseok roared in fury seeing that. He pushed himself up on his palms, taking his wand from his robes.

'EXPULSO!' He screamed at the man and Jenkins fell backwards. Emina gasped out in relief, her breathing heavy. She coughed, trying to find her voice again. Hoseok limped and dragged himself in front of her, leaving a trail of blood in his path. His wand was still pointed at the Death Eater.

Jungkook and Taehyung ran through the unlit corridor. Both sent blasts at the two people chasing them but it didn't seem to do any good. He could hear the high pitched cackle of one of them. In the flashes of light, the paintings around them exclaimed in horror as to what was happening.

'Where are the Professors!' Jungkook yelled. Where was Filch to alert the castle when you needed him to. Jungkook did a full back turn. 'STUPEFY!' He yelled with as much force as he could. He sent a ball of red light with such impact that even he and Taehyung fell back along with their chasers. The paintings on either side of the walls shook and fell down. The floor board splintered along the path of his hex. Taehyung stared at Jungkook's display of strength, but Jungkook knew they had no time.

'Hurry hurry!' He pulled Taehyung to his feet and both ran towards Professor Flitwick's chamber. As they neared the fork towards it, they saw a big shadow making its way towards them.

'Jungkook what is that?' Taehyung whispered and they heard a low growl. They took slow steps backwards but the beastly figure was coming closer. The moonlight through the window cast its rays upon the creature.

Werewolf! Jungkook's mind screamed but his body was frozen in fear. He was too scared to even breathe.

The big black wolf had seen them. It stalked towards them on its hind legs, growling. Its yellow eyes were shining in the moonlight. It bared its big white teeth and the two boys ran in the opposite direction.

'But those chasers are that way!' Taehyung said. Jungkook had no idea what they should do. There was danger on either side. They climbed up a set of stairs and reached a junction. Choosing to turn left, they ran, only to bump headfirst into the course of their previous chasers.

'There he is!' One of them yelled and hexes were shot in their direction. The boys turned the other way to find that the werewolf had caught up to them. Jungkook caste a shield charm around them but he couldn't hold on for too long. He felt the beast push and claw at the invisible shield. He heard more voices and thankfully, felt the attacks on his shield lessen.

Ash and Jimin had found them right in time. Ash was fighting off the werewolf. But one required double strength in their attacks when dealing with a creature this powerful. Jimin and Jungkook duelled against the remaining 3 Death Eaters and found a familiar face among them.

Twycross! Their Apparition teacher showed no emotion on his face but continued fighting them mercilessly.

'There should be a woman with them,' Jungkook said, remembering that bone chilling laughter and that's when they realized, Taehyung was not here. The Death Eaters shot the last round of attacks at them and ran away, shattering a window and jumping down. Jimin looked back at Ash who was fighting the werewolf alone.

'Go find Tae!' He said to Jungkook. Jungkook nodded, nervous and unsure.

Taehyung was struggling, trying to break free of the invisible ropes around him while his capturer was dragging him by the collar.

'LET ME GO!' he screamed but he was not strong enough to break the magic that bound him. He was pulled forward and thrown against a wall. In front of him stood a man and a woman in black robes and hard faces. They were at the courtyard.

'Itty, bitty, baby,' the woman pouted. Taehyung recognised her. Every witch or wizard knew that malicious face… she the most evil follower of The Dark Lord - Bellatrix Lestrange.

'You've got some fight in you, don't you,' she came closer to him, observing his face, 'You do look like him. The alchemists will be very happy to have you,' she grinned.

'GET AWAY!' Taehyung whipped his head. He could feel that same maddening rage surging in him. His breaths were getting shorter and chest colder. But the two death eaters in front of him seemed to be filling with glee at that.

'You wanna hurt us boy?' Bellatrix came closer again. 'Go on, do it,'

'No,' Taehyung's voice shivered and he closed his eyes. He didn't want to do this… all he wanted as to be set free. He didn't want to hurt anyone. But before he could plead for release he heard Bellatrix scream.


All Taehyung saw was blinding red light. The pain was so terrible that he did not know for how long he screamed. His entire body burned and stinged like his flesh was being cut by fire. He felt something fighting inside him, that powerful rage surging again and suddenly he saw blood, he saw his old house, he heard his mother scream.

No! Not again! Taehyung wanted to cry. Please make it stop!

'Aunt Bella?'

Bellatrix looked up from the boy, towards the other side of the corridor where a girl stood and Taehyung finally felt relief. His mind and body was completely exhausted, fighting the curse and somewhere, fighting himself. The last thing he saw was footsteps of a girl walking towards him and he lost consciousness.

Ash panted heavily. The attacks on the werewolf had completely drained her. Her hands felt heavy and her legs were slowing down. She recognized this werewolf by the Dark Mark on his back. This was not a regular werewolf… could this be the infamous Skoll? He was the only Death Eater who was part creature to be given the higher status of branding with the Dark Mark. The Dark Lord had usually considered werewolves, dementors, giants and other creatures much below the status of pure blood wizards. They were more like slaves to him, to do his dirty work without expecting any fruits in return.

She had been fighting Skoll for a while now. Her strength failed her and she tripped over the broken painting below her, falling on the floor. The werewolf growled and jumped at her but Jimin dived in, covering her with his arms and rolling her out of the way. The wall stopped their momentum and both stood up. Ash looked at Jimin's arms with wide eyes. There were big claw marks on his right arm, blood dripping from it.

The werewolf turned to them and stomped, growling through his teeth. He was annoyed now, having being hit multiple times by Ash. But werewolves healed fast and whatever injuries Ash had caused him were already disappearing.

'What do we do?' Ash whispered to Jimin.

'Continue fighting, we have no other choice,' Jimin said, stepping forward and launching into an offensive mode. But his arm wouldn't let him do much. Ash tried to steady her head and gain some strength to fight again. A bright beam of light shot past her, hitting Skoll. The werewolf was thrown back 10 feet. She looked to her side to see Professor Roland. Relief washed over her as their teacher strided forward to save them.

'Go to Snape immediately,' he said to Jimin, but his eyes were fixed on the werewolf. Jimin hurried towards Ash.

'They have Taehyung. We need to save him!' he said to her urgently.

'But your arm!'

'It was only his claws. Claws don't have the infecting venom. We need to hurry!'

Jin and Namjoon ran through the back wall of their classroom, being pursued by 2 people.

'Why are they chasing us!' Namjoon screamed between his breaths. Jin's wand was not with him. In the sudden attack and sprinting, his wand had got left behind, lying somewhere in the rubble.

They reached the dead end of an old corridor and had no other option but to turn and face their enemy. Namjoon shielded Jin behind him. The chasers halted in front of them. Both students recognised who their attackers were- Alesta Carrow with her red hair falling around her face, giving her the look of a patient run away from an asylum and Antonin Dolohov, big and broad, standing more than 6 feet tall with a square jaw. Both were Death Eaters known for their sadistic treatment of muggle borns. Namjoon's eyes were watching them intensely. There was a moment of silence and Namjoon sent the first attack. He spoke no incantation. The Death Eaters blocked it and sent their own counter attacks. Both parties duelled. To the Death Eater's surprise, Namjoon was evenly matched in power against them.

'Kill him,' Carrow hissed at her partner.

'He's too close to Kim. We can't risk that,' Dolohov stated. Jin realized they probably want to take him. But why? Jin stuck close to Namjoon so that they would not risk using any irreversible curses on him.

'A mudblood with such abilities?' Alesta Carrow sneered, seeing Namjoon's non verbal attacks. 'Too bad I've to kill you,'

Namjoon had no time to pay heed to her words. Dolohov was sending more curses at him. Jin saw a malicious grin on Carrow's face. 'Petrificus Totalus,' Dolohov shot at him.

'Crucio,' Carrow whispered at the same time. A red beam shot from her wand. Jin launched himself in front of Namjoon, taking in both the curses meant for his friend. Namjoon stared wide eyed as he saw the flashes of light in front him from the silhouette of Jin's shoulder. The Death Eaters weren't expecting that. They withdrew their wands. Jin gasped out as the effects of the curses faded. He slowly turned to face them.

'Why are you here?' He asked.

'We don't like questions. Now be a good boy and come with us. Your friend won't live for long trying to save you,' Carrow said.

Suddenly, a thought spoke in Jin's mind, and he knew it was his third eye that was telling him this. They were here for him and Taehyung, and they would kill anyone in their path… and they already had Taehyung.

'I will go with you, if you swear to leave quietly,' Jin said to everyone's shock.

'Jin you can't,' Namjoon said in disbelief.

'Trust me, it's the only way. They will not harm me. Tae will need me,' Jin said to him. 'Protect yourself,'

Giving a squeeze to his best friend's arm, trying to give him an assurance which he himself didn't have, he stepped forward towards the Death Eaters.

'I'm not leaving you,' Namjoon whispered. Jin did not respond but went his way with his capturers with a hard face.

Hoseok was on the floor, his bloody fingers twitching in pain. Emina fell to her knees and collapsed. Both were soaked in red. They had lost a lot of blood and were losing both magical energy and their life force. Jenkins stood in front of them panting. He had almost exhausted all his strength as well. But nevertheless he was happy to be the one giving the final blow.

'I had given you the chance to save your life. Instead you chose to die with this mudblood. Now Which one should I kill first?'

He walked towards Hoseok and bent down. His wand was at his temple. 'Maybe I'll have my revenge first,'

They heard a whizzing sound and the Death Eater was thrown several feet away. Emina looked behind Hoseok. A small figure stood there.

'How dare you harm my students?' Flitwick said, completely enraged. His frame was far from intimidating but the Death Eater knew better. Flitwick whipped his wand wordlessly and sent whip like light strings at Jenkins. It hit his body, splitting open his skin. Jenkins knew he didn't have the strength to fight a full grown expert wizard. He gave a glare to them and transformed into dark smoke. Flitwick shot hexes at the billowing smoke but couldn't stop Jenkins from running away. Once the smoke disappeared, Flitwick's attention immediately went to the two people on the floor. He ran to them.

Yoongi was moving towards the blasting sounds. It seemed to be coming from more than one place. He saw the Gryffindor prefects follow the noise coming from the east.

'Someone check where Mcgonagall is!' Charlie Weasley said to some of his senior housemates who curved towards Mcgonagall's chambers. A nurse was lifting a stunned student onto a stretcher. When she saw Yoongi buzz past her she tried to stop him.

'Let the staff handle it. This is very dangerous!' But he paid no heed to her words.

Reaching the third floor, he found two figures running past them. Yoongi's hex hit one of them and he fell. The other man didn't stop for his fallen friend. Turning him around to see his face, he was shocked to see Twycross. Twycross pushed him away and got on his feet, wand pointed at Yoongi.

'Professor?' Yoongi asked, trying to grasp the situation. Twycross was just an instructor for Apparition from the Ministry.

'You look so surprised boy. I thought you would be expecting this. You lot aren't as smart as I thought,' he mocked.

'What is happening? Why are you terrorising the school?' Yoongi asked.

'I'm helping my friends to collect something we came for. Now be a good boy and let us be,'

'What do you mean your friends? How many are there?'

'There are enough to fight off the whole staff if it came to it. What a golden time for Dumbledore to leave his castle,'

'How did they get here?'

'Why! You haven't even figured that out yet? You were right there when the first ones arrived. Hogwarts grounds is open to apparitions precisely one hour every Tuesday so that you all can practice. You and all the other students were too busy rescuing that Hufflepuff to notice anything,' he laughed. Yoongi squinted his eyes and then he understood.

'Hoseok said someone attacked him, he didn't splinch,' he muttered to himself.

'You should've believed him. Poor thing, I almost felt sorry. We needed that distraction so that -,'

But Yoongi wasn't really listening to what he said. He was shaking in fury, his fists curled. He came hurtling at Twycross before the latter had any time to respond. Yoongi punched him in the jaw and Twycross fell, a broken tooth flying out of his mouth. All he could see now was that image of Hoseok bleeding from every inch of his body and a rage filled him. Yoongi grabbed him by the collar and punched him.

'How could you do that to him!?' Yoongi screamed. Twycross tried to push him away and both rolled on the floor. The older man managed to pin him on the ground and snapped his wand at him. Yoongi kicked him in the stomach. Twycross fell to the side and Yoongi stomped his wand hand. He yelled in pain, letting go of it and Yoongi kicked it away. He grabbed him by the collar and punched him again. Yoongi's knuckles were split open and bleeding by now. It painted Twycross' face red.

'YOONGI STOP!' He heard Jungkook's voice. He felt strong arms grab him from behind and pull him back.

Yoongi pushed Jungkook roughly but that had managed to knock some sense into him. Jungkook fell back gasping. Twycross lay unconscious in front of them, covered in blood.

'Which way did they go?' Jungkook asked Yoongi. Yoongi lifted a shaking bloodied hand in the direction the accomplice had left and Jungkook ran. Yoongi bound Twycross and then ran after Jungkook.

Yoongi heard Laura's voice near the courtyard and stopped, Jungkook right behind him. They peered from the wall and saw Laura talking to Bellatrix. Taehyung was unconscious on the floor. Jin stood with his hands bound, two people keeping a watch on him. A man he recognised as Dolohov, came and lifted Taehyung over his bulky shoulders.

'They're trying to get away!' Yoongi whispered realising Twycross would have lifted the block on apparition in this area. 'You stay here,' he whispered to Jungkook. 'They'll kill you in a moment,'

'And they won't kill you?'

'No they won't. We need to to stall them. Get help Jeon. We can't take them all on our own. He moved out of hiding.

'Dear Laura! How much you've grown!' Bellatrix hugged Laura who stood as still as a statue, her jaw tight.

'Aunt Bella,' Yoongi called out. The woman turned towards him.

'Ah! I was hoping to see you too!' she smiled at them. It was sinister rather than pleasant.

'What are you doing here?' Laura asked, her eyes shooting to Jin and Taehyung. Jin was looking at her suspiciously.

'We've come to take something. Which will help us become stronger. We need our strength for the Dark Lord when he returns,' Bellatrix grinned.

'Something to make you stronger?' Yoongi asked looking at Jin who stood there looking defeated.

'How are these two supposed to make you stronger?' Laura asked, feigning to be unconcerned though she already suspected the answer.

'Well… you remember your dear friend Gwen?' Bellatrix paced around the two students. 'I must convey to you that she misses you deeply.'

'You… you've spoken with her?' Laura's voice shivered.

'Yes I have,' Bellatrix smiled. 'She had such interesting things to tell me,'

'She isn't the most sound minded,' Laura stated cautiously.

'No my dear, you are wrong. You know she's been observing you since 4 years… and she tells me,' Bellatrix halted in front of Laura and cocked her head to the side, 'You are friends with the enemy's son! This boy,' Bellatrix pointed at Taehyung. 'His mother killed yours!'

'That's a lie!' Yoongi cut in. 'We don't know who attacked them that night,'

'Oh but I was there!' Bellatrix's wide eyes snapped to Yoongi, 'I saw it all… how his mudblooded mother shot and killed so many of our own,'

'Laura,' Yoongi caste her a careful look. This was Bellatrix's mind games… they shouldn't let this affect them. Laura looked like she was in pain, this was not something she could discuss with any ease.

'That still doesn't explain why you would need him?' Yoongi said.

'You all act so ignorant,' Bellatrix shook her head. 'Gwen tells me this boy has something special about him… And we wish to trade him,' she grabbed Taehyung by the chin. 'His price should be high, being the descendent of Aquirys,' she chucked his face and walked to Jin, 'And this handsome young man,' Bellatrix pushed her wand right into Jin's chest, 'will keep us away from Ministry's harm,' she turned to him, 'Daddy would hate to see you… dead, wouldn't he? He doesn't have another son to fill in for you,'

'You have the wrong boy,' Jin said. 'I am enough for you. Let him go. You can ask Laura. It was not Taehyung who fought Gwen that day. Aquirys is my ancestor not his!' he looked at Laura begging her to understand his plan. Laura clenched her jaws.

'He-He's not lying,' she said, hoping she was following Jin correctly. 'Seokjin was there when I found Gwen with this boy. He could be the one you are looking for because the younger one is pretty useless and dim witted from what I've seen. He's a half blood of a muggle born mother. He doesn't have any special ancestors! Gwen is not the best investigator you know. She doesn't know how to accept that her guesses were wrong. You should've never put her to any task. She will weave any stories to make believe that she was right,' Laura stated. Yoongi looked from Jin to Laura in confusion.

'In any case, I'll see for myself if this boy is useful to us or not. If not we'll give back his mother what she gave us. You would like that won't you Laura? The death of your parents will be avenged,' Bellatrix said and the Death Eaters turned to leave. Laura couldn't stop herself. She had her wand out and took a step forward but Bellatrix saw that from the corner of her eye.

'Is there a problem?' Bellatrix stopped and turned her face to them. Her eyes were curious. She reverted her course and walked towards them with careful steps, her wand tip touching the finger of the other hand.

Laura didn't know what to say. Yoongi had his wand at the ready too.

'Now that I think of it…' Bellatrix scrunched her nose, 'I was... never fully convinced of your mother's loyalty. She always seemed… too shifty,'

'How dare you question her mother's loyalty! After she died for the Dark Lord!' Yoongi asserted.

'Trust me dear I don't want to question my own blood… but some actions,' she stated, walking around Laura again like a spider slowly weaving her trap and her voice turning to a whisper, 'left a lot of doubts in my mind,' she faced them again. 'I'm sure you'll clear my doubts dear Laura, won't you?'

'How can I clear the doubts about a person who is not alive?' Laura asked in an icy tone. Her purple eyes looked hard at her aunt.

'By doing, what your mother would have done. If you are saying she was loyal. Prove yourself… to me. You know what, I'll make it easy for you. Gwen tells me, there is someone you here who you really really hate… Carpe Retractum!'

Bellatrix pointed to something behind Laura and Yoongi. She pulled her wand like she's pulling a rope and a figure dragged itself from behind the wall. She seized the boy from his neck and put her wand to his neck.

'You like to eavesdrop huh?' She asked Jungkook, who struggled in her grasp. Dolohov punched his face and he fell to the ground. Jungkook swiftly tried to stand up but the hex from Bellatrix's wand held him pinned to the ground. He struggled to break free but was no match to her magic.

'I'm sure you've wanted to cause him unimaginable pain over these past years,' she said to Laura. 'For all the times he's humiliated you, broken your pride. Well now is your chance,'

Jungkook looked at Laura fiercely, he did not know what she will do. The Death Eaters had all of them at their mercy.

'Why aren't you doing anything! You know the curse!' Bellatrix hissed at her. Laura just stood there, not lifting her wand. Her brain had stopped working under all this pressure.

'Maybe she doesn't want to. Are you protecting these mudbloods?' Carrow asked her in a threatening tone.

'I do not serve any of you so why should I listen to you?' she snapped back, trying to shield her fear with her pride.

'Your family serves the Dark Lord and so will you,' Carrow said.

'Yes and none of you are the Dark Lord. Your actions look sloppy if nothing else,' Laura snapped.

'You dare talk back to us?' Rodolphus Lestrange seemed highly offended. 'We are doing this to make our army stronger when the Dark Lord returns and he will be pleased-'

'The Dark Lord is dead!' Laura's voice rang in the sudden silence. All looked at her with horrified faces.

'He is alive…' Bellatrix whispered, inching towards Laura. 'HE IS ALIVE!' she screamed like a maniac. 'You will listen to me, by one way or the other. I'm not going to use the Imperius curse on you… no where's the fun in that?'

The Death Eaters who were earlier not in an attack mode at Yoongi and Laura, now started to circle them. The two teenagers weren't really any match to their dark arts. Both didn't know what to do or how to even launch an attack right now. Rodolphus cast a binding curse on Yoongi and grabbed him.

'Point your wand at the mudblood,' Bellatrix said to Laura, a cocky grin creeping up her face. 'If you don't do as I say… then your cousin and this boy, both suffer,' she looked at Jungkook. 'I might even kill your little plaything,'

'If you have me, let them go!' Jin called out from the back, struggling with all his strength. He got a heavy blow in the stomach to shut him up.

'Do it!' Bellatrix snapped at her. When she still did not lift her wand, the woman motioned to her husband who moved his wand across Yoongi's cheek. A gash appeared on the pale white skin, red dripping down from it. But Yoongi refused to show any pain.

'NO!' Laura yelled in horror.

'You know what you have to do,' Bellatrix sang in an eerie tone.

Laura slowly raised her wand at Jungkook, still unable to say the curse. Her mouth was dry as sand and she felt like she was choking in her own emotions. The intensity with which Jungkook looked her in the eye was confusing her. Was he being brave? Or was he being understanding?

'Fine then let me show you. Cruc-'

But she was struck by a bright red flash of light. All looked back to see Namjoon standing there with his wand out.

'You won't harm them anymore,' he said dangerously. His eyes were burning into them all. This side of his rarely surfaced. But when it did, it was more dangerous than anything else. The scattered Death Eaters gathered themselves. Bellatrix was looking at him with careful eyes, as if studying him.

'And who do we have here? Another mudblood?' She sneered.

Namjoon stepped forward. 'Let them go,'

'Come and get em,' Bellatrix hissed, launching into an attack. There were flashes of light as both duelled. This was nothing like the students had ever seen. This was a real, life or death situation where no one gave the other any time to think. Two flashes of green just buzzed past Namjoon and Jin felt like tearing open his insides if he could. Bellatrix could kill him any moment and it was sheer luck that he was missing.

'Boy you think your schooled hexes will do anything to me?' She danced from one foot to another, sending hexes as she conversed. 'You are as good as dead,' she stood to face him.

'Avada Kedavra!' She shot him the third time. Namjoon felt a blow on his side and fell to the floor. Jin screamed in horror, shaking so badly that he broke his binding curse and ran to Namjoon before anyone could catch him again. Jungkook screamed too but felt a kick on his stomach. Tears filled his eyes. But in their shock and fear they were not grasping the key element of the situation.

Jin fell to his knees next to Namjoon and saw him move. It was not over yet.

Bellatrix looked to her side suspiciously. Jimin stood there, his wand held out. He had struck Namjoon with the expulsion curse just in time that her killing curse missed him again. His arm was bleeding but he looked far from weak. Meanwhile Namjoon stood up with Jin help, trying to recover from Jimin's saving blow.

'We are even now aren't we?' He said. Laura gained her position too. Now it was 4 students against 5 Death Eaters. It was hardly even but they would take their chances. Namjoon was as good as 2 of them.

'4 puny students?' Carrow gave her high pitched laugh and then suddenly became silent. They all looked behind Jimin and saw Mcgonagall and Sprout standing there with their wands out.

'Let's move,' Bellatrix muttered, all joy vanishing from her face. They all turned into dark smoke but Jungkook caught the leg of Dolohov who was carrying Taehyung and disapparated with them. He was not letting them take his friend away.

'No they don't,' Mcgonagall said almost instantly shooting curses at them. They couldn't perform a full disapparition inside Hogwarts. They teleported short distances, getting hit by the professor's attacks each time they materialised. Professor Sprout was equally fierce, moving at great speed for her. They reached the ground where they could disapparate out of Hogwarts but Jungkook had gained his state of mind by now. His grip on the man was so strong that not once did he fall away during their teleportation. Finally he managed to grab hold of the man and pushed Taehyung out of his shoulder. Taehyung fell from a height of six feet but at least he was safe now. Jungkook held on to Dolohov and punched him hard, ending his ability to teleport anymore. Both landed on the ground a some distance away from Taehyung. Jungkook's anger and frustration could not be delivered by small swift movements of a wand. The man staggered, his mouth bloody. But Jungkook didn't stop. He grabbed him again and kicked him hard in the chest with the knee. When the man came at him, he held his waist and lifted him by the shoulder only to slam him down again. Dolohov was almost unconscious. Jungkook stood up, wiping his cheek where a wound bled and ran towards Taehyung.

Mcgonagall and Sprout were chasing the Death Eaters at their heels. Curses were being shot in both directions. One of Bellatrix's curses hit Mcgonagall square in the chest. She tripped and fell back, clutching her throat in pain. Sprout stopped to help her.

'Catch them,' Mcgonagall wheezed through her closing windpipe.

'I won't leave you to die. Anapneo,' she worked the anti hex to release her windpipe. They heard the last of Bellatrix's maniacal laugh as they disapparated. Mcgonagall and Sprout looked at the dark smoke diffusing into the high sky with grieved faces.

Everyone made their way back to the castle. Jungkook was carrying Taehyung and Hagrid carried Dolohov, who Jungkook had beaten to a pulp. They gathered in the Great Hall. Jimin was getting his arm bandaged by a nurse and Snape was giving him a potion to drink.

'Are you absolutely sure it was his claws?' Snape asked him again.

'Positive,' Jimin confirmed again.

'I'm giving you a strong dose as a precaution. It may give you nightmares or hallucinations'

'Nightmares are better than turning into a werewolf,' he said, downing the black potion. 'Where's Professor Roland?' he asked. When Snape gave no answer, Jimin looked up with worry. 'Professor what's happened?'

'Roland is in the infirmary. We are trying to heal him,' was all Snape said before moving away. From his tone Jimin knew Roland's condition was serious.

Ash had decided to stay in the castle and help the injured students to the infirmary who were attacked as they tried to stop the Death Eaters from sprinting. Laura went to her roommate, grabbing her arm. Whatever had just happened was too much for her to take in. Ash squeezed Laura's hand in return, happy that she was unharmed too.

Yoongi walked up to a nurse, showing his bloodied knuckles and his face for medication. He saw Flitwick walk towards Sprout and overheard their conservation.

'Jung Hoseok is in quite a bad state,' Flitwick told her. 'Go see him, maybe you know what herb can work on him,'

'They used a dark curse?' Sprout asked. 'That poor boy… when will they leave him alone,'

Yoongi felt a restlessness inside him, the same way he had the last time Hoseok was hurt. He rushed behind Sprout to see Hoseok.

'Take Taehyung to the infirmary,' Mcgonagall said to Jungkook who turned to leave but stopped, hearing the Great Doors open. Dumbledore stood there, looking so furious that they couldn't even recognise him as the same happy Headmaster who always joked with them. He rushed to Mcgonagall.

'The students?' He asked worriedly.

'Some are hurt but no serious damage seems to have happened,'

'Have you put a search on?' He asked.

'Yes. Flitwick and the rest of the Professors are doing a thorough search. But I don't think there's anyone who was left behind,'

Dumbledore looked around and spotted Jimin's wounds and the potion in his hand.

'Did the werewolf escape as well?' He asked.

'No. Roland killed him in his transformed state,' Snape said.

'Albus we need to speak urgently,' Mcgonagall said to him, placing a hand on his arm. He nodded. He turned to the students.

'I am gravely and deeply sorry that the safety of this school had been compromised on my watch. But I assure you, nothing like this will ever happen in Hogwarts again. You have my word. The Death Eaters will pay for their crimes. I am proud of how brave and responsible you all acted tonight,,' his eyes were twinkling again, looking at his students.

'Someone from the students surely helped them,' a seventh year Hufflepuff spoke up.

'We will hold a formal investigation Brian,' Mcgonagall said to him.

'They won't be too far away to find,' Sierra added, shooting a look to the Slytherins. There was an awkward silence as the Slytherins stared back at her fiercely. Jimin looked like he would kill her with his gaze.

'Let the investigation decide that Miss Gibson,' Mcgonagall said to her curtly. 'Professors can we all meet in Dumbledore's office please?'

The professors all walked towards the corridor to the Headmaster's office. The Slytherins huddled together, happy to have survived the attack. All except Jimin were mostly unharmed.

'That was very brave Jimin,' Laura said to him, coming at his side.

'He saved my life,' Ash said, looking at him gratefully, keeping a hand on his shoulder. Nothing she could say would fully deliver the gratitude she felt for him. Jimin gave her a tired but warm smile.

They heard some words here and there from the conversation the other house students were having.

'Wasn't Bellatrix Lestrange there too?'

'Why did they come here?'

'Is You Know Who back?!'

'I think they just wanted to spread terror,'

'Did they come here to attack Dumbledore?'

'How did they even get inside Hogwarts?'

'It's impossible without help from the inside,'

'Aren't Min and Dracwyn related to Lestrange?'

'All Slytherins are related to each other aren't they? Trying to keep bloodlines pure,'

The students were giving the Slytherin prefects suspicious looks. Ash couldn't believe they were again being treated unjustly even though they readily jumped in to save the castle. She saw a tall figure walk through the group of students towards them. It was the head boy. He bent to his knees in front of Jimin who was seated on a bench. Namjoon hugged him, inviting looks from everyone.

'I am alive, because of you…' he said to the younger. 'I cannot thank you enough… I owe you my life,'

'You don't owe me anything Namjoon,' Jimin said. 'I couldn't lose my friend, could I?' He said, a small smile on his exhausted face.

Laura walked towards Jin who was holding an ice pack to his face.

'We need to talk,' she said to him.

'Yes we do,' he said and both sneaked to an empty corridor.

'Why did the Death Eaters want you?' She asked after casting the sound barrier charm.

'You heard them. For leverage. But what I don't understand is, why are you always there when something like this happens?'

Laura didn't know what to say exactly. She opened and closed her mouth twice before being able to form a sentence.

'Well last time, it was my roommate who was doing this crazy stuff so I had to butt in. And this time I just happened to be there,'

'Don't lie. What's happening between you and Taehyung?'

'What do you mean what's happening?'

Jin crossed his arms. 'I know you were looking for him, trying to protect him. You did something to Gwen and that's why she hasn't come back,'

'That's a very serious accusation Kim Seokjin. You better know what you are speaking,' she wagged a finger at him.

'I know what I am speaking. You can't fool everyone. Dracwyn, our families may not like each other but we've been around each other since we were eleven. You were never the cruel one. If you care about Taehyung then tell me what did Gwen tell the Death Eaters about him,'

'Seokjin, I'm not lying to you when I say I have no idea that Gwen told them about that incident from last year. Till now I have been thinking they were getting sadistic pleasure out of teasing that boy, and masking it as vengeance against his mother. When I saw the two in that frosted room, I only thought it was some kind of defense charm that you casted. And today, again I find you both being captured. So you tell me, why were they here for the 2 of you? Is it really true? That… you two are… gifted?'

'I assure you that is not true.. If you really want Taehyung to be safe, you will not let the investigation turn towards him. He is an innocent, good hearted kid. Dragging him into this is only going to make him scared and anxious,'

'Wait, why are you telling me all this?'

'Like I said, I've seen you since we were kids. And I'm not someone who is easily fooled. I may look like I'm always joking around but I know and observe more than anyone thinks I do. I know the truth about the Shrieking Shack. I know you came to save Taehyung from Gwen last year,'

'You've got it all wrong,' her eyes were apprehensive.

'There's no need to lie to me. I am not your enemy. If I was, I would've told the whole school about your other side ages ago,' Saying that he walked away to join Namjoon. Laura was left gaping behind him.

How does he even know all of this? She wondered. She could feel her secret slipping away from her hands. After what Jungkook witnessed when they were with the Death Eaters, she was sure he would have some doubts too. Not to forget the Death Eaters themselves were suspicious of her and her family now.

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