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3rd Pov

Inside the saloon the Courier and Ruby walked in before being seated by Trudy. He ordered a bottle of whiskey while Ruby asked for her usual. After a few minutes Truddy returned with a bottle of whiskey and Nuka cola.

"Thanks Trudy." Ruby said politely passing a few bottle caps to her.

"Ah now come on darling, I could never sell you something at full price after you gone and fix my radio." Trudy said as she pushes back half the caps.

After the purchases she left the table to attend to others. The Courier took the cork off from the bottle before taking a long swig from the spirt. After stopping once the bottle was halfway drained, he lets out a small burp. He then turned to Ruby. She was clear anxiety and clearly wanting to ask him so many questions. So, with a heavy sigh he spoke.

"... So, what do you want kid; because I got a few questions I like to ask you?" The Courier asked only to get a million questions blared at him at once.

"Doyoureamberyourname,Whatwasitliketogetshot,YouarepossibliblythetoughestmailmanIknow,CanyouhelpmegettoNewVegas,Haveyoumetanyofmyfriendsinyourtravel,Wheredidyougetthisgun,Areyouatribalorfromavault!?" Ruby blares all at once almost causing the Courier's hat to nearly fly off. As she kept on blaring on, he just simply raised his hand up before doing a simple yet effective Karate chop on her head, causing her to stop.

"Kid, let's start from the beginning and this time more, slowly. So, we don't disturb the rest of the bar." The Courier said as pointed out with his thumb that everyone in the bar was looking at the two with eyes in complete disbelief on how fast a young girl can run her mouth.

"Oh, heh heh. Yea sorry." Ruby said out loud as she rubs the back of her head in embarrassment causing the entire bar to return to normal after a few moments.

"Right so let's start at the beginning. What is your name and what do you want?" The Courier asked as he took a swig of the whiskey.

"Well my name is Ruby Rose, and I guess I want to know is your name... if you can remember it that is." Ruby said nervously before taking a swig of her drink.

"Well that I'm afraid I can't remember. I do remember the basics like what year it is, and what the hell happened to the world, along with current events; but my past, age, hell even my own name is just a blank slate." The Courier said in disappointment but after a swig from his glass he returned to the conversation. "Anyways I was wondering if you knew more about me since you were the only human present to dig my ass out."

"Sorry I didn't meet you before, all I know was from a letter you dropped on the way to Doc Mitchell's House. It said that you are the sixth courier hired to deliver a mysterious package to the New Vegas strip." Ruby explains.

"Hm well that's a pain, nothing but a number and a job. Alright what else you want to ask?" The Courier asked as he took a swig from his nearly bottle.

"Well that is the last question since you can't remember your past. The next one is really more of a request then a question." Ruby said as she moves forward in her seat. "I need to get to the strip. Vic told me of someone who could help me get back home."

"Oh, and where is home exactly?" The Courier asked before finishing the bottle.

"Um... California." Ruby said with a non-convincing smile.

"... If my memory serves correctly and I highly doubt that it does, but isn't there an NCR outpost leading out to California, south of here. Why go north?" The Courier asked with a brow raised.

"Um well you see I need to um grab something from the strip and well I don't know the waste like anyone else around here. So, since you're the only one who could probably be leaving town, I was wondering if it's ok if I tagged along." Ruby answers nervously.

"... (Sigh) You just want to see Vegas don't you." The Courier said sounding disappointed while pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Um yea, totally." Ruby said with a cheeky grin like her sister would do to convince others.

"(Sigh) Guess this is how I'm going to repay my debt to you, besides from what Vic told me. The sum bitch who put me in the ground was someone from the strip." Six said aggressively as he clenches his first. Ruby was slightly disturbed by the Courier's attitude but before she could say anything a crashing sound can be heard from behind her.

Everybody turns around to see a stranger wearing a prisoner jumpsuit with a black Stetson on his head, arguing with Trudy. In the heat of the argument he knocked over the radio breaking it... again.

"I'm not going to ask again bitch! Where is Ringo!?" He said in an aggressive tone.

"Sir as I said before I'll say it again, I ain't ever heard of this Ringo fellow and even if I did I sure as hell won't tell you." Trudy said with her arms crossed. This pissed off the convict who goes for his gun.

"Bitch you going to tell me now!" He shouts as he aims his gun at her face as the patrons quickly gasp in horror Ruby saw an opening in the strangers aim. She quickly activated Vats causing the world to slow down as she aims her 10MM pistol at the stranger. Her vision shifted to his hand having an 87% chance of hitting his gun. She then pulls the trigger hitting the gun sending it flying into the air while also causing some bits of the revolver to pierce his hand.

"Augh you little fuck!" He screams as he held his bloody hand.

"I would leave town if I were you." Ruby said as she stood up from her booth.

"You and what army?" The man asked as he held his hand in pain. He was clearly confident in taking on this child. However, his confidence faded when he heard the cocking of a .357 long colt from the booth she got up from. In it was a man that looked like he been through hell and back, something the convict guts told him that messing with the kid was a bad idea.

"...Fine. Be that way, but when I get my boy's down here and burn this god damn town to the ground then you going to regret it." He hissed as he walked out the bar while holding his bloody hand. Once gone everybody in the bar began to clap in approval of Ruby's actions.

"Well about time someone got that snake out of here. Nice shot there darling, another round for you and your friend. On the house." Trudy said as she pulls out another bottle of Nuka and whisky.

"Aw thanks. Once I'm done with my friend, I'll fix your radio again." Ruby said as she grabs both drinks.

"Your too kind dear." Trudy said as she moved to the side to take an order from another customer.

"Thanks, for the assist friend." Ruby said in her best western impersonation as she passes the bottle of whiskey to him. He caught it with his free hand but shot her a cold stare.

"... How on God's holy earth did you survive this long?" The Courier asked as he pushes the drink aside.

"Um, sorry?" Ruby asked completely confused.

"God your green." The courier said as he placed his gun back into his holster. "This is the Mojave Wasteland, it eats the weak and the small like chewing coyote tobacco and spits you out the same."

"Hey I'm not weak, I drink milk every day." Ruby said proudly in her defense.

"Uh huh, look there's two types of bandits out here on the frontier front. The idiot kind and the cowardly type." The Courier said as he lifts his bag onto table and starts pulling out random junk till finally, he found a small leather bag and a lighter.

"So which type is he?" Ruby asked as she took a sip from her new drink.

"Well considering he wasn't suffering from any junkie shakes or not blabbing like he was bathed in a lead shower; I'd say he's the cowardly kind and they always bring friends with them." The Courier said as he rolls up a small cigar.

"Ok, I'm sure we can handle it friend." Ruby said with a childish innocent smile.

"I'm, sorry. What about we?" The Courier asked as he placed his cigarette into his mouth before lighting it with a Zippo.

"Well I was thinking that we would stop them, then hand them to the local sheriff." Ruby said only to gain a chuckle from him.

"Heh yea no kid. You want to stop him; you should have killed him instead of disarming him." The Courier said with a cruel chuckle.

"Well why should I? Only bad people kill bad guys without turning them into the local authorities." Ruby said only to gain another chuckle.

"Heh, Jesus are you from Vault City? You can't just be the hero by talking down bloodthirsty bandits, you want to stop them then you are going to have to kill them." Six said as he puffed one out only to notice a look of discussed for a moment.

"Wait how old are you kid?" He asked catching Ruby off guard.

"Um I'm fifteen." Ruby said

"And yet you somehow managed to live this long without killing another human. Jesus, I don't know if I should praise you for your fortune or to spite you because of your unwillingness. So, what do you expect to do, talk them to death?" The courier bluntly asked with a hint of sarcasm causing Ruby to look at him with a scowl her partner would usually have.

"Well what would you do?" Ruby asked sounding slightly annoyed.

"I'd get out of dodge, while you still can." He said as he got up from the booth and head for the door while leaving a few caps for the bartender.

"But what about everybody else?" Ruby asked as she follows the courier outside.

"All the same to them if they wish to stay and fight by all means good luck to them and such but not us, we don't have any stakes here." The courier said.

"No, we do. Doc Mitchell saved your life you owe him." Ruby said aggressive.

"When bandits shoot up a town, they keep the valuable ones alive, Doc Mitchell is no exception. Look you want to go to New Vegas, fine then follow me. If not then good luck to you on surviving. That is if you have ever killed a person. if you haven't, I can guarantee you are goanna die and this town will burn all because of you." The Courier said emotionless only for Ruby to lash out and try to slap him; but he caught it and knelt down her height.

"You saved my life kid and for that I'm eternally thankful, but don't be stupid. You are not some hero from a children's book." The courier said coldly as he dropped Ruby to the ground and walked away only to stop when he heard her crying a bit.

"I know people are goanna die... but Oum dang it I'm goanna save as many as I can WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR HELP! So fine go, I can handle this all on my own!" Ruby shouts as a few tears fell from her face. After a few seconds the courier took a step then another and another till he was already down the road.

"Jerk." Ruby hissed as she wipes away her tears. She then calms herself down before re-entering the bar to see Trudy sitting by the bar cleaning a mug.

"Well howdy Ruby, Where's your friend?" Trudy said seeing Ruby was clear distraught. "Oh, honey what happened?"

"He left town. Didn't even bother to stay behind and help." Ruby said with a sad tone as Trudy brought over her last bottle of Nuka.

"Wait is it about before with the whole, powder ganger threatening to burn our town to the ground?" Trudy asked with a brow raised.

"Well yea, I've always loved those stories of heroes saving the day. My sister would read those stories to me every night before bed." Ruby said as she took a swig from her third Nuka.

"Ah tales of the Vault dweller and the Chosen one. Now those are some of the most heroic tales anyone could think of." Trudy said why'll leanings back in nostalgia.

"Um sure, those are some of my favorites too." Ruby lied having no idea who she was talking.

"Oh, sorry about that darling I do tend to get off track. So, what do those fine tales have to do with your friend who left?" Trudy asked.

"Well you see after hearing that threat I'm goanna stay in town and help with your powder ganger problem. I tried to convince that courier to stay and help but he said that you guys can handle it. But I just couldn't leave you guys. I want to stay and help, just like those stories." Ruby said before starting to tear up a bit.

"Ah now, don't get like that. I'm sure he has his reasons to leave so soon." Trudy said while placing her hand on Ruby's shoulder to comfort her.

"Thanks, but still, Revenge shouldn't be prioritized before helping people." Ruby said as she wiped away a single tear.

"Well then he's a mean Sum bitch, doesn't mean that you should be mad at him. Out here people change and definitely not for the better. It's just the way how the world works, but just because he fell into the circle of violence and despair doesn't mean you should too." Trudy said in a heartfelt moment.

"Yea I guess so." Ruby said feeling slightly better before taking a final swig from her Nuka.

"Right so if I'm goanna help you guys, I need to know about these guys what they want?" Ruby shouts with her a small smile.

"Well they are just some escaped convicts. A few years ago, NCR brought them out to work the railroads and such till they escaped. They call themselves powder gangers because of their usage of using Dynamite. Now they are definitely more civilized then the fiends but just as dangerous. They are holed up in some correctional facility up north a way but they mostly stick to themselves." Trudy explains.

"Ok, so it's goanna be like the time I stopped Roma... I mean this thief with a cane except more explode-y." Ruby said correctly herself at the end.

"Heh, guess we have a junior sheriff now huh." Trudy said with a smile.

"No not really, I do have friends who are actually, but that's not important. So, who is this Rango guy?" Ruby asked.

"Well a few days before you and that courier came into town Rango was from the Crimson Caravan company making their way up to Sloan when the powder gangers attacked and sac them. Rango was the only one to make it out alive, so we hid him for a few days." Trudy said as she pours herself a glass of scotch.

"Oh, that's terrible, so these guys are only goanna burn this town to the ground for one guy? That sounds something only a monster would do." Ruby said with a disturbed look on her face.

"Yea well these guys were small time out west, but since the NCR is too busy to even protect its roads, they grew to be a threat." Trudy said as she shot back the scotch in one shot.

"So how am I goanna help Ringo." Ruby said as she scratches her chin.

"Well if I'd talk to him, and also smiles as well. Both had lost some friends to these crooks and have been itching for some payback." Trudy suggested.

"Great, if I can get someone else it be like having a team again!" Ruby shouts gleefully as she stands up with one foot on the counter. As she stood there in happiness, she suddenly remembers her team.

"Oh... right I'm already part of a team." Ruby said as she slouches down into her seat.

"Is it your friends you thinking about isn't it, darling?" Trudy asked as she picks up the knocked over glass.

"Yeah... I miss them." Ruby said as she leans against her hands while looking at the empty Nuka cola bottle.

"Well hay, if they were here, I'm pretty sure they would have told you to go on." Trudy said trying to cheer her up.

"Yea I guess so... Right so where's Ringo?" Ruby asked pushing aside the memories of her friends for the moment.

"He's hiding in the Poseidon oil station up the hill. Fair warning he's a bit jumpy so be careful when you talk to him." Trudy said with cation.

"Alright will do." Ruby said as she leaves the counter with a few caps on it but stops immediately. "Um do you have any more Nuka?"

"Sorry hun only sarsaparilla." Trudy said only to get a groan of disappointment from Ruby as she walks out the bar.

A few hours later Outside of Goodsprings

The courier was currently at the crossroad leading out of town. A sign in the middle indicated that to his left led to New Vegas while the other way led to Primm. It wasn't that it was a hard choice but he just couldn't make a move, almost like something was wrong with him. As he looked outward into the desert his ears heard the sound of someone approaching and he quickly spun around with his revolver at the ready to see Vic Rolling up.

"Howdy there." Vic said as he rolled over to the courier.

"What do you want Vic?" The courier said as he holsters his piece.

"Oh, not much, just heading out of town and making my way to New Vegas." Vic explained.

"Well what about that girl, the one who helped dig up my own sorry ass?" The courier asked.

"I recon by now she rounded up a mighty fine posse of her own to take care of the bandits." Vic explained causing for a flicker of a second the courier to sigh in relief.

"Ah so you are weary of her." Vic said picking up on his body language.

"No, but it's good to hear she is working with people who have killed before." The courier said as he looked back at the road.

"Well if your intentions are to catch that no good doer, I would suggest to head south through Novac, apparently a gang of Deathclaws had set up a nest in the quarry leading into Vegas" Vic explains.

"Thanks, would have been a waste to raise me from the dead just to die again." The courier said as he turns to head down to Primm but as he took his first hesitate step Vic began to beep causing him to retract his foot.

"What was that?" The courier asked with his hand on the handle of the rusting .357 piece.

"Oh, sorry but my scanner just went off, hmm there's a group of people racing into town. About twenty of them." Vic said as he points his robotic arm towards the north west. The courier quickly took of his bag and reached for his binoculars before looking through them to see twenty powder gangers racing into town armed with simple firearms and sticks of dynamite.

"Well looks like they are heading for Goodsprings, I calculate that Mrs. Rose chance of survival are at seventy five percent, but only if she chooses to kill if not then a mere twenty five percent." Vic said out loud causing the courier to flinch a bit in those words. He then slowly lowers the binoculars and look to the road leading to Primm before looking back at the road leading to Goodsprings.

"... God damn it." The courier curses under his breath before he made his decision as the sound of gun fire can be heard over head.

Back in Goodsprings.

Ruby hid behind a barrel as bullets shot overhead. As she sat there faces cover in blood she looked down at Sunny, who was laying down on the ground bleeding heavily as her breath began to become ragged. As the shouts and hauler of the gangs can be overheard, she looked up to see Easy Pete tossing a stick of dynamite overhead before the sound of an explosion can be overheard with the screams of the criminals as some limbs flew up into the air.

"Get your head out the dirt young one!" Easy Pete shouts as he injected the chemicals of the stimpacks Doc Mitchell loans into the unconscious Sunny.

"R-Right, sorry." Ruby apologize as the bullets subsided for a moment.

Ruby quickly holds up her rifle ready to turn around when the sound of easy Pete falling to the ground caused her to snap around to see one of the convicts was on top of him with a knife. Ruby aims her rifle at him but for just couldn't pull the trigger. As Easy Pete begs Ruby to shoot the knife plunged into his shoulder causing him to scream in utter agony. In that moment Ruby snaps and shoots her rifle into the convict's neck causing Blood to shoot out.

"Oh Oum." Ruby mutters as she drops her rifle looking at the convict that was choking on his blood. While the image of his demise and the feeling of killing a human starts to settle in to her mind her name contentedly used brought her out of her mind.

"Ruby, Ruby, RUBY!" Trudy shouts as she raced over to her with Ringo providing covering fire.

"Y-Yeah?" Ruby answers as she wipes away the blood from her face.

"Look hun, we need to retreat back to the shop can you cover us?" Trudy asked as Ringo slid behind cover and helped the unconscious Sunny and Pete up.

"Y-Yea I-I can!" Ruby said shaking a bit.

"You sure?" Trudy asked with a skeptical look on her face.

"Yes, I got this." Ruby said as she loads another clip into her rifle.

"Alright then, good luck." She said before throwing another stick of dynamite overhead and raced off with the help of Ringo.

As they ran Ruby breathed in and out heavily before racing through the ally way between the saloon and store. As she ran a stray bullet hits her sending her to the ground. Her aura did protect her but damn did that hurt. As she moans in pain, she sees her rifle on the ground and quickly crawls to it but a foot stepped on the rifle. She looks up to see the same man from earlier.

"Remember me, you little shit?" He asked before he kicks her in the face sending her flying into her back with blood seeping from her brow. She hazily reaches behind her for her 10MM pistol but she was surrounded by bandits so another grabbed it before another kicked her in her stomach.

"You think you can stand up to me? Na, you ain't worth our time little girl." He monologs as he pulls a switch blade from his back pocket. Despite the thugs beating her she didn't scream for mercy or pain.

"Heh I'll give you credit, you little fuck. You really don't know when to give up." He said sinisterly as he placed the blade against Ruby's neck. Ruby didn't respond all she did was stood her ground and stared at him with angry eyes.

"Well it's been fun but I have a town to burn and people to kill." He said as he raised his blade dramatically in the air and his other hand clutching her cape by the neck. "We powder gangers eat little shits like you for breakfast every day."

Before he could plunge the blade into her heart blood sprays everywhere before they realized the blood wasn't the girl but their leaders arm falling to the ground why'll clutching the blade. After a few seconds he screams like a maniac as a stranger stood behind him with a revolver in one hand and a bloody combat knife in the other.

"Really, you eat shits for breakfast, well that explains your bad breath." The courier said with a cruel chuckle.

The rest of the convicts realized what had happened and reached for their weapons when the courier activated his V.A.T.S system allowing him to plant four good shots into the four with guns. Once they fell the courier quickly slashed at the other three before they could even swing them knifes. The last one charges forward with a bat but before he could even try the courier quickly reversed spin kick causing the convict to fall down before his life ended with a 357 Long colt round to the head.

Ruby witnessed it all, a man who had returned from the grave thanks to her taken down several convicts with ease all the while keeping a small cocky grin on his face. This kinda reminds her of Yang to an extent. Once them powder gangers we're either dead or dying he walks up to her with a strange looking stim pack in hand.

"I believe this pays for the drinks this afternoon." He said as he wrapped the stim around her arm allowing it to inject its healing chemicals. His focus shifted to the crying bandit who was sobbing why'll holding his bleeding arm. "One moment kid."

The courier walks over to the gang leader who was now praying and begging for his life but for his efforts he was cut short with a final bullet to the head. With that the battle in the ghost town ended and its population won against the oncoming bandits.

Thirty minutes later inside the saloon

Sunny, Easy Pete, and Trudy survived the attack, but just barely. After Ringo pays Ruby for saving his life and dealing with those convicts, he left town for Sloan. Trudy even threw a celebration for fighting off the convicts with drinks half off for those who survived. Ruby however was sitting at the bar mopping instead of celebrating. She just killed a human, all her life she wanted to become the heroes who saved humans from the Grimm. But now she felt no better than the Grimm she was trained to kill. As thoughts of despair looms in her mind the sound of someone clearing their throat can be heard catching her attention. She looks up to see the courier and in his hand was a bottle of Nuka and whiskey.

"Mind if I sit?" He asked to which Ruby reluctantly nods her head in agreement. So, the courier sat next to her and offers her the bottle of Nuka but instead Ruby grabs the bottle of whiskey and quickly placed it to her lips and chugged for a few seconds... before spitting it out and coughed heavily.

"(Cough, Cough) Ugh, how does my uncle drink this?" Ruby asked out loud as she chokes on the drink.

"Well I think there's a reason why people say you have to be eighteen to drink." The courier said as he reaches behind the counter and grab two glasses. "Regardless of how I drink mine, you're supposed to take it slow, not all at once."

Ruby didn't pay attention on what he said and simply went for the Nuka trying to get rid of that taste in her mouth. As she chugs the two-hundred-year-old soft drink the courier simply raised his finger up signaling Trudy for another and a bottle of sunset sarsaparilla and a bottle of Vodka slid over.

"Well you just ruined a perfectly good cocktail." The courier said with a chuckle seeing that she still wasn't responding to him. "... Alright message received, I'll be going now."

As he stands up ready to leave Ruby quickly reaches out grabbing him. "How do you do it?"

"Excuse me?" The courier said as he turns around.

"How do you do it, kill people?" Ruby asked with tears starting to form in her eyes. The courier thought about it for a moment before sitting back down in his seat.

"You can live with it by simply knowing that you end a life to save one." The courier said.

"I see... did I do the right thing?" Ruby asked as she took another swig from her Nuka.

"... I couldn't answer even if I wanted to." The courier said as he downed his soft drink while looking at the blue star bottle cap.

"Oh right, you can't remember your karma, much less your name." Ruby said as she slumps down in despair.

"Yea, but until I do you can call me Six." The courier said as he grabbed ahold of Ruby's soft drink.

"Six?" Ruby asked with a brow raised in curiosity while also stifling a snicker.

"Well considering the only thing I know about my past is my occupation as the sixth courier I figure I call myself that. Six easy and simple to remember and if I do meet another courier it wouldn't be too confusing." He said as he pours half of the Nuka into the glass along with the whiskey.

"Ok then, Six. What are going to do now that our dept is repaid?" Ruby asked trying to hold back the snicker.

"Well For starters get you to New Vegas and maybe teach you a few things, along the way." Six said as he twirls the cocktail.

"Really! Oh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!" Ruby said on repeat as she hugged him.

"Gah Ruby! Stop hugging me!" Six said trying to pry the girl off him.

"Heh sorry." Ruby said with a cute smile on her face as she back off.

"Yea well anyways we leave tomorrow for Primm before taking the road up from highway 95 to New Vegas. The northern passage is infested with Deathclaws so unless you have a Fatman mini-nuke launcher on you, then we are goanna have to take the long way." Six explains as he pours the vodka and sarsaparilla into another glass.

"(Sigh) Guess this is goanna be a long trip." She said sounding disappointed but her face expression reads a determined look.

"Hey that means you will have more time to learn." Six said as he handed her the glass of Nuka and whiskey why'll taking his own sarsaparilla vodka mix.

"Here's to the long road ahead, kid." The courier said as he raised his glass why'll Ruby raises hers.

"Oh, I can't wait." She said excitedly as the two clink their glasses before throwing back the drink only for Ruby to choke on it again.

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