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Hours into The Second Battle of Hover Dam.

3rd POV

The battle was slowly coming to an end. Ranger from Camp Gulf had made their way down and quickly assisting the NCR in defending the dam. As the Legion was slowly being repelled, the scene focusses on Six. He had just given Jaune the Nuka Cola Quantum to use as an emergency fuel source. Surprisingly it actually worked. He screwed it in at the bottom and blue flames emerged from Gehenna. As he cut through the crowed of enemies with ease, he didn't even notice that the blade was slowly melting, turning to metallic goo as he slashed at multiple enemies with it. By the time he did notice there were plenty of blades to pick up. Six meanwhile was assisting Raúl who was reloading his weapon.

"So, how were they while I was gone?" Six asked as he blasted a Legion veteran head clean off.

"Oh, Esos pequeños diablo's of your were worried. Maybe destroyed a few of the Lucky 38's furniture in rage, but otherwise they were ángeles." Raul explains as he reload his magnum.

"Really? Huh, was honestly expecting to burn down the strip." Six remarked as he disarmed a legion soldier before kicking him off the side of the dam.

"Beep, Boop, Beep." (Yep, though to be fair. They would have probably destroyed the dam if we didn't enter the battle. H*, it dropped by 17% because of Ruby's absent.) ED-E comments.

"Heh, that may be true. Though I doubt Ruby missing from…" Before Six could even finish that sentence he soon realized that Ruby was nowhere to be seen.

Quickly looking around he tries to spot Ruby. All he see's is Weiss reloading her weapon with Yang mercilessly beating a Legions soldiers face in. Blake assisting the wounded and killing her enemies silently. Nora not even bothering killing the Legion, just simply breaking their legs one by one. As they screamed in pain, Ren simply just silence them with a single headshot to their head. Then there was Jaune and Pyrrha. Currently they were kissing in the midst of the battlefield. Reminds Six of an old war photo about a sailor who returned from war. Still no Ruby.

So he turned back to ED-E and asked. "Where did she run off to?"

"Beep, Boop. Beep" (Oh, just to the Legates camp. 50/50 she's still alive.)

"WHAT!" Six shouts as his eye's goes wide.

This shock nearly gave a legion recruit an opening. However, he was killed by Raul before he could swing his machete. Raul then said, "I take it's not good news is it, jefe?"

"She's in the Legates camp." Six stuttered as he quickly checks the ammunition on his belt.

"Oh, eso no es Bueno." Raul remarks, before looking Six in the eyes. "Right, go on ahead. I'll keep an eye on the rest of the kids."

"But…" Before Six could finish, Raul had shot and killed a Legion War Hound that nearly bit at Six's leg.

"But nothing boss. Go and save Ms. Rose. Before it's too late." Raul shouts before charging towards a group of on coming legion soldiers with two magnums in hand.

Six didn't had much to say. But he knew the old ghoul was right. So with a sigh he holstered his gun and quickly ran through the carnage east. Hoping to god that Ruby's ok. He muttered under his breath. "Ruby… don't do something I would do."

In the Legates camp

Ruby was fighting with the Legate. As strange as it was for the few Legion soldiers watching. Ruby was the only one who seemed to fight as well as the Legate. Ruby used her speed to dodge the swings of the blade of the east. Once she was far away from the blade, she would open fired with her anti material riffle. Despite close range and the powerful fifty caliber rounds she would pump into him. The Legate wasn't called the monster of the east for nothing. The bullet would bounce off or flatten against his armor. To the Legate it was like getting hit by a beanbag round a point-blank range. But he either could stand the pain, or didn't care. Because he showed no sign of slowing down, even with all that armor. The fight had nearly came to it's conclusion when Ruby was reloading. As she was loading a new round, the Legate hit dust into her eye with the tip of his blade. Blinded, the Legate slashed down at her chest. If Ruby didn't move at the last second, she would have been cut in half. However, it seems that the tip of the blade had cut across her stomach. Deep enough that she will have a scar just above the belly button. As she held her stomach, she begins to wonder why her Aura wasn't healing any of the wounds that the Legate had inflicted. The Legate noticed her curious look decided to tell her.

"Hmm, I have heard rumor about your; special abilities. Only thing that works against it is radiation. So I coated my blade in oil made of the most hazardous elements of the old world." The Legate states as he wiped Ruby's blood off his blade on a nearby rock.

"Isn't that (Huff, Huff) Cheating?" Ruby said as she pulled out a stimpack and injected it into her neck.

"No, we fight on equal terms. You could have armed yourself AP rounds, but instead you chose to fight with normal bullets. Tsk, should have stick with your fist. For that is truly reliable in this world." The Legate said as he held his weapon in both hands.

"Yeah… good to know." Ruby remarks as she finish loading in a new clip into her rifle.

The moment she cocked her riffle was the moment the two sprinted towards one another. The Legate takes a swing at her. She backflips over the blade before aiming her riffle at the back of his head. However she missed when the Legate kicked the rifle away. He then swings twice at Ruby before swing down at her. Ruby managed to evade all three strikes but the third one came dangerously close to cutting her in half. She then rolled out of the way and did another backflip. Not only evading another slash but also taking a pot shot while half way through her flip. The Bullet did nothing but to slow down the Legate for a moment. Using that Ruby begin firing off rounds from a somewhat safe distance. Her objective was the only part of the body that wasn't protected. The eyes. However the Legate managed to deflect these shots with his Bumper sword. As Ruby continued to fire, he charges forward using the flat side of his sword for protection. Firing off the last round Ruby tried to quickly reload, but the Legate had already got her. He rammed her against the cliff side, knocking the air out of her. She fell to the ground. Coughing and wheezing as she tried to crawl to her Anti-material rifle. Lanius kicked it away before stomping down on her. Ruby tried to roll away but ends up having a metal boot crack her ribcage.

"You fought well, and honestly." The Legate said as he pushed down harder with his boot, crushing her sternum. As Ruby struggled to breath, the Legate holds up his blade a few inches from Ruby's eyes. "But like all those who came before me, you will fall. Just like the West. Shame that I won't keep you. Unlike most, you would have proven yourself a good slave. Suppose I will have to settle for your friends. That is, if they are as worthy as you, Rubrum Messorem."

She had no idea what Legate Lanius meant by 'Rubrum Messorem', but the idea of her sister, her friends, Weiss. In chains made her blood boil. No, her Soul. It was in flames. Sparks of lights to shoot out of her eyes just as the Blade of East was about to make contact with her right eye. The moment it did, the blade suddenly shatters and the Legate was tossed back. Nobody know what just happened and the Legion soldiers that were their ran in terror. No longer were they afraid of the Legate Lanius, Quod monstrum orientis. The Monster of the East. They now fear Quod monstrum Occidentem. The Monster of the West, and she has proven more terrifying then Lanius.

Lanius slowly begins to pick himself up. His arm now has a pale streak. Like a lighting bolt of silver of gold. As he slowly picks himself up, he felt a bullet pierce the back of his shattered leg. Then another as it punches through the silver part of his armor, before finally a round punches his neck guard. It did stop the bullet from hitting his jugular, but cut along the side of his neck. On his knees he looks up to see Ruby standing above him, staring into his darken eye holes with those silver eyes.

"Hmm, seems the West has been hiding you… no matter. I have been defeated, in the most glorious way. You now may finish me. For it is the will of Mars that I fall at your hand." The Legate said as he held out his arms, inviting death.

"Is this all you want!?" Ruby snarled as she kicked the Legate over with an Aura enhanced kick. He fell to the ground coughing up blood. Ruby then got on top and proceeded before beating in his mask with a series of Aura enhanced punches. "To leave this world, covered in blood and dust!?"

"(Cough, Cough) I... would not have it any other way." Lanius struggled to say from under his crushed mask.

Enraged Ruby pointed her rifle at his head. She was going to do it. Right then and there. End the Butcher of the East. As she pulled back the trigger, something neither Ruby or Legate Lanius expected. Their was a bang, but it did not come from Ruby's riffle. In fact it just shot out of her hands. Suddenly a voice came over the two.

"I can't leave you alone. Not for one goddam second." Six said as he walked over to Ruby with a smoking ranger sequoia in hand.

"What are you doing Six?" Ruby asked as she held her hand in pain.

"Stopping you. What does it look like?" Six said as he holsters his ranger sequoia.

"One should not interfere with another's battle. Unlike you NCR Cowards we welcome death. For there is no better glory then dying on the fields of battle." Lanius said as he raised his head to look at Six.

"See Six. These… monsters. All they crave is death. Each and every single one. Why would you defend the most infamous of them all?!" Ruby spats in rage.

"Because, if you had pulled that trigger then you wouldn't be any better then them." Six answered sternly as he walked over to her slowly. Ruby's eye twitch with anger as a bolt of silver energy started creeping from the corners of her eye.

"Me… the monster? What happened to that life lessons you would give to me on the road?!" Ruby screams in rage before pulling the weathered 10mm pistol from her holster. She then points him. "You said that if I didn't learn to kill, this wasteland will eat me alive. There is no room for mercy or lack of focus."

She then fired off a round at the ground it hit right next to Six's foot. Six didn't even flinch. He just simply looked down at the hole before looking back up at Ruby. Her face was intense. She was on the verge of tears. Her hand was shaking. After a few moments she relucted and pointed her weapon at Legates head. She then said.

"It's not like I want to kill these people. It's (Sigh) just so hard not to. Day in and day out I've been killing. I have seen the inside of a human being more times then any other girl my age should. I just wanted to help people, be the Hero. I might have been. But out here. In this, Mojave. Hero's are none existed. Or at least the ones I know. As you said yourself, Six. Way back in Goodsprings when we first met face to face over a drink. 'You can't be the hero by talking down bloodthirsty bandits, you want to stop them then you need to kill them.'" Ruby said as she cocks the hammer back on her pistol. She then said. "And I intend to stop this. Once and for all. So please give me one good reason. One. If you can't give me one, not only will I kill this evil monster of a man. And I will give you something you wanted from day one. My disappearance. I will never talk to you, never see you, or never want to hear of you again. Just like what you want. So go ahead. Give me that one good reason, Six!"

Tears were streaming down Ruby's cheeks. Six had little time before she makes a grave mistake. So with a sigh he then spoke and Ruby listen to his words. With her finger pressed firmly against the trigger, one wrong word would forever change Ruby. And not for good.

"Because, hero's don't kill downed enemies. You don't hang murderers without a trial. And you don't destroy a civilization by killing their leaders. Yes he deserves to die. More then anyone here, on the Dam, or running back east. But I should have died. My tribe made that same excuse, that I deserve to die because of the hand I drew. If you kill Legate Lanius you will become the worst human alive. A person who is a walking apocalypse. Doesn't care for others, doesn't set roots down anywhere, kills anything or anyone who disturbs their silent stroll through the shatters of life." Six said as he slowly walked over to Ruby.

"A, monster. Or I have been told." Ruby said as her fingers slowly press against the trigger, ready to kill. But the next thirteen words that came out of Six's mouth would cause her trigger finger to loosen.

"No, not a monster. You will become someone worse. You will become me." Six said as he slowly approaches her.

"What?" Ruby asked completely confused by Six's speech.

"All this time, I thought that what it took to survive in this wasteland was to be killer. Someone who can get a job done without remorse nor pity. But I was wrong. I should have been more like you. Surviving out here it wears you down. Makes you keep to yourself, treat others as hostiles. If you kill that man, you will become me. A survivor of a wasteland. Doing that and just that is a war. An War, war never changes. But we do. We can change for the better, but by choosing a better road." Six said as he was right beside Ruby. He then held onto the gun and looked her in the eye. "Please, I'm begging you. Choose a better path then the one I accidently sent you down. Don't become another Courier Six. Stay Ruby Rose."

Ruby remained silent for a time. Six's words cut deep. She remembers all that she has been through. Everything. Her hands slowly begin to quiver and tears started to flood down her face. After a few moments she burst out crying before falling off the Legate and onto Six's embracing arms.

"I'm so tired. (Sniff, Sniff) I'm tired of killing (Sniff, Sniff) of fighting (Sniff, Sniff) of surviving. (Sniff, Sniff) I just want to go back to the way things were. When all I had to worry about was each other." Ruby cried into Six's shoulders.

"I know kid. I wish that was the case for you as well." Six said as he hugged her back.

She cried heavily into Six's shoulder. As she continued to cry in his shoulder, Six slowly took back the weathered 10MM and unload the magazine before he tucked it into his back belt. Once secured, Six then grab ahold of her and begins to carry's her away in his arms. However, as he does the Legate begins to pull himself up.

"How dare you. HOW DARE YOU STEAL A KILL FROM WARRIER SUCH AS HER!" The Legate roared in anger. Six stopped dead in his tracks. Looking behind him, the once fearsome monster of the east was limping on one leg and bleeding heavily from his torso and neck. He then asked, "Who are you to come before me... you don't bear the mark of the Bear, yet you were ready for battle."

"Just… a Courier. A Courier of the West." Six replied. "Speaking of which, since when did Caesar start giving you orders from beyond the grave?"

"Caesar's will is the will of the Legion. And the West... all beneath the flag of the Great Bear exist to test the strength of the Legion. The West shall fall as the East fell, and all the tribes that stretch to the setting sun shall bear the mark of the Legion." Roared with that same rage in his voice.

Six then lets Ruby down on a nearby rock before turning to Lanius. Six then said to Lanius. "Uh huh. (sigh) since you are clearly inured, deluded that you think you will win, and I convinced a child who's been through hell these last four months. I feel good that maybe you're willing to listen to reason."

"I see you fight with words, like all beneath the flag of the bear. Let us hope your skill with weapons proves greater." Lanius said as he picks up his broken blade.

"…This battle is decided, that's why I am here to talk with you." Six said unfazed by the jagged blade pointing at him.

"So you seek quarter? Terms of surrender? Our roads into NCR are hung with the bodies of those who attempted to negotiate with us. Save your speeches, we will take Hoover Dam and move forward until our feet crush the setting sun beneath them." The Legate said threatening as he gestured to the multiple crosses with bones still hanging from them. However Six simply lets out a small chuckle that caught both the Legate and Ruby off guard.

"Heh, Move forward? The Legion spent years trying to take Hoover Dam." Six states.

"Hoover Dam has never seen the massed strength of the East. Only Legates such as Graham... who deserved the fire Caesar blessed him with. Now I am here, and make markers of your people as the Legion carves its way West." The legate said proudly.

"And then what of the East?" Six asked with a brow raised.

"You speak in circles, what of the East? I am the East, and I will prove it this day." The Legate said as he twirls the blade around in his hand.

"If you need all the East to crush the West..." Before Six could finish, the Legate pointed his weapon at his throat.

"The victory here shall be swift. Our forces shall take the Dam, secure it, then build a road west on the bodies of the NCR. The East will hold. Once across the Colorado, nothing to rival Hoover Dam remains." The Legate said as he points the blade at Six's neck. However to his and Ruby's surprise, he wasn't phased by this.

"…It's is not the strength of the West that will slow you, it is their weakness." Six continued.

"Your weakness? You seek to thwart me by claiming the Legion is too strong for you?" The Legate asked. Even though the two couldn't see it, his brow was raised.

"NCR's weakness is its size, it'll take your entire army to hold the West." Six points out.

"That does not mean we would not succeed." The Legate remarks.

"Oh you will, eventually, but moving your whole army West means losing the East. You see Legate Lanius. You can't hold both." Six pointed out. The Legate then went silent he then thought on the words this Courier had said.

He was right. Remembering how wide and spread out the tribes near Denver were. How the attrition of the land nearly caused the death of the legion in that city. If this Courier was true, then it would be like Dog town. But much, much worse. The Legate then turns to Six before saying, "The East was a hard-fought campaign. Even now, Caesar drew too much of the Legion's blood needed there for... this. Hoover Dam is but a place. I will not have it be the gravestone of the Legion - whether quickly, or as you describe, slowly... by attrition."

"Good, there is victory in wisdom, Legate." Six said as he crossed his arms.

"Perhaps, Courier. As for wisdom... there is wisdom in your words, man of the West." The Legate said before stabbing his blade into the ground. He then begins to walk away but not before looking back and saying one last thing. "Know that I shall return East. I shall not remain there forever. On that day, the strength of the bear shall be tested. If the West is one day filled with ones such as you, perhaps it shall be a worthy fight, indeed."

"If you feel that war matters that much, perhaps you will see differently in time." Six remarked.

Hnh. My coming would have saved you, set your people free in ways they cannot see. War would have tested them. Broken the weak with its violence, yet allowing the strong to arise. Violence gave you that strength, awakened you. I can see it upon your face, where two bullets left their mark." The Legate said as he points to Six's head.

"Maybe, but even a weakness could be a strength yet to be seen." Six said, causing the Legate to let out a small chuckle. Something not seen before.

"Heh, Perhaps it is fortunate Vulpes went to his death before this day... something tells me your words would have surpassed even his skills. Until the day when our armies meet again, courier. I shall wait for you on the battlefield." The Legate said before giving Six a Legion Salute. Six replied by tipping his hat to him. With that done the Legate then walked away, heading back east to lick his wounds and prepare for battle.

Six then turned back west, he grabbed Ruby again but instead of carrying her, he held her hand as they returned to Hoover Dam. As they slowly walked back Ruby slowly stopped silently sobbing. She looked up at Six before saying, "Thank you."

"For what?" Six asked.

"For saving me… back in Goodsprings when we had our argument. Trudy told me that out here people change and definitely not for the better. I have changed since Goodsprings commentary… and not for the better." Ruby remarks.

"Yeah, that's the wasteland for you. It's cruel and unforgiving. But hey, doesn't mean we can't be better." Six remarks as he ruffled up Ruby's hair. This got a little chuckle from Ruby.

"Heh, yeah I guess so." Ruby said with a small laugh. That's when a thought came into her mind. "Hey Six, before the battle you asked me for a favor… what was that favor?"

"Hmm, oh. Well, can you keep everything you know about the Divide to yourself? Trust me, something tells me your sister will have some unkind words with me when she learns about that Deathclaw encounter." Six remarked as he points to that scar on Ruby's chest and breast.

"Huh, is that all? I mean yeah I guess I can see your point." Ruby remarked as she looked down at her chest.

"Well there are other reasons, but a beating is pretty high up on reasons not to tell. God knows I don't need another reason to change my name." Six remarked.

"Yeah." Ruby said before letting out a sigh. She then looked up at Six and said. "Alright, I'll keep your secret."

"Promise?" Six said with a small smirk.

"On my fathers empty grave." Ruby joked.

The two then shared a laugh as they continued forward towards the gate. When they got there, a sudden explosion sent both Ruby and Six flying back. As the two slowly got back up, NCR Rangers came rushing in. Followed by the rest of team (R)WBY and General Lee Oliver.

"(Cough, Cough) The hell? (Cough, Cough)" Six said as he waved the smoke from his face.

Ruby barley had a moment before being tackled by her entire team. She nearly died in her sisters bear grip hug. As Yang cried loudly that her sister ok, General Oliver approached Six.

"That was a fine bit of work back there. Truth told, I'm surprised you made it out of there in one piece. You and the Dam. I'm impressed to say the least, and that's no easy thing. You've secured NCR's future. the administration sends its thanks, for what it's worth." General Oliver said as he pulls a Cuban cigar from his inner coat.

"Ugh, sometimes I wonder if NCR wouldn't lose the whole West if they weren't sitting on it." Ruby remarked as she tried to get out from all the tears and hugs her friends and sister was giving her.

General Oliver looked over at Ruby before giving a small sigh. "(Sigh) Look. The NCR isn't everyone here, and it definitely ain't you. It's filled with people that take action and don't wait for someone to say what's right and what's wrong and make sure the proper form's filled out. When there's an example of that kind of success... that can shake things up enough so the good that came with the intention shines through."

"Ignore that general. She's… had a hell of a day. Sides, we couldn't have done it alone, and I appreciate the assist along the way." Six said as he takes the cigar before pulling out Benny's lighter.

"I agree. It's been a long day. And seeing those shits of Caesar kicking dirt as they ran, did my heart good, let me tell you. Might see some recruitment numbers rise, build some morale out in the Mojave long enough for NCR to find its feet again. All due to you two. Again, you have my thanks. And all the West, too, once they pass it over the radio...after signing the right release forms." General Oliver remarks as Six lights the cigar.

As he takes a drag from the finely made cigar, Ruby managed to squirm out of her sister and friends grasp. Or at least so she can breath. "(Gasp) So, what happens now?"

"We clean up, take prisoners, watch the East for any more trouble from the Legion... though I think they're still running, according to our scouts. After that, we'll see what happens when the dust settles and how the Mojave looks now without Caesar coming for its throat. Something tells me we better enjoy this breather while we can... and if that means Vegas, then you and the troops have earned it." General Oliver said before giving a nod to his rangers who reacted by firing a few shots into the air.

"If there's nothing else, General, I think we will be heading out." Six said as he exhales the smoke in the shape of a halo.

"Can't keep the courier spirit down, eh? Fair enough. We'll clean up here. Kind of curious how this is going to pan out in the long run... but I'll guess history'll tell us in its own sweet time." General Oliver said before he and his troops left to secure the rest of the dam. Leaving Six and the rest of team RWBY.

"So where are we heading?" Blake asked as she pulls out of the group hug.

"Yes, I have that same inquiry about what we should do now that the battle is over and Caesar is no more." Weiss remarks.

"Where ever it is, as long it's with my baby sister. I can do just about anything!" Yang said a she scuffle Ruby's hair.

"Hmm, well I guess the first thing is to find our friends. Get patched up, then I head to Vegas. I think that's a good enough for now." Six said as he spits the barley smoked cigar out. Despite it being made with quality prewar tobacco. Six much prefer coyote tobacco.

"Yeah, that sounds fine." Ruby remarks as she twitches a bit in pain from the bruises and scar on her stomach. "I honestly could go for a Nuka cola right about now."

"Heh, yeah. Though I'd prefer Sunset Sarsaparilla." Six said before the five heads west. Into the setting sun over Hover Dam. As they walked into the sunset the view goes white from looking into the setting sun. Then black.

Play one of these three songs. "Roundup on the Prairie" / "I was the sun (Before it was cool)" / "The Lone Wanderer"

As the song begins, the first slide appears. Showing a slide of the same empty Shallow Grave where the Courier, had risen from with a few Rose petals floating in the wind. "And so, the Courier, who had cheated death in the cemetery outside Goodsprings with the aid of the Red Reaper, help her in return cheat death once again, and the Mojave Wasteland was forever changed."

The next slide changes to a photo of hundreds of celebrating NCR soldiers on the strip enjoying and revering in their victory. "The New California Republic celebrated its second victory at Hoover Dam, establishing definitive control over the entire Mojave Wasteland. Soon after, they negotiated terms to annex The Strip, Freeside, and many surrounding communities. The Mojave Wasteland, at long last, had entirely fallen under the NCR's banner."

The next slide was of Six and Ruby being handed a golden olive stick with a crowd of friends and soldiers alike clapping in their achievements. "Though the Courier agenda was debated by many he was honored all the same as the Red Reaper. Her fair and even-handed in their dealings throughout the Wasteland, was honored by the NCR for both of their support of the military at Hoover Dam. They were presented with the Golden Branch, the highest civilian decoration given by the Republic."

The next slide shows a new children's book being read by NCR children. On the cover was a crude drawing of a Nightkin with a blonde wig and a Robot. Neil begins to narrate. "Tabitha and Rhonda went east, through Caesar's land. Occasionally tales of their exploits found their way back west, though few believed them. Eventually the stories concerning the duo were collected and published, and proved to be quite popular with children

The slide photo shifts to Raul, in his Vaquero outfit reaching out to a scared child while standing over a few dead fiends with a smoking gun in the other hand. Raul narrates. "Invigorated by his travels with the Courier and his little Diablo's, Raul once more took up his guns in memory of his lost Rafaela. Soon after, the Mojave was filled with tales of the ghost-vaquero who hunts down those who prey on the weak."

The next slide was of Nora, screaming in joy as she and Ren holds on tightly to the Boomers bomber flying above Nellis. Ren looked more terrified instead of happy. Pete Narrates. "With the help of the Gun Runners, the Boomers developed a healthy trading relationship with the NCR. Eventually the Boomers began wandering out into the wasteland, while still preventing outsiders from entering Nellis."

The slide then changes to a mural of Nora on the side of a bomb making a heart with her hand and giving a kissy face. Nora then narrates the following. "When the second battle of Hoover Damn had finish, Tales of the Ginger Bomber erupted throughout the public about her death-defying valor on the battlefield. Soon those stories became muddled with myths, rumors, and false claims about this surprisingly strong ginger. Eventually her story's became folklore about the Boomers. It is rumored that should you mentions her name or her presence is felt, you can cause Raiders, Legionary's, and in some cases Deathclaws, to grab their legs in fear. Fear that somehow, she may break them with just a thought."

The photo slide then changes to two Brotherhood knights giving Jaune and Phrrya a salute along the old road. Elder McNamaro then narrates. "The Brotherhood and the NCR in the Mojave Wasteland declared an official truce, despite continued hostilities between the two in the west. As per their agreement, the NCR handed over all suits of salvaged power armor and in return the Brotherhood helped patrol I-15 and Highway 95."

The next photo was of Benny at a bar flirting with a blond. Benny then narrates. "Having been spared two times by the Courier he attempted to kill back in Goodsprings, Benny disappeared from the Mojave waste. Rumors says he head out to New Reno and worked at a casino. Another said he head east to get the hell out of the politics. What ever happened to him will remain unanswered to this day."

The next slide shows Jaune and Phrrya siting at a table with Brotherhood soldiers and NCR troopers drinking and laughing while Jaune was more focused on Phrrya. Jaune then narrates, "Jaune Arc fought honorably on the battle field. Once the battle was over, he was offered the rank of sergeant and his own company of soldiers if he were to join the NCR. While the brotherhood offered him to be made a paladin along with his own custom power Armor. He politely refused and simply stating that he wasn't a soldier. The two factions were disappointed, but respected his decision. Instead the NCR named a military police company after him and The Brotherhood, equipped themselves with electrified sword and shield named after his weapons. Both proved to be as effective as the young leader."

The slide then changes to a picture of Veronica, giving Yang a tearful goodbye in the midst of a New Vegas Crowd. Veronica then narrates. "Despite her departure from the group, the Brotherhood's peace treaty with NCR came as some relief to Veronica. Though she remained friendly with surface patrols, she was never again permitted to enter the bunker she once called home. Fearing for the safety of anyone she associated with, she continued her solitary life as a scavenger. But reports would emerge from Mojave scientists and social workers of old equipment miraculously repaired and research notes mysteriously completed."

The picture changes to an image of Cook-Cook, Violet, Driver Nephi's heads leaning next to Motor-Runners bloodied helmet on a table, it was being inspected for the bounty reward meant for the two who collected them. Major Dhatri then narrates. "Their leaders destroyed by the Knight Arc and the Impossible girl; the Fiends scattered throughout the wasteland. Without the organization of Motor-Runner, Cook-Cook, Violet, and Driver Nephi, they were easy prey."

The next slide was of the followers working with Blake who was helping a smiling kid with a newly made vaccine. Dr Julie Farkas then narrates. "After the NCR's victory at the dam, in part thanks to Follower's medical support, NCR allowed the Followers to care for refugees as they see fit. Old Mormon Fort expanded its services and was able to aid more people, becoming a refuge for the less fortunate citizens of New Vegas."

The next slide was of Blake and Yang enjoying some fishing together. As Blake pulls a Mirelurk from the water Yang simply points a shotgun at it. In the background Nora and Veronica were grilling the mutated crab as it somehow catches fire. Blake then narrates. "With her experience of living in the wastes Blake had grown. She slowly but surely became more opened with her Faunus heritage. As she readied herself for insults or creepy stares, she soon found out that because of her actions at the battle her actions over stepped her Faunus features. She still gets a few seconds looks and side way glances, but it didn't matter to her anymore. She was the black cat of the NCR, and nobody would dare to cross paths with her unless they wanted to be run out of town with empty pockets."

The next picture slide was of Arcade tapping a glass of atomic cocktail with a strapping looking man and a drunk Weiss and Cass sitting at another table. Arcade then narrates. "Arcade had hoped that Freeside would be able to remain independent of NCR rule, but he was glad that Caesar's Legion had been stopped at Hoover Dam. He tended to the sick in Freeside for a while longer, then returned to NCR territory to become a teacher with the Followers there."

The next image was of Goodsprings having more travelers leaving the stores on their way to Vegas. Doc Mitchell then Narrates. "Goodsprings saw more trade along I-15 after NCR gained control of the Mojave Wasteland, but with that came a heavy burden of the Republic's taxes. Some old-timers, unable to handle the cost, were forced to move on, grumbling all the while."

The next slide was of NCR taking huge supplies and arresting workers from both the Crimson Caravans and Van Graffs. Cass then narrates. "In the years following the destruction of Cassidy Caravans, NCR used evidence of the plot to blackmail the Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs. NCR enacted strict trade laws with little resistance, strengthening their supply lines and their position in the Mojave."

The next slide shows a dead caravan train littered junk and body pieces from an attack by explosive weaponry. Cass once again narrates. "Both the Van Graffs and Alice McLafferty were removed from their post in the East. During their trek West, however, their caravan was wiped out by raiders using advanced weaponry and military tactics. No cargo was taken. When questioned, the Gun Runners denied any involvement, claiming they would have no... public motivation, for such an attack"

The next Image was of Cass celebrating with Yang, Jaune, Phrrya, and Six. As Six and Yang cheers and touched their glasses against each other Phrrya was laughing, while her hand was on the shoulder of Jaune who was faced down on the table. Cass continued to narrate. "Cass survived to see the NCR flag flying proud over Hoover Dam, and thought for a moment... this is what a hero must feel like. She was about to tell the Courier and the Reaper not to get too proud of themselves. Then, she figured they knew that already"

The next image was of Cass walking along the walls of the Dam with her hair down and free in the rays of the blue moon with a cheeky smile on her face. Cass narrates. "That night, Cass kicked in the door of Six's room to celebrate, only to find the man on the bed was an NCR soldier whose barracks had been destroyed. He was cute, though, so after having her way with him, she got the hell out, leaving an empty whiskey bottle as a note. As she walked along the Dam in the night, she felt drunk, content, and happy to be alive. Which to her, was the whole point of it all."

The slide changes to an Image of Yang posing with the we can do it, for the next propaganda poster for women's service in the military. Yang then narrates. "During the battle the soldiers were both mesmerized and frightened by Yang's beat down on the Legions toughest. After the battle soldiers begin to revere her as a free spirited, tough as railroad spike, party girl. In honor of her actions a drink was named after her, and a sudden boom of female applicants for the army, all drunk off of Yang's yellow punch."

The next slide was of a great Kahn member riding a mutated horse with six legs in the open fields of Wyoming. Papa Khan then narrates. "During the Battle of Hoover Dam, the Great Khans quickly evacuated Red Rock Canyon and headed north and east into the plains of Wyoming. There, they reconnected with the Followers of the Apocalypse and rebuilt their strength. Bolstered by ancient knowledge of governance, economics, and transportation, they carved a mighty empire out of the ruins of the Northwest."

The next slide was of a huge Bighorn steak meal with team JNPR enjoying a huge plate of Bighorn steaks why'll surrounded by Mutants, Nightstalkers, and ghoul's who were also enjoying their meals. Markus then Narrates. "Thanks to the Impossible girl, Knight arc, and Lily, a cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia was found shortly after Doctor Henry's experiment concluded. Nightkin and other super mutants in the wasteland flocked to Jacobstown, and the town became known as a haven where a mutant could find peace."

The slide then changes to show Jaune and Phrrya cuddling together on the couch while through a group of Paparazzi was being chased by a pack of puppy cyborg Boston terriers in the background window. Phrrya then Narrates. "Phrrya was once more the Invincible Girl. But unlike last time she had friends who didn't care about the fame she had received. During the mist of battle she and Jaune shared a tender kiss that caught the eyes of everyone. The two were adored by the public but as a favor from Marcus they had a mountain retreat in Jacobstown should the paparazzi get to clingy. Months later, she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. She named them Xanthós Marcus Arc, and Vermilion SharenArc."

The next image was of Lily leaving Jacobstown and heading west with a locket of two children in hand. She then narrates. "Lily continued to take her medicine at half-doses, and although she remembered her grandchildren, her mind remained muddled and confused. Eventually, she parted ways and traveled west, seeking the remnants of her past."

The next slide was of Ren singing on stage as a crowd of NCR soldiers, civilians, Kings, Rex, and a very noticeable Nora were cheering him on as he sang. The King then Narrates. "After the NCR victory at Hoover Dam the temporary truce between them and The Kings blossomed into a full-scale relief effort for the people. While the NCR made repeated entreaties that Freeside join the Republic, The Kings steadfastly maintained their independence."

The next photo shows Ren meditating with Nora who was trying her hardest to not break from the boredom. Meanwhile behind them a few Kings members were also giving this meditation thing a chance. Ren then narrates. "After the battle for Hoover Dam, Ren was welcomed back as a hometown hero. Despite no one knowing how Ren, the lotus King member had arrived in Freeside he was still welcomed home openly. As his recognition grew it nearly trumped the Courier's and the Red Reaper fame when it became apparent that he was dating the Ginger bomber. After a while his quiet and precise characteristics had been transferred to a comic book series that was written by one of the Kings members in his older days. It has proven to be very popular with orphans."

The next slide photo was of Rex, sitting next to ROXIE while watching Ruby and Weiss playing with their cyborg pups. Doctor Henry begins to narrate. "After Rey's brain was transplanted into Rex's cybernetic body, it took Rex some time to adjust to the old scrapyard dog's memories. Eventually, Rex's mind settled peacefully, melding his own memories with that of long travels with Old Lady Gibson."

The photo shifts to a new one. It was of the Misfits receiving the Medal of Honor for their service and valor during the battle of Camp Gulf. Now Sargent Mags narrates. "Shaped up by the Ginger bomber and the lotus Kings advice, The Misfits, distinguished themselves during the Legion's attack on Camp Golf. Mags was finally promoted to Sergeant, and the rest of The Misfits received an official commendation. They continued to serve with distinction for many years."

The next image was of Blake and Yang standing under the dinosaur outside of Novac posing for a photo. Manny Vargas then narrates. "Though Novac was a low-priority target for the Legion, many of Novac's citizens died in its defense. In the weeks that followed, several Bright Followers returned to Novac to help restore its defenses, allowing it to remain independent of the NCR."

The next slide was of slavers freshly slain bodies lying in the sand as flash from the reflection of a sniper rifle can be seen from far away. Boone then narrates. "Looking for a place where he could be of some use, Boone found himself re-enlisting with his old unit. Though his regrets remained in his thoughts, they coalesced into a purpose, and Boone embraced it. He spent his leave time hunting down slavers in the desert, his First Recon beret the last thing they never saw."

The slide then changes to a photo of multiple prisoners being led off to be hang by multiple NCR soldiers and rangers. Dennis Crooker then narrates. "With the Dam firmly in their grasp, the NCR turned its attention towards wresting the Correctional Facility from Powder Ganger hands. The Powder Gangers are no match for the battle-hardened troops of the NCR, and summary execution awaited the Powder Gangers who managed to survive."

The next photo was of the Vault 19 Powder gangers working the road by chopping blocks of rocks with pickaxes while chained to one another. Samuel Cook then narrates. "After the Vault 19 Powder Gang surrendered to the NCR, they were re-incorporated into the correctional system. The NCR did increase their sentences, and they aren't about to take off time for good behavior."

The next image was of Primm slim chasing after Criminals slowly. Johnson Nash then narrates. "Primm Slim proves to be an able-minded, if not able-bodied, sheriff for Primm. Due to his slow speed, some crooks get away without a scratch, but Primm continues to prosper under his watchful robotic eye."

The next slide was of Six walking along the road while debating something with ED-E. With a series' of Beeps and Boops ED-E told his tale. "Beep, Explaining Boop, Beep!" (With its logs cleared and its systems upgraded ED-E remained a vigilant and constant companion to the Courier. The Followers of the Apocalypse used the information recovered from ED-E on Poseidon Energy, to develop new methods to harness the energy of the sun.)

The slide change to Weiss taking a sip of coffee while reading a book on science with Veronica and Arcade. While doing so, Nora and Cass snored loudly in the background. Next to Weiss, leaning against her was Ruby. Sleeping soundly on her shoulder. Weiss then narrates. "Weiss has survived to see the Flag of the New California flag sailing high over the Hoover Dam. She was of coursed praised for her service during the battle, but what she wanted simply wasn't there. She spent multiple hours studying about this world's power supplies and resources. Once she had an absolute understanding of atomic energy and the risks it held, she knew what direction she was gonna take her grandfather's company once she returned; but till then she thought. Now was a good time to spend with her leader, partner, girlfriend. Ruby Rose, cause her birthday is coming up a little sooner than anyone could really know."

The slide then flips to a photo of Chief Hanlon getting a hug from Ruby, who he had just declared her an honorary Ranger along with giving her a customs Ranger sequoia with her rose symbol on the handle instead of the bear. He then narrates. "Due to the Reapers intervention, Chief Hanlon abandoned his plan to sabotage the defense of Hoover Dam. The rangers assisted the troopers admirably during the Legion's ill-fated attack. Though General Oliver and Chief Hanlon were both praised for their leadership, the chief quietly stepped out of the spotlight. After a brief fanfare for a life full of accomplishments, Chief Hanlon retired and returned to the peace and quiet of his ranch in Redding."

The next slide was of the Remnants. They all burned their old uniforms before giving a final farewell to one another before walking their own separate paths. Judah Kreger then narrates. "After their bold arrival at Hoover Dam, the Remnants disappeared as quickly as they came. Legends of their power spread throughout the southwest, a reminder of why people once feared the sight of Vertibird in the sky."

The slide then changed to a photo of Ruby and Six, sitting next to each other as all their friends and companions were sitting at Trudy's bar in Goodsprings. While they were drinking in celebration Ruby and Six tapped a bottle of Nuka and a bottle of Sarsaparilla with a small smile on each other's faces. Ruby soon narrates. "Ruby Rose, a name that went down in history as a name no one should or ever forget. Her deeds before, during, and after the battle for Hover Dam had made her something she had always read about during her childhood. A hero. Those born with silver eyes were named after her in hopes of them becoming heroes themselves. She was made an honorary Ranger by Chief Hanlon himself and was revered as a walking legend of the waste. Someone who can walk side to side with the Chosen One, Vault Dweller, and the most recent addition, The Courier. Now her name forever more lives on, as The Red Reaper of New Vegas.

The slides change one last time. Revealing the finale slide of the Courier and the Red Reaper walking down the train tracks away from Vegas as it glows brightly in the dusk of the setting sun. The Narrator then finished the slideshow. "And so the Courier's road came to an end... for now. In the new world brought by his and the Reapers hand a new chapter begins for the Mojave Wasteland, fighting continued, blood was spilled, and many lived and died - just as they had in the Old World. Because war... war never changes."

*The scene closes. As the song (Of your choice) finishes, the curtain opens up with Wombag walking out with a cane.

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