Might be playing with fire here, but I've been itching for this kind of story since the video. This story will be different from HIY in several ways. It'll have (probably) more smut and some feels along with a healthy dose of drama.

Don't get me wrong I find the Akalynn ship to be cute and sweet, but I can't bring myself to commit to that kind of story :P (Or betray my OC LOL)

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this! Also, this is just my view of the K/DA AU and I apologize if some part's aren't super accurate. Not lore friendly I guess? XD

The first part of this story will be worded differently so just a heads up. Here we go!

Words are illuminated that read "Lone Digger" as the title of the nightclub. Two streetlights shine amidst the thick fog which created a vapor.

Two figures are pacing toward the club, hands shoved in their pockets with their backs in a hunched position. One was a man who was slightly taller than his partner. He has a buzz haircut with stubble along his chin, one of his pupils blue with the other being red. His clothing is a dark suit with a black tie and white dress shirt.

The other one, being a girl that seems to be younger than him by a few years, wore a simple cap with a white tank top under her black jacket. She wore leggings along with sneakers that were blue and white.

When they arrive at the entrance to the club, the man raises his fist and knocks a few times. The girl looks up at the glowing sign, seeing an outline of the main stripper in the nightclub. The rectangle peephole is heard sliding open, revealing a pair of glowing red eyes. The man stares back at them before the object was slid shut. The girl hands the man a bandana which he puts into his pocket. The bouncer opens up the door and gestures to the end of the hallway.

The pair begins to traverse.

Hey, brother, what you thinking? Leave that old record spinning. You feel the rhythm, going

(They call it lonely digging)

Let's end your time to lay low. Your knees a-bending, so, It's time to get up and let go

(You're gonna come undone)

The girl gives a look at the bouncer who keeps his eyes on them as they pace down the hallway. She finally looks ahead, keeping up with her partner. Along the way, the man straightens up his tie as the girl takes out a kama, running her fingers along the sharp weapon. The man takes out a switchblade knife from his pocket, bringing the blade out to test it before putting it away.

Hey, mama, how's it going? Can't see your body moving. Don't leave the party dying

(They call it lonely digging)

Your booty shaking, you know. Your head has no right to say no. Tonight it's "ready, set, go"

Reaching the doorway, the man pushes it open to reveal a dark, neon-filled room. A steel pole was planted on the centre platform with a busty redhead occupying it, performing her usual dance routines in a red thong and bra.

Baby can you move it round the rhythm, So we can get with 'em,, To the ground and get us a rock and roll round. Just a downtown body body coming with a super-hottie. Let's go, yes, no, hell no. Baby can you move it round the rhythm. Cause you know we're living in the fast lane, speed up. It ain't no game, just turn up all the beams when I come up on the scene

The man smiles at the arousing sight for a moment. The girl eyes several of the patrons that are seen sitting in c-shaped seats near the walls, all eyes fixed upon the dancer.

Then, their sights fall upon the duo. The mans smile fades.

Hey, brother, what you thinking? That good ol' sound is ringing. They don't know what they're missing

(They call it lonely digging)

Let's end your time to lay low. Your knees a-bending, so. It's time to get up and let go

The gazes turn to glares, the figures not swayed by the deadly gazes. They sit down at a table in the centre of the room, just in front of the platform. The man gestures to the waitress for Tequila shots as the girl observes the patrons.

The tension was high.

Hey, brother, nice and steady. Put down your drink, you ready. It's hard when things get messy

(They call it lonely digging)

Your booty shaking, you know. Your head has no right to say no. Tonight it's "ready, set, go"

The waitress walks up to the table, a tray of shots occupying her hand with a bottle. She sets it down, and the duo began to take shots.

Baby can you move it round the rhythm. So we can get with 'em. To the ground and get us a rock and roll round. Just a downtown body body coming with a super-hottie. Let's go, yes, no, hell no. Baby can you move it round the rhythm. Cause you know we're living in the fast lane, speed up. It ain't no game, just turn up all the beams when I come up on the scene

The duos bottle is empty now. They need more. Before the man can call the waitress, one of the patrons waves her down for him. The man cocks up a brow with the girl narrowing her eyes. When the waitress passes by a patrons table, they extend their leg and trip her. The woman meets the floor, the tray flying out of her hands and the alcohol showering the duo. They glare and flip the table over as the patrons all stand up in unison.

The girl nods at the man and they both put on the bandanas, covering their identity's appropriately. Three of the patrons walk up behind the man, the one on front shouting profanities at him.

Black lights take over illuminating the room, catching the patrons off guard. The man turns around and swipes at the neck with his switchblade. Fluid spurts and splatters his suit.

Baby can you move it round the rhythm. So we can get with 'em. To the ground and get us a rock and roll round. Just a downtown body body coming with a super-hottie. Let's go, yes, no, hell no

The bandanas of the duo have revealed a new feature with the change of light. Both of their eyes have a neon glow, startling the patrons They draw their own weapons and attack.

Fluids splatters all over the walls, coating them in a blue, green, or pink glow. The dancer gets some on her as well, but continues her movement.

Baby can you move it round the rhythm. Cause you know we're living in the fast lane, speed up. It ain't no game, just turn up all the beams when I come up on the scene

The dancer finally takes notice of the splatters on her luscious body and she looks around with bewilderment at the "paint" along the walls with not a single patron to be seen. She looks down at the centre table, seeing two figures sitting and taking Tequila shots, their clothes stained with the same various colors.


"Hmm." A voice sounded after watching the video titled "Lone Digger".

It was a feminine voice and it'd come from the woman sitting in front of her computer in her office. Her hair was raven black with eyes green and bright as emeralds. She was holding a glass of champagne that was half-full. The woman took another sip before daintily raising her finger and pressing a button.

"June, can you please send up Ahri?" She asked.

"Of course Culda. Right away." The woman's voice replied.

Culda leaned back in her chair, smiling as her thoughts were all focused on the girl in the video. It was a little violent, but the colors and the performance were beyond amazing. Culda imagined this would make a perfect addition to the K/DA and she had to get her hands on this girl. The door opened up, Culda's eyes darting towards it to see the fox girl walking in, or in other words, The Leader.

"Welcome Ahri." Culda said with a warm grin at the end.

"Hi Culda." Replied the fox girl with an even tone. She chose to smirk. "What is it that you need me for in this very moment? Because I'm currently working on the lyrics with Evelynn and Kai'sa… and you know how much they don't like to be interrupted when such a task is being done."

Culda's attitude was oblivious to the tint of annoyance in Ahri's voice. She smiled and gestured her to walk behind the desk.

"Well you'll be happy to know that I've found the solution to those problems." She said as Ahri stood beside her. "Observe, but mostly listen."

Culda replayed the video, showing it to Ahri who didn't say a word. The woman occasionally darted her eyes up to see if the fox girl had reactions to certain parts as she rested her chin on her palm. By the end of it, Ahri blinked a few times and Culda pressed the pause button.

"So, what do you think?" She asked.

The vixen was silent. Culda's lips slowly stopped curving as the silence kept happening.

"Well… it was certainly something… but I'm not so sure if I liked the graphic detail of the video. It isn't exactly what our group stands for." She said.

Culda almost face palmed herself with a sigh. "Which is why I told you to mainly listen. You did listen right?"

Ahri cocked up a brow at the rhetorical question. Culda chose to change her position, turning her chair fully to Ahri and propping her elbows atop the armrests with her hands in a business-like manner, her right leg resting atop her left.

"Look, you know they were good. And you know that I wouldn't be calling you up here if it wasn't important." Culda said. "Ahri, as your manager, you know that I only want what's best for you and the K/DA. I mean, we've done a lot of things for the group. We sold T-Shirts, hats, novelty items, even pop-funk figures! But despite all of that, we still need to keep trying new things."

Culda took a deep breath.

"Today's audience may enjoy the little things like the props and merchandise, but if there's one thing they will always yearn for the most, it's the content that the group produces. And no disrespect, but even with Evelynn and Kai'sa's assistance, you guys just aren't producing enough content that can keep up with the other bands."

Ahri shot Culda a glare. The woman ignored it.

"All I'm saying is lyrics aren't your strong suit. Yes, I know you and Evelynn alike spent years doing solo pieces, but you always knew that working in a band was your true calling. You all have a good mindset and vision, but when it comes to actually producing the stuff, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start." Culda continued. "So, here's what I'm saying; Find the lyricist for this song, talk to her and convince her to come here to the studio for a little talk with me, and with my unique charisma, the K/DA will have its current delay with producing songs solved with you and the others to focus on what you do best. Do you think you can do that? Please?"

Before Ahri could answer, Culda said one more thing.

"Oh and if you could find that girl in the video as well, that'd be dynamite!"

It wasn't a long request, but the addition almost made Ahri let out an exasperated sigh. However, she also couldn't really decline the request. Culda was an effective, but also strict manager. She'd brought dozens of profit for the group along with her and Ahri being, well not so much friends, but acquaintances who'd know eachother longer than Ahri had known Evelynn.

Culda had majored Business Administration in Management and she had a reputation for being a hard-nosed manager. She wasn't necessarily the best when it came to personal matters either as she deemed relationships to be nothing but distractions and a mere waste of time. Culda considered her actions to be tough love, but truthfully she was in charge through fear. She had the right mindset, but sometimes she also unintentionally jeopardised the K/DA's reputation, going as far to even get into a fight at a nightclub when there was a lack of whiskey.

But even so, Ahri couldn't just drop her. Not until she found another manager that was as effective, but also had a shred of humanity.

"Well Culda…" Ahri began. "How exactly can I find the lyricist if I don't know her name?"

Culda smirked and huffed. She turned to her computer, a few clicks of the mouse sounding before she turned it to Ahri.

"There we are; Akali uh... Jhomen Tethi." She said trying to make out the last name. "Oh, looks like you won't have to find the lyricist. It say's Akali's responsible for the lyrics and starring in the video."

"Akali?" Ahri asked.

Without a moments notice, Culda felt her chair get pushed to the side with her grunting with a glare. Ahri didn't pay any attention, her mind too focused on one thing now. She rewatched parts of the video, eyes changing from wide to narrow every few seconds. She then typed the full name into a search bar and clicked on the icon. Immediately, numerous videos appeared, and Ahri soon saw that the silhouette of the girl in the neon video was in the thumbnails. She then chose to dash out of the room, leaving a baffled Culda alone.

A woman was sitting on a purple couch in the studio room, resting her back against the cushions of the furniture as she idly twirled her pen in her… apparently golden hands. She clicked her tongue as the other woman was hunched over, her hand on her temple as she stared at the blank piece of paper plastered on the glass coffee table. Her expression was one of distress with a sigh afterward. When she felt this way, any kind of small, repetitive sound would be like a fork on a plate.

She finally spoke up.

"Can you please stop clicking your tongue?" She asked, trying her best to sound polite.

The source of the sound, who wore a pair of red, circular eyed glasses, stopped her sounds and slowly looked at the girl. She raised her glasses with a mysterious and unreadable expression.

"I can click if I want to Kai'sa." She said.

Kai'sa sighed and huffed with a smirk. "Look, I know you can… but I'm asking you politely to stop. Please Evelynn?"

"You feeling alright?" Evelynn asked.

"Yes. I'm fine." Kai'sa said trying to convince herself more than the succubus. "I just don't exactly enjoy, you know, writing as much as I prefer choreographing the songs."

Evelynn only smiled. She put a hand on Kai'sa's shoulder. "I know love, but before we can do the choreography, we need to know what we want first. And of course, Ahri having to step out briefly to talk with Culda doesn't help either, but you just need to be patient. You can't rush perfection."

Kai'sa smiled back as Evelynn's words helped her tension drop a bit. The door was heard opening, both of them seeing Ahri finally stepping in. Kai'sa grinned immediately.

"Ahri! Good that you're finally back…" Her words seemed to drown when the vixen rushed past her and Evelynn like they didn't exist. The girls' brows knitted together as she had an annoyed look.

Evelynn rolled her eyes and walked up to the girl who was sitting in a chair, pressing her face against the computer screen with unmatched focus.

"Ahri, Kai'sa would really like if-"

"Can't talk, working." Ahri said putting her hand up.

"But you're-"


"-looking through-"

"Bup, bup, bup!"

"-social media." Evelynn finished as Ahri's typing came to a stop. She began browsing until she fell upon her intended target. "How is this more important?"

Ahri didn't reply. She was silent again with a wide grin and her eyes flashed as she cupped her hands over her mouth. Evelynn was unsure of what to say.

"Ahri, what is so important that it overshadows the writing of our songs?" Kai'sa asked, not sounding polite at all this time.

The fox's ears perked up as she typed in a number on her phone. She saved it and turned to her friends.

"Well if this all goes well, we won't have to spend so much time writing the songs anymore!" She said before dashing out of the room, leaving Evelynn and Kai'sa dumbfounded.

"What the hell's she talking about?"

"Ahri always loves to play the pronoun game." Evelynn sighed. "I still don't understand what's so important."

After saying those words, just like her annoyance had been sensed by the Gods above, Evelynn heard an electronic beat come from the computer. She turned around, putting her fingers on her glasses and gently pulling them down to the edge of her nose.


A man's cheerful whistle was coming from the kitchen in the apartment. He was in a flannel pair of pajamas with a white muscle shirt on. Bacon was sizzling as he raised the pan up and used the spatula to place four pieces of bacon alongside some toast that was neatly cut in two. He did the same for the other plate and put the objects into the sink where he began to wash the pan. Then he walked to the fridge, taking out some orange juice and filling two cups three-quarters of the way full.


The man's pupils barely shifted to the right to see a kama embedded into the table 2 inches from his hand. He smirked while looking at the object and his eyes went up when seeing a girl dressed in grey sweatpants with a green tank top standing at the entrance of the kitchen, her hand stretched outward to show she'd just thrown the weapon.

He sighed with slumped shoulders and put his hand on the weapon, yanking it out with a splintering sound before inspecting the weapon. He then abruptly reeled it back and threw it at the girl who caught it without flinching. The man chuckled.

"Akali, what did I tell you about embedding your kama into the table?" He asked sounding like an annoyed father.

Akali giggled and sat down, resting her weapon against the table leg. "I'm sorry James, it's a bad habit of mine. Just making sure you're still on your toes."

"Well, I'd rather you just toss it to me." James joked. "I'll take a wounded hand over paying for another table."

"How edgy."

"Just sit down and eat. You need it after all the work you did on that video." James inquired. "Which I must say is still blowing up. People love it more than your rap battle video!"

Akali smiled as she consumed a piece of toast, chewing while taking a sip of her juice. "Couldn't have done it without you James."

"Eh, you're just saying that." He said, grumbling from the sound of it. "I was just there to support you, not to mention I had no intention of actually being IN the video with you."

Akali let out a forced chuckle. "Which is why I said I couldn't have done it without you." She said before taking a breather. "Besides, I'd have thought you learned that after being in like, ten other videos with me."

James sighed. "Yes I suppose, but Akali, don't you think that maybe just one day… you'd want to do something without me? Something where you can stop relying on me to be next to you every second? Get out of your comfort zone?"

Akali was surprised by his words. She snorted. "James you're tripping. We do everything together. I can't even remember how my life was like before you showed up! And quite frankly, I don't think I want to know."

"But you know that we'll have to do something about this someday right?" He asked, making Akali pout. "I mean, the director of that video offered to make a contract with you! They loved your work! But you chose to turn it down, and for what? Because I couldn't be alongside you?"

"You're one to talk James." The ninja replied exasperated. "You graduated from college with a degree in Law and Security, not to mention being offered a spot right out of the gate as a guard for a bank."

"What's your point?" James asked.

Akali huffed. "You really don't remember?" She asked shockingly. "You don't remember when you were offered to go into Law Enforcement? To become an officer of the law?" She stopped for a moment to let the silence take its effect. "You turned it down."


"You turned it down because you would be transferred to another part of the country." Akali stated. "You refused the offer when they brought that up. And you did it for what?"

James sighed with embarrassment at the irony she was pointing out in his previous words. He wiped his face before responding.

"I told you they found my history with that gang "The Lost Children of-"

"Cut the crap." Akali interjected. "If that was true you'd have never gotten into that course in the first place. I'm not a stupid teenager anymore James. You didn't want to get transferred because it meant we couldn't be together."

"That was years ago Akali!" James spat. "I'm a little fuzzy on the details. Alright?" He sighed again. "Look this is different from that."

"How is it different?" Akali asked crossing her arms.

"Because that was a job that would pay an average salary for me to get by. I'd just be another officer amongst countless individuals." He said. "This is nothing like that. It's bigger, better, and overall a more exciting opportunity for you to rise to fame and become a global sensation! That's very different from being an officer, and you're letting me stand in the way."

The young girl didn't reply immediately, instead consuming a piece of bacon as an awkward silence fell over her and James. As moments continued to pass, James found himself regretting what he said. Akali finally swallowed her piece with an audible gulp and she looked at James.

"It's not just that James." She said a little groggily. "It's more than just that." She slightly repeated. "I can't expect you to understand it entirely."

James exhaled and leaned back with a long sigh, his hands wrapped around the back of his head. He looked up at her.

"Try me."

Akali took a deep breath. "James, I've never, ever worked under someone as well… my boss. I mean, I have some experience with it with my old master at the dojo, but that wasn't the same area as the entertainment or music industry."

James stopped leaning backward, switching the spot and leaning forward, his arms planted on the table.

"I'm not sure how I'd perform in that industry. It's actually one of the many reasons I choose not to accept contracts. I'm generally a solo artist and looking back now, I don't think I'd have been able to perform in those high budgeted videos without you. It's not so much that I need to have you by my side, but knowing that you'll be there to catch me if I fall… that's really what I need."

"Why would you think you'd fall?" James asked.

Akali snorted and playfully smirked. "Look at me, and then compare me to those famous rappers in the industry. Do you really think I could compete with them? What if I botch it?"

James sighed. He looked out to his right briefly, and then back to Akali.

"Akali… as your best friend, I'm going to say this only once." He said sternly. "I know it'll sound easier said than done, but quite frankly, you need to stop worrying about what could go wrong… and get excited about what can go right!"

Her lips slowly curved up, but her eyes were somber.

"I can understand why you're nervous about the ship possibly being sunk, but you can't let that overwhelm you. Do you think those other rappers got to where they were by worrying?" He asked rhetorically.

The ninja smirked with an eye roll and shook her head.

"Sometimes… you just gotta take the risk and jump while learning where you'll land Akali." James said firmly. "You left your dojo to pursue your true calling of music. That was one jump. These contracts, they're the next level."

Akali's smirk became a smile as her eyes slightly glistened. James smiled back.

"You always know exactly what to say James." She murmured. Akali abruptly stood up much to James's surprise. She paced over to him and gave him a tight embrace before planting a little smooch on his cheek. James's eyes widened. "Thanks."

James exhaled while smiling. Akali went back to her seat, finishing off her breakfast with James doing the same. He placed the dishes into the sink as Akali felt a vibration in her pocket. She took out her phone, noticing the unknown number that was calling her. She raised a brow as James looked at her.

"Who is it?" He asked.

"No idea. Unknown number." Akali replied.

Regardless of who it was, James's words inspired Akali to swipe the answer icon and she brought the phone to her ears, walking out of the kitchen in the process.

James began to clean the dishes as he heard Akali's chatter in the next room. He hummed and whistled as his conversation with Akali lulled him into a deeper thought that made him frown. James sighed moments later as these thoughts began to snowball, but they were interrupted when he heard a squeal from his friend in the other room. He looked with confusion, but another louder squeal sounded and he quickly ran in to see what everything was about.

He saw Akali standing straight up, her hand over her mouth with wide eyes. She noticed James which only seemed to increase her pleasant expression. James couldn't stop smiling at her giddiness. Finally, Akali said goodbye and put the phone down. She looked at James.

"Well, what's got you so excited?" He asked smirking.

Evelynn hadn't moved from the computer since her eyes fell upon the video Ahri had left open. She was intrigued, even fascinated by the look, performance, but above all by the actors in the video. The girl was delightfully cute and attractive, but, like most women, Evelynn's attention was drawn to the taller man… as he seemed to be in every video alongside the girl.

He had the appropriate amount of stubble along his seemingly oval-shaped chin that mixed with a slight point. His pupils were different colored, one being a sky blue that looked like ice with his other eye being crimson red that could possibly warm the coldest of hearts. His hair was short, seemingly buzz cut with a fade complimenting him. Evelynn paused the video in the right spot, allowing her to take in these features all clearly. Her tongue slipped out of her mischievously smiling lips, coating them in her saliva as she took off her round glasses. Evelynn put two sharp fingers on the man's head, drawing them down slowly as she softly purred.

"I'd let you take me out for dinner… and make you my dessert." She cooed.

"ARE YOU STILL WATCHING THOSE BLOODY VIDEOS?!" Kai'sa shouted, startling Evelynn. The Diva groaned and turned around to glare at the purple haired dancer. Kai'sa scoffed. "Don't even think about glaring at me Eve. You've been sitting in that spot for a bloody hour!"

Evelynn sighed. "Just a minute dear. I'm just trying to narrow down something."

"For what possible reason?!" Kai'sa asked getting up and stomping toward the seated woman. "To find another person to eat?!"

Evelynn's teeth sank into her lower lip as she clenched her hand. "I can't answer you when you're shouting like that."

"And I can't write music when you're sitting your pretty little ass on the seat!"

Their bickering was further interrupted when the door opened, Evelynn and Kai'sa turning to see Ahri standing at the doorway. Ahri could see the still present tension between the two and they watched her arms fold with an unamused look. Evelynn and Kai'sa exchanged soft looks this time, and they both sighed.

"Come now girls, we can't write music either if we're fighting amongst ourselves." Ahri said, taking a seat on a couch. "Now, let's sit down, makeup, and get to work on something that should've started an hour ago but Culda ruined it!" She said with a cheery tone mixed with playfulness.

Evelynn and Kai'sa couldn't keep their firm expressions at their leaders' eagerness (and adorableness) so they sat down in their previous spots, taking papers and pens. Kai'sa looked at Evelynn with pouty lips.

"Sorry Evelynn." She said in a child-like tone.

Evelynn smirked and huffed, gently placing her palm on the left cheek of the dancers face. "It's alright love." She cooed. They both looked at Ahri with pleasant smiles.

"Of course, before we begin, I figured I should inform you two of what I've been up to." Ahri chimed.

"I actually already kind of know." Evelynn interjected. "You've been tracking down that girl in that outstanding music video to hopefully find her and have the studio contact her where she'll come for an interview and Culda will scare her off." She finished with a snicker.

Ahri opened her mouth to speak, but her pupils shifted up as she took Evelynn's words to heart and she nodded in agreement before commenting about the last part.

"You left out the part where you wanted to eat the man in the video." Kai'sa joked.

Evelynn immediately glared at the dancer while Ahri blinked in bewilderment. Her lips slightly curved, but she didn't smirk fully.

"Well that's certainly something." She mused. Ahri soon gave a stern look to Evelynn. "I certainly hope you don't intend to actually do that."

"When did I ever say I would?" Evelynn snorted.

"The reaction to Kai'sa's words are more than enough to prove my point."

Evelynn rolled her eyes. Ahri cleared her throat and leaned forward. "Regardless of what you DO intend to do with him, I have a hunch that he's a partner of the woman in all those videos who happens to be the one Culda wants." She stated. "Evelynn, I trust you won't make any of the same attempts on her if she comes for the interview?"

Evelynn scoffed. "I have no interest in her dear… not yet at least." She snickered. "I'm curious more than ever about that man though."

Ahri groaned. "Well no matter what happens, I don't want you toying with her. Culda's very picky when it comes to finding new group members. So if this doesn't work out because of your actions, then I'm certain Culda is going to be all over you because of it."

The diva huffed and smirked. "Noted." She replied.

The vixen did a V-sign with her fingers, pointing toward Evelynn who rolled her eyes.

Akali just finished explaining everything to James. He was speechless, completely unable to find the words for the explanation.

Well, the right and positive words anyway. He had a feeling her grin was going to disappear when he asked this.

"And… you said yes, right?"

Much to his surprise, her grin didn't completely go away, but it lessened to a smile. Akali cleared her throat.

"Well… I told them that I'd think about it." She answered.

James rolled his eyes and was about to say something to remind her of their talk, but Akali stopped him.

"But, BUT!" She exclaimed holding up her hand. James ceased his actions. "It's not for reasons you think!"

James mouthed the word "Oh" as a response.

"It's well… it's overwhelming." She stated. "I mean… it's a K-POP group that performs on live stages. They've been in the industry for an appropriate amount of time James. I'd be like a black sheep amongst the group." She stopped after saying that, tilting her head up to think of a better word. "Well, more like the rookie of the group. Not to mention the youngest. I've never performed on stage in front of thousands of people."

James sighed. He understood the first sentence and the last one to an extent. She'd performed in front of people on the streets, merely spectators, but this was bigger than that. Not to mention she'd be nervous about possibly missing a beat on stage with her fellow singers. James almost regretted pressuring her into saying yes, but in her eyes, he could see that she truly wanted to do this.

She was just… nervous.

An idea sparked in his head, and James sighed. Akali tilted her head when seeing this.

"What's wrong?"

"What's the name of the group?" James asked.


"Just tell me, please."

"Um, it's called K/DA."

"Kay Dee Ey?" James said confused.

Akali nodded. James shrugged and went over to the computer, beginning to search up the name on the internet. Akali chose to let him do his work without asking as James must've been doing this for her benefit. He finally found their website, clicking on it to see three pictures of the presumed group members. He looked at each of them for only a moment as he moved the mouse over to the information bar.


More clicks happened and James began to make sounds of discovery with a pleasant result. Finally, he stopped and turned around in the chair to Akali who remained standing. He motioned her to come forward and she did, leaning over his shoulder as James pointed at the description.

She narrowed her eyes, but they soon widened, and her mouth gaped.

"James… I… I thought you said…"

"I know what I said Akali." He said with a chuckle. "And truthfully, I hate myself for doing this, but then again… it's not like it'll be permanent."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Well… I think if I'm there, you'll feel more comfortable around them. After all, I'm fairly certain that they get along pretty well given that you're being called in for an actual interview." James said. "If I get the spot that is."

Akali exhaled with a warm, sincere smile. James returned it and she embraced him again, eyes closed as she thanked him repeatedly. Akali then proceeded to dial the number again that picked up after a few rings.

"Hello, this is Akali." She said. "You'll be happy to know that I've agreed to the interview." She said. James could hear a faint, happy reaction sounding from the phone with Akali reeling her head away with a wince. She then brought it back, asking about the position James pointed out.

It took a few moments for the caller to answer. They were likely checking through their files to make sure. James could see the anxiousness on Akali's face spiral as she bit her lip.

Then… she got her answer.

The ninja's eyes widened as she jumped with a squealing "YES!" which made James jump. He soon began to laugh at his friends' reaction.

"We are in waaaay over our heads." James said as he watched the elevator count up the floors.

"Not very inspiring words James." Akali replied with an even tone.

The interview was scheduled three days after receiving the phone call. Akali felt nervous as usual with James being almost as nervous, and he wasn't the one who was being interviewed for a spot in the group.

His interview would happen later in the week as the caller emphasized on Culda's eagerness to get Akali in the studio ASAP.

Thankfully, James had experience in being interviewed, and while this wasn't anything like one for being a Law Enforcer or security for a bank, James practiced with Akali left, right, and center, even pulling an all-nighter the first day. The young ninja felt more confident, but looking back earlier, there was no way in hell she could do this without him.

Finally, the elevator dinged and the doors parted ways to open. James and Akali walked out into the luxurious looking lobby, eyes becoming wider slightly at the baffling sight. James and Akali looked around with those expressions, the feeling of being in over their heads amplifying rapidly.

"Hello!" A cheerful voice said, startling the two. James and Akali looked to see a woman with… ears atop her head apparently, practically skipping toward them instead of walking. She had on a sincere smile. "You must be Akali, the rapper Culda's been buzzing about non-stop. I must say, I've seen a few of your other rap videos!"

The vixen merrily approached both of them and immediately took Akali's hand with the ninja unsure of what to say in response. She slowly began to shake back.

"Uhh, th-thanks for having me!" Akali said, sounding clearly nervous. Ahri didn't seem to care, grinning at the young rapper.

"It's our pleasure. You're going to love it here!" Ahri said with that still cheery tone. She soon looked at James while still shaking Akali's hand. "Ah, hello! I uh, I don't think I know you. Are you like her boyfriend or something?"

James blinked a few times before speaking while Akali was at a loss for words. "No! No." He said loudly first then calmly. "I'm uh, I'm just her friend. Here to give her emotional support! I'm also the one who's looking to work in security here. It's not until later this week.

Ahri's smile was replaced by a puzzled look that was playful. "Oh yeah, I recall Culda mentioning that, but I didn't expect you to uh… look like this."

James blinked. "Huh?"

Ahri shrugged with that playful look. "Well I mean a well-built man like you working as a security guard for a K-POP group? Now that's something I didn't expect. I thought you'd be like a backup dancer for us or something."

James shrugged. His ego remained unaffected by her presumed compliment. "Well I saw your website after you guys called and it said you had a possible opening for a security guard and well, I thought it'd make Akali more comfortable if I was here in some way. I mean, this is a pretty big industry."

Ahri's ears flopped down as she tilted her head. "Aww, that's so sweet!" She squealed. "I can totally understand that, but, and trust me when I say this, I'm certain she'll find comfort within the group relatively quickly. We always watch our backs. When you're here, you're family."

James nodded with a hum. Ahri cleared her throat.

"B-But don't think that means you're not needed!" She exclaimed. "I mean, I've met you guys not five minutes ago and I already like you both! Hopefully things will work out for the greater good! Oh also, forgive me, I don't believe I know your name!"

James smirked. He extended his hand. "James Holland."

"Ahri; Leader and Vocalist of the K/DA. Nice to meet you Holland."

"Hey Ahri!" A voice with an accent called out from behind a wall. Every turned to see a girl with purple hair walking into eyesight. She grinned at the sight of Akali and was unfamiliar with James. "Culda's growing impatient! I think it might be a good idea to bring the rapper to her office!"

Ahri snapped out of her cheerful attitude and maintained a serious tone. She nodded and turned to Akali. "The manager's eager to meet you Akali. I'll escort you to her office yeah?"

Akali felt her heart rate increase dramatically. She looked at James and then at Ahri. "Of course, sounds good!"

"Great!" Ahri exclaimed. She looked at Kai'sa and James before an idea sparked in her head. "Kai'sa, this is James Holland. Holland, Kai'sa." She said changing between the two who wordlessly shook hands. "Why don't you umm… give him a tour of the studio?"

Kai'sa looked at James before shrugging and agreed to the task. Ahri thanked her before setting off with Akali who looked at James again before disappearing from his view. He was left alone with the dancer who smirked a few moments after.

"Come, walk with me." She said gesturing while taking a few steps.

James didn't question it. He walked beside Kai'sa as they traversed through the rather quiet studio. James was surprised, but then again it was late at night.

When they left the lobby, a shadowy figure emerged from the dark. Her glasses were the only thing that would give away her position.

Evelynn had studied the man in the video, and now, she had him right here in this very studio. She'd take this slow.

"So tell me Holland, oh is it alright if I call you that?" Kai'sa asked receiving a nod from James. "Tell me, what brings you here?"

James felt like he was going to repeat what he told Ahri in the lobby so he chose to make it a shorter answer. "Well Akali's a good friend of mine, and when she received a call from your studio, she chose to accept your offer with my persistence. I'm here as emotional support basically. And to maybe become a security guard."

Kai'sa hummed in response instead of squealing like Ahri did. "Well, that's certainly a noble and friendly thing to do. I admire that." She didn't seem interested by the security guard part. James had to agree.

James chuckled. "Yep. I'm surprised your manager though was insistent on the interview happening so soon. Gave us little time to prepare."

"Well that's Culda for you. She's been talking about your friend non-stop." Kai'sa chuckled.

"Is she a… friendly type of manager?" James asked.

"As a member of this group, I can't answer that without risking my contract being terminated." Kai'sa said before smirking. She leaned closer to James's ear. "But as an individual to another, she's a pain in the ass to work with."

James instinctively snorted which made Kai'sa chuckle. "Well I hope she doesn't eat Akali up."

"She may be a pain, but she also knows what's good for our group. Though sometimes, she could be more humane with her choices instead of being a mindless drone."

"Just another lesson in life." James sighed. "Teaches us to build up our immunity to such people."

Kai'sa looked at him with a smile and playfully nudged him. "Amen to that."

James was baffled. Coming in here, he didn't know what to expect, but one thing he didn't expect was these celebrities to show such a humane side. Perhaps he should've done more research on them before arriving.

"Hey, come in here." She said opening a door.

James followed without question, letting Kai'sa lead the way into the lounge-like room. He noticed the numerous chairs, sofas, and even bean-bag chairs scattered around the room with several coffee tables. Then he glanced over to the left, seeing a counter with several alcoholic beverages. He assumed Kai'sa noticed his gaze as she began to pace toward it.

"Thirsty?" She asked not turning around.

James blinked and squinted his eyes as his mind began a debate he himself knew he shouldn't be having, but his body said otherwise. He couldn't find a proper answer.

"What?" He asked.

"I think you could really use one Holland." Kai'sa said through the rummaging of bottles and glasses. "I mean, and don't take this the wrong way, but I think you must be feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. You might be working here in the next week or so. I'd be wanting to find a way to ease down. I remember how nervous I was when I first came here."

He'd never thought of that honestly. Once James took in her words, he did find it to be a bit nerve-wracking to imagine working in a place like this, even if he was just security. He looked at Kai'sa.

"I'm sorry I thought you were going to give me a tour?"

"Well if you're successful in working here, then you'll be given a tour automatically." Kai'sa laughed. "I mean it'd be déjà vu for you! I find that in such a time as this, it's crucial to be in good company. Don't wanna toot my own horn here, but I consider myself to be a good listener and well… good company."

She walked back to him, two margaritas in her hands and she offered one to James who stared at the drink. He looked at her neutrally, but he brought his hand up and took the glass from her hand. Kai'sa smiled and they chose to clink the glasses together. They both took minor sips. James chose to speak up.

"Not to mention it could show that celebrities are just down-to-earth as the rest of us eh?" He asked.

Kai'sa considered his words before tilting her head with an approving nod. "Fair point there Holland!" She laughed.

They both drank again and Kai'sa leaned closer to him, being a little tipsy now. She was a lightweight.

"L-Little advice Holland." She said. "Before you go into your interview for security… you may want to have a few more of these." She pointed at her drink.

James snorted. "Why?" He asked.

"Because…" Kai'sa trailed off. "You… won't feel so intimidated by Culda then. She'll uh… she'll eat you up." She slightly slurred. James laughed loudly with Kai'sa doing the same.

"Oh come now Kai'sa dear…" A voice seemingly slithered. It held a pinch of seduction. "You'll scare him away."

James flinched as he froze moments after. A warm haze seemed to fall over him as his heart began to increase its beat. He exhaled with a shudder as a clacking of heels seemed to echo. Kai'sa was holding her drink to her mouth, taking a good swig before stopping with a pleased gulp.

"We can't have our handsome guest get scared off now by some fairy tail now can we?" The voice hissed. It made James's body calm down this time. He turned around, seeing a woman that made him want to gape.

She had magenta hair that matched the color of her circular glasses. She seemed to be leaning against the wall, her arms folded over her dark, purple-like jacket that had some feathers on it. Her skirt was dark and stopped about half-way to her knees, revealing legs that any man would likely die for. She was also smirking.

James exhaled, sounding more like a gasp… and even a moan. He cleared his throat and straightened out his outfit moments after. He looked at his half-full drink, and without thinking, chugged it down.

"Whoa there cowboy!" Kai'sa exclaimed with a chuckle. "Might wanna take it easy!"

The man didn't reply, feeling a warm, fuzzy feeling infect his body and spread to his veins. He felt himself pacify slightly after, forgetting briefly of where he was.

"You okay there Holland?" Kai'sa asked.

James was still feeling the drink taking its effect on his interior. He immediately regretted taking the sip given that he wasn't a heavy drinker, but he also was glad he did to an extent, given the presence of those alluring curves.

"I'm… I'm fine." He muttered. "Just… need to take a seat."

"I hope Evelynn didn't scare you." Chuckled Kai'sa.

Evelynn raised a brow at the dancer, still remaining in that position. James sat down on a couch, trying to compensate what the fuck just happened. Evelynn's gaze fell upon him with that mischievous look. Kai'sa looked at James and then at the diva.

"Holland, this is Evelynn." Kai'sa said gesturing to the mysterious woman. "She's the other vocalist in our group. Some people nickname her as Eve."

"But most know me as… Siren." Evelynn murmured, almost sounding like a seductive hiss.

Kai'sa chuckled. She picked up the way Evelynn looked at James that she had some rather inappropriate tendencies against the seemingly helpless man. The dancer would've stepped in, but with the alcoholic drink she had, Kai'sa seemed to hesitate. Then… she felt her phone vibrate. She took out her phone, and the caller's name was one that made Kai'sa almost blush as her stomach fluttered with butterflies.

She'd received a call from a certain someone most people wouldn't expect. Kai'sa's mind focused on answering the call, and she swiped the icon before walking out, leaving the two alone.

James blinked a few times with twitching expressions before recollecting his mind and ability to think. He let out a long exhale and leaned back, but when he inhaled another breath, he took in a foreign, yet delicious scent. A heels clack sounded close by and James noticed that Evelynn was slowly walking beside the armrest of the couch which was where he happened to be. This time, he saw the curve of the woman's shapely rear. James knew it was impolite to stare and he was likely already caught red-handed for staring, but he couldn't draw his eyes away from it.

"Like what you see?" The diva purred, the voice causing James to flinch and stare up at her glasses.

They were gone. He found himself looking at amber, almost gold-like pupils who stared right back at his one red and one blue pupil. Evelynn was smirking, but when she looked into his eyes, she felt a spark she wasn't familiar with that almost made her flinch herself.

"Uh… sorry." James said, finally turning away.

"Aww, it's alright." Evelynn mused. She turned around, walking to the other end of the couch James sat on with him moving his legs respectively to let her pass. Evelynn lounged onto the comforting seat, her right leg crossing over her left while bringing her hands up to the sleeves of her coat, sliding it daintily off and exposing her bare shoulders. She seemed to have on a tight top with a choker around her neck. Her cleavage was no exception to being exposed.

James mentally cursed. "Fuck. Shouldn't have had that drink."

It was silent in the room. The ambiance made James uncomfortable as he wetted his dry lips and sank his teeth down. He could just feel the gaze of the woman fixated upon him. James's clothes felt tighter after a few moments and he shakily brought his hand up to the collar, stretching it to remove the irritating feeling briefly. He heard an exhale from Evelynn and his heartbeat doubled.

"So, I guess you really are the man in the video." Evelynn said. She already knew it was him. She was merely toying with him.

James's throat seemed to swell up. He slowly shifted his head to the left, mouth gaped to say something, but he couldn't get it out.


Evelynn had taken off her golden claws, placing them atop the table alongside James's empty glass. He followed it, but when he looked back at the woman, she was closer now. His body had reached the end of the couch so his head only moved back. Evelynn's smirk grew.

"How else did you think we found your friend?" She asked, putting an elbow atop the couches' cushion and resting her head against her palm.

The way she stared at him caused his clothing to feel tight again. James didn't loosen it. He had an arm on the armrest, his fingers tapping into the leather padding at an uneasy rate.

Evelynn's eyes narrowed.

"I take it you and her are close?"

James's tapping fingers moved off their position, his hand serving as the resting spot for his head. He fully looked at Evelynn and slowly nodded before using his other hand to wipe some sweat off him.

"You can speak right?" She asked while shifting closer. "Or am I in your bubble?"

Now THAT was something he could've answered clearly. James didn't know why he was being this way. He could've handled himself physically and verbally in such a situation, but this woman seemed to cast a spell that prevented him from doing that. Her smile did most of the work.

"I find having a personal bubble tends to push away those who would love to get close to you." She whispered.

Evelynn drew closer, and closer, and closer… until her position changed. The woman threw her left leg over James's waist and hugged his thighs with hers as her arms seemed to drape on his shoulders. James looked around frantically at the sudden change and looked up into the body-piercing gaze of Evelynn's amber eyes. He caught her strong scent again and his throat went dry as he suddenly had the slight urge to kiss this woman who just straddled him.

"There… isn't that better?" She cooed. Evelynn could tell James found her attractive despite his awkward actions. His breathing was bated which was hard to blame him for. He'd caught enough of her smell.

"I suppose… it is more comfortable." He said slowly.

Evelynn's smile sent a different message to James. "So you can talk." She teased. "And from what I'm beginning to feel… you like this proximity."

James's hands began to move. He slowly moved them to her shapely hips. Evelynn's eyes briefly became wide before returning to that sultry state as her pupils looked down to her right, seeing James's hand trailing along her smooth figure. She smirked and looked into his now hazy eyes.

"Like what you feel?" She cooed. "Wanna go a little deeper?"

James breathed steadily. He felt a warm aura wash over him after she said those words.

He slowly leaned forward.

Evelynn did the same with equal speed.

As his eyes slowly closed, James's mind seemed to flash. Images of his past romance briefly filled his vision before being pushed aside for the next one. His lips slowly curved upward to a smirk.


Evelynn's eyes were closed too, but instead of pressing against those soft lips of his, she felt a finger press against hers. Her brows knitted together with annoyance as her eyes opened up a moment after. James had halted her advancement with his finger, and his eyes no longer showed that awkward and vulnerable prey. They were rather… glaring.

The diva mistakenly deemed this to be a challenge with a playful smirk.

Evelynn began to tighten her leg's embrace with her hands now cupping James's head. The man was actually full of adrenaline which no one would think, and he made the mistake of seeing this as a hostile act. He dug his hands into the supple flesh of Evelynn's thighs, his fingers squishing into the softness. Evelynn's eyes widened and she felt herself shoot up into the air with James locked with her. He threw both him and her onto the coffee table that resulted in both James's empty glass and Evelynn's claws getting knocked off in a careless fashion.

The diva felt the air in her lungs disappear from the sudden blow and she inhaled deeply, not focusing on James grabbing her arms and pinning them above her head as he pressed his waist between her gaped legs. Evelynn couldn't escape from James's grasp.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" He asked in a threatening, yet calm tone.

Evelynn found herself at a loss for words. His voice seemed to be rather wimpy a minute ago when she had him trapped, but now, it'd changed dramatically. She actually loved it while hating herself for feeling that way in this position.

"What were you trying to accomplish there?" He asked, irritated by the lack of an answer.

Evelynn finally looked at him with that signature smirk.

"What do you think I was doing?" She asked. The expression James gave her told the diva that he expected a much longer explanation. He was annoyed by her playfulness and how seemingly casual she was being.

"You can't just do that to any random person you meet."

"Why not?" Evelynn asked with pouty lips.

James growled deeply. He no longer felt fazed by Evelynn's eyes as seeing them now sent a different feeling through his veins. James looked away while still pinning Evelynn. His eyes then fell upon an object embedded in the ceiling and he narrowed his eyes. Evelynn slowly did the same.

It was a dome camera.

The man's eyes widened as he felt a sorrow feeling flood his body.

"Shit." He muttered.

James looked back at Evelynn again who gaped her mouth. She grinned at him and James shot her a glare before releasing his grip on her with Evelynn laughing. James hastily paced to the closed door of the room, putting his hand on the knob, but then glanced at Evelynn.

"Don't even think about trying that again." He snapped.

Evelynn blew him a kiss to only make him angrier. "I'm thinking about it love!"

James slammed the door and walked down the hallway, fists clenched as his arms swayed back and forth. His footsteps echoed off the walls of the empty hallway. He breathed heavily as Evelynn's laugh seemed to echo through his mind.

"Hey Holland!" A familiar voice called.

The man jerked his head, but didn't stop walking. He saw Kai'sa trying to catch up with him from behind. He kept going, not wanting to speak to anyone right now. Hearing Kai'sa sigh, he heard a warping sound and found her directly in front. James was befuddled and he almost barreled into her, but Kai'sa managed to remain standing. She chuckled but noticed the distress on James's features.

"Hey, what's wrong?" She asked.

James huffed. "Nothing. I just need some space." He lied.

"Did something happen wit-"

"Just please!" He abruptly snapped, starling the dancer who knitted her brows. James flexed and unflexed his hands, compressing his lips. He finally looked at Kai'sa, hoping he'd sound calmer this time. "I need some time alone. Okay?" He put his hands up to gesture his words.

Kai'sa's shoulders slumped. She had a feeling she knew what happened and felt like she was responsible. She nodded and James passed her, his walking calmer this time. She kept looking at him until he turned a corner. She then turned in the opposite direction and heard the door opening. Kai'sa narrowed her eyes and warped to Evelynn who was slipping on her gold claws again, the diva not startled at all.

"What did you do?" She scolded.

Evelynn gave Kai'sa a teasing smirked before slipping on her glasses. She strutted away with her hips swaying, leaving Kai'sa standing at the open door. She looked into the lounge, noticing the clues of a tussle.

James's legs seemed to be on autopilot as he kept walking. He had no idea where the hell he was in the studio, but one thing was certain, he wanted to get fresh air. His body was heated with anger and frustration. He'd been caught on camera in a very questioning position with a woman who tried to kiss him despite not even asking for his name.

He felt like he just jeopardised Akali's chance of getting into the group. If Culda was as bad as Kai'sa said, Akali would likely be kicked out of the group the second she found out. James threw his chance of possibly being a security guard out the window, but he didn't care about that at all.

Finally, James reached a door that seemed to lead him out to one of the roofs on the studio. The cool air hit him a moment later which he welcomed, his body feeling like it was on fire. When he exhaled, a vapor formed from the chilling air. It allowed James to clear his head and calm himself down slowly.

James slowly walked toward the edge of the roof, his shoes hitting the rocks with each step. The breeze blew his jacket slightly with his shirt fluttering. James shoved his hands into his pockets, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

When his hands came up again, his right one was holding his phone. James opened the screen, going to the very phew photos he kept on the device. When he saw the one he wanted, he opened it.

He held it up for an undetermined amount of time. James just stared at the photo. He didn't know why he was doing this.

James closed the phone and put it into his pocket. His body had grown tired of the cold breeze combined with the chilly night. He turned around, walking back into the studio. He walked down the stairs and onto the main floor with the lobby. He heard overlapping chatter nearby and froze, slowly looking to see Ahri walking with Kai'sa in front while Akali was in the back. They noticed James.

"Oh there he is!" Ahri pointed.

"See? I told you she didn't eat him!" Kai'sa said bluntly.

"James!" Akali said running past the two and toward her friend. "Where'd you go?"

"I uh, I just needed some fresh air." He answered, giving some space from his friend who had a worrisome look. James eyed Ahri briefly, but he mainly looked at Kai'sa who seemed to give him a knowing look. Regardless, he looked at Akali again. "How uh, how'd the interview go?"

The young ninja's worried look change to one of excitement as her eyes lit up. She changed into a kid in a candy store practically.

"It was a success!" She squealed. "I'm in the group!"

James blinked a few times as the troubled thoughts left his mind. He grinned and threw open his arms in a mock hug manor, but Akali actually leaped right into his embrace with equal passion. They spun slightly as the ninja kept squealing happily. James chuckled heartily. Ahri and Kai'sa watched, the dancer smiling warmly while Ahri just smirked with her arms crossed.

When the two finally parted, Akali was still grinning at James who smiled. Ahri chose to clear her throat and stepped forward, catching the attention of the two again. James took note of the serious look she was giving him and corrected himself. He had a feeling he wasn't going to like what she was about to say.

"Holland, Culda wishes to see you in her office." Ahri said. James was unable to tell if she was being blunt, but the mention of Culda's name made him freeze before his heart began to beat twice as fast.

"Oh… really?" He asked. Akali walked up to James, looking at him and then Ahri. The leader nodded as an answer.

James formed an o-shape with his mouth as he sighed.

"May I ask why?"

"Actually, she told me specifically to tell you that you can't." Ahri said, sounding displeased this time. James knew this couldn't be good.

"Hmm. Alright then." He muttered.

James parted from the trio, but heard one more piece of information.

"She also has Evelynn with her."

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