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Many Years Ago…

James had no idea what he was doing.

It wasn't because of his decision to go with Leblanc back to her residence which he assumed was temporary as it was a penthouse. He knew just from the exterior of the building that this was a residence for the higher classes in Zaun. He was given a few odd looks from the buildings occupants given his state and clothing, but Leblanc didn't mind at all.

He continued to gaze aimlessly at the ceiling of the darkened room, thinking about what he was doing and moreover what he'd just done. James looked over to Leblanc who was on her side, back to him with the sleeves of her purple nighty half-way down her shoulders. He looked back to the ceiling, then pulled the covers off him and stood only in his boxers.

James scavenged his new clothing Leblanc had given him, said clothing scattered on the floor with Leblanc's and making the search tricky. He decided to put legwear on only, his toned upper body remaining bare as he paced out of the bedroom. The carpeting was a welcome change from the usually splintery wood he walked on.

He seated himself on the couch in the living room, a bottle of water in his hand that he drank before sighing.

What the hell was he doing?

All in the same day, James had lost his sister, his best friend, and now he slept with this woman he met not twenty hours ago.

James leaned forward, hands cupping his chin as he thought deeply about this. He knew his sister was with the monster known as his mother, yet here he was in a higher part of Zaun with this woman he wasn't sure he should trust, but decided to sleep with her on the spot.

His mind was going in circles. James got up and walked to the window, getting a generous view of Zaun with him realizing that despite all the trouble in the city, it wasn't an eyesore.

"Wandering about, are we?" Leblanc's voice asked.

James flinched. He turned to the woman who was still in her nighty. James sighed, turning to the window.

"That's not very nice, turning your back on the woman who just helped you relieve stress, tsch." Leblanc said.

He sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm troubled."

"Then come back to bed dear. I can help that." Leblanc cooed.

"Is that your solution to everything?" James snapped.

Leblanc was unfazed by the sudden attitude. Only a brow rose. "Clearly you are still stressed."

"Good work detective." James snapped again. He kept glaring at Leblanc who remained apathetic. The familiar feeling of remorse overtook him and James cupped his bridge. "I'm sorry."

Leblanc frowned meekly. "Why are you sorry dear?"

"Because what Vi said about me is true," James said, voice breaking in his throat. "I either fuck over people who help me, or I just bring trouble to them."

When he walked past and flopped on the couch, Leblanc looked tired and disdained. She didn't keep that for long, putting on the caring expression she used on him in the diner. James heard her sit on the couch, sliding over to him with her hand on his shoulder.

"But you haven't done that to me." She said.

"Yet." James corrected.

Leblanc clicked her tongue. She rubbed his shoulder caringly. "You never did tell me why you were out tonight, in such a bad condition."

"I told you I did this to myself." James muttered.

"Tell me the real reason darling." Leblanc whispered, leaning closer to put her hand on his other should to give him a massage. The technique did the trick as James softly moaned. Leblanc smiled to herself.

James sighed as he caved in. "I had a falling out with Vi... I messed up."


"It's all very complicated to explain." James continued. "My sister was taken from me... right in front of me… and I didn't do anything until it was too late. It's all my fault, and I blamed it on Vi." His voice began to break.

Leblanc was surprised, but she didn't display it. She continued her massage, hoping to steer James in a different direction as seeing him shed tears wasn't something she wanted to see ironically.

"Poor darling." Leblanc sensually said. "You've been through so much."

She sensed his expression darkened despite not looking at her. Leblanc decided to stop the coddling and empathy, getting off the couch and walking toward the kitchen, no concern for her being seen in her skimpy attire. James watched her return with two glasses filled with red wine. His brow rose.

"Here." She offered.

"What good is this gonna do? I don't even like wine." James refused.

"Just drink." Leblanc replied, her tone sharper and commanding.

James sighed and decided to oblige. The taste was ferment and a little heavy. His nerves were struck for a moment from the alcohol, James taking a deep breath. Leblanc made an exasperated sound and sat on the couch, crossing her right leg over her left as she leaned forward. James sat down too.

"Now, what will you do about this?" Leblanc asked.

James sighed. He took another sip. "I don't know. I have no idea whatsoever."


"Because I'm a fuckup!" James abruptly exclaimed. He didn't want to repeat the word again.

Growing tired of his outbursts, Leblanc decided to drop the gentle façade. The woman placed her glass down, leaning closer to James with her delicate fingers tracing his chin. The feeling was smooth with no traces of scruff. The woman lifted said hand off, then lowered it back down forcefully.

James grunted from the slap, his cheek hot as Leblanc scowled. The young man's eyes showed hurt, but then anger as Leblanc reeled back and stood up intimidatingly.

"Finally the somber has ceased!" She spat.

"The hell was that for?!" James asked.

"It was to get you out of self-pity, foolish boy." Leblanc murmured. "I never took you for the pitiful type at the diner! You've grown up in the slums of Zaun, you're supposed to be strong!"

He didn't respond. James exhaled with a growl and sat back down, taking a deep breath to relax himself. Leblanc narrowed her eyes, then took a breath of her own.

"I'm sorry." James said. "I've never had my sister taken away from me before. At least when it feels like I won't get her back."

"And you think feeling sorry for yourself will fix that?" Leblanc asked.

James glared at her. "It's not that simple-"

"If it was simple then it wouldn't be worth it." The woman replied.

He saw where she was coming from, but this wasn't like that. James dropped the moping attitude however, becoming calm and collective.

"Now, I'll ask again; What will you do about it?" Leblanc repeated.

James didn't answer. He couldn't. Obviously he had to get Jani back… or did he?

His reason apart from her being his little sister and being under the care of the monster known as his mother Elain were obvious reasons, but they were also the only two.

Camille was a shady woman and certainly held sinister traits, but she seemed to genuinely care about Jani on levels maybe the same as James. But she'd only known the little girl for a day, how could she fall in love so quickly? Then again, a sweet young girl like her in this environment was rare… just like Camille said.

James became frustrated again. On one hand he debated whether getting Jani back would have a good outcome. Did he really have to get her back right this moment? Camille would likely be keeping her safe.

What the hell was he thinking? How could James even consider leaving Jani alone with his mother or Camille to be remotely acceptable? One was a drug addict and the other was a literal assassin! He had to get her back… but how could he?

While he thought, Leblanc was no longer sitting by him… instead leaning over the couch close to his shoulder as her amber eyes keenly observed him. She showed signs of mirth as she continued to watch.

James then sighed, looking over his shoulder to the woman and flinching away as Leblanc stood straight, arms behind her back. James breathed as Leblanc sat down on the couch again, leaning back as her legs crossed.

That's when James realised that Jani being taken wasn't entirely the reason he felt this way. It was Vi.

Without thinking, James pushed himself off the couch and quickly went to the bedroom as Leblanc's eyes widened. He searched for his clothing as Leblanc watched from the doorway, looking disappointed.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"I'm doing what I should've done in the first place." James replied, slipping on his clothes in a quick fashion.

"And what is that?" Leblanc asked crossing her arms.

"Talk." James answered simply. "Talk with Vi."

The woman expected more, but when James didn't say anything, she halted him when he made for the exit.

"Forgive me, but didn't you say you two had a falling out?" Leblanc asked, sounding unconvinced by what he was doing.

James sighed. He looked down for a moment, then to her again. "Yeah well I just slept with you too in the short time we've known each other. So I guess anything is possible."

Leblanc glowered, and grunted when he forced himself past her, heading for the door. She caught up with him just in time and grabbed his arm. James could've freed himself, but chose to listen.

"Holland darling, I know you are eager and in an unfavourable position, but slow down and think. What do you think will really happen if you abruptly show up to your former friends home?" Leblanc questioned. "Because from what I remember she wasn't the nicest person. What makes you think she'll be understanding if she sees you again so soon?"

James thought about that for a moment, but he was still insistent. Leblanc wasn't stepping down yet.

"Look I just need to do this." He impatiently said.

"But why?" Leblanc asked, sultry this time. "Because I can only foresee this resulting in you becoming further harmed my dear. I don't want you to be in such a state where you're unable to protect your little sister."

That made him glare. James forcibly pulled his arm from her grip, Leblanc's expression stoic. When he lowered his head in thought, she smirked.

"Come sweetie, you need rest." She cooed.

"No." James refused.

Leblanc nearly groaned. He wasn't as easily swayed as she presumed. Suppose she should've expected that.

"I need to make things right." James insisted. He wasn't fully sure himself, but he knew if he waited longer, things would only be more difficult.

Leblanc sighed. She figured this could go without a fuss. Or could it?

"Perhaps you're right my dear. Maybe this is what you need to do." She murmured. James was suspicious of this quick change, Leblanc holding her emotionless stare. "Clearly Vi means a lot to you if you're willing to make amends with her after your unfortunate disagreement. It's almost as noble as your love for your sister, save for a side of naivety."

"Thanks." He muttered.

"But I must know, are you worried about Vi?" Leblanc asked. "Are you concerned about her life?"

His brows knitted. "Why are you asking me that?"

"I am only asking because there's been an increase in gang-related violence around the city, most notably in the slums area. The Winter's Claw led by Sejuani I believe against some group titled the Lost Children of Zaun?" Leblanc asked. "Vi… strikes me as the kind of person who'd be in a gang. Am I correct?"

James didn't bother denying it. "Yes… she is. I am too…"

"I see."

There was silence between them. Leblanc observed James, taking every detail from his composure to his damn breathing. Narrowing her eyes, Leblanc slowly smirked to herself. She projected a dour look and put her hand on his shoulder.

"So are you worried?" She asked.

"Of course I am." He replied.

"Then perhaps this idea isn't as naïve as one may think." She spoke. James looked at her. Leblanc nodded, telling James she wasn't joking. "Granted of course she'll likely give you a fresh pair of bruises, if you really do care for and worry about her, then maybe it is best to try and make amends with her."

James's brows forced together in worry. He wasn't certain he could take the likely outcome of Vi throwing him out of her life forever, but he couldn't blame her. He had to do it.

"You think so?"

"Do I think it's a good idea? No. Is it the right thing to do? For the most part yes." Leblanc answered. "But I can't see you becoming the person your sister needs until you're able to take care of this." Her tongue clicked.

That was inspiring in a way. James looked at the door, then turned to Leblanc again.

"Are you coming with me?"

Leblanc waited to answer. "No. I'm afraid my presence wouldn't be appropriate. She'd probably go berserk if she saw me with you."

"Well I didn't mean for you to be there when I talk to her, I meant-"

"No." Leblanc repeated, louder this time. She was stern about it and James's brow raised on the right. Leblanc let out some air.

"Why not?"

Leblanc's expression became caring. "My dear Holland… do you trust me?"

"How does that answer-"

"Do you trust me?" Leblanc repeated. She approached him with seductive intentions. She cupped his neck with her hands, tilting her head as she eyed him closely. James looked tired, even glancing away with Leblanc frowning, but smiling when he stared at her again.

"You can't keep doing this." He muttered.

"I've only done it say… two or three times?" Leblanc replied. "This isn't a habit… yet."


"Now, I will ask again; do you trust me?" The woman asked.

James breathed. He slowly nodded and Leblanc internally relaxed.

"Then go. Talk to her. I'll be close by if you happen to get in trouble." She spoke.

"What? How wil-"

"Go. Now." Leblanc ordered. She then kissed him sweetly and held it for several moments.

When it ended, James's questions were put on hold. He was still uncertain, but he left the unit regardless and jogged down the hall. Leblanc watched him until he was out of sight and closed the door. She ran her hand through her raven hair, sighing with relief as she hastily walked into the bedroom, going to her dresser where a laptop resided on its surface. Leblanc turned it on as she opened one of the drawers and took out a folder with countless files on it.

Once the device was powered up, Leblanc quickly opened its camera which was displaying a live video of someone walking down the halls of the building she was in.

"Ignorance is bliss." She mused to herself.

Leblanc would've never told James the truth of how she found him in the streets of Zaun. She was relived he hadn't discovered the hidden camera she planted on him back in the diner when she made her move. She'd seen everything since they'd departed… including the debacle of keeping his sister with him along with the struggle involving Vi. She almost took pity.

The woman went to the recordings, going back to when James and Vi arrived at her apartment. She didn't have to look for many clues to know where it was. She had people almost everywhere.

Vi's hands were cupped into a bowl, catching the water that she splashed on her face again. She had no idea how many times she'd done that so far. Not that it mattered.

She looked in her mirror, seeing the bruises left from her fight with James. She looked the same as the day she joined Ekko's gang; bruised, bloodied, and fierce. Vi tilted her head a little, pushing aside the strands of pink hair to see if the wound from the picture James smashed on her head had improved. It'd stopped bleeding which was better than nothing.

The pinkette took a short shower as the hot water didn't last long. She cleaned herself up as best she could, but the bruises still remained.

Walking out to what remained of her living room, Vi went to the kitchen and returned with a full bottle of whisky. Slouching down in the chair, she took a hearty swig from the bottle. She usually flinched when she drank a sliver of the stuff, but this time she didn't.

Her eyes fell to the floor and she saw something. A photo clearly given the broken frame. Vi brushed the shards of glass aside, finding it to be a picture of her… and James. They were much younger back then, and their genuine, happy smiles would tell a person they were inseparable friends.

It made Vi sadly scoff. Turned out that wasn't true either.

She wasn't in the wrong here. She had every right to be pissed at James. He brought his problems to her, he was to blame! Then again, he also brought… Jani. The sweetest girl Vi had ever known. She called Vi her aunt.

Vi chuckled this time, but it was still sad. She felt a tear slide down her cheek, wiping it away immediately as she wasn't aware. The pinkette toughened herself, tossing the picture away.

"Don't go soft Vi." She told herself. "You'll just get fucked over again."

She took another swig, hoping it'd drown out the feeling. Didn't quite do the job and she wiped her face with a groan.

Cursing herself, Vi took out her phone, browsing through her contacts. She hadn't deleted James's yet, and she selected him. Vi's finger hovered over the option to call him… or to delete. She wasn't sure which one she wanted to do. If she called him, he'd bring trouble right back to her.

Without blinking, along with heavy hesitation and reluctance… Vi pressed "delete". James's contact vanished afterward, and Vi's gut immediately churned. She whimpered and covered her eyes, hoping that what she'd just done wasn't real. A vain effort.

There was a knock on her door suddenly, Vi flinching and her puffy eyes looking at it. She looked at the time, seeing it was very late. That could only mean one thing; trouble. Vi felt her angst go away for the moment, her stomach changing the pain she felt to anger. She grabbed a steel bat when she rose, dragging it along as she walked to the door.

She peered through the peephole, and found herself looking at figures in cloaks. Jumping to the conclusion that this was Camille yet again, Vi rolled her eyes and put the bat aside.

"You got some nerve showing up here again Camille, I've got a good mind to shove this steel bat right up…?" Vi stopped.

Vi's assumption was completely wrong. These weren't Camille's people, and they definitely weren't from Sejuani's gang either. All wore red and black leather steampunk styled coats, and unison, pulled their hoods down. Out of all the occupants, the one that stood out to Vi sported long white hair in a ponytail. She smirked at Vi.

"Hmm, I like your face." She purred.

Vi's face was tense, and when she noticed they were brandishing weapons, she quickly slammed the door.

A blade stopped it from closing entirely, leading to Vi pressing herself against the door that felt pressure from the other side. Vi put her full weight into it, taking out her phone and struggling to scroll through her contacts. She stopped on Ekko's contact, pressing the call button as the unknown figures outside began to kick at the door. She struggled to keep it closed, watching the ID ring and pleading that she'd get an answer.

"Hello?" Ekko's voice asked.

Vi brought the phone to her ear, but then an abrupt crash happened that overwhelmed Vi's resistance and she was sent staggering to the floor, phone flying out of her hand. All of her assailants came in at once, surrounding the pinkette who was able to sit up, but the knife inches from her neck halted anything else.

"Vi? Hello? Everything okay?"

"Break it." The white-haired girl ordered.

"Vi? VI?!"

A boot stomped the phone, cutting off communication. Vi glared at the people around her, unable to do anything. The pinkette's hands clenched as she stared the girl down.

Still smiling casually, the girl spoke. "Understand that you don't matter to me Zaunite. I won't hesitate to kill you here and now."

"I guess you're not from here." Vi replied. "Who are you people? You with Sejuani?"

The girl scoffed. "I would never associate myself with parasites such as yourself. Now, are you going to be a good girl and come with us?"

"Why should I?" Vi snarled. "You gonna kill me if I don't?"

Ophelia rolled her eyes. "Clearly you're smarter than most of your kind. If you don't come under your will, we'll have to improvise."

Vi snickered. "Now you're thinking like a Zaunite."

Ophelias eye twitched and Vi grabbed the knife on the bladed end. She ignored the pain, staring tensely into her captors eyes that had widened. Vi pushed it aside with her bloody hands, sending a fist into the girls cheek. Ophelia groaned with shock and was uppercut by Vi with her stumbling back.

The pinkette's shoulder felt a hand grab it, and with the stolen knife in her hand, Vi quickly elbowed the person's waist and spun around with the knife giving a fatal wound to them.

She was struck on the back by one of the assailants and attempted the same attack again, but they moved away in time. Vi still remained surrounded, but it was a bit more fair this time. The figures didn't have any grievance for one of them falling apparently, and began to snicker at the pinkette. Vi didn't let that get to her. They wanted her to lash out and make a wrong move.

"I don't have all goddamn night!" She barked. "Come on! COME ON!"

Just like that, Vi was struck on the head and knocked out cold, but it wasn't from one of the assailants. A taller man was behind her, long white hair that pooled at his shoulders. He tossed aside the steel bat Vi owned, observing the unconscious girl. He glanced at Ophelia.

"Didn't your mother teach you not to play with your food Ophelia?"

Ophelia sighed. "Vlad, you know I can't resist toying with my prey."

"And because of that, one of our associates was killed." Vladimir gestured to the person Vi had managed to subdue. "Do suppose it adds more to the scene."

"So what now?"

"You know what to do now." Vladimir scolded. "Plunder the apartment and leave. Simple as that."

"I mean what do we do about the body?" Ophelia said.

Vladimir's eyes narrowed. "Take it once your done. I've got this one. Feel free to apply more blood if you wish." He snickered at the end.

The man picked up Vi's unconscious body, not needing any help amazingly. He carried her over his shoulder down the hall as sounds of furniture being broken sounded from the apartment. He was quickly outside, carrying Vi to a black sedan that was parked in front of another. He tied Vi up before putting a bag over her head as extra precaution and unceremoniously putting her in the backseat. He closed the door, and if one looked close enough, they could see a symbol. It was a rose.

A Black Rose.

The returning drive to the K/DA's household was nice to say the least. Both occupants of the car couldn't stop smiling with the presence of their lover right next to them. Evelynn wished she could ride on his lap, but wondered how that would look pulling up to their household with the other bodyguards' present. She decided to rub his leg affectionally and that was it.

They were surprised to see some new bodyguards outside the household grounds, a group of fans and paparazzi still present. They weren't there this morning so it was odd. James was signaled to stop from the tall woman, but she quickly let them go when seeing Evelynn in the passenger seat.

"What do you think that's about?" James asked.

Evelynn shrugged. She didn't care for the moment. James pulled into the garage of the household and parked the car. As he undid his seatbelt, Evelynn had already removed hers and hurled herself at him. James grunted as Evelynn's sweet smell attacked him, and he could only smile as Evelynn did too, although it was devilish.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Just thought I'd inform you how difficult it is not to sit in your lap when you're driving darling." Evelynn teased. She kissed him and held it with a moan before stopping.

"So I get a kiss everytime you're unable to do that?" He asked. James chuckled. "Perhaps I should enforce a strict 'No lap sitting' rule."

Evelynn snorted. "Hilarious sweetie, but remember, I make the rules, and that means I'll only be unable to sit on your lap when we're around colleagues."

James's eyes rolled. "Do you think that'll ever change?"

The question surprised Evelynn. The diva frowned and leaned closer to him, hands on his shoulders. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean if we'll ever be able to do such things around others, people we know." He glumly said. James wished he hadn't asked that now.

Evelynn cooed softly. "Oh my darling James, it will change. Believe me. Just needs some time."

"I know. Sorry, didn't mean to spoil the mood."

"Nonsense." Evelynn dismissed. "It's impossible for that to happen when we're so close."

She then giggled and kissed him again. James's smile returned and Evelynn winked before they got out of the car. He took the jacket out of the backseat, giving it a few pats to remove anything that might've stuck to it. James had forgotten about how happy Akali would be when her jacket returned better than ever. He couldn't wait to see her face.

The pair entered the household through the garages' door, hearing the distant sound of television that Kai'sa had on for noise as she did yoga in the living room. Evelynn walked in, hands on her hips as she watched Kai'sa. The dancer was on her feet swiftly, happy to see Evelynn.

"Evelynn you're finally back! And Holland!" She noticed James.

"Kai'sa darling, you know having the news on isn't the best combination when it comes to yoga right?"

Kai'sa's eyes rolled. The dancer was going to ask what happened with Culda, but saw James was holding something. Her eyes widened as she grinned seeing it was Akali's jacket.

"Guess Taric worked his magic eh?" She smugly asked. "Akali's going to be so happy!"

"Speaking of that, is she upstairs?" James asked. "Was hoping to give this to her right now."

"Yeah she's still in her room, though I should inform you that-"

"It can wait until after." James said. "She's probably been dwelling all night about it."

Kai'sa told him not to, but the man didn't heed her warning. James hurried up the stairs, finding Akali's room quickly and putting his hand on the knob. He wondered if he should knock, but this was going to be one hell of a surprise. He pushed the door.

"Hey Akali, look what they-! Oh."

James's face flooded with blood at what he saw, not to mention interrupted accidentally.

Akali was straddling a familiar individuals' waist with her legs looped around his back. Said individual was leaning back to allow comfort for her as she was pushing her upper body against his for further intimacy. Both were still fully clothed, Akali in her pajamas and the man's clothing dishevelled. Their eyes fell on James who was frozen.

"Um… sorry." He apologised.

"What are you doing James?" Akali asked bitterly.

He couldn't find the words. James's ability to speak human vanished. He held up the bag with Akali's jacket with a nervous smile.

Her blunt look became sweet for a moment before the heat of the situation took over. Akali heard the man sigh and she looked to him.

"I think I should introduce myself." He forced on a smile.

Akali sighed and pouted. She got off Kayn and crossed her arms. He wiped his pants before getting up and approaching James.

"Hi, name's Shieda Kayn. You must be James." He extended his hand.

James wasn't sure how to respond. He could've shaken Kayn's hand simply, but he just looked at it like it was infected. James shook it off and grabbed Kayn's hand tightly. The man had a strong grasp of his own.

"So you've heard of me." James joked. "The first bodyguard of Evelynn?"

Kayn chuckled. "Well more-so that you're Akali's closest friend here. Basically her brother."

"I see. Well, it's nice to meet you Kayn."

"Same to you." He smiled. They stopped shaking hands. "And uh, I hope what you saw didn't give a bad vibe."

Akali's face flustered. James furiously shook his head. "I think I'll just leave. Clearly none of my business. Again, I apologise."

Kayn hummed. He suddenly felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, realizing that he was late for work. It was almost noon.

"Oh shoot, late for work. Sorry Akali I gotta get going." Kayn said, wishing he didn't have to. "I'll talk to you later."

The girl stopped pouting to smile at the words. "Thanks for stopping by Kayn. It means a lot."

"No problem." Kayn replied. "Just don't let that jacket get anymore wine on it, alright?"

Akali giggled, only to feel his lips pressed against hers for a moment. Her face was red as Kayn chuckled confidently. He waved bye and left the room. James and Akali were left alone with the man looking at the rapper. Akali soon glared at him.

"Listen I didn't mean to intrude."

"Save it." Akali answered. "There's a reason you're supposed to knock James."

"I know and I'm sorry. Was looking forward to giving you back the jacket. I know how much it means to you." James explained.

She couldn't stay mad over that. Akali looked at him. "I know. I'm sorry."

"Don't sweat it." He assured. "I know you're still a bit shaken up from last night."

"Yeah… and so are a lot of other people." Akali replied.

"What do you mean?"

"Didn't you see the mob outside the household? They attacked Vi and Riven. Might've been worse if Caitlyn hadn't shown up." Akali sighed. "And you know why they did? It's because of me."

James's held back an almost exasperated groan. He couldn't blame her for feeling this way, but she had to know it wasn't her fault.

"Akali, you know this isn't your fault right?"

"That's easy for you to say James." Akali replied. "You're not in my shoes."

"True, but tell me, did you think the jacket your aunt made for you would be would be forever ruined? The damage irreversible?" He asked.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"It has to do with the fact that things may seem bad in the present, they always blow over and are eventually repaired." James explained. He wasn't sure if this was the right move. Was he jealous over Kayn? Couldn't be.

"Maybe you're right." Akali glumly said. She ran her hand through her hair that wasn't washed yet. "I think I need to shower. Clear my head."

"That sounds like a great idea." James encouraged. "And Akali… again, I didn't mean to intrude on your privacy, especially with what was happening."

Instead of smiling like he hoped, Akali crossed her arms. "Did that make you go back on your support for me dating?"

James's brow rose. "What? No."

"Good. Because he said he's committed, and I said I am too." Akali spat.

"Well that's great!" James shrugged. "More power to you."

"So that means before you enter my room, you'll knock every time from now on. Clear?"

While her annoyance wasn't fully invalid, James couldn't stop rolling his eyes. He'd already apologised and that fell on deaf ears.

"Yes, we're clear." He answered, sounding unpleasant. James turned around and left her bedroom, closing the door on the way out. Akali felt antagonistic toward him, but then regret for her attitude.

Akali removed her clothing and walked into the bathroom with her phone. She slipped on a towel as she browsed for some tunes to listen to, but a notification from social media popped up. She would've swiped it away, but the title prevented that. Akali's brows furrowed as she read.

"K/DA's Manager Culda Graves fired after an incident with television actress Syndra"

The rapper became pensive, eyes closed as she pinched her bridge. She'd done it, she'd gotten Culda fired and wished she never m-


Akali inhaled deeply, lips sealed with a stern gaze as she breathed. Now was not the time to dwell and mope in guilt. She'd just gotten back her signature jacket that looked better than ever! Akali rolled her shoulders, jogging in place for a moment as she pepped herself up and got rid of the guilt.

As she did, she remembered something Karma had told her. Something that ran through her family, and was also on her jacket.

"Be a dragon."

Akali exhaled smoothly. She put on some electric music and removed her towel, stepping into the shower.

James went down the stairs to see what was happening. Evelynn and Kai'sa were talking with the dancer's head lowering as Evelynn placed her palm on the girls shoulder. Must've talked about letting Culda go. James frowned at it.

"So what do we do now?" Kai'sa asked Evelynn.

"We'll make it work darling. Don't worry." Assured the diva.

"I hope we can." Kai'sa gloomed.

"We will sweetie. We're pop stars."

Kai'sa chuckled. She saw James approaching them. She smiled, but then winced. James scratched the back of his head, subtly telling Kai'sa he wished he listened.

"So how'd it go? Did Akali immediately kick you out?" She joked.

"No, she threatened me with a dagger before I could open the door." He replied. "Doesn't matter, what's important is she has her jacket back. Should be a good boost for her confidence."

Kai'sa agreed. "If anything it should be enough to make her finish the single. She's made some great progress on it and this will probably make her 200% more eager to finish it."

"What perfect timing." Evelynn commented. "I've been dying to get in the act of performing again. Thankfully there's been a stress reliever amidst everything."

To some people, that term when it came to Evelynn meant a wide variety of things. It could mean meditating, exercising, or even going to the spa. To Kai'sa it was something different and she was curious in a playful way.

"And what exactly do you mean by that Evelynn?" She asked keenly. Evelynn looked at her blankly. "Is there something… or someone you're seeing?"

She was smugly smirking in a playful way. Evelynn wasn't sure if she was serious, but the diva could feel her body start to heat up.

"No darling there isn't." Evelynn denied.

"Is that why you're blushing?" Kai'sa teased.

Evelynn took a deep, stressful sounding breath. That's all Kai'sa needed. She covered her mouth with her fist in mirthful shock.

"Oh my God you really are seeing someone." She breathlessly said. "Evelynn it's so nice to know that!"

"I'm not seeing anyone Kai'sa." Evelynn bluntly denied. Her heart was racing as Kai'sa didn't back off despite Evelynn snapping at her.

"It's okay to say if you are Eve! Oh man this is such good news!"

"Kai'sa!" Evelynn exclaimed, glaring at the dancer furiously. "I. Am not. Seeing anyone."

That made the dancers mirth vanished, her expression now a frown. Evelynn stopped glaring as Kai'sa's frown had that effect on her.

"I'm sorry-"

"No. It's fine. I got carried away." Kai'sa sorely said. "Sorry about that."

"Don't apologize darling." Evelynn replied. "There was no reason for my reaction. You're just curious is all."

The diva's smile made Kai'sa smile too. Her cheeks flared up and Evelynn tousled her hair with Kai'sa softly slapping the hand off.

"But for real though, what's the stress reliever?" Kai'sa asked. "Because I think Ahri will be needing one too. Can't be too happy about Culda leaving."

Evelynn's eyes rolled. "She has Shen, she'll be fine."

"Oh so your stress reliever is Holland?" Kai'sa asked innocently.

The dancer had no idea what that question entailed with some of it sounding like an accusation. Evelynn's brows rose as James's eyes widened. Kai'sa was oblivious to her questions effect and quickly forgot about it as someone entered the household through the backdoor. The trio saw Caitlyn pacing toward the fridge in the kitchen, clicking her tongue as she took several bottles of cold water. The security woman noticed them after closing the door.

"Oh Evelynn, Holland, you're back!" She greeted. "Have Ahri and Shen returned as well?"

"Not yet. Should be here after twelve maybe." Evelynn answered.

"Well fantastic." Caitlyn said not caring at all. "Since you're here Holland, would you mind joining Vi and Riven in their rounds around the house? You know, since you're here now."

James scoffed. "Of course. Meant to ask, what happened outside? Why's there extra security?"

Caitlyn sighed. "You and Shen missed the show. A handful of so-called fans of K/DA weren't happy about last night. Gave Vi and Riven a few bruises but they're fine now."

"Oh shit." James winced. "Damn, sorry to hear that."

"Well you can stop being sorry if you want to give them a well-deserved break from their rounds. I'm sure they'd appreciate it." Caitlyn insisted. She was in a rush to get outside clearly.

"Not a problem."

Just as James was about to move, he felt Evelynn grab his arm and he stopped. Caitlyn looked at the diva who was also being stared at by James.

"Caitlyn darling, if you wouldn't mind, I'd prefer to have James stay with me. I feel so unsafe after hearing about such a dramatic event." She wooed, putting her head back in distress.

Caitlyn wasn't in the mood to argue. She really didn't have a problem with it either. "Alright. If that's what you want."

She went back outside without a fuss, leaving the three alone. Kai'sa decided to go back to her yoga session and asked if Evelynn or James wanted to participate. They said they were alright with James asking if he could have a word with Evelynn.

"Why'd you do that?" He asked.

"Do what?"

"Tell Caitlyn you still needed me to be close by?"

Evelynn's brow rose. "Well so we could stay together sweetie."

"But they need my help out there." James reasoned. "It's not fair to Vi and Riven."

The diva scoffed. "Those two are tough gals. It'll be fine James."

"Yeah, but it's not fair…"

"James." Evelynn sighed. "Do you really think they're gonna notice? Or care? Besides, I have something important for us to do."

Letting the former go, James had a guess of what Evelynn was suggesting. He didn't want do make the wild guess. "What'd you have in mind?"

The diva smiled. She did a fake-groan and put her hand on her stomach. "Well that delicious, but unhealthy brunch we had was quite filling. I feel like I… we should work it off."

"Oh." James realized. He realized she was right. Hadn't been feeling too good in the last little bit.

"Follow me." Evelynn said, taking his hand as she took the lead. They reached the stairs that led to the basement which James hadn't seen yet ironically. When they reached the bottom, he realized it was their personal gym given all the equipment, dumbbells, and balance balls.

He looked at the diva. "Really?"

"Yes really!" Evelynn exclaimed. She poked his stomach without warning which made him flinch. "I don't want to lose those abs."

Once again he groaned, but Evelynn snickered and it made him smile. He supposed he could do some exercising.

"Mind if I get changed first?" He asked.

"You'll do no such thing. What you have on is fine!" Evelynn replied.

Deciding not to argue James removed his jacket and placed it on a coatrack. He took off his dress shirt next, revealing a white muscle shirt underneath. Evelynn could see the shapes of his abs and gave his buttocks a firm pat when he walked past her. He wasn't sure what to do as there was a wide variety of options. James decided to start with the dumbbells, but Evelynn took his hand.

"Ah, ah, ah." She advised. "That's not the kind of exercise I meant darling."

"Excuse me are you my personal trainer now?"

"Hmm, I suppose I am. For the moment of course." Evelynn giggled.

"Alright then, what'd you have in mind?" James asked playing along and crossing his arms.

"Get down on the floor. Do twenty push-ups." The diva simply said.

James did as she said. He took a breath before going down and positioning himself. Just as he was about to do his first, a weight was felt on his back with a familiar smell filling his nostrils.

Evelynn had climbed on him, laying her smaller body across his back with her hands on his shoulders and her head above his. James almost collapsed when she got on him, but retained his position.

"What are you doing?" He asked with a strain.

"Making sure you do each push-up correctly darling." Evelynn whispered. "I can't have you skipping."

"You gotta be kidding me." James muttered. He sounded amused.

"Come on, get started or else I'll add ten more." Evelynn said.

He began to do the workout after she said that. While Evelynn was generally light, James had never done push-ups with someone sitting on him. It added a lot more effort on his part, but despite the exhaustion, James didn't falter. When he got to ten, Evelynn told him to stop. The diva got off him for a moment before getting back on, her back against his as she got comfortable on him.

"Continue." She smiled.

James inhaled and resumed exercising. He groaned quietly as he pushed himself up and then lowered down. Evelynn was humming casually as he reached the end.

"Eighteen… Nineteen… Twenty." He was going to stop, but Evelynn spoke up.

"Ten more." She ordered.


"Ten more, and you can have a kiss. Sound fair sweetie?"

James could see her teasing smile without having to look. He didn't have to do them, but he did anyway.

He did the additional ten without a fuss, and Evelynn got off him once he was done. He exhaled as he sat up, eyes closed which allowed Evelynn to take him by surprise by putting her lips on his. The man welcomed it. Tasting Evelynn after a workout was better than a glass of water.

"So what next?" Asked James.

Evelynn thought for a moment. She smiled at James when she decided. "Planks."

His brow rose, but he nodded. James had a feeling Evelynn had something up her sleeve as he got into position. He took a breath before planting his feet firmly on the floor with his elbows doing the same. James exhaled, and then felt a familiar weight on his back.

Evelynn was on him again, but she was sitting on him this time. She had a dumbbell with her as well, slowly lifting it with her left arm. Her soft butt was felt through the thin fabric of James's shirt and that made his face red.

"How long should I do this?" James asked, not straining yet.

"Until I say so darling." Evelynn replied. "I want to feel your muscles in action."

James scoffed. Evelynn snickered and kept lifting her weight. A full ten minutes passed by, feeling like an eternity to James as he began to sweat. Planking wasn't something he usually did, and as expected, Evelynn's weight didn't help.

"Oh James… you're starting to shake a little." She noticed.

He wished he wasn't. James knew he could go a little further without showing signs of struggle. Evelynn placed down the dumbbell, running her hands along James with one going up his back and the other down to his firm backside. She couldn't help but giggle when his body shook slightly as she patted his butt a few times and gently massaged his back.

"I think I like this feeling." She teased. Evelynn placed her hands firmly on James, adjusting herself as her soft butt rubbed against his back in the process. His face was red as she did this, Evelynn's beloved posterior rubbing against his skin a feeling he'd want never want to end, but wouldn't dare ask her to keep doing it.

James suddenly felt unsettled. He maintained his position, but the actions of Evelynn had managed to make his private muscle flex. James took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he began to think blankly. Evelynn had also stopped getting comfortable on him, sitting still as she observed him. She affectionally rubbed his back, then leaned down to massage his shoulders as a means to deter his efforts.

At the same time, James's mind was calm and collective. His excitement had faded and returned to normal. He chuckled when Evelynn's hands kept doing their work, nearly accomplishing their task, but he held on.

Finally, Evelynn leaned to his ear. "Stop."

He grunted as he hit the floor, Evelynn also grunting, but letting out a moan at the end. James took a deep breath, the diva getting off him as he wiped some sweat from his temple.

"Well done."

James felt her tilt his head up, seeing her caring smile before she kissed him again. It was longer this time and held more meaning. Evelynn must've done this as a reward for him lasting until she said to stop. Both uttered sounds of desire as they continued to kiss. James moved back to a sitting position during this and Evelynn pushed herself against him in a wanting motion. This resulted in him leaning back, elbows on the floor as Evelynn continued to lean into him.

Then she suddenly pulled back, James looking at her as he felt her legs encircle around his heelbones as her arms grasped his calves. His brow rose and so did the corner of his lips.

"Time for sit-ups darling. Gotta keep those abs in check you know."

"Alright." He chuckled.

"Oh and every five you do, you get a kiss." She said with a wink knowing that sealed the deal.

Smiling, James put his hands behind his head and elevated his upper body until he was at head-level with Evelynn. He repeated the action, counting to five and when he was at Evelynn's level again, she leaned forward and they had a quick kiss.

"Give me thirty more."

James kept it up, enjoying the kiss they shared every five sit-ups. He was impressed Evelynn kept his legs so firmly still. Her muscles were shy it seemed. When he was almost done, on the next kiss James attempted to end the exercise right there, but Evelynn protested and pushed him down. He couldn't help but smile and she went from frowning to smiling as well.

"Just for that, I want an extra fifteen, and no kiss breaks." She waved her finger in a playful scold. "Naughty boy."

"Aw man."

Evelynn snickered and James focused on getting the remainder of them done. He softly strained as he felt a small burn from the workout, but didn't stop his movements. When he was done, James elevated himself toward Evelynn and crashed into her lips. The diva was forced back, moaning welcomingly as they passionately kissed. James went in further, turning the tables as Evelynn placed her hands on the floor as he slowly took control. She angled her head as she got more into it, eventually cupping James's head and pulling him down as she lay flat across the floor on the bottom.

Her heart was pounding as he continued to smother her in sensual actions, Evelynn never wanting it to end as she put her hands on his biceps that were slick from the workout. She bent her fingers into his skin, leaving red marks as she clung to him with want.

"That's it!" She softly gasped.

His kissed her jawline, then nibbled on her neck with Evelynn gasping and digging her nails further into his arms. He suckled her sweet skin, and then sank his teeth in. Evelynn let out a euphoric moan.

"Hey Evelynn, you down here?"

A voice sounded from the stairs and immediately James stopped what he was doing. Evelynn became alarmed and pushed against him unceremoniously with James stumbling back despite getting off her already. Evelynn sprang to her feet and tidied what parts of her clothing she could just as Kai'sa revealed herself coming down the steps. The dancer immediately noted the two, seeing James on his back still with Evelynn standing straight.

"Uh, what's going on here?" Asked Kai'sa.

"Oh I was just helping James do some sit-ups Kai'sa dear, that's all. What brings you down here?"

"Well Ahri just arrived with Taric and Sarah. She wanted me to find you while she got Akali. Said it was urgent." Kai'sa explained. "Seems I lucked out finding both of you here."

Evelynn did a friendly chuckle. "Well thank you for letting me know sweetie. We'll be up soon."

Kai'sa nodded and walked back upstairs. Evelynn sighed with relief, hearing James put his clothes back on with her turning around. He began to button up his shirt and Evelynn stepped forward, hands on his with him stopping.

"Allow me." She offered.

James didn't decline. He watched her do each button up one-by-one, feeling her sneak in a rub against his abs as she hummed.

"Sorry about pushing you off darling. Must've hurt really bad when you hit the floor." She said pouting.

He shook his head at her playfulness. "It's alright. But there's something I still want to do."

Evelynn felt him pull her close without warning, the diva's eyes from being caught off-guard. She felt his lips on her neck again, suckling like before as he peppered the same area with caring motions. When James was done, Evelynn's neck had a hickey on it with the area warm from the motion. The diva put her hand on the area, feeling and tracing the mark as James put his hands behind his back, acting like nothing happened.

The diva grinned maliciously.

Next thing James knew was a force being pressed against his front with him stumbling back, legs chained around his back with arms doing the same to his neck.

Evelynn jumped him and brought her lips to his ear.

"You really think I'm going to let you get away with that without returning the favor?" She snarled. It held seduction and made James shudder. "Naughty boy."

The diva kissed his neck the same way he did hers. Evelynn wasn't as gentle however, and James groaned as her teeth sank right into his skin deep enough to leave red markings without drawing blood. James put his hands on her, holding her tightly as Evelynn marked him as property of her and only her alone.

Like little footprints telling him she was there, and would probably be elsewhere.

Evelynn got off him, wiping her lips as she stared at him deviously and yet caringly. James put his hand on the area, feeling it like she'd done with hers. His face flustered and Evelynn giggled.

"Come on, upstairs."

They quickly went upstairs to find the other bodyguards present with the only person missing being Akali. Evelynn saw Caitlyn next to Vi and Ahri was standing close to Taric and Miss Fortune. The redhead's eyes fell on Evelynn the moment she showed up, looking at James after. The diva felt pinches of jealously as the redhead flirtatiously smiled, reminding them of her catching them the night before holding hands. Miss Fortune remained oblivious and surveyed the others, looking displeased a moment later.

"Well it would seem the K/DA's bodyguards are more on-time than their clients." Sarah commented.

"Isn't that what we're paid for?" Vi snickered.

Miss Fortune scoffed. "Well I'm beginning to see why Culda finally snapped." She inappropriately joked.

Nobody reacted to her comment, Miss Fortune rolling her eyes which made Evelynn snicker quietly. Footsteps were heard coming down the stairs, Miss Fortune looking to see Akali finally giving her attendance.

However, the director quickly forgot about Akali's slacking, and for good reason.

The young rapper was wearing black leggings with her signature jacket on as expected. She wore a white tank-top underneath with a sliver-sized reveal of her torso. Her hair was dishevelled with parts of it in an equally disorganized ponytail. Miss Fortune wasn't sure what came over her, but her cheeks became warm as she kept looking at Akali who stood beside Kai'sa. The dancer was equally if not more shocked at her appearance, looking at Evelynn to wonder if she'd told Akali to dress this way.

"Nice to finally have you Akali." Taric commented. "And may I say you look ravishing in that jacket. So glad it could be fixed."

"Ravishing? Really Taric?" Miss Fortune asked. "How old are you again? I'm pretty sure the correct term for Akali is she's smoking hot!". The redhead could see Akali looking the utmost confused by her reaction and it made her smile. "Oh Akali, I do believe you're giving me the vapors."

Akali's brow rose. "Uh, thanks?"

"Has Evelynn taught you how to dress?" Asked Taric. "Seems like a debatable influence." He winked.

"Taric do you really think that's something your client needs to hear?" Ahri winced.

"I think it's good for a manager to compliment their clients yes, but I suppose I could've chosen my words more wisely." Taric replied, quickly widening his eyes when realizing what he'd said out-loud.

Kai'sa's brow rose with both of Evelynn's doing the same. The diva glanced at Ahri who rubbed her arm.

"Manager?" Kai'sa asked.

"Is there an echo in here?" Sarah asked. "I don't see any problems with Taric being your manager now. I can actually work with him and not someone who's an alcoholic." She referenced Culda again.

"I'm glad you see it that way Sarah dear considering he has no experience as a manager for a K-pop group." Evelynn spoke.

"I can speak on my own behalf Sarah thank you." Taric said with his hand on the redheads shoulder. Amazingly he didn't talk to Kai'sa or Evelynn first, going to Akali. The rapper crossed her arms, looking disinterested. "I guess you might've heard that Culda was-"

"I know." Akali sharply interrupted. She didn't want to be seen anymore as that girl who cried and dwelled on such things. Taric blinked and tilted his head. "I'm not going to sit in a corner moping about it. What's done is done."

Taric's frown became a smirk of surprise and admiration. He crossed his arms like Akali did, nodding at her. "Well nice to see the symbol on your jacket has rubbed off on you."

"What do you mean?"

"You know, the dragon." Taric said. "I was truly fascinated by it when getting those hideous stains of red wine out. Tell me, are dragons' part of your family name?"

Akali smiled. She was feeling energetic now. "They certainly are. My aunt was very specific on me being a dragon when she called me."

"She must be very proud of you." Taric said putting his hand on Akali. "Now… forgive me for pushing it, but have you come around to completing those lyrics I'm sure everyone has been dying to hear? Again I don't want to push it."

"Too late Taric." Sarah snorted.

Akali grinned at him. "Would it make you happy to know that cleaning my jacket gave me a little boost I desperately needed?"

"If that's true then I'd be nothing but flattered." Replied Taric.

"It is true."

"Then I'd call that a successful first decree of a manager!" He joked.

"Glad something good came out of last night." Caitlyn sarcastically commented.

"Well since we know the lyrics are done, would the star of the show be so kind to show us aforementioned words?" Miss Fortune said with a fancy accent. Everyone looked at her again and she sighed. "Hey I'm in a good mood now cut me some slack."

Akali decided to bolt up the stairs, almost tripping from her eagerness to show what she'd cooked up. James watched her leave, unable to stop smiling. Despite the minor rift between them, he always loved when she was in this mood. She'd come a long way and still had a long way to go.

The rapper nearly slipped when she turned from the stairs, some of the group telling her to be careful before she stopped by Miss Fortune, panting for breath. She offered the woman the paper and Sarah read it. Her pupils darted right and left quickly, smirking without changing her facial expression the whole time. She finished reading quicker than Akali expected and handed it back.

"I can work with this. I know exactly what I want to see from this." Miss Fortune answered. Akali expected more but got nothing.

"That's it? Nothing to change?"

Sarah laughed gleefully. "Akali sweetie, I'm the director. I'm responsible for making you look good and ensuring that people see your full potential. Besides what you've written is solid in my eyes anyway."

It was a nice gesture, but the rapper wasn't sure. Ahri and Kai'sa chose to come over to check the lyrics themselves, Evelynn not showing any interest. Kai'sa had seen the lyrics beforehand so she was impressed unsurprisingly, but Ahri on the other hand was different. Akali allowed her to take the paper as she inattentively paced slowly, reading the lyrics.

Akali's hands were in a prayer position as she silently watched Ahri look over the paper and her heart skipped a beat when Ahri's eyes looked at her. The blonde folded the paper, walking over to Akali who took a breath.

Ahri handed it back to her without a word, then brought herself closer to Akali and gave the rapper a hug. It was a needy hug and Akali felt Ahri squeeze as tight as she could before letting go. Akali saw the blonde wipe one eye and her brows furrowed.

"Everything okay?"

"Yes um, I'm sorry." Ahri croaked. The girl cleared her throat, taking a few breaths. Ahri did a mirthless chuckle and sniffled. She apologised again and put her hand on Akali's shoulder. "Akali… what you've written, what you have right here in your hand is something this group has needed for a long time, but couldn't find."

Akali's eyes widened yet again. She'd heard it from Kai'sa and Miss Fortune, but Ahri's word sealed away all her anxiety. Well… almost.

The rapper turned to Evelynn who didn't seem interested at all, but when the diva saw her pleading eyes she sighed and marched over, snatching the paper from Akali. She went through it fast with an uninterested look, but by the end of it… her brows were risen high as they could go. Evelynn looked at Akali, not smiling as one would expect. She simply handed back the lyrics, a nod of approval as Akali felt her anxiety get sealed away fully. Evelynn was the last piece of the puzzle it seemed.

"Nice to see you took my advice darling." The diva said.

Akali didn't want to give Evelynn that satisfaction for reasons unknown, simply shrugging in some agreement.

"Well now that everyone's all happy and dandy, I think it's time we move onto the more important matter." Sarah announced.

"I can take it from here Sarah." Taric stepped in. "So, I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but now that I'm your manager-"

"Acting manager." Evelynn cut in.

"-I've gone ahead and arranged a music convention to be held at the mall. With all that's happened in the last short while I saw it as a way to reconcile and promote what Akali's whipped up here. Despite all the controversy surrounding last night's incident, there's still plenty of fans, and paparazzi, eager to see K/DA's comeback." Taric explained.

"Well that's refreshing to hear." Kai'sa said.

"Don't worry I haven't forgotten about the debacle that happened with Riven and Vi this morning. I'll have Tianna accompanying your four at the convention. Never hurts to have extra protection." Caitlyn spoke.

"Assuming she won't be busy with Cithria." Vi whispered to Riven who snickered.

"You may all have differing thoughts on this decision, but I think you'll see the pros outweigh the cons very soon." Taric knowingly grinned. "Which leads me to my other announcement; we're finally going to show you the sets you'll be working on. Sounds exciting right?"

"We're not children Taric." Kai'sa snorted. She chuckled after and smiled. "Of course we're excited!"

Taric shrugged. "I figured it'd be a good way to show you management won't be a stressful thing to deal with anymore, or for the time being to be precise."

"We appreciate that dear." Evelynn said. She shrugged her shoulders. "Perhaps you're not as inexperienced as I presumed."

"Time will tell Evelynn. Now then, very important question; have you all had breakfast and showered? Ahri, Evelynn, don't answer that." He quickly said causing the blonde to giggle.

Kai'sa and Akali nodded. Taric brought his hands together.

"Splendid because we're going to tour the set right now!" He exclaimed. "I've arranged a limo outside to take us there, though I should say that not everyone's set is in the same… location."

"What do you mean by that?" Kai'sa asked.

"You'll have to wait and see. I think you'll like it." Taric winked. "Now come my beloved popstars, adventure awaits!"

Akali and Kai'sa for whatever reason couldn't help but show excitement equivalent to a child on Christmas morning. Taric brought a fun-loving approach to things in times of uncertainty, and it even got a smirk out of Evelynn. The man was quick to notice that and pointed at her.

"Aha! I got a smile out of her! That's a huge step in the right management for me!" Taric joked.

Evelynn's cheeks flustered and her eyes rolled. James was looking at her with a mirthful look, finding the diva to be extremely adorable when she was blushing from something other than him. An odd feeling perhaps, but James couldn't stop smiling.

However he wasn't the only one who was looking.

Miss Fortune's mind was still fresh with that she saw the night before. Evelynn and James holding hands with the diva's face only a darker red than it was right now.

That's when she saw something new.

James's neck was red with leftover bitemarks. Sarah glanced to Evelynn, and could see a hickey along hers as well. While there was no evidence of them being the result of the selected persons, that was only in the eyes of an oblivious individual.

Miss Fortune knew those were little footprints of their love, and she'd be having a talk with them later on.

Many Years Ago…

James was nervous when he approached the apartment. While Vi didn't own the place, being in it's presence felt like a bomb waiting to go off. Nevertheless, he entered the building, his insides churning nervously. He felt like Vi was going to pop out and scare him for some reason. His paranoia was getting the better of him. James had to relax for a moment.

He eventually reached Vi's floor, his heart pounding with anxiety. James almost wanted to walk away, but Leblanc's words resonated through his ears. He had to do this. If Vi didn't want to let bygones be bygones, then he'd have to accept that. Was hard to blame her if she did.

James reached her apartment, steeling himself, but then noticed the door was meekly open. He suspiciously glared, eyes narrowed to see any hints through the limited gap. James hesitantly pushed the door open, entering Vi's apartment.

He wished he hadn't.

The place was in worse condition than when he left. What pieces of furniture Vi owned were either beyond repair or scattered over the floor. Looked like the average looted stores in Zaun.

The worst part was that Vi wasn't seen anywhere. James stepped over the broken bottles toward the closet in hopes of finding her there, but he doubted it. Hiding wasn't something Vi did. Still, he was distressed to find nobody when he opened the door. Vi's clothing hadn't been spared either, and James closed the door, resting his head against it.

He walked toward the kitchen area, looking at all the empty cabinets. Had Vi lost it and finally fled Zaun? Couldn't have, that wasn't in her character. Then again why else would all the food have been taken?

James paced around idly, unsure of what to do next. He came here with the intentions to make amends with Vi, but that wouldn't be happening it seemed. Either she took her anger on her own belongings and left Zaun for good… or it was something else.

He noticed something on the floor. James kneeled down to examine before taking it in his hand. He observed it. Was a symbol of some sort. His eyes darted to the floor, noticing some red colors.

Dried blood.

He looked at the symbol again… and that's when it hit him.


James heard footsteps from the hallway enter the apartment. He swiftly turned around, tense and ready to fight. He didn't drop his guard despite recognising the person.

Ekko's brow rose, arms crossing. James continued to glare at him. "What're you doing here Ekko?"

"Could ask the same of you James." Ekko replied evenly. "Given that you moved in with Vi last time I saw you, I'd have thought you'd be with her every waking moment… along with your sister of course."

James's eyes twitched. Ekko said nothing wrong, but hearing him mention Jani always antagonised James. Ekko got to the point.

"She called me not long ago… but I never got to talk to her." Ekko said. "Instead, all I heard were the sounds of a struggle."

James's eyes widened.

"Did she call you? Probably not given that you're usually by her side nowadays." Ekko further explained. "And yet… it would seem she was taken away while you were out… or simply allowed it to happen."

"That's bullshit and you know it." James replied.

"Is it?" Ekko snickered. "Then please tell me where you were when Vi was being taken."

The nerve of this guy. James wasn't in the mood to bicker, there were more important things at hand. He didn't want to give Ekko the satisfaction, but there was no choice.

"Me and her had a falling out. It wasn't pretty. That's all you need to know."

Ekko's brow rose. James waited for him to gloat, but he didn't. Instead Ekko nodded understandably, something that James narrowed his eyes at.

"Unfortunate." Ekko spoke. "Well, at least now I know you're definitely the reason she was taken. You rat her out for kicking you and your sister out of her apartment?"

James didn't know why he didn't see that coming. He sharply inhaled.

"Relax James, I'm kidding." Ekko snickered.

"Are you?" James replied. "Are you trying to convince yourself more than me?"

Ekko turned serious. He paced toward James who remained still. Ekko sighed once, expression deadpan.

"I know you're better than that James. I know you don't like me, and I obviously don't like you, but I know you wouldn't rat Vi out." Ekko said. "Can't believe I'm saying this but it's good to see you here. Shows you care."

"Thanks I guess."

"What do you have there?" Ekko asked.

James forgot he was holding a card. Ekko approached, holding out his hand. James gave it to him. The young man studied it, then scoffed.

"Something funny?" James asked.

"Yeah something is actually." Ekko sounded astonished. "Of all the people in the world, Sejuani's the last person I'd expect to leave behind a hint of her trashing the apartment of a person who's very close to me. She must be getting desperate."

"Do you really think that? This could be a trap for all we know." James replied.


"Ekko…" He warned.

He chuckled, then sighed. "Do I think this was her making mistake? Yes James, I do." Ekko answered confidently. "What's more plausible; Sejuani being clever enough to lure us, presumably, into a trap, or making a simple, not to mention consequential error?"

Fair points on his behalf, but James wasn't sure. Ekko stepped closer to him, sterner look this time.

"Look, I don-, we don't have time to discuss this." He said. "All I know is Vi was taken and whoever took her probably isn't going to bring her back. So either we can hypothesize the motive behind this, or we can help our friend who's always been there for us. Not to mention let you take residence in her apartment."

James raised his brow. Not at the last bit.

"You're saying 'We' an awful lot Ekko." He stated. "What makes you think I'm going to help you?"

Ekko scoffed. "It's not me you're helping James, it's Vi. You can put on the stubborn act for me all you want, but I know you want her back as much as I do if not more."

That was a good point. James came here to apologise to Vi. Was he going to let his resentment against Ekko get in the way? His stubborn pride? No.

"Alright." James agreed. "I'll help you. But know that I'm doing this for Vi, not for you."

"Ditto." Ekko answered. His cocky smirk made James's resentment fade. It was pointless and childish.

"So, any idea where to start? Clues where they might've taken her?" James asked.

Ekko's smirk went away, fully serious now. "I think I might know."

Vi immediately registered the pain she felt on her skull. She was not having a good time today. She vaguly remember being carried out of a car and unceremoniously dropped on the ground. She was picked up a minute later and was being carried by a burly woman with long raven hair through an old warehouse. It was decently lit and occupied by several figures who stopped to get a look at the pinkette. The floor changed to stairs, and Vi heard the person carrying her exchange words with another before a door opened and she was carried into a room. The woman placed Vi in a chair, the pinkette catching a glimpse of her scarred and clouded eye. She spouted an insult to Vi that fell on deaf ears.

Another woman entered the office with Vi's escort leaving the room after exchanging a few words. The person was wearing dark jeans with a navy-blue leather jacket. She had shoulder-length hair much like Vi's. A scar was across the bridge of her nose with some in various other places. A tank-top was under her jacket as she took a chair and placed it backward toward Vi, taking a seat with her arms resting over the rest.

It was Sejuani. She was bigger than Vi by a fair bit.

"I never sit down and talk with people I'd usually kill the instant I see them, but given who you are and the state you're in, I thought I'd change that up." Sejuani spoke. Her voice was deeper than Vi expected. "I'll start with the most obvious and only question I have for you. What are you doing here?"

Vi didn't reply. She knew she should but she couldn't. Sejuani's head titled and she raised her hand to grab Vi's scalp, pulling her closer. The grip was strong and it made Vi shudder.

"You can speak right?"

The pinkette nodded.

"Then answer the question. I don't wish to prove Vrynna right by wasting my time with you." Sejuani sighed. "What. Are. You. Doing here?"

Vi breathed out. She didn't know how to answer that. If she wasn't tired or still bounded, she'd probably do something stupid and fight her way out of this place. Alas there was no option but to talk. What choice did she have?

"Now if you'll follow me to what I believe is my best work yet, I believe it'll show you what we're aiming for with this video." The art director Khada Jhin explained as he led the popstars through the studio.

They'd just left Ahri's set which was merely a laundromat, but the man insisted that what he had planned with the video would make doing your laundry look amazing. That got a forced laugh from Ahri while the others winced. Sarah Fortune and Taric were present with them while the bodyguards were assigned to cover various positions of the area. It was the same as the party the other night, James and Vi stationed together while Shen and Riven were elsewhere.

"Let's hope there's not a repeat of last night eh?" Vi nudged James.

He wasn't in a joking mood. James hummed in agreement and the woman's brow rose.

"You alright?"

"Yeah. Fine." James replied.

"You don't seem fine." Vi continued.

"I'm sorry I'm not in a carefree mood." He answered. James did a look-over of the room. "Just making sure there won't be a repeat of last night."

"That's fair." Vi understood. "Lemme tell you though, if I wasn't busy trying to make Akali and Kayn get closer together, that bitch Syndra would've never gotten close to her."

James humorlessly chuckled. "I don't doubt that for a second."

"You still mixed on her being with him?"

"Nah." James replied. "I guess it's more the fact that she's well… matured. She's grown up." He watched as Akali listened attentively to the art director. He couldn't help but smile. She'd come so far.

"Aw, you're gonna get me all emotional." Vi snickered. It got a lighter chuckle from James and they both smiled. The pinkette's eyes looked away for a moment, then she had a more serious look. "So, when are you gonna tell her?"

James looked at her. "Hmm?"

"When are you gonna tell her about… you know." Vi hinted.

He knew what she was referring to. James quickly rid the thought and pinched his bridge. "Is this really the time to talk about this?"

"I'm just asking man." Vi defended. "Akali's a sweet girl. You know that. Don't you think she deserves to know the truth?"

"Of course she does." James replied. "But now is not the time with everything that's happening."

"Fair." Vi answered. "However, and I'm sorry for saying this, but if you don't tell her eventually… I will."

James glared at Vi for a moment. The pinkette stood by her words and James slowly nodded. "Don't worry, you won't have to."

Neither spoke afterward. They resumed their duty, surveying the room and watching for any signs of trouble.

Back with the group, Jhin had just brought them to what he aforementioned as his favorite piece. It was a subway car. He told Akali and Evelynn to pay attention.

"Now, I know what you must be thinking; just a simple, plain subway car." He explained, sounding like he was about to reveal something amazing. "But if you'll follow me inside… well I think it speaks for itself."

He led them inside. The interior was clean which was a nice touch, but they didn't see what he was talking about.

"Good work, you can clean a subway car." Evelynn sarcastically commented.

"Eve…" Ahri scolded.

"Oh this is actually far from being stainless. It's actually quite a mess if you ask me." Jhin deviously replied. He flicked a switch and the entire subway went dark, or so it seemed. Blacklights had been activated and that allowed everyone to see what Jhin had done.

The walls and seats were covered in neon paint. Some were simply splattered on while others were clearly drawn carefully across the surfaces. Everyone's eyes widened, but Akali was the only one whose mouth hung open. She hadn't forgotten about them saying they were doing something with neon paint. This was, literally, jaw-dropping to her.

"So, what do you think?" Jhin asked.

Evelynn stopped being shocked. "I'd say you stopped caring about the lo-"

"I wasn't asking you. I was asking her." Jhin pointed to Akali. Evelynn huffed and shook her head.

"Me?" Akali asked.

"Yes my dear." Jhin said. "What do you think of what I've created?" He sounded quite proud and even a little arrogant. Akali wasn't sure how she felt about Evelynn being interrupted, but had to give the man credit.

"Well… it's definitely a great work of art." Akali answered. "But um… if I could suggest one thing, maybe I could add something?"

His eyes narrowed. One could assume they'd twitched. "Like what?"

"Well given that neon is something I do enjoy, I was wondering if I could add something that means a lot to me. I'm probably not wording this right but I basically want to spray-paint a dragon on." Akali shyly explained.

Jhin's eyes remained narrowed, but when he saw Miss Fortune and Taric giving him a warning look, he sighed. "Of course. Do what you will. It is your scene after all."

The man quickly left the car, leaving a puzzled group behind. Akali felt responsible. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No sweetie, Jhin's just got an ego bigger than the records this single will sell." Miss Fortune commented.

"Props to you for suggesting an idea Akali." Taric said. "First time I've seen someone suggest a change to Jhin's ideas."

"But… it was just an addition."

"Trust them darling, it's a miracle he didn't storm off the set immediately." Evelynn said. She put her hands on Akali's shoulders. The rapper looked at her and the diva smiled. "Look at you, telling others what to do. Taking after your favorite diva?"

Akali rolled her eyes. Evelynn let go and turned to her bandmates.

"So, thoughts on this Eve? I know it's probably not your ideal setting so if there's anything I can do to improve it, just let me know." Taric offered.

"Thank you Taric dear, but if I'm being honest, I kind of like it." Evelynn said. "The neon paint really adds a vibe that I enjoy." She turned to Akali. "Looks like you'll have the privilege of officially working with me darling."

"Yay." Akali replied sarcastically.

"What was that? Didn't sound very energetic." Evelynn said narrowing her eyes. "Come on, let's see a smile. You should be rejoicing over working with me!"

Akali couldn't believe this woman sometimes. However, Evelynn raised her hands up with her fingers wriggling and then proceeded to tickle Akali. The rapper yelped and giggled while trying to get away from the diva who kept on her. Eventually Akali fell into one of the seats and Evelynn wasn't merciful, continuing to tickle the hysterical girl.

"There's a smile!" Evelynn exclaimed.

"Okay stop! Please!" Akali begged.

"Only because you said please." Evelynn teased. "Nice to see you have manners."

The diva distanced herself from Akali, looking at her bandmates who were no doubt judging her silently. Evelynn did a hair flip and confidently smirked as Akali stood up.

"Anyway, you all must be starving from this reveal. I can imagine the pressure isn't helping either so I decided to treat us to a lovely meal at none other than… Birdios." Taric said.

Ahri's face turned slightly green when she heard that. Kai'sa's quickly became a tomato and she pouted.

"Really Taric?" She whined.

"Oh come now Sivir, doesn't your favorite pizza girl work there?" He teased.

The dancer crossed her arms, still pouting while Ahri looked like she was about to throw up. Taric rolled his eyes.

"It's for business in case you're wondering. I remember Culda telling me that the owner was aiming to get a promo in the video. Plus I hear they make a fantastic pizza." He finished with a grin.

Kai'sa rolled her eyes as Ahri begrudgingly agreed. She hoped they served salads there. Evelynn didn't put up a fuss about eating there strangely enough. She supposed she was just well… excited. The tour of the set with Akali's determination just put her in a good mood. It was odd, and while she never showed excitement like Akali or Kai'sa did, Evelynn couldn't help but smile graciously.

Her bandmates followed their manager out of the subway as he began discuss what he had in mind for the promo. Akali was more interested in food and Kai'sa was likely thinking about that lovely pizza girl.

Evelynn kept watching them with a smile.

Things seemed rough last night and even worse this morning, but that'd all seemingly changed in such a short window of time. The diva's mind decided to raise her glee as with all that was going on, she had someone special in her life.

She glanced at James who was on the far side of the set. Evelynn doubted he'd be thinking about her at the given moment. He was on duty and had to keep his guard up. She understood that.

Evelynn put her hand on her neck that still had the love mark he left. It'd healed over the few hours since it'd been left, but was still warm.

Warm like she was whenever she was in his presence.

The diva sighed, looking over to James again before a gruff clearing of a persons throat happened. Evelynn turned to see Sarah staring at her with accusing eyes. The diva's brow heightened itself, the corner of her lip doing the same. Miss Fortune's brows rose as a gesture of Evelynn to speak. The diva didn't know what to say.


"What are you doing?" Miss Fortune asked.

"I'm sorry?"

Sarah rolled her eyes and sighed. She tapped her neck a few times. "You need to remember to cover that up Evelynn." She scolded. "Same goes for him."

It was Evelynn's turn to do an eyeroll. She had no concern over Sarah likely knowing she was in an intimate relationship with James. What could she possibly have to offer on the subject?

"I'm going to assume that's not the only thing you wanted to ask?" Evelynn sarcastically shot at the director.

Miss Fortune smirked. It was almost devious. Sort of like Culda's. The diva's insides rolled at the comparison.

"No, but it is closely related. See, Evelynn, I know you and James definitely have something going on behind the scenes. Whatever you two are doing is none of my business, and given who he is… I can't say I blame you." She softly purred.

Evelynn's gaze darkened for a moment. Miss Fortune snickered and saw that as a harmless comment.

"However, with the spotlight Culda put you guys in, the paparazzi and devout fans, particularly those from your 'Deeva' fanbase are going to be a lot keener. How long do you think it'll be before they spot a hickey on your neck?" Sarah asked. "What if they see on James's neck?"

The diva scoffed. "That's a big 'if' Sarah."

"Is it?" Miss Fortune replied. She watched for Evelynn's concern. She put her hands on her hips before speaking again. "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I just remember the turmoil that happened when Mordekaiser and Sona were rumored to be together when I directed their video a while back. And I'll remind you, they were in a same band together. You and James are under entirely different circumstances. What do you think will happen if suspicions arise when he has kiss marks on his cheek or you have hickeys all over your neck?"

Those were fair points, but highly unlikely. Even if the media got some attraction to her sleeping with her bodyguard, they'd see it as her just being a bad girl.


Evelynn chuckled. She approached Sarah and put her hand on the womans temple. She allowed that.

"Oh Sarah darling… you must be having terrible flashbacks of that experience with Pentakill. Maybe you should take a break. Let Taric expand his experience in being our manager. Surely you could use the rest no?" She teased.

Miss Fortune humorously scoffed. She grabbed Evelynn's wrist and aggressively pushed it down, causing the diva to become tense with a stern look. Miss Fortune narrowed her eyes, dead serious now.

"I'm glad you've still got that confidence. Didn't seem to have it last night when I offered James a drink and caught you both red-handed. Literally." The redhead countered.

Evelynn was growing impatient. She remembered why she didn't like Sarah in the first place. "Sarah, it sounds like you have a problem with this after all. Which one is it?"

"Oh I don't have a problem with this at all. What I do have a problem with is taking all the heat for something that I have nothing to do with." Miss Fortune shot back. "Do you really think I wanted to cut things with Culda? Yeah she had a drinking problem and was a pain to work with sometimes, but none of that mattered. It was all in private. Her assaulting Syndra, despite having a fair reason to do so, is what cut the ties. And now with what you and James have… well once-, no, if it gets out… well I think you know what'll happen." The rest spoke for itself.

The diva's eye twitched. She believed Sarah to be making a big deal out of all this.

"So you're really going to walk away from this if that happens?" Evelynn asked. She wasn't nervous, just more disgusted by Sarah's choice.

"Yeah. Pretty much." Sarah flatly replied.

Evelynn scoffed. "I'm not sure who has the worst backbone; you or Jhin." She coldly scoffed.

"Easy there Evelynn." Miss Fortune warned. "You may have a hard time finding a director willing to work with a diva who fucks her bodyguard. Not to mention how do you know if he'll really stay?"

That set something off in Evelynn. It was just the blunt wording and nerve of this woman. The diva peered back at Sarah over her shoulder with a dark gaze. Miss Fortune's stern stance remained, but falter a few moments later. Evelynn resisted the urge to march up to that redhead and give her a piece of her mind, but was able to hold off.

The diva paced out of the subway car, finding her bandmates still talking with Taric. They were at the far end of the set and Evelynn walked to them. However, as she got closer… she spotted an additional person.

Evelynn stopped walking. Her feet felt frozen actually.

It was Xayah. She was talking with Ahri and Taric mostly with a pleasant smile on. It was the complete opposite compared to this morning when she was at the studio. Evelynn resumed her trek forward, reaching the group.

"Well I can't say I'm surprised this guy's doing a great job so far!" Xayah exclaimed, giving Taric a nudge. "Seems like Culda did teach him everything she knows!"

"Guilty as charged." Taric shrugged.

"It's so nice to see you again Xayah!" Ahri squealed. "I take it, and I know I asked this before, but you're not mad at us for… letting her go right?"

Xayah scoffed and blew a raspberry. "Of course not. It's business, and as much as I'd hate to admit it… you guys did make the right choice. She used to be my manager too you know… helped me excel in my career as a model. I wouldn't have met Rakan if it wasn't for her."

Kai'sa frowned. She tilted her head. "That is so sweet. I never imagined Culda would be able to do that."

The model looked at the dancer. She didn't say anything and instead hummed. Clearly she wasn't interested in talking to the 'babies' of the group. That's when she noticed Evelynn had joined them and immediately smiled.

"Oh Evelynn!" Xayah greeted. She gave the diva a hug that Evelynn looked uncomfortable doing. "You're looking sharp as always."

"Thank you darling." Evelynn replied trying not to winch from the compliment. She'd seen this girl earlier. "What brings you here?"

"Well Evelynn… I came to apologize." Xayah admitted. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "I know you saw me earlier this morning at the studio… I wasn't exactly myself. Not myself. At all."

Evelynn's right brow rose. Xayah let out another sigh. Ahri leaned closer to the model, looking worried.

"What do you mean?"

"Eh, I almost caused a scene worse than Culda did last night." Xayah confessed. "I was furious about her being fired… I blamed it all on you, and you." She pointed to Ahri and Evelynn. "I know you weren't there to see it Ahri but I just feel like I have to apologize. To both of you."

"Uh, we're here too you know." Akali reminded.

"I know this might seem silly, but I just had to get it off my chest." Xayah finished. She smiled sweetly to hope for forgiveness.

Ahri's brows furrowed and she gave the girl a big hug. It was a hug one person would never want to stop, but Xayah insisted on ending it early. Evelynn observed her, finding her cheeks slowly turning red. Her body language showed one of impatience as Ahri kept talking. It was when Xayah brought out her phone that Evelynn's eyes narrowed.

The model said she received an urgent phone call from her associates. Evelynn didn't see any contact calling on the screen, but Xayah quickly brought the phone to her ear and began to talk. She apologized, saying she had to leave them before pacing out of the set, leaving behind a bewildered Kai'sa and Akali with a suspicious Evelynn. Ahri looked at her friend who looked uncertain.

"Evelynn? Everything okay?"

The diva didn't reply.


Xayah sighed with a frustrated growl the moment she was off the set. She slipped her phone in her pocket and began to mutter as she got to the elevator. She scowled the whole time as the elevator took her down to the parking lot. Xayah marched toward a parked sports car, a man occupying it and looking at the passenger side when she opened the door. Xayah plopped herself in and slammed the door shut, causing the car to shake briefly. The man didn't flinch.

"So how'd it go?" Rakan asked.

"How do you think?" Xayah spat.

Rakan sighed. "Did you at least try to understand their perspective?"

"I did and I failed." Xayah growled. "I can't stand them. They're all fake… especially Ahri. She's known Culda longer than I have and has the audacity to fire her. Fucking blonde bitch."

Rakan let out another sigh. "So I guess you've made your choice?"

"Already did." Xayah replied.

It was far past dusk over the city, not that it ever slept of course. The lights were still lit up and would likely remain that way for a while.

The K/DA group had arrived back at their household relatively late. Normally they'd stay up a lot longer, but Taric reminded them that the next day was of extreme importance. Heeding his advice, they all decided to get good night sleep by going to bed early, but not before a quick workout to burn off all the carbs they'd consumed when eating at Birdios.

The bodyguards decided to do the same, save for Vi giving James a heads up that he'd want to cover his ears or try sleeping on the couch as she had Caitlyn with her. As selfish and inconsiderate that was, James had no problem with it. He understood where they were coming from and ignored the already excited moaning from Caitlyn as Vi slipped her top off.

He got comfortable on the couch, sighing as he stared up to the ceiling in silence. He thought about what Vi said earlier.

James had been carrying this secret for so long. He'd never told Akali where he truly came from. Did she even have to know? It's not like it'd affect their relationship if he didn't. But what good was that if it's built not entirely on truth?

He covered his eyes for a moment. He was overthinking this far too much. He needed to get some rest. Just as he got comfortable on the couch, his phone vibrated. He looked to see it was a text from Evelynn.

Evelynn: I need to see you in my bedroom. Now

James huffed to himself out of amusement. He kept his sleepwear on, walking up the K/DA's household and quietly entering. It was unusual to see the place so devoid of activity. James crept up the stairs, carefully passing the bedrooms of the K/DA members. He stopped at Akali's however, peering in to get a glimpse of her.

The rapper was snoring loudly and was in a deep sleep from the drool on her pillow. James silently chuckled to himself before continuing his journey to Evelynn's bedroom. He wasn't sure what to expect from this sudden invitation, but he didn't question it. He guessed the door was open and entered the divas bedroom.

He found her sitting on her bed in a camisole top and short pajama bottoms. Very different from her usual sleepwear. James was glad he had on the appropriate attire.

Evelynn looked at him, smiling and gesturing for him to sit next to her. Once he did, she gave him a kiss. It was short and sweet, but held significant meaning.

"So, what's wrong?" James asked.

"Nothing's wrong darling." Evelynn replied. "Did my message seem that way?"

"Sort of yeah." He admitted.

The diva smiled. "Oh darling, always looking out for me, and not because you're my bodyguard."

"Of course." James corrected himself.

Evelynn hummed. She kissed him again and pushed herself against his body. James wrapped his hands above the curve of her ass, pulling her closer as they kissed. Soft moans sounded, but then Evelynn pushed herself off him. James looked at her attentively.

"James… I do have something to ask you."

"What is it?"

The diva wasn't sure how to word this. She stood up from the bed and began to pace back and forth.

"If we were found out… you and me… what we have, what we've created… what would you do?" Evelynn asked.

"What do you mean by that?" James asked making sure he didn't give the wrong answer.

"What I mean is if the news broadcasted tomorrow that the infamous diva Evelynn is sleeping with her bodyguard… what would you do? Would you flee from the backlash? Would you break things off with me?" She asked. "Or would you stay with me?"

James didn't hesitate to answer. He even stood up from the bed and closed the distance. He took Evelynn's shoulders gently, but that was it. He looked into her yellow eyes with the utmost focus.

"Of course I'd stay with you." He said. "I thought we talked about this before Evelynn. I told you that I love you… and wouldn't leave you ever. Not from the backlash, not from the opinions of others… but only if you'd want it. You and you alone." He firmly said.

"What about Akali's opinion?" Evelynn asked.

James didn't answer. That wasn't a fair question and the diva knew that. She chuckled to show she was joking.

Her heart had been pierced by those words. While she mostly doubted James would leave her if they were found out, she just had to make sure. She always had this fear in the back of her mind that he'd do what Darius did and run off in the middle of the night, or do what Tobias Fate did when he was unable to handle the pressure from her die-hard fans which also involved running away. The only difference is Tobias's reason was understandable.

Evelynn breathed steadily, feeling the doubt within her clear out. She looked at James.

"Now… if you don't mind me asking, what caused you to-"

She kissed him passionately. It was long and tender along with being sweet. The diva cupped his cheeks as she exhaled.

"I don't want to talk about that." She desperately said. Evelynn kissed him again and ran her hands down his upper body, pulling down the measly article of clothing he wore.


"I only want to talk about what matters to me my love, and that's us." Evelynn cooed. "I only want to talk about my lover. I only want to talk about you James."

She crouched down, giving his exposed torso sweet kisses. James slowly succumbed to her actions.

"Anyone can give their opinion of what we have, they can joke for all I care." Evelynn said, looking up into his eyes again. "Let them if it comes to that. All I see is what matters to me. What matters to us. My love… My James." She sensually said.

He couldn't control himself. James took Evelynn's shoulders and hoisted her back up on her feet. She quickly returned the favor by jumping him and latching her legs around his body. They fell back onto her bed, engaged in a session of passionate love as they pulled the clothing off one another and let it scatter all over the floor.

Nothing else mattered at the moment for Evelynn… and for James.

However, in the heat of their lovemaking, his eyes darted left.

There he saw a figure. One that'd been haunting him for a while now as of late.

Leblanc chuckled and James growled, but Evelynn shifted his priorities when she kissed him again.

James forgot about Leblanc… for now.

Xayah looked at her laptops screen, eyes narrowing with her lips compressed.

She was on social media, about to post something that had countless attachments to it. Most of them were photos she'd taken earlier of James and Evelynn. The confident, bitchy diva kissing her bodyguard without a care in the world. The nerve this woman had. No wonder Xayah quickly left when she showed up.

"You change your mind yet?" Rakan's voice asked from the bed. He sat up topless and looked at his nude lover who continued to stare at the screen. Xayah peered back to him, glowering at first, but then smiling.

"No, I just need to add one more thing."

The girl browsed her files, going to the video section. After a few moments, she found the video she told Culda she'd deleted.

The one of James and Evelynn kissing in the nightclub. Their very first kiss.

Xayah made sure that would be at the front of the post, and with a deep intake of breath, she clicked the 'post' option.

The preview disappeared, and then appeared as an official post, all for the public to see.

After that, she closed down her laptop and looked at Rakan with a predatory gaze. Before the man knew it, Xayah jumped him and began to madly make love.

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