Chapter Three: Arriving

Harry watched the scenery fly by from the window of their compartment. They had been informed that they were approaching their destination.

The four girls in the compartment were still busy chatting with each other. Daphne was doing an admirable job answering all of Hermoine's many questions. She was currently in the process of explaining the history of the Hogwarts Express to a fascinated new witch. The young muggle-born was quite amused that the pure-bloods were forced to ride a muggle designed train to the school every year.

Harry himself was rather quiet, content to let the women have their chat, and only giving a few comments here and there. His attention was focused on the window, looking outward as the train continued its course. They were getting close, and Harry could feel the castle in the distance.

Suddenly, the train passed through the ward-line that formed the barrier around Hogsmeade. The wards recognized Harry's magical ownership and shifted their control to him. The wards connected to Harry in an instant, crashing into his mind before he could prepare himself.

It was only thanks to Harry's experience in Occulency that he managed to keep a wince from showing on his face, as the wards connected to him.

He could suddenly feel the entirety of the wards that surrounded not only Hogsmeade but Hogwarts herself. It felt similar to the wards on his home, the Potter Castle, but different.

These wards were weaker, surprisingly, and had a large number of holes inside of them. They each felt deteriorated, as if slowly unraveling throughout the years. The stronger ones, that he could recognize from his own home, were completely broken or disabled, no longer fueled by the Castle's powerful magic.

It took him several moments to compose himself, and he slowly started to sift through the information that had flooded his senses. The majority of the wards within the scheme he couldn't quite make out, but some of the more modern and recently enabled ones were familiar.

His eyes widened in shock when he realized there were no defensive wards enabled. Nothing to protect the students against the Dark Arts. Nothing to prevent Dark Creatures from wandering inside the grounds. Nothing to even inform the staff if such an event had occurred. The closest thing he could consider a 'defensive' ward was anti-apparition and muggle repelling wards.

He started to panic, for a moment, before he reassured himself. While it was a serious problem that one of the largest magical schools in existence had barely anything protecting it, it was still fixable.

The wards were still there, if only disabled. If he could find a way to re-power them, then it wouldn't be a problem anymore. He was worried about the students of the school being so unprotected, but he assumed that the headmaster had something in place to protect them. Considering Hogwarts hadn't had any incidents that he knew about.

He studied the wards as quickly as he could and found a major difference between these, and the ones at his home. Unlike the static wards at his own castle, he felt the entire Hogwarts ward scheme flow and pulse. It was breathing, he realized.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was alive.

"Are you feeling okay, Harry?" Hermoine's voice caught his attention, he looked at her and was surprised to feel genuine concern for him. They had only just met.

"You were looking a little spaced out there."

"Just a bit distracted, thank you for your concern." He said as the train slowly slid to a stop in Hogsmeade Station. He filed away his thoughts for later and stood up alongside the girls.

They slipped off the train, unto a small platform. It was already dark out, and the students slightly shivered in the cold September air. The older students were guided down a small path by the prefects, and the first-years were told to wait there.

A moment later, a massive man with a large bushy beard arrived, carrying a bright lantern. He waved his lantern to get their attention and spoke loudly, "Firs' years follow me! Firs' years!"

Rubeus Hagrid, Harry recognized from his mother's memories. He was a nice, gentle, giant if his mother's interactions with him were anything to go by. Fiercely loyal, and had a fixation with dangerous creatures. Harry idly wondered if the man would allow him to help take care of the various creatures inside Hogwart's famous forest.

He loved Griffons and Hippogriff, and was excited to see what types of different Magical Creatures Hogwarts had on its grounds. He wondered if he'd get to see an Acromantula.

His attention was returned to the students as Hagrid started to move. The group shuffled along behind him, through a narrow path, walled on either side by a thick line of trees.

Gasps of wonder filled the air as they broke through the trees, and a large black lake entered their vision. Across the water, a large wonderous Castle sat. The windows were bright and shone warmly against the dark, night sky.

Hagrid gestured to a small dock, lined with dozens of small boats. "No more'n four in a boat!"

The group of five looked at each other, silently realizing one would have to leave.

It was clear Hermoine jumped to the wrong conclusion again, and she was close to tears as she assumed they would abandon her.

Harry smiled warmly, "You ladies go on ahead, I'll find another place to sit." He gave Daphne a peck on the cheek, and dashed off before they could argue.

Daphne smiled as he left, and pulled a startled Hermoine into a boat beside her.

"Would you mind if I joined you?" Harry asked a group of three girls that had their own boat. The trio looked slightly shocked as the recognized him, and he smiled down at a familiar face.

Hannah Abbot was the first to respond. She nodded with a smile, "Of course you can Harry!"

He smiled and sat across from her in the boat, next to a petite Chinese girl. She was very cute, with dark black hair framing her face in a princess cut. She was staring down at her lap quietly, refusing to meet his eyes, and he could see a slight pink tint to her cheeks.

He glanced at the third girl, a blonde with twintails, who was staring at him with interest. He remembered her from the train and smiled brightly at her. She was stunned for a moment, but smiled back happily.

He turned back to his friend Hannah, who he had met through the various meetings with the Alliance. They hadn't spoken much, but he knew her well enough to call her a friend. He knew she had taken an interest in medicine, and was likely going to study to be a Healer.

"I'm sorry I didn't speak much with you on the train, Hannah, but Nym had asked me to meet her before we arrived, so I was searching for her."

"It's fine Harry, we'll have plenty of time to talk now that we are both in Hogwarts."

Harry nodded in agreement and took another look at the other two young girls. "Hello, my name is Harry Potter, I don't believe we've met." He took the hand of the blonde and gave it a kiss.

The blonde was having trouble forming words, awestruck by 'The-Boy-Who-Lived' sitting across from her.

Hannah took over, noticing her friend's predicament, "This is Lavender Brown, a friend of mine." She introduced. Hannah leaned in to whisper to Harry, "I think she has a crush on you." She said just loud enough for all four to hear.

Lavender was broken out of her stupor with a small blush, "Hannah!" She lightly slapped her friend on the shoulder. She wasn't supposed to tell him!

Harry gave her a suggestive look, "I'm happy to hear that." He smiled as he got both girls to blush and turned to the small girl beside him. "May I have your name miss?"

The girl stiffened as he addressed her, but introduced herself quietly, "S-Sue Li, it is nice to meet you Mister Potter."

"You can call me Harry, no need to be so formal. We're both students here at Hogwarts."

Sue nodded and glanced up at him. A pair of dark brown eyes met his own emerald green. "Okay... Harry."

He nodded in satisfaction, and turned back to the other girls, "So what Houses will you ladies be aiming for?"

"Hufflepuff!" Hannah said proudly. It made sense, the Abbots were generally sorted into the House of Badgers, due to their strong sense of loyalty.

"Should have guessed that one, Hannah. I do respect loyalty." As a Creature of Love, loyalty was a major part of him, and he wouldn't be surprised if he was sorted into Hufflepuff alongside her.

"Gryffindor," Lavender said.

"The House of the Brave? Hopefully, I'll get to see some of that Gryffindor courage." He said, giving her a wink.

He turned to the final girl with expecting eyes, "Ravenclaw," She said after seeing his look.

He smiled brightly, "You must be very smart then. Maybe we could study together sometime?" She gave a meek nod in response.

He tapped his chin in thought, "So I guess that means you three could be sorted into different Houses then."

The girls glanced at each other and nodded.

"I hear the Houses have rivalries between them... You three shouldn't let that separate you."

The three girls frowned at his words, and surprisingly, Sue Li spoke up first.

"I-I think I'd still like to be friends... Even if we are in different Houses."

"Of course!" Lavender said immediately.

"As if a little 'rivalry' would stop us." Hannah agreed.

Harry smiled as he watched them. That was good. They seem like they'd be great friends over the next few years.

They were broke out of their conversation by the loud voice of Hagrid, who had a boat to himself. "Everyone found a boat?" Hearing no complaints he tapped his umbrella on the floor of his boat, and the small fleet started off in unison.

The crowd of first years drifted across the lake in silence, admiring the view of the massive castle. Their view was obstructed by a curtain of ivy that hung in a wide opening at the foot of the cliff face. They slid underneath, and entered into a long, dark, underground channel. The tunnel lead them under the castle, to a hidden harbor, serving as a dock for the sets of boats.

Harry hopped out and helped the ladies onto the shore, as the students around him scrambled out of their boats.

"Right then. This way!" Hagrid got their attention again, and led them up a passageway, leading to the castle.

They walked up a flight of steps and stopped in front of a large oak door. He knocked loudly, and the door creaked as it slid open.

Inside the antechamber, was a stern-looking, black-haired witch dressed in deep green robes. A pair of spectacles hung on her nose.

Harry smiled widely as he saw his soon-to-be Transfiguration Professor, Minerva McGonagall. She caught his eyes and gave him a small smile, before addressing the students. She guided them to the Entrance Hall as she gave the annual 'Welcome to Hogwarts' speech, introducing the four Houses and the Sorting Ceremony.

They were all lead into the Grand Hall, following behind the Professor, and lead up to the front of the High Table. Harry got his first look at the man that his mother had warned him about, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. He looked a bit silly in bright purple robes, spangled with golden stars.

The man looked down at him with a smile and gestured to Minerva to start the sorting.

Minerva placed a small stool in front of the High Table, and then placed the Sorting Hat on top of it. A moment later, that hat burst into song,

"Oh you may not think I'm pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.

You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.

There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.

You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And don't get in a flap!
You're in safe hands (though I have none)
For I'm a Thinking Cap!"

Harry heard various sighs of relief around him as some of the students realized they would only have to wear that hat to be sorted.

Minerva stepped forward again, holding a list of student names, and spoke clearly to the group of first years. "When I call your name, step forward and sit on the stool, the hat will be placed on your head and sort you."

"Abbott, Hannah!" She called out, starting the sorting.

The hat was only atop her head for a moment, "HUFFLEPUFF!" The hat shouted loud enough for the entire hall to hear.

Harry clapped along with the other students as Hannah made her way to the Hufflepuff table.

"Bones, Susan!"


He smiled as Susan hurried off to find Hannah, he knew they'd be seen together more often now.

He mindlessly clapped as the various students were sorted into their Houses, only taking note of any of the people he recognized. Daphne and Tracey had both been sorted into Slytherin, not a big surprise as their parents had been in Slytherin as well. Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor, surprisingly enough, he had assumed that she would be a Ravenclaw considering her love for books.

"Potter, Harry!" Minerva announced with a bit more pride in her voice.

The hall went deathly silent as Harry walked up to the stool happily.

Minerva looked at him with a smile and placed the hat on his head.

Suddenly, Harry felt something effortlessly slip past his Occlumency barriers. Before he could start to panic, a small voice spoke in his head. "Calm down Harry. It's just part of the process, I'm enchanted to get past even the strongest of Occlumens, you wouldn't be able to keep me out if you tried. Of course, I'm bound to keep anything I find here a secret, so you have nothing to worry about." He relaxed at the Hat's words.

The Hat went quiet for a bit as it searched, and spoke up, "Well... This is difficult. You've got the traits of all four Houses... How appropriate."

Harry was a bit curious, "Appropriate how?" He had a strong hunch, but he'd rather confirm it first.

The Hat mentally snorted, "Appropriate that the new Master has the traits of the Founders." He said, "Yeah... We all know about you, we can feel it. The portraits, House Elves, and even the Ghosts."

It made sense, Harry supposed, he was keyed into the wards of Hogwarts automatically. So it would make sense for the magicals of Hogwarts to know as well. He was curious if the staff was notified.

"Just the Headmaster." The Hat responded immediately. "But let's get back to the sorting. You've definitely got the bravery and chivalry needed to be a Gryffindor. An abundance of loyalty, so you'd be right at home in Hufflepuff. Spent more than enough time in a library to be a 'Claw. As for Slytherin... Certainly resourceful and ambitious, plenty of cunning in here as well." Suddenly the Hat stopped in thought.

Harry didn't really mind where he ended up, with friends in each House it would feel wrong for him to try to choose, so he sat in silence as he waited for the Hat's judgment.

The Hat chuckled as it formed a plan, "You know... As an Incubus you'll be getting your own room to stay in. And considering you now own the castle, I believe a bit of special treatment is in order..."

Harry was surprised as the Hat told him of his idea, but agreed with it. He didn't necessarily want special treatment, but it would certainly help him through his school years. This little idea would help him 'Hunt' as well, something that he still worried about.

Suddenly the Hat spoke up loudly, addressing the entire hall, "Hogwarts declares Harry Potter as her Champion!"

A small flash of light appeared on Harry's robes. The Hogwarts crest appeared on his breast, where they would usually wear the symbol of their House.

The hall was shocked into silence for a good ten seconds before McGonagall whisked the Hat off of his head, she looked down at him, "Care to explain?"

Harry gave her a cheeky smile that she recognized from James and Sirius' pranking days, "The Hat decided that it would make more sense for me to be independent of the House system. He said he'll talk to the Headmaster about the details later."

She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Alright. We'll deal with this later, go find a seat."

She didn't specify where, so Harry took that as a chance to choose.

He hopped off the stool and looked over the tables, the students there were still staring at him with confusion.

He thought about where to sit. It was an important choice, as it would show the students where he felt he should be, and considering the amount of heirs that were in his year, it would show them his political intentions as well. Sitting with Slytherin would align him as 'Grey' or 'Dark' while sitting with Gryffindor would align him as 'Light'.

Honestly, the idea that being sorted into a House meant you had to act like the other members of the House made him irritated. Regardless, he needed to think about it carefully.

The majority of the hall likely thought he was going to be sorted into Gryffindor, because of who he was and the stories about him, so that would be the safest choice. On the other hand, he could go sit with Daphne, his betrothed, and introduce himself to the den of snakes. That would likely raise their opinion of him and, as it was the House of the Cunning, he wanted to be on their good side. Hufflepuff was also an option, he would happily spend the entirety of the Feast teasing Nym, but he decided against it for now, he could do that later.

As he was mentally weighing the pros and cons in his head, he caught a head of bushy brown hair out of the corner of his eye.

"Most importantly, please enjoy yourself Harry." The words of his mother echoed in his mind, and he stopped to realize what he was doing.

He mentally slapped himself. Why should he care where he sat?

It was his first year of school. His first day of school. He was going to sit where he damn well pleased.

Ignoring the shocked looks of the students, he happily made his way to the Gryffindor table. He stopped at the spot where the first years were seated, and tapped a cute brown haired girl on the shoulder, "May I sit here please?"

The girl dumbly nodded, still not believing he was sitting next to her, and he sat down.

Directly across from a stunned Hermoine Granger.

He smiled widely, "Hi, 'Moine!" His voice broke the silence of the Hall and excited whispers broke out across the four tables.

"Harry!" She said in a sharp whisper, "What are you doing here? And what was that supposed to mean?"

Harry just shrugged, "I'm sitting by my new friend, of course. And don't worry about that stuff with the Hat, it's not very important." He said casually.

Hermoine calmed down a bit, "Why didn't you go sit with Daphne?" She questioned before she could stop herself.

"Ah she's sitting with Tracey," He waved it off, "I figured you'd be a little lonely so I came to sit with you."

She was touched that he was thinking about her. Even in the short amount of time that they had known each other, he had been more of a friend than anyone she had ever known before. She was about to question him further, but the prefect she had just been talking to cut her off.

"Harry Potter!" An older red-haired boy said, "I'm Percy, Percy Weasly, it's a pleasure to finally meet you, Dad has been talking about your family's work nonstop for the past two years."

Harry raised an eyebrow. Arthur Weasly worked as the Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office, if he remembered correctly. Guess he was interested in Lily's work with Muggle Studies. She had been working hard to fix the false views many wizards had about Muggles.

He nodded to Percy and turned his attention back to Minerva, who was starting back up on her list of names. He idly took note of the students getting sorted, no-one else was of much note, besides some cute girls he was marking as potential targets. He noticed the youngest Weasly brother get sorted into Gryffindor and pulled further down the table by a pair of red-headed twins.

Dumbledore stood up as the final student was called, and said a few words, none of which had any relevance to the ceremony. He sat back down and the tables were suddenly filled with a variety of food and drink.

He started eating alongside the students around him, making small chat with the surrounding ladies. The girl beside him was Fay Dunbar, an attractive witch with soft brown hair pulled to the side with a hair clip. She was a fan of Quidditch and was planning to try out for a spot as Beater.

Lavender Brown had moved closer to them, interested in talking with Harry, and he introduced her to Hermoine. The two girls seemed to hit it off, even with their own separate interests. He was happy Hermoine was gaining more friends.

He zoned out of the conversation and looked up at the High Table. All of the staff were quietly conversing. He saw an assortment of familiar faces, either from his mother's memories, or his own research. Filius Flitwick, Severus Snape, Rubeus Hagrid.

He took note of a few of the more attractive female members of the staff. Aurora Sinistra, a darker-skinned beauty that taught Astronomy. Bathsheda Babbling, the busty Professor of Ancient Runes. Patricia Rakepick, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, who he had met briefly on the train, was once again chatting with his mother. Lily caught his glance and smiled down at him.

McGonagall seemed to be shooting questions at Dumbledore. The Headmaster's eyes were locked on Harry with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion.

Suddenly, Harry caught a twinkling glint, and made the mistake of looking into the Headmaster's eyes. A slight probe touched his mental barriers, and he jolted in his seat as he felt it. He saw the panic in Albus' eyes as he realized he'd been caught and he felt the probe attempt to leave.

Harry wasn't going to let it go that easily. He latched onto the probe, and pulled.

The staff all looked at the Headmaster with worry as he suddenly yelped and fell head-first into his plate of food.

Harry smirked as he saw the old wizard wave off his staff's concerns and pick the crumbs out of his beard. Albus looked back down at Harry with shock, and Harry stuck his tongue out childishly.

Suddenly, Albus yelped again, as his ear was pulled off to the side by a very upset Lady Potter.

Harry watched with satisfaction as Albus received a whispered tongue-lashing. The Headmaster's face grew paler by the second as she tore into him. Minerva seemed to catch some of the conversation, and soon enough, Dumbledore was getting a scolding from both sides. A few minutes later and they let him go with a final warning.

Dumbledore took a moment to collect himself, and then stood as the food disappeared from the tables.

He cleared his throat, "Now that we are all fed and watered. I would like to inform the first-years that the forest on the grounds is forbidden to all students. Mister Flich, the caretaker, has asked me to remind you all that no magic should be used in the corridors in between classes, and a list of forbidden items has been posted on the door of his office."

"Quidditch trials will be held in the second week of the term. Contact Madam Hooch if you are interested in trying out."

"And finally, I would like to introduce two of the newest teaches here in Hogwarts. For Defense Against the Dark Arts, please welcome Professor Patrica Rakepick, she is a highly regarded Curse-Breaker in Gringotts, so treat her with respect."

Patricia stood and waved to the students with a smirk. She sat back down and Dumbledore introduced the next.

"And for our Muggle-Studies, we have Lily Potter, a Muggle-born witch that has been doing her best to remove the false presumptions wizards have of Muggles." He applauded Lily as she stood, and waited for her to sit back down before addressing the students. "She has brought it to my attention that Hogwarts has been neglecting its Muggle-born or raised students in recent times, by no longer providing them with the necessary education on the wizarding world. She has asked me to inform you all that she will be hosting an extra class once a week, to educate those unfamiliar with the wizarding world. There will be a notice posted inside your dorms with more information."

"That is all for tonight and I wish you well in another year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And now, Bedtime. Please follow your House Prefect to the dorms."

The students all stood up and the prefects gathered the first years together to lead them to the dorm.

Minerva quickly made her way down to the Gryffindor table, and pulled Harry aside, "Please come with me, Harry. I believe we have some things to discuss."

She led him out of the Grand Hall, and into the corridors, heading toward the Headmaster's office. She gave a password to a stone Gargoyle and the statue stood up and moved to allow them entry.

Minerva didn't even bother to knock, and opened the door to the Headmaster's office with hesitation.

"I cannot believe you, Albus! You should know better than that!" The voice of an angry Potter reached their ears, and they came into the office to see Lily still scolding a tired-looking Dumbledore.

The Headmaster saw them walk in and tried to stand to greet them. "Ah! Harry, my boy-"

Lily latched onto his shoulder and forced him back into his seat. "He's my boy, Albus."

Albus cleared his throat and tried again, "Well, I'm glad that you came to see me-"

He was interrupted by a tight squeeze on the shoulder, "You mean you told him to come here." Lily corrected him.

Dumbledore let out a strained chuckle, "Yes I suppose I did. Either way, I hope we can look past the unpleas-"


Somehow the single stern word from his Deputy hit him harder than his entire scolding from the two women. Minerva had never used that tone with him, and he realized he couldn't just laugh this one off.

Dumbledore sighed as he conceded, "I'm sorry, Harry, for attempting to peek inside your head. I admit I found myself curious how you had developed these past years you've spent inside your family's home, and grew slightly impatient. It will not happen again, I promise."

Harry gave a slight nod, "Apology accepted..."

Dumbledore smiled brightly, "Good! I'm glad that we can look pas-

"...On a few conditions." Harry finished with a grin.

The Headmaster's smile grew strained once more, recognizing the gleam in Harry's eye as the same one he'd see in James or even Sirius. "...What are they?" Did he truly want to know?

Harry tapped his chin in thought. He had a few things in mind, but he hadn't really wanted anything in particular when he spoke. He simply wanted to make use of the opportunity given to him. It was a good chance, to get something from the Headmaster.

He quickly put a few things together and made his decisions.

"First, I'd like to join a Quidditch team. Since I'm not technically in a house, that'll be difficult..."

The Headmaster nodded immediately, "Of course! Quidditch is an admirable sport. Why, I remember your father was quite the sight on a broom!"

Harry nodded, having seen some of James' matches himself, "Second, I want your word..."

The Headmaster blinked in confusion, "My word?"

Harry's eyes turned serious. "Your word that you will never use Legilimency on another student without a very good reason again."

The Headmaster paused in thought for quite a while, clearly hesitant to give in to such a demand. Eventually, he decided that being in Harry's good graces was worth it and nodded, "Of course. You have my word, Harry."

"Good, now finally," Harry continued, "As I'm sure you know, I am now the owner of Hogwarts."

He ignored the gasp of shock that came from Minerva, and continued, "So, I'd like you to teach me what you know about the ward scheme."

Albus frowned, "...With my duties as Headmaster, and my positions on the Wizengamot, I do not think I can agree to that Harry. I simply do not have the time to teach a student from scratch."

Harry shook his head, "It is not from scratch. I've been studying runes and wards since I was eight. I know enough about them to recognize most of the modern wards here and at my home. So you wouldn't really be 'teaching' much, just filling in the gaps and comparing notes."

Albus thought about it for a while and nodded in agreement. "Very well."

Harry smiled in satisfaction, "Then your apology is accepted. However, I hope you know just how much Incubi value trust. You've given me your word. Break that word..."

Albus flinched and nodded. "Of course."

The rest of the meeting was rather boring in comparison, as they started talking in-depth about what rules he'd have to follow as an Incubus. Things like, 'No seducing teachers for better grades' that kind of thing. He didn't really think they had to put that on paper but, apparently, it was a problem.

They also went into the privileges he was given as one. Things like certain scenarios that would allow him to be exempt from class, and where his 'Collective' would be staying.

They had just started discussing the 'Hogwarts Champion' thing when Minerva had finally had a meltdown, and demanded to know what they meant when he had casually claimed to be the owner of Hogwarts. It took a while of mixed explanations between himself and Lily, but eventually, Minerva accepted that a thirteen-year-old was now the owner of the school.

As for being the Champion, it basically meant he had free access to just about every corner of the castle, as well as being independent of the House system. He didn't belong to any House because he represented Hogwarts herself.

"Well, Harry, I think I've kept you here long enough." The Headmaster said, finally bringing their meeting to a close, "Why don't we all head off for bed?"

With a few parting words from the Headmaster, Harry left the office satisfied. It had gone rather well, all things considered. He half expected Dumbledore to be a bloodstain on the wall by the time he got there, knowing just how protective his mother was of him.

Luckily, for Dumbledore, she seemed to be in a forgiving mood. Or maybe she was just satisfied with how he handled it.

Harry smiled as he followed Professor McGonagall through the corridors of his new school. He recognized some of the paintings and pathways from what little he had seen of the castle through his mother's memories.

He was eager to explore the ancient castle himself. He had a strong feeling that the castle itself was full of secrets, and he was resolved to find as many as he could. It was a magic castle, and one that seemed to be incredibly unique.

"Here we are," Minerva said, as they arrived at a set of large double doors on the first floor. Conveniently near both the Muggle Studies and Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

"Tap your wand to the door, and it will bind to your magic."

He did as instructed and lightly tapped the door with his wand. As soon as he did, a large black and gold banner flowed down, proudly displaying the Potter Crest. He smiled at it and turned a questioning eyebrow to his new Professor.

"These rooms are normally used for guests and family members, should the need arise. We have the crests of all major families prepared, just in case."

He nodded at the explanation and opened the door. He stepped inside.

"You can set a password, or whatever other protection you'd prefer on the door if you wish. Just know that all the Heads of House and the Headmaster can open the door in case of emergencies." Minerva explained as she followed him in.

The first room was obviously based on the common room of the dorms, from what he could tell. It had a roaring fireplace, with several armchairs and couches scattered about the room. Small bookshelves and tables were placed in the corners, offering a place to sit and study.

"The corridor on the left leads to the bedrooms. There are six empty rooms, among the Master Bedroom which has already been accommodated for you... though I was told that the elves found no trunk with your name on it?" She posed it as a question, peering at him through her glasses.

He reached into his robes and pulled out a mokeskin pouch, "Sorry Professor. But I preferred to keep it on my person. I've got some very important things inside here."

She nodded in acceptance, "It's quite alright, Mister Potter, but next time I suggest notifying the staff ahead of time. The house-elves nearly had a panic when they couldn't find your trunk."

He gave another apology, which she accepted as she continued, "The room also comes equipped with a small kitchen and dining room, if you do not want to go down to the Great Hall. Although, your presence is required during School Events and Feasts."

He nodded.

"I will leave you to settle in then. I'm going to run down to the Gyriffondor dorm and make sure my new lions have settled in properly."

He smiled and bid her farewell. A moment later, he was alone. He took another look around the room, noticing the colors were rather simple. Warm browns and reds. Not really his style.

He gained a small smirk.


An elf popped in beside him, clad in the uniform of the Potter family. "Master Harry called for Trixie?" She asked with her usual wide smile.

He placed his hands on his hips and looked around the room. "I just moved in, Trixie... and I'm seeing a distinct lack of black, gold, and silver."

Trixie's eyes grew wide with alarm, and she looked around the room rapidly. There were no Potter banners or colors to be seen anywhere! It was a terrible insult to her Master's Noble name!

He shot her a smile, "Think you can help me out?"

Her grin doubled in size and she gave him a salute, "Of course Master Harry!"

Harry nodded with satisfaction. Half an hour of work alongside Trixie had his 'dorm' fixed just the way he liked it.

The reds of the curtains and couches had been replaced with black, and trimmed in silver, while the walls now proudly displayed the Potter Crest. He kept some of the brown in the rugs and furniture, not wanting the room to be too dark with all the black coloring. He was satisfied with it, and so was Trixie if her wide smile was any indication.

The dorm felt empty now, with only himself inside, but it was only the first day of school. He was certain the extra rooms would be filling up soon.

One of the luxuries of being an Incubus. He not only had his own private room in the school, but he was also allowed to bring his lovers to the room with him. Even to the point of having them move in with him.

Since sex was viewed as more of a food source to him in the eyes of the law, several exceptions had to be made.

He wasn't sure who exactly he was going to be spending his nights with here at Hogwarts. Nym for sure, and Daphne would likely follow. Lily would be there as well, so long as she didn't have any school business.

But that still left plenty of space... Well, he'd cross the bridge when he came to it.

He took another look around his room, happy with his efforts. While Trixie was re-coloring/re-positioning furniture in the common room, he'd taken to unpacking his own room. His trunk sat at the foot of his bed, still locked tight with a few of his most precious items.

The left side of his room had a pair of doors, leading to the bathroom and closet, both of which were stocked with anything he could need. Lily had filled his trunk to the brim.

On the right side, lay a cherry oak desk not unlike the one at the Potter Castle, already decorated with a few of his favorite letters and personal items. Those letters were one of his most important possessions, so of course, he'd be taking them with him to Hogwarts. Naturally, he'd continue writing replies to any letter he got, so long as his timetable allowed.

It would be interesting writing to his 'fans' considering he had quite a few within Hogwarts itself. He hoped that didn't make anything awkward.

"Master Harry," The voice of Trixie caught his attention as she popped into his room. "Trixie has finished with the living room, and Mistress Lilies has arrived."

He perked up and stepped away from his desk, just in time to see the door open. He prepared to greet his beloved mother, but was thrown off as a flash of pink flew into the room, almost tackling him in a fierce hug. He managed to keep his balance, and smiled down at the unexpected visitor.

"Well, hello to you too Nym!"

She didn't respond and instead leaned up to steal his lips in a heated kiss. He held her tight and kissed her back lovingly as he saw another figure slip into the room.

"I went to fetch Nym," Lily explained as she watched the two act like long-lost lovers. She wore a bright smile.

After the meeting with the Headmaster, Lily had to run to her own class and office to set up for the first day of classes, tomorrow. Her office is merely around the corner from his room, but she took the chance to go and grab Nym from her dorm, knowing how the metamorphmagus would want to spend her night here with Harry.

"Trixie, please go retrieve Nym's trunk," Lily told their house elf. Technically Trixie was Harry's, but she served all the Potters, so she obeyed.

The elf bowed and popped away.

Nym got a bit more aggressive, wrapping her arms around his head and deepening their kiss. She hopped in place and wrapped her legs around his waist as his hands instinctively caught her.

Getting the hint, Harry pushed away his stray thoughts and diverted all of his attention to his lover. He carried her over to the bed and crawled onto the mattress, laying Nym down as his hands started to wander.

"Harry~!" Nym panted hotly as their kiss broke. She bucked her hips against his, rubbing her skirt-clad mound against his growing erection. "I need you~" She whined.

He smiled happily as he felt a pair of hands wrap around his chest from behind. A bountiful bosom pressed into his back as Lily's hands started pulling him out of his school robes.

Nym's words struck a chord in him, bringing back one of his most treasured memories.

Flashback – Harry's Eleventh Birthday

"Oh fuuuck~!" Andromeda Black writhed beneath him as he took her for the first time.

She was lying flat on her back, right beside the unconscious form of his mother. His maturity had washed over him in its full force.

He had taken his mother completely, and found a naughty Ann spying on their love-making. She knew what she had asked for when she opened the door, and she didn't push him away when he had pulled her into the room entirely.

What had started with a simple loving kiss, one that hopefully managed to convey his feelings, had quickly descended into lust. Andromeda clearly wanted it bad, it was probably his fault, for fucking Lily so hard in front of her.

But that hardly mattered. The only thing that mattered now was Ann. She was about to become his.

He held no shame in admitting she was his first crush, even before he knew what a crush was. How could she not be? She was a beautiful woman that showered him with attention when he needed it most. Of course, he loved her.

And now, still riding the high from taking Lily as his first lover, and seeing that beautiful form of his beloved Ann twisting in pleasure beneath him. He could honestly say he's never been happier.

He didn't think about what she thought of him, because he didn't have to.

The moment he had given her an orgasm, a piece of their Bond was formed, and through that piece, her love for him came flooding through like a tidal wave. It felt good, he felt undeniably loved, and he was sure she had felt the same judging by how she had screamed with pleasure and latched onto him.

She was the very picture of perfection to him. Her body was laid out in all its glory. Large, milky breasts that rivaled his own mother's in size and shape. Her curly brown hair was matted with sweat, but that just made it all the more appealing as it clung to her skin. Skin, that had a glistening sheen to it, giving her appealing form to him. Her arms were splayed out on the bed, clutching at the covers as he fucked her.

Her slick cunt gripped his cock tightly as he pulled from her, and welcomed him back in as he plunged down with every thrust. He was pistoning into her hard and fast, giving her exactly as she asked for.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Andromeda screamed in pleasure with every thrust, "Keep going, I'm almost there!"

He knew it too. He could feel her pleasure building, and it was driving him wild. He did as asked, keeping his pace steady as he plowed her pussy hard. He leaned down and took a handful of one of those massive milky tits, gripping and toying with it just as he had with his mother. He felt her pleasure surge and as she built up to her climax he leaned in and kissed her passionately once again.

She moaned sensually into the kiss, wrapping her arms and legs around him as they both reached their peak in unison.

"Fuuuuuck!" She shrieked loudly as she was hit by an explosive orgasm, her vision filling with stars.

He thrust forward as he felt her cunt clench him tightly, and met his own release. He came deep into her womb. His hot semen rushing to fill her completely. The warm sensation of his cum filling her womb combined with the pleasure of her orgasm, giving her an experience like nothing she had felt before.

"God! I love you, Harry!" She screamed as her orgasm kept washing over her, assaulting her body with uncontrollable tremors.

He kissed her deeply, intertwining her tongue with his as he slowly fucked her through their shared orgasm. They stayed like that for what felt like hours, basking in the afterglow and their shared kiss.

Finally, Harry pulled back, making her mewl with disappointment. "I love you too Ann." He told her.

She smiled sweetly at him, and yelped as he flipped her over.

Slowly she felt a warm body tower over her, pinning her to the bed, and a burning hot member press against her pussy lips.

"I'm not nearly finished yet, Ann." He breathed into her ear just as he thrust down.

"Yeeeees!" She screamed again.

Nym was irritated. Why? Because she had woken up to find herself in an empty bed. Her mother had given her some weak excuse to sleep in a different room last night, and she was rightfully pissed about it.

How was she supposed to sleep without cuddling Harry? Didn't she suffer enough of that at Hogwarts? She should at least get to reserve the right to Harry while she was here at the Castle.

But that wasn't the only reason she was irritated. She had just searched through half the damn castle looking for Harry... Or Lily... Or even her mother.

Admittedly she hadn't really noticed anything wrong until she reached the dining room, where a set of plates had been set out, and a breakfast meal was left half-prepared.

So she went searching for Lily, thinking something important had come up... That was an hour ago!

Yet she couldn't find Harry or Lily in any of their usual places.

But suddenly a thought struck her.


...It was Harry's birthday, wasn't it?

She had forgotten in her morning irritation. She furrowed her brow in thought. It was an important day for Harry because of his Maturity hitting. Which in his own words, would make him, 'extremely horny' and his mother, Lily, had taken upon herself to help him through it...

Which meant...

A blush slowly crept up her face as she realized where the missing people were. Including her own mother...

She bit her lip and stole a glance to her side, gazing at a staircase she had come down for breakfast. One that would lead her back up to the bedrooms.

There was suddenly a very real problem she hadn't considered... Her/Harry's bedroom was right next to Lily's. Which meant that if she wanted to go back to her room... She'd have to eventually face the facts.

While her mind raced with internal turmoil, a soft, sweet scent hit her nose.

She stepped forward.

She would have to deal with it anyway right? It was just a part of Harry's life. She needed to get used to it, that's all...

She nodded to herself as she slowly made her way up the steps. It was completely natural.

As she ascended the steps, her confidence grew. It wasn't weird, so she needed to stop overthinking things. Sex was pretty much food for an Incubus, so it wasn't a big deal.

It was just like having breakfast.

Her thoughts slowed as she reached the next floor and she walked down the corridor with heavy steps and a racing heart. As she approached their rooms, the smell grew heavier and she could feel her body temperature rising.

Noises could be heard, but her mind furiously pushed them down, not quite accepting them yet.

She reached the room of Lily, one she had rarely even entered, and noticed that someone had left the door open.

She bit her lip and stepped forward.

She wouldn't back down now! She just had to stay calm. This was going to be a part of her life now, as Harry's friend. She couldn't shy away from it.

With a final push of determination, she peeked around the doorframe and looked into the room.

Her eyes went wide with shock.

Whatever she had been expecting to see, it certainly wasn't this.

Her mother, someone who she respected more than any Hogwarts Professor, was an absolute mess. Her body was flushed and sweaty from the marathon of sex Harry was putting her through. She was almost facing Nymphadora, her body pulled up by Harry until she was practically standing on her knees.

He was behind her, grasping one of her large bouncing breasts as a handhold while he pounded into her from behind.

Her mother, a calm and respected medi-witch, was writhing in pleasure from Harry's treatment. Nym's mind shut down for a moment as she stood there, peeking into the room, frozen stiff.

She... She had expected this. But seeing it was something entirely different.

Nym had tried to reason it away. She assumed that she could ignore it. She assumed she could pretend Harry's 'Feeding' wasn't a big deal. She would simply treat it as something 'ordinary' like eating breakfast, and then it would be fine. Harry's maturity would finish by the end of the week, and then things would return to normal.

But things weren't that simple.

Now, as she watched her mother have sex with her best friend she was having mixed feelings about it.

A stray thought landed in her mind, a memory from two years ago. One that saw a younger Nym offering to 'Help' Harry with his maturity. At the time she had thought she understood what that would entail, and was simply worried for her best friend's health.

But now, watching her best friend make love to a fully grown woman, she truly understood.

As she stood frozen in the doorway, spying on the loving couple, her thoughts pushed another idea into her head. One where it wasn't Andromeda Tonks on the recieving end on Harry's affections. It was Nymphadora instead.

Her face flushed as her mind was filled with images of Harry towering over her, making love to her slowly and sweetly. Or grabbing her roughly, and taking her for himself just as he had done to her mother.

She bit her lip and tried to shake away the thoughts, and as she focused back on her spying, her ears finally caught up to her.

"Oh, fuck me Harry! I'm cumming again!"

Nym's blush intensified, her hair turning a dark shade of scarlet to match her face. She had never heard her mother curse. But then again, she had never seen anything like this before. It was a new side of both Harry and her mother, one she hadn't seen before.

The heavy scent of sex and the sounds of moaning started to make Nym's legs tremble. She was burning up, and before she realized it, she had slid down the doorframe. She was on her knees, breathing shakily as she watched the two lovers from the doorway.

She watched, entranced as Harry's hands roamed around Ann's body, focusing his attention on her large breasts. Idly, Nym ran a hand over her own chest, and a shiver went down her spine as she brushed her own nipple.

Her breasts weren't large, at least not in comparison to her mother's or Lily's, but she was one of the more developed girls in her age group.

Nym cupped her breast gently, imagining herself in Ann's place, and moaned as she felt a spark of pleasure. Before she realized what she was doing, her left hand slowly trailed down her stomach, and slipped down into her shorts.

"...No... more..." Ann rasped out, falling flat on her back into the mattress.

Harry smiled as he pulled out of an exhausted Ann. They had been going at it for hours now, and he knew she would reach her limit soon. He leaned down and kissed her gently as she dozed off.

She had lasted longer than Lily had, but Harry wasn't sated yet. He knew he'd have to give them a break to rest and eat, but that was fine. He was feeling much, much better now and he imagined he could go without for a while.

But he wasn't quite done just yet.

He turned his attention to the still-open door, and smiled.

There, on her knees with one hand buried in her knickers, was his best friend Nymphadora Tonks. Her face was flushed and her eyes were closed as her hand slowly worked herself through an orgasm. Her moans were hardly muffled by her biting her lip, and he had a feeling she was oblivious to him at the moment.

He had almost missed her while he had his fun with Ann, but since his mind had cleared up quite a bit during his experiences with the two women, he had been able to feel her watching them.

It wasn't how he intended this day to go. He hardly had any idea what was going to happen, other than the vague idea that he would be spending a lot of time with his mother.

But perhaps this was for the best. If Nym was going to live with him, and share a room with him, then it was better this way. And considering she hadn't run away screaming, it was clear she wasn't repulsed by his actions. If anything, the emotions he could feel pouring off of her felt excited.

"Mmmff...Harry..." Nym nearly whispered through clenched teeth as her hand slowed to a halt.


Her eyes snapped open, and she stared at him with horror. She was incredibly embarrassed and her brain shut down once again.

She was vaguely aware of him asking her something, and vaguely aware of her timidly nodding. The next thing she knew, she was pulled to her feet, swept off them, and carried to the next room over.

Her and Harry's room.

As she was laid gently down on their shared bed, her heart started beating faster. Was this really happening? Was Harry about to take her just as roughly as her mother? She felt a sliver of worry worm its way into her heart, and for a moment she was hesitant.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" Harry asked with concern, seeing that flicker of doubt on her face.

As she looked up at him, her worry was pushed aside. He was asking for her permission. She was being silly, she realized. Of course, Harry would never do anything she didn't want. She trusted him enough to believe that.

Seeing him worry for her squashed any fear she had, and she gave him a light nod.

He smiled at her with happiness and leaned down to kiss her.

The kiss stole Nym's breath away.

The two had experienced plenty of skinship through the five years they'd spent growing up together, but that had stopped at hugs and pecks on the cheek or forehead. And as Nym was quickly discovering, it was nothing compared to a kiss on the lips.

Her first experience with Harry she found it was loving, he was gentle, guiding her through it, and taking his time. She wondered how he got so good, so quickly. Did Lily teach him? Or was it just her own inexperience in comparison? She didn't know.

All she did know was that it felt good, and she melted into it.

As he took the kiss deeper, she placed a hand on his chest. She stiffened beneath him as she remembered one very important fact.

Harry was still naked.

Her hand was touching his bare chest, and she could now feel something hard pressing against her thigh.

She blushed and pulled back slightly with a gasp.

Harry ran a hand across her side, feeling the soft fabric of her pajamas, "Are you ready to take these off?"

Nym bit her lip and gave a shy nod, letting Harry pull her shirt up her body. A moment later, it cleared her head, and was tossed across the room, leaving her half-bare before him.

He paused to give her another kiss before his attention wandered lower. He kissed at her collarbone, and again as he trailed lower. He kissed at the space between her cute B-cup breasts, and let his hands squeeze at them, but didn't stop his descent.

She moaned and squirmed as he went lower, trailing down until he kissed her bellybutton. Then his hands slipped down her side, and he hooked his fingers in the seam of her cotton shorts. He looked up to meet her eyes, and gave another encouraging smile as he slowly pulled her shorts down her legs.

Her shorts hit the floor, leaving only one last piece of cloth between him and her sex. A pair of light pink panties, visibly wet in the center.

Nym was clearly embarrassed as he looked her over, and covered her boobs with one hand.

Harry shook his head and gently reached for her arm, "You're beautiful Nym," He said, pulling her arm away. "You don't need to cover yourself."

"Thanks, Harry." She mumbled, trying to focus on his body, rather than her own.

He smiled and settled down between her legs.

Her heart skipped a beat as she realized what he was doing. What he could see clearly in that position.

He placed a hand gently over her mound, running his thumb along her slit, "You're already soaked Nym."

The girl flushed with embarrassment and pulled her hips away slightly, but Harry wasn't going to let her shy away now.

He grabbed the band of her panties and started to slip them down her legs.

She didn't resist, and let him do as he pleased. She had come too far to stop now.

As the final garment fell away, Harry slipped his hands beneath her knees, and held her thighs.

"You ready Nym?"

She paused in a momentary stupor, "Ready for wha-? Ah!"

She hissed in surprise as Harry shamelessly moved in on her exposed pussy lips. He started with a long testing lick to her folds.

He had never eaten a girl out before, so it was a new experience for both of them. Luckily, his instincts guided him, and he was quick to discover what she liked.

"Oh, Harry!" Nym cried out in surprise as she felt his tongue across her pussy.

He lavished her with attention, licking and nipping at her folds as he explored her with his tongue. She was already dripping wet, something he knew was from her little solo experience when she spied on him and Ann.

She was sensitive, and ready for him. It didn't take long for her hand to find its way onto his messy black hair, and her hips to softly buck against his tongue.

He inwardly smirked as he pushed her further, lapping up her sweet love juices as he kept up the pleasure. He kept it slow, figuring out that Nym seemed to like it better that way. It was just a feeling he got, but from the way she moved her hips to match his movements, he assumed it was a correct one.

His hands weren't idle, and slipped down the sides of her hips to grab her cute little bum. Her ass was smaller when compared to the other women he'd been with that morning, but he found a different kind of appreciation for it. He squeezed and kneaded it while he worked.

He was enjoying himself, as Nym started to squirm and moan under his affections. It was a different kind of pleasure than he had experienced earlier. Less physical, but no less satisfying.

He felt Nym tighten her grip on his hair and she cried out, "Harry~! Something's coming!"

As she built up to her climax, Harry found her small clit and gave it a gentle flick with his tongue.

Nym let out a long moan as her first orgasm exploded over her senses, and she bucked her hips against Harry's face.

He lightly licked at her lips as she came, drawing out her orgasm.

Her body fell limp to the bed, and Harry rose from between her legs.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" He asked as he leaned down to kiss her forehead.

She didn't respond, and instead cupped his face and pulled him lower for a real kiss.

They stayed together for a few moments, lips connected.

"Yes..." Nym said breathlessly as they pulled apart.

Harry reached down to guide his member to her sex, as pushed his head against her folds.

"Harry~!" She whined, much more confident now that her initial reluctance had died away. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in closer, "I need you."

Three simple words carried a wave of emotion through the beginning of a Bond, and Harry could feel that she meant it.

He gingerly pushed into her cunt, taking her maidenhood in one push. He was careful not to hurt her, and kissed her softly once more as he bottomed out in her.

Nym was happy to kiss back, and moaned into his mouth as he sank into her. It didn't hurt nearly as much as she thought it would, but the new sensations swimming around her head kept her distracted.

He slipped his tongue into Nym's mouth as she let out a light moan, and began to gently roll his hips against her. She responded in kind, learning to kiss properly, and tried to move her hips along with him.

He pulled back with a smile and took it as a cue to start moving. He started with slow, shallow thrusts but started to move faster as she responded.

She was adorable, in his mind. Shyly being pulled into the pleasures of sex by her best friend, and now trying to follow his moves as best she could.

"Go faster..." She moaned, "I can take it."

He smiled and gave the girl what she wanted, thrusting faster and deeper into her pussy. His right hand wandered up her side once again, and he gave her cute tits the love that he had been neglecting them.

He wasted no time massaging her breast, and using his fingers to play with her nipple. He lightly pinched and twisted at the sensitive nub, loving how she moaned and whimpered every time he did.

They stayed connected for what felt like an eternity, grinding their bodies together in pleasure. It was a different kind of experience from the rough fucking he had with Lily and Ann. It was slower, and gentler, but no less passionate.

As they pushed each other to a climax, Harry could feel it clearly now. Magic swirled through the air around him, connecting his own magic to hers. Connecting him to her.

A moment later, and their orgasms exploded together, and their lips locked once again in a searing kiss.

They gently rocked together as they rode out their first experience, and when they separated, they had matching, loving smiles.

"I love you Nym."

She pulled him close enough that their noses touched, "And I love you too, Harry."

Flashback End

Ahhh the memories~

"Fuck me harder you stud~! I want to limp to classes tomorrow!"

It was amazing how much one could change while living with a sexually active Incubus for two years.

Gone was the shy, blushing, virgin Nym, and in its place was a woman who knew how to get exactly what she wanted. She had slowly turned more flirtatious and outspoken as they spent more time together.

Harry admitted it was likely his fault. He had slowly introduced her to the different types of sex he enjoyed with both Lily and Ann, which may have ended up corrupting poor, innocent, Nymphadora, but he couldn't say he regretted any of it. And neither could she.

She was the picture of bliss at the moment, with her lover pounding into her just as hard as she had asked for. Her loud screams and moans made him glad the dorm was sound-proof, or her voice might actually have carried into the corridors.

He smirked and pushed Nym forward, silencing her in the best way possible. By pushing her into his mother's breasts.

Lily was just as naked as the two students were, laying down on the mattress with Nym on her hands and knees above Lily. But now Nym's face was buried between the large breasts of Harry's mother, and Lily was all too happy to hold her there while she waited for her turn.

Author's Notes.

A lot of people wanted to see Nym's first time, so I figured I'd finish up the scene from Ch 1.

I tried to add more Fluff in this chapter, hopefully, it was enjoyable.