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I have decided that for this chapter, I am going to write about brackendra (Bracken x Kendra). If you do not like this ship then I would suggest you to not read this chapter because I will be uploading content other than brackendra. (This takes place before Dragonwatch).

Chapter 2: Bracken to the Rescue!

It was a pretty normal day at Fablehaven.

When Kendra woke up, she was feeling fine. She got dressed in a casual T-shirt and some comfy jeans. She tied her long, light brown hair in a messy ponytail. When she was done getting dressed, she walked downstairs to eat breakfast.

While Kendra was eating her breakfast, Seth walked in the room. Kendra noticed that he was carrying some firecrackers, fireworks, a lighter, and who knows what other tools. Kendra know that Seth was up to no good.

"And where do you think you're going with those?" Kendra inquired.

"To the woods." Seth said. Seth knee it would be hopeless lying. He just hoped he could convince Kendra to not tattle on him.

"Why would you need firecrackers in the woods?" Kendra stated. Something fishy was definitely going on. Fortunately for Seth, Kendra was not in the mood to deal with him.

"I'm just going to hangout with Newel and Doren." Seth said truthfully.

Kendra sighed. "If anything goes wrong, I had no idea that you had where doing this." Kendra said. "Capeesh?"

"Capeesh!" Seth said excitedly. He then ran outside, most likely into the woods.

Kendra just finished her breakfast and preyed that Seth want going to do anything stupid, which he most likely was.

Once Kendra got outside, she decided to listen to the fairies, per usual. Their conversations are just too humorous not to listen to. Kendra thought.

Kendra lied down on a lounge chair and squinted her eyes so she could just barley see though them.

Most of the conversations between the fairies where uneventful. They mostly just went on jealous rants about Kendra, chatted about silly things, had petty fights about who was more beautiful, and, most excitingly, talked about the progress of the fairy kingdom.

The conversations weren't particularly nasty until about noon. That was when the fairies decided to say some particularly nasty things about Kendra.

"Look how ugly she is," said a fairy with silky blue hair, "Why would the Fairy Queen choose her to be fairykind?"

"I know right!" stated a fairy with a very high pitched voice, "Oh look at me! I trespassed on the Fairy Queen's island and I get to be fairykind! How unfair! If it was up to me, I would have her banned from ever communicating with us fairies ever again".

Kendra closed her eyes. She knew they where just being petty, but still, their words hurt. What have I even to deserve this? Am I really that unlikeable? I mean, I know I'm not pretty like a fairy, but I don't recall ever doing anything to offend the fairies or do anything harmful, so why do they hate me so much? Am I actually a horrible person and I just do not realize it? As the fairies continued to talk, thoughts like these continued to plague Kendra until, finally, a voice interrupted them.

"Now what has Kendra done to deserve such derogatory remarks?" The voice said. Kendra's heart skipped a beat. No, it couldn't be… I thought he was in the fairy realm helping with repairs. Sure enough, as Kendra opened her eyes, Bracken was standing there in all of his handsome glory.

"Bracken!" Both fairies exclaimed at once.

"I asked you a question. Could you please answer it?" His tone was friendly, but it was obvious he was expecting an answer.

"Kendra is just so overrated!" The blue fairy said.

"Yeah!" The squeaky fairy started, "Kendra probably thinks she is so special just because she's fairykind. Well guess what, there have been other fairykinds before her; all much prettier, more graceful, and genuinely better. She just awkwardly stumbles around thinking she's some big shot; ordering us around using our queen's name. It's inexcusable! If it were up to me, I would have her banned from ever talking to us!"

Kendra felt like she had been stabbed. Is this how all fairies think of me? No wonder everyone always gives me horrible looks. Just when Kendra was about to cry, Bracken stayed his opinion.

"I happen to think just the opposite as you." Bracken said.

"I am confused why you say being fairykind is not a big deal. It is one of the greatest blessings that the Fairy Queen can grant. The fairykind status is only granted to the most trustworthy, kind, caring, generous, smart person. By being fairykind, Kendra has earned the trust of the Fairy Queen, something very few have been able to accomplish. The reason why Kendra can order fairies around? Because Kendra is reasonable enough to know boundaries. You say she abuses her power? There have been many before her that have ordered you around much more than her. You say that Kendra is ugly? Obviously you are blind because Kendra is the farthest from that. You say Kendra is incompetent compared to other fairykinds? Kendra has been able to things that most would find impossible. Kendra is a symbol of hope. She shows that even when things may seem impossible, you can do it. She was the one who made the victory at Zzyzx possible. I walked into Zzyzx certain I was likely going to die, and I almost did! If not for her, I would have died at the hands of the demon king. She was the one who did the impossible: slayed Gorgrog. Without her, we would have not have won the war, and if we did we would have suffered much larger casualties. So how about instead of complaining about Kendra, thank her for all that she has done."

The fairies just rolled their eyes and flew away.

Kendra felt like mush. Why would he say that about me. I can't be all that great. Kendra was trying to keep up the facade of sleeping, but was sure she was failing. She was most likely smiling like an idiot, blushing, and maybe even laughing giddily.

Bracken turned to her, most likely because he heard her giggles, but pretended that he did not know she was awake.

Kendra decided to "wake up" in that moment.

"Bracken!" Kendra said excitedly! "What are you doing here! I thought you were helping rebuild the fairy realm!"

"I am." Bracken said, "But I decided that it was much too long since I had seen you last and I was in need of seeing you again."

Kendra smiled and said, "That's wonderful! Do you want to do anything?"

Bracken was going to respond, but at that moment a loud boom echoed through the woods and a display of colors danced through the sky. Kendra could see Ruth's and Dale's confused faces, Warren's excited face, and Stan's furious face.

"I think we should go see what caused such a loud noise." Bracken said.

"Not what. Who." Kendra grimaced.

"What" Bracken asked, confused.

"I told him not to make a ruckus, and what does he do?" Kendra said angrily.

Who did this?" Bracken asked.

Kendra just looked at him.

At that moment, Stan screamed, "SETH!"

Bracken chuckled. "Of course Seth did this. We should probably go help your brother now."

"No", Kendra said. I have a much better idea.

For the rest of the day, Bracken and Kendra hung out watching movies, playing board games, showing each other their favorite books and even trading them so that they could read each other's favorite book series.

All in all, Kendra would say that the day had been pretty good thanks to her hero, Bracken.

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