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Chapter 3: Kendra is Sick!?

When Kendra woke up, she felt fine. Sure, her stomach feeling queasy, but that was just because she had a big mission coming up. That day, she was going to go to some desolate part of Fablehaven to check to see if there were any creatures lurking there. The thoughts of what might be there was terrifying to Kendra.

Kendra soon left to go downstairs to eat breakfast. Strangely, when she tried to eat her oatmeal, she found out that she couldn't eat it. Strange. She thought. But she thought nothing more of it.

Warren, however, was bothered by Kendra not eating. "Kendra! You haven't eaten anything! Ate you okay?"

"I'm fine." Kendra said. "Just a little nervous for about the quest."

While it relieved Warren that Kendra was feeling alright, he still didn't approve of her not eating.

"It will be fine." Warren replied.

"I know. But what about all the things that could go wrong?" Kendra asked worriedly.

"Hey! Don't think like that!" Warren stated. "If you think of everything that could go wrong, you'll get distracted from the things you need to do."

"That's very true."

"Of course!" Warren exclaimed. "Have I ever been wrong?"

Kendra just chuckled at the statement.

"And what are you laughing at?" Warren said with fake offense in his tone. This prompted Kendra to laugh even more.

"Oh so your being like that huh!" Warren then proceeded to pick the giggling Kendra up, carry her to the couch (despite her attempt to break free of his grasp), put her on the couch and start tickling her.

"Noooooooo! Stoooooooooppppp!" Kendra screamed while laughing!

"Never!" Warren exclaimed! "This is what you get for insulting me!"

"Please?" Kendra gave him the puppy eyes. Damn. Warren thought. I can't resist the puppy eyes. He let her go.

"Yes, freedom!" Kendra quickly exited the room, lifelong much happier than she had previously been feeling. Seeing her wide simile, Warren could not help but smile too.

• • •

"You see. I told you it wouldn't be that bad." Warren said.

"Ya I guess it wasn't that bad." Kendra said. Strange. Kendra thought. Why isn't the nauseous feeling going away. Maybe I'm just hungry because I skipped breakfast.

"Hey Warren?" Kendra started to ask.

"Yeah." Warren replied.

"Do you have any food. I'm hungry." Kendra said.

"I told you not to skip breakfast!" Warren exclaimed. Fortunately, Warren was worried that this might have happened and packed some grapes.

"Lucky for you, I thought ahead and brought some grapes." Warren pulled out the grapes.

"Thanks Warren." Kendra said, gratefully taking the grapes. They continued to walk towards the main house.

• • •

By the time they reached the main house, Kendra knew something was wrong. She barely had time to exclaim, "Warren!" Before she threw up.

"Woah!" Warren yelled worriedly. "Kens, are you alright?"

Kendra just kept vomiting.

When she was done vomiting, Warren said "I'm going to go get you inside now. It's going to be okay."

As soon as they got inside, Warren rushed to get her comfortably situated. He they got her a bucket (in case she couldn't reach the toilet in time), and some pajamas so she could be comfy.

As Warren raided her dresser, he found a pair with penguins on it. Perfect. He thought. These should be comfy.

When he got downstairs, he asked Kendra if she needed any assistance changing her cloths but she politely declined.

Soon Kendra was lying on the couch, Warren next to her. What would be a good way to pass the time? Suddenly, an idea hit Warren. "I'll be right back Kendra." "Where are you going?" She asked wearily. "To go get my laptop so we can watch Netflix.

A few minutes later, they were both comfortable and watching a show called Stranger Things. When Warren heard that Kendra had never watch it. He knew that would be what they were watching.

• • •

Everything was going fine. About halfway through the first episode, Kendra said she was hungry, so Warren made her some tea and crackers. He also took Kendra's temperature and she didn't have a fever. Warren thought that this illness was over.

Unfortunately, after the 2end episode ended, Kendra started vomiting again.

"Are you okay?" Warren asked worriedly.

"I'm fine. I just wanna sleep."

"Okay." Warren was now seriously concerned about Kendra.

Soon, Kendra was fast asleep.

• • •

Warren was hoping that Kendra would get a nice long rest to help her fight of this mysterious illness. But that was not the case. After about one hour, Kendra woke up and immediately started vomiting. The poor thing. Warren thought.

"Hey kid." Warren said. "How are you feeling?"

"B- Better now that I've thrown up." Kendra replies shakily.

"That's good to hear." Warren said. "Do you want to continue the show?"

"Yeah." Kendra answered.

• • •

After a few hours, Kendra was feeling a lot better. In fact, she was starting to get hungry again.

"Warren?" Kendra asked.

"What?" Warren responded.

"I'm hungry. Can I have something to eat."

"No way!" She was just now starting to feel better. Now way was he going to mess that up.

"Please Warren." She gave him the puppy dog eyes. Damn! I can't resist the puppy dog eyes!

"Fine!" Warren said.


About 5 minutes later, Warren has made some chicken noodle broth.

"No you don't want you to push yourself. If you feel like you can't finish it, then don't." Warren said.

"Okay." Was Kendra's response.

• • •

It was about 8:30 at night, and Kendra actually managed to drink all of her broth without throwing it up. 30 minutes earlier, Warren had decided to let Kendra have a hot bath. That should help kill off the rest of this illness. He thought.

"Now make sure you add a little cold water so it's not to hot." Warren said.

"Okay." Kendra agreed.

Warren decided to check up on her.

"Hey Kens. How are you doing?"

"I'm doing well!" She stated. "I feel so much better."

"That's a relief." Warren said. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"No. I'm just about ready to get out actually." Kendra said.

"Okay you do that." He heard Kendra pull the drain, so he left the bathroom. Then, he remembered that Kendra didn't have a towel. I'll go get one for her. He thought.

After he got the towel, he knocked on the door and said, "Kendra. You forgot a towel. I have one here."

"Okay. Thank you!" Kendra said.

When he got in the room, he noticed Kendra was very pale and shaking. Somethings not right. He thought. He was right. Just seconds after he thought that, Kendra collapsed.

He moved quickly, so he was able to catch her.

"Kendra!" Warren said frantically. "Kendra where are you! Where are you!"

After repeating that line multiple times, Kendra woke up.

Relieved, Warren asked yet again, "Where are you?"

Kendra started at him, confused, then answered, "In the bathroom… on the floor."

"After you finished your bath, you collapsed." Warren explained. "Did you put in some cool water like I asked?"

"No." Kendra said. "I was cold, so I wanted the bath to be really warm."

"Your still very pale!" Warren exclaimed! "Here, let's get you dressed and in bed."

After a few minutes, Kendra was in bed and starting to drift off to sleep.

"Nu-uh!" Warren exclaimed. "You can't sleep! You fainted! Let me get you some water!"

"But I'm so tired!" Kendra whined.

"Water first, then sleep." Was Warren's response. Quickly, he left the room, not wanting to be influenced by the puppy eyes.

Warren grabbed a water bottle and went upstairs to Kendra. He made Kendra drink one forty of the water bottle and then finally let her sleep. About an hour later, Warren found himself drifting to sleep too.

• • •

When Warren woke up, he didn't see Kendra. Panic quickly rushed over him. Where could she be? He wondered.

Warren dashed downstairs, only to find Kendra eating toast.

"Oh!" Kendra said. "Warren! You're up!"

"Are you okay?" Warren asked.

"Yeah. I feel all better now." Kendra said cheerfully. "Today I can go help you with your chores, if you want."

"No! You should be resting." Warren said.

"But I feel all better!" Kendra cried.

"Rest. You gave no choice." Warren said stubbornly. "Besides. We still have to finish the rest of Stranger Things." He smirked a little at the end.

"Oh alright. You win." Kendra said.

And for the rest of the day, the two of them hung out

The End

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