The Peverell Legacy

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Epilogue Part Six: A Family Vacation.

Summer had arrived and with it came James and Bodhi, fresh from their third and first years at Hogwarts respectively. James had been in the top ten of his year, which had earned him a special reward in the form of a trip to France where the Bulgarians would be playing Denmark in the lead up to the Quidditch World Cup.

Padma laughed watching Harry and James struggle with tying their newly purchased wizarding tent to the roof of their car. "You know, we could have just shrunk the thing." She said almost lazily as she took a sip of the lemonade she and Bodhi had made for the trip.

"When we get to the ferry, we can't risk a shrinking enchantment failing." Harry reminded her, "It's better we look like a muggle family on a camping holiday than have to deal some official from the Ministry bothering us." He turned back to the knot James had made and smiled, "Though…we could always 'help' the tent stay down." He drew his wand and tapped it to the tent in several places. With the sticking charm in place, he stepped back. "Peverell family, we are ready to head out!"

Well, they were nearly ready. First Bodhi had to go inside for the book she wanted to read, 'Sneaky Spells for Tricky Types', a collection of charms meant to assist in guarding against surveillance and most forms of divining. It was advanced magic but telling her that she was too young was a surefire way to get her to try anyway so Harry and Padma allowed her to study under supervision.

Then James had to rush inside and give Hedwig an extra treat since she wasn't coming with them. Then he volunteered to take the spare key over to the Tonks house. Bodhi asked, rather loudly, if he was trying to say goodbye to Tonks before they left which earned her a glare from both her brother and mother.

And so, roughly an hour after Harry's proclamation that they were ready to leave, they left. Padma opened the glove compartment and ensured the tickets were there. Nodding in a satisfied way she turned slightly to face the window and watched as the familiar neighborhood turned into the open road.

She hadn't planned for any part of the life she led now. She knew she loved Harry and that they would have been married in their own time. After all, she'd been in her wedding dress when she'd come here. And she'd been pregnant with Bodhi at the same time, so she knew that they would have at least one child. But that was the easy stuff, being married and having a daughter. It had been traveling through time, stopping Voldemort before he had a chance to rise again and, she thought with a little grin, ensuring that one Albus Dumbledore never got the chance to manipulate the people she cared about ever again.

In the backseat James and Bodhi were bickering in hushed voices. "I'm dating Padma." James whispered angrily, "I don't 'have a thing' for Tonks." He glared at his sister who rolled her eyes deliberately and turned the page of her book disdainfully.

"Of course not." She said in an insubordinate drawl, "You just write to her more than you do our actual family." Bodhi set her book on her lap, "You know…" She let her words linger, "Mum said she was going on a date while we were out of town. Tonks asked her for some advice about it."

"You're telling me this why exactly?"

"Because," Bodhi said with a triumphant grin, "She's going out with Remus." She watched his face for a sign of anger or annoyance. In reality, teasing her brother like this wasn't about making him upset, it was proving a point. That point being that he was, in fact, head over heels for Tonks. Her plan was for him to admit it, get over it, and then move on. Any amusement she'd get if he dug in his heels was purely incidental of course.

"So, she's dating Professor Lupin." James shrugged uncomfortably, as if a doxy had landed on his shoulder and was screeching in his ear. "How's that any of our business?"

"He's a bit old for her, wouldn't you say?" Bodhi replied in a manner of fact tone. "Thirteen years older in fact."

"Yeah? I'm seven years younger than her. At least their age difference means they are both adults."

"It's alright James. You can be upset that your crush isn't interested in a teenager." Bodhi's tone was conciliatory.

He glared at her, "She's not my crush." James hissed before turning and staring out at the M-20. It wasn't a long drive to Dover, and he was glad of it. When they boarded the ferry, he would get out of the car and away from his sister.

She's not my crush. James repeated furiously in his mind. He glared at the scenery. Romney Marsh wasn't especially pretty in the best of times, but it was better than dealing with his smug brat of a sister. Her words were still rattling around inside his head like angry bees. She's not my crush!

So, why are you so angry that she might be? A traitorous little voice hissed in his mind. It's not like having a crush on a beautiful woman that you know to also be a good friend is the worst thing that you could do.

Shut up me. James rubbed his temples angrily.

"Just entered Folkestone," Harry said from his seat, completely ignorant of his son's hormonal crisis. "I think your friend Su Li is from here isn't she James?"

"Hythe." James and Padma said together. Su Li was in Ravenclaw and besides Parvati, was Padma's best friend. Which meant that she had become a member of his circle of friends. The adult Padma's eyes widened at her slip, "I remember asking her when we picked you up. You were saying goodbye to Hermione." Padma recovered as smoothly as she could.

"Hythe, right. I knew it was near here at least." Harry said shrugging a little bit. In truth, Su Li had never taken to Harry as much as Padma had wanted her to. Partly because of his friendship with Hermione who had constantly outscored her, as well as the rest of their year, and partly because she'd grown up an only child and upon making her friend hadn't enjoyed anyone taking time away from her.

"She's more Padma's friend than mine." James said looking at his father's eyes in the rearview mirror, "I don't think she likes me much."

Padma smiled and turned so that she was looking at Harry. "Maybe she's not used to sharing." She said, looking at James through the mirror. She remembered her friends attempt at not only admitting that she preferred witches, but also that she was attracted to Padma. Harry had, upon hearing the story later, referred to it as a 'tackle-kiss'. In the future they'd left, she was now known as Mrs. Moon, having married Lily Moon a few years after graduating. The two had saved up their money and bought a small vineyard in France near the German border and, as far as she could tell, lived happily enough.

"Your mother had a friend like that," Harry said, placing a hand on Padma's. "Couldn't stand me. She thought I was a prat. Mostly because I was when we were in school."

"You got better once you learned to be more afraid of me than of your other friends teasing you," Padma said laughing. Harry leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

Harry pulled into the queue for the ferry. He dug into his pocket for his muggle wallet and drew out a few notes. Padma looked at the sign, "The fee is forty-two," she read from the sign while Harry drew out the notes he would need.

"Thanks love," Harry said as he handed the correct amount to the attendant and drove forward. Their car was pointed to one of the ferries along the dock. "Once we get the all-clear, we can get out and stretch our legs." He said, looking into the back at James and Bodhi, "Until I turn off the engine, do not get out of this car, alright?"

"Yes dad," they said in unison.

A few moments later they were allowed to get out of their car and walk to the cabin where three long rows of seats greeted them. Seeing that most of the spots were taken however, the four Peverells decided to climb the stairs leading to the upper deck of the cabin where they could watch the ocean.

The ferry trip was uneventful. Before long they were in Calais and traveling, following the map they'd be given to a small clearing where a few other cars were parked. "I have to say, the French Ministry does a better job of this than the British Ministry. They made arrangements for families like us that travel more comfortably in muggle style." Harry said as he pulled into the lot, the cars tires crunching on the gravel.

As soon as they'd parked a man in a nondescript blue outfit approached the car, "Désolé, avez-vous une réservation ici?" He asked as Harry rolled down the window.

"Oui, nous avons des billets pour la match. Nous avons réservé un parking et un camping pour deux adultes et deux enfants." Padma spoke as she handed the man their tickets.

He looked at the tickets and then smiled, "Thank you very much," he said, switching to English. "You're in the P's, so let me check for you." He put the tickets under his arm and drew a small clipboard out of his coat, "P through S are at Bisset's campsite." He handed them back their tickets along with a small paper map. "Just follow the path to the east and you'll find Bisset at his office."

Harry thanked the man. They departed from their car with their luggage and the tent and made for the campsite they were directed to. Mr. Bisset was a short and ruddy-faced man with a bald pate that shone brightly in the afternoon sun. Padma spoke to him in French and, after paying for their spot, were directed to a small patch of grass surrounded by many other tents. "Again," Harry said as he began to put up the tent using wandless magic to send the spikes into the ground, "I have to say the French style is far superior to the slapdash approach our ministry used."

"You mean having contractors that work with the government instead of overwhelming some hapless Cornish family with a few hundred idiots?" Padma said dryly as she watched James and Bodhi make their way to the midway. "This is also much smaller than the Cup."

"I wonder if Krum is already on the reserve team or if he's going to be watching somewhere in the stands…" Harry said as he finished setting up the tent. It was a squat four-person tent on the outside. Inside, however, it was a comfortable two-bedroom apartment done in cream and gold. An enchanted window on one of the walls showed a beautiful tropical island. Harry and Padma walked inside of the tent with their luggage and sat down on a couch. "You know, the kids will probably be gone for a while…" He said with a sly grin.

Padma rolled her eyes and allowed him to put his arm around her. "Dora came to see me the other day. She's going on a date. With Remus Lupin." Her eyes narrowed in distaste.

"You know if you tell her not to, she'll do it even harder." Harry pointed out earning a frown from his wife.

"I do know that." Padma snapped at him. "We haven't told her where we came from, so it's not like I could tell her why I hate the tosser." She shrugged annoyedly and continued, "I did say that he was-"

"You didn't say 'too old' did you?"

She scoffed, "I'm a bit smarter than that love." She said with a smile that promised a world of pain if he underestimated her again. "I said he was too wrapped up into his self-pity. Of course, she said that he just needs someone to give him some support. At which point I asked what she thought Sirius did by letting the man live with him when he isn't working at the school."

Harry laughed at that. Padma continued, "She said she knows he's worried about the stigma of being a werewolf. But that," and here Padma made her voice a bit higher to sound like Tonks, "' if someone would just kick him in the ass hard enough, he'd be a good bloke for a relationship'." She made a face and continued in her normal voice, "I told her that he wasn't a project. He was a man, a very stupid man who loved nothing more than hating himself."

Their conversation was interrupted when James and Bodhi came into the tent each carrying a large chocolate ice cream with nuts. "We left the midway because there's a fight," Bodhi said calmly as she ate her ice cream. "Aurors showed up and made everyone go to their tents until the match."

"It was wicked!" James said grinning, "One of the guys fighting got cursed by one of the other guys and he had horns!"

"Incomplete transfigurative curse…" Padma said, "Remember Mogadishu?"

Harry laughed. "What happened in Mogan-"Bodhi began but was interrupted when Padma spoke.

"Mogadishu. It's the capital of Somalia in Africa. All you need to know is we saw a man try to run from their version of Diagon Alley with a set of parrots wings instead of ears." Padma flicked her eyes over to Harry, who suppressed a smile. The thief had gotten those wings because Harry had cast the spell to slow him down.

The family waited until they heard a loud voice speaking in French. Padma stood, "That's the announcer, the match is in twenty minutes." With that, they all made their way out and joined the throng heading towards the deeper forest where the stadium lay.

These are good seats…Harry thought happily as they climbed slightly higher than mid-way up. Roughly in height with one of the hoops they had a good view of the field. That was when he noticed a very familiar silvery blonde haired teenager sitting a few rows above them. It was a sixteen-year-old Fleur Delacour sitting with her parents and little sister.

Padma noticed and leaned in as if she was kissing her husband's cheek as they sat down, "Small world isn't it?" She smiled and settled back in her chair. Fleur had always disliked Ginny and when Harry had begun dating Padma, she had immediately taken a liking to the witch. Gabrielle, however, had considered Padma yet another threat against her long term plan to marry Harry Potter herself.

As the Peverell family watched Bulgaria flatten Denmark three-hundred to ninety, Harry scanned the air for Viktor Krum. The program said the reserve seeker would be playing but he remembered the competitive streak Krum had displayed. If the Tri-Wizard Tournament was held this year he wondered if James would meet Fleur and Krum since he wouldn't be put in the Goblet this time. He hoped so, as he rose with his family to cheer for Bulgaria.

"Dad, can we go to the World Cup?" James asked as they walked down the steps back to their tent.

Harry just smiled, "Your mother and Bodhi aren't as fond of Quidditch as we are James. But…" His smile turned into a full-on grin, "But, Narcissa doesn't like Quidditch very much either, neither does Augusta Longbottom. She asked me if I would mind chaperoning Draco in August to an event."

"We're going to the World Cup!" James shouted throwing himself against Harry and hugging him tightly.