Partners and Trust

Late morning Sam was sitting at his desk in the office of special projects, LA, doing long overdue paperwork. Kensi and Deeks were not in, yet as they were interrogating a suspect in their latest case. All was very quiet and Sam kept on glancing at the opposite desk in regular intervals, his anger rising with every time he found it still empty. His long time partner and best friend, G. Callen was still not to be seen. They had arranged to meet up for an early workout that day but like several times in the last 3 weeks Callen had not shown up. Even to invitations to his house that Callen had agreed on he plainly had not turned up at all or late at best. Asked about it he just offered odd excuses. Sam found it hard to concentrate as he kept on brooding on his partners lone wolf tendencies.

When finally, Callen came strolling into the office, his gymn bag over his shoulder, he displayed his familiar smirk and appeared relaxed and well rested. But Sam could see the faint bags under his eyes and sensed his partners exhaustion. „Hey G.! It is about time! Forgot our workout, AGAIN?" He greeted him annoyed. Just as Callen started to come up with a casual answer to his obviously edgy friend, Erik came up to them all excited: „Hey guys, I have located our suspect! Garcia is in a warehouse at the harbour front. Adress is on your phones."

„Sam and I will check the warehouse. Eric, tell Kensi and Deeks to meet us there." Callen ordered while storming out of the office, Sam on his side.

On the fast drive in the Challenger Sam could not help glancing at his partner and becoming more and more irritated by Callen being unusually quiet and busy with his own thoughts. He pondered about the best way to make his partner open up but he couldn´t hide his anger and went for the

direct approach. „What is going on with you, G.? Why do you frequently miss out on appointments? Is my family not important enough any more? And you definetely need to work out regularly! I don´t even know if you are fit enough to keep up!" Callen kept his relaxed exteriour „Sam, I´ve just forgotten about some of it, lately, no big deal," was Callens lame reply. He knew Sam wouldn´t buy whatever excuse he came up with, anyway, so he didn´t bother to create a good one.

Callen was tired to the bone. For the last 4 weeks he had been working on a top secret case for Hetty after office ours. Undercover as a self defence trainer with a questionable nightlife had him wearing thin on sleep which was worrisome in itself as he usually needed little sleep, anyway. And training others in self defense had left him with scraches and bruises everywhere, nothing serious but making him sore, nevertheless. Callen was glad that he had wrapped up the case that morning but unfortunately it had prevented him from getting to his workout with Sam, once more. He knew his partner was angry and hurt but „I am sorry, Sam," was all he could offer.