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Chapter 1 The Warlord and Knight Treaty

As the heroes of time Crono and his friends celebrated their victory against Lavos in the year 1999 A.D. Every one of them went back to their own timelines to live their own peaceful lives. Without Lavos existing they were all rest assured that they are expecting a bright future ahead but not Magus who still searches for her sister Schala. As for him life will be meaningless if he will go on without a purpose and that purpose is to be reunited with the only family he will ever know. He had lost everything, his homeland,and the kingdom that he was supposed to reign. He would not let go of the little spark of hope within him that Schala is still alive and was sent to another time by the Mammon machine incident. After they had defeated Lavos Magus spent his time crafting his magic for him to be able to travel on his own. As he went back to his own timeline 12000 B.C. he was able to acquire a book made by one of the Gurus, Belthasar the one who made the wings of time. This book contains scribbles of his theories of a possible machine that can travel through time. His theories came into fruition in the future and it took him his whole life time. Trapped in the future, he endeavored to continue his study and observation of Lavos. However, his mind began to lose its sanity, so he left records of his knowledge behind in the future and in the Antiquity period. Magus was able to obtain these records with a high price from the merchant Nu who resides at the surviving village. Magus was able to incorporate his black magic to the principles stated on Belthasar's scribbles. Magus can open a dimentional vortex by using his specialized magic the "Black Hole". He was able to master the technique for a sum of 3 years which irritated him because for him it took a lot of his time instead of him searching for Schala. But without this technique it would be impossible for him to travel accross time without any means. Lucca would never entrust the Epoch to him as his reputation as the Dark Lord still precedes him despite the fact that his intention was to only search for Schala and also it was heard that the Epoch will be dismantled for Lucca and the others had no intentions of intervening with history any further. Magus will do everything in his power to look for his beloved sister as he made it his life sentence.

And it finally came to be that he was able to master and craft his dimension shifting magic even beyond his expectations. He was indeed now a time traveler in his own accord. As the Dark Lord travelled through several timelines gathering information he was able to possess a treasure from the future a golden pocket watch which could tell current time and year it was a very useful tool for him because his new acquired technique of creating his own gates were very much premature. He still does not have any much control to travel to a precise time and year.

As the dark lord was taken by his gate inside a dark cave, it was year 602 AD. He inspects his surroundings and took a moment to gather his thoughts. He closed his eyes as his thoughts wander. He saw a glimpse of the pendant that the princess of Guardia possesed which was too similar with what Schala has. He did noticed Marle's pendant during the time when he was with Crono and his friends in pursue of defeating Lavos. But he never had the chance to ask about it for they were too focused on bringing Crono back to life, bringing the Black Omen down and finally eradicating Lavos from the history of mankind.

He needed to know how Marle had acquired a pendant that is very similar to her sister's. He had even witnessed how Marle's pendant works on breaking seals created only by the Enlightened ones from the antiquity period which can only be done by Schala's pendant

Magus: ("It must be, but how? How did the kingdom of Guardia acquired that pendant?")

Atleast for the time being the Dark Lord had found his first lead that would direct him to any information of the fate of his sister after they were seperated.

Magus: ("None of the Guardians would even dare speak about a treasure their Queen possesses to a stranger like me, even from 600 A.D, no one had ever lived to tell what Feinlord Magus looked like, they would not recognize me. Tsk! Then... I will have no other choice but to terrorize the information out of them. I will be an enemy to the Guardian kingdom once again. But... Its like Im doing the same schemes again.")

("Damn it!")

He opened his eyes as he felt that he was not alone. Not very far away he sensed there is some kind of battle going on by by more than 2 entity. The Dark lord had nothing to do with it but he wanted to check up on whats happening and out of curiosity.

As he entered that chamber where the battle was taking place he saw Frog lying down on the floor bloodied with other two knights that were already dead. He was badly wounded on his left leg. The Masamune was out of his reach. And it was revealed who frog is having a battle with. It was Slash and Flea.

Flea: "It sucks to be a kind person right? I just transformed myself into a little girl whos crying for help and you end up getting fooled so easily"

Slash: "What a waste of energy this is Flea... I told you no one can use the Masamune other than it's chosen owner"

Flea: "Hush the drama! It will not be a waste when we can finally kill this disgusting ugly reptile! Offer his head to Ozzie, and finally we can have the Masamune as treasure"

Slash: "You dont even understand noble swordsmanship, it is not honorable to kill an opponent when he is defenseless! It is not a fair fight. And the Masamune! I could not bare just to admire it and to look at it like for the very least a figurine, I wonder how it feels like in my hands and to slash it"

Flea: Enough with the noble noble thingy! Im getting sick of it! Now lets just get this over with!

The two noticed someone was watching them and they had realized that it was their former Lord Magus.

Flea: Well...well... Look who's here! If it isn't the naughty boy, the traitor who deserves a punishment. What a coincidence. Are you here to help your friend?

Magus: Dont make assumptions..

Frog was still barely conscious but the pain on his severed leg was overwhelming him. He is soaked in his own blood and had lost lots of it already.

Flea: Awwwww! You're sweet as ever! How about we settle the score right here, right now! We might as well have the traitor's head as a present to Ozzie!

Magus knows very well that Flea is resistant to any magic attacks and Slash is very quick on physical attacks. It will be a 2 vs 1 battle which the Dark Lord needs to carefully plan his battle scheme.

Magus: ("What kind of mess did I ended up into and that frog...")

The Dark Lord knows that he is very much stronger than the two combined but he had just created a time gate earlier which requires great amount of his magic. He was saving his strength if in case he would be needing to cast another gate later on that day.

As the two dashed forward to launch the first attack he had no other choice he did not want to waste his time with the two. He casted a dimentional vortex, his magical technique "Black Hole" for he knew it does not really inflict magical damage which Flea is resistant to, but it will just suck them and send them to another place or dimension at the same time period.

Magus: "Cavum Nigrum!"

The Dark Lord chanted the dark magic with his hand gestures.

As the two were launching forward to Magus a dimentional vortex opened up in front of them. There was no force they could do now to turn back.


Flea and Slash was sucked up inside the Black hole created by Magus. The two have shouted on top of their lungs until their voice had faded away as the vortex had closed.

Magus: That took care of them. (That took a lot of energy... I think I need to rest for awhile just to regain some energy)

The Dark Lord went near Frog who was lying down barely alive and running out of blood.

Magus: We fought together against Lavos, monsters, and you... You fought me as well. You'd even manage to defeat me with the help of your friends. Then you'd be in that state because of those two? Its only been a while and you became that weak already? The weak deserves to die."

Then suddenly a train of thought flashed on the back of his mind.

The Queens of Guardia... Schala's pendant... Marle's Pendant

Magus: Hmp!.. But I think it is not your time yet.

Frog: I... Rather... Die... Than to recieve (coughs) mercy from you (coughs)

Magus: Mercy? Who says I have mercy. Do not make assumptions. Save your energy and shut your mouth.

The Dark Lord handed out a bottle that contains a greenish fluid. He located the severed wound on the leg and applied a drop on the open wound that caused Frog to screech in pain.

Magus: Now, now dont be a cry baby. That drop will stop the bleeding and it will make it heal faster. By the way Are you that stupid now that you did not use your healing magic?

All Frog could reply were grunts as he was in great pain.

Magus torn up Frog's cape. The Dark Lord used the torn cloth to wrap Frog's wounded leg and it made Frog screech in pain even louder than before but he cannot barely move.

Frog lost his consciousness from the overwhelming pain. For the next hours he had been in a half awake, sleep, half awake, sleep sequence.

The wounded Knight felt warmth coming from somewhere as he can barely open his eyes, with his blurry vision he could see a fire and an entity which he knew was Magus sitting in front of it. There were smoke going up in the air like there was something cooking and it smelled like herbs. Then the Knight was out of consciousness again.

Moments later Frog felt something touching his lips and a big hand supporting his neck so that he could drink. He felt that it was a tip of a glass bottle. He could even feel the warmth coming from the steam of what is inside the bottle and he could smell that herby aroma from what was being cooked earlier.

He was indeed thirsty so he took 2-3 chugs of the warm liquid which later on he regretted. It was so bitter that made his face frown involuntarily. You wouldnt even imagine how a Frog would frown over a bitter taste.

The knight could hear a soft laugh more like a chuckle from the Dark Lord which was very rare for him. The knight was used to the Dark Lord's sarcastic evil laugh, but that one was a sincere chuckle. He had really laughed. The wounded knight was surprised that the Dark Lord has also a sense of humor.

At that time Frog finally could feel relief. His leg was not that painful anymore but he is still having a hard time of moving it. And he slept again.

The time he woke up he was puzzled by the Dark Lord's actions. He never thought that the man was capable of taking care of a wounded person or frog rather. He was a bit surprised, astonished and confused.

He saw that there was still fire and there was Magus sitting in front staring straight at the fire like he was deep in his thoughts

With so much effort he was able to move his body to sit.

Magus: Ha! Finally the cry baby wakes up.

Frog: I dost not knoweth If I should be thanking thee..

Magus: HAHAHA! No, If I were you, you should not be... Explain how you get in that state.

Frog: Thou hath been with two knights and we were scouting an area inside this cave as some villagers told thee that they were noticing some strange activities that seems to transpire within this cave. Flea transformed into a little girl, and thou had asked thee for help saying that she (coughs) 'HE' was being attacked by a monster. I came to that thou little girl which is Flea drained my magic power thats why thy could not cast a healing magic. Slash attacketh me from behind and Flea upfront casting a fire magic sending the Masamune away from thee.

Magus: And you believed a little helpless girl would be in a cave like this? Your Soft heart had lead to your misfortune and caused the lives of your men.

Frog: Do you even care for people's lives? But Why? FeinLord... Why did you helped me? Thy rather slit thy own throat rather than to be indebted to thee.

Magus: Dont start with that crap on me. By the way you had put me into so much waste of time and inconvenience. To set this straight I did not help you. You need to do something for me in exchange.

Frog: To do something? I will never-

Magus: In exchange... I will turn you back into a human.

Frog: Dark Lord I appreciate the offer but I am currently satisfied with thy current form. Let me ask you first beforehand. What are thee doing here and how?

Magus frowned as he was frustrated and his impatience was taking over him. It irritated him that he still needs to negotiate by answering all the questions.

Magus: You dont want to be back being a human eh? Fine! First I was able to craft my magic to travel through time. So what am I doing here?, that is where the thing you need to do for me enters this conversation.

Frog: Does this thing that I need to do for thee involves thy search for Lady Schala? Obviously I do not need to ask if ye is still searching for the lady.

There was a moment of silence. Magus did not reply he turned his eyes on the fire. Frog can see the determination in the Dark Lord's bloody red eyes.

Frog: If this thing thy need of thee does involve Lady Schala but does not involve harm to anybody. I will do the thing that needs to be. But thou dost not doest the favor for thee but for Lady Schala.

The Dark Lord turned his eyes to Frog with a spark of hope in his eyes reflecting the light of the fire.

Magus: This is what you need to do the pendant that Marle has?

Frog: Yes, that pendant. I am not so sure but I think it was passed down from generation to generation of the female Guardian Royalties. We can ask her Majesty Queen Leene. What purpose do you have with it? Dont even think of stealing thy treasure... I will not let thou.

Magus: You twat! Im not planning on stealing that. What Im saying is that... Marle's pendant is the same as the pendant that Schala has. I want to know how Guardia managed to have that pendant into their possession that might lead me to where is Schala is.

Frog: Yes, thou hath made sense, It reminded me of the time Crono was able to open sealed doors like how Schala did..Princess Nadia's pendant and Lady Schala's Pendant reacted the same way with the sealed doors.

Magus: Thankfully you're not that dumb. What I only need is information..

Frog: I could ask Queen Leene. We could head back to Guardia I think I can manage to move now. I think Guardians wont recognize thee. As no one hath ever lived to tell. And remember that I am only doing this for thy Lady Schala. And we still hath never forgotten of Cyrus which you hath slain.

Magus: I think thats fair enough. If the Guardians could direct me to where Schala is and she is well and safe. The Guardians can have my head as a trophy.

Frog was strucked by the words of the Dark Lord who was known to be ruthless. A man like him could offer his own life just to make sure that her sister is well and safe.

Frog: Very well Dark Lord, I think I might now be able to cast a healing magic to give me a full recovery.

Frog struggled to stand up as his leg was still not yet healed completely. He gestured his hands to cast the spell.

Frog: From the element of water, The source of Life. Cure thy wounds!

A glowing water came out from his hands and swirled around his whole body

Frog: Now I feel better. My wounds are fully recovered. Let us now head to Guardia and ask her Majesty.

Magus stood up and as he swayed away his red cape the fired went off. And the two went on their way to Guardia awkward as may it seem.. The Knight felt uncomfortable. He was only able to stand the Dark Lord because of Crono and their friends. Is it even proper for him to even somehow be an acquaintance with the Dark Lord?

Frog: (Forgive me Cyrus, it seems that avenging your death by means of slaying the Feinlord is yet near impossible now, Im only doing this for Lady Schala)

(For Lady Schala, not helping Magus) The Knight repeatedly thought to himself as he shook his head.

They arrive at the doors of the Castle. The Guards saluted as soon as they saw that it was Frog no more questions asked. Magus was behind following the Knight as they entered the hall to the throne room.

Frog bended his knees and bowed to the King who was sitting on the throne. Magus remained standing behind him.

Frog: Hail to the King of Guardia, King Guardia XXI

King Guardia XXI: It is nice to see you Frog. So what brings you to thy presence Noble Knight? If you will be needing something just tell me and it will be granted.

Frog: It has always been my pledge and honor to be at thy service your majesty. I just wish To talk to her Majesty Queen Leene.

King Guardia XXI: Very well then, her majesty is in The Queen's Quarter. Noble Knight may I just ask who is that gentleman behind thee? It seems I have seen him somewhere.

Frog: Hmp! M-my Lord... O-of course you have seen him before. Your Majesty he was with my friends as well, together with Crono we fought alongside with this man. May I introduce him your Majesty his name is...

H-His name is...

Magus: Janus... My name is... Janus

Frog: Yes My Lord! This Gentleman's name is Janus he he he!

There was a brief moment of awkwardness between the Dark Lord and the Knight. Frog was having droplets of sweat above his eyes. The King who seem to be unaware broke the moment of silence.

King Guardia XXI: Ah yes Crono.. So this gentleman is one of the heroes as well.

The King turned his eyes to the Dark Lord.

King Guardia XXI: You are most welcome here Janus, make yourself feel at home..

It was the most awkward moment for the Dark Lord he did not even know how to respond.

Frog: Ha ha ha Your Majesty my apologies for the gentle man here is quite shy and he does not really speak much... But he sincerely appreciates the offer, the warm welcome and your kindness my Lord. B-by the way your Majesty may we adjourn ourselves to thy presence? We already took too much of thy time already. You may have some other more important things to attend to my Lord. May we be on our way to her Majesty Queen Leene?

King Guardia XXI: Yes, yes, of course you may...

Frog: Thank you Your Majesty.

Frog stood up still his head bowed down, and stepped backwards before he turned his back from the King. Frog walked the hallway, going up the stairs heading to the Queen's quarter with Magus following him behind.

Frog: Ugh! This is more than the debt I have to pay to you. You made me lie and will make me lie more right in the faces of my liege! I have no place in this castle anymore! I dont deserve to be favored by them! I am a disgrace! I dishonored my pledge!

Magus: Oh shut up! You did not lie at all you twat, I am Janus remember?

Frog: Then you made me keep a dirty hideous secret then! You are still Magus the Feinlord who waged war against Guardia, killed it's men, killed Cyrus and terrorized the people! This is absurd! Ugh! My Dear Self This is for the Lady Schala not for this... Man! (mumbling of words)

They had arrived the door and the two guards gave Frog a salute. One of the Guards went in and moments later came out from the door.

Guard: Sir Frog Her Majesty is waiting. You can come in.

The Knight and the Dark Lord came inside the room. The queen was sitting on a chair in front of her vanity table with a servant behind her.

Frog bended his knees and bowed to the Queen while Magus is standing behind him.

Frog: Greetings her majesty... With me is Janus, who was with us and Crono the hero.

Queen Leene: Greetings noble knight, and to the Gentleman behind thee. And again Guardia will be forever indebted to Crono and to thy friends for saving Guardia and the future of this world.. You can stand up my dear friend. May I know what can I do for thee? It seems to be urgent.

Frog stood up and gathered his breath. Internally he felt awful awkwardness and guilt on how the Queen sincerely expressed gratitude to the Dark Lord without her realizing that he was in fact the infamous and feared Feinlord who had terrorized the kingdom which had caused sorrow, despair and the lives of people.

Frog: (Coughs) My Majesty, this man had been looking for his sister named Schala whom we have no information of her after an incident that happened while we fought in pursue of Lavos the destroyer of worlds. She had saved our lives plenty of times to even sacrificing her freedom to let us escape from the hands of the enemies. One of your descendants who also fought with us possesses a pendant that had been passed to her from her ancestors which one of them is you my majesty. We believe that the pendant owned by your descendant is the same as what the beloved Schala has. We also believe that there could somehow be a link between your majesty and the Lady Schala.

Queen Leene: I see... let me see what I can do to help in search for the girl. What does the pendant looked like? The one that my descendant has.

Frog: It is a gold pendant engraved with a blue stone. Your Majesty

Queen: Precisely my dear friend it is the pendant that is in fact in my possession too. But I do not know of any Schala as far as I can remember what my mother had told me about the pendant. Let me get the pendant so I could also show you.

Magus could only listen with the two. In his mind lingers the mystery of how in the world would the royal lineage of Guardia would possess the ever precious pendant. Queen Leene unlocked a drawer from her vanity table and handed out the dream stone engraved pendant and showed it to the two spectators.

Frog: Your Majesty, thou wilst with no doubt that pendant in thy hands is the same pendant as what our comrade, thy descendant has, and what the Lady Schala also has. They are but only one, for it could not easily be forged, for it was engraved with the exotic stone you would not find elsewhere.

Magus: There is no doubt, that is Schala's pendant. The question is how did it get here?

Queen Leene: To be honest with you gentlemen, my mother the late queen has no information where this pendant might have came from. When I was just a baby my mother was so surprised to had found me wearing the pendant while I was sleeping on my crib. Without someone giving it to her, or even seeing someone leaving it to my crib. It was yet mysterious. I am the first one in the whole family lineage to have this in possession.

Magus acquiring this cliff hanging information had pinched his nose from frustration and disappointment.

Queen Leene: Sir Janus I apologize if I was not much of a help for thy search for thy beloved sister... I wish I could provide you more information but from what my late mother had said she had searched Truce and all in Guardia where and who the pendant could possibly came from. My mother investigated it her whole life but there was no answer. It was a mystery left unsolved even to this day.

Frog: Your Majesty theres no need of apologies, what thy have provided is already enough for us to redirect our leads. Your majesty had been very helpful by taking thy time of speaking to us.

Magus: Pft ..Let us go...

Magus turned his back as he was already leaving the room.

Queen Leene: Sir Janus! Wait! As a gratitude with thy help of saving the kingdom and the future of this world. I grant thee assistance for the search of thy beloved sister. I grant the assistance of Frog my friend here.


Queen Leene: Frog my dear friend, I would also like to know how this pendant came to me, I feel like it chose Guardia and me. I want the answer my mother had never gotten. I know that this pendant had a big role in helping all of you specially my descendant save the future of this world. There is a reason why it was given to me. Frog i know you will be of a great assistance and keep this man a company, it is sad to travel the beyond alone. And Frog I feel the void inside the heart of this man.

Even though Frog was flooding with frustration and guilt, he was not the one to turn her Queen down.

Frog: (If she only knew what this man did! But I could not afford to tell the truth now. What have I done? I should have cut my own throat the moment I saw this man treating my wound. I am nothing but a dishonor, I betrayed my own kingdom)

Magus: Hmp! He'll just more likely be a nuisance.

Magus left the room.

Queen Leene: Frog my friend now go... I know he just needs someone. Help him find his sister to fill that void inside him which I know the reason why he is cold as ice. Find the light that will bring warmth to his heart. He only needs a true and sincere friend.

Frog: Your Majesty, Nothing in this world will compare with the kindness of your heart. I will do as thy wish.

Queen Leene: Go now, he is as swift as the wind. I wish you all good luck.

Frog bowed down, stepped backwards before he turned his back from the Queen and ran as he chase Magus.

The knight ran as fast as he could. There is no turning back now. The truth cannot be unfolded anymore. By abiding with the request of the Queen and finding all the answers to the mystery the knight will find his atonement for the sins he had made.

As the knight exits the main door he found Magus there with his back in front of him. His red cape and silverish purple hair sway as the wind blows.

Frog: I think I dont have much of a choice now, I must atone my sins.. I am nothing but a trickster. I do not have a place in this castle. I have betrayed the trust of my King and Queen. Let me go with you in search for Lady Schala...

Magus: I did not ask for you to come. I dont need your help.

Frog: But I am not helping you. Do not make assumptions. We are just joining efforts for thy search for thy sister. I am only doing this For my Queen and for Lady Schala. I will have to make you pay for thy rudeness to the King and Queen after all of this is over.

Magus: You think I would like to be joining forces with a green slimy amphibian such as you? I'm not thinking of taking a pet with me.

Frog was starting to get pissed off when suddenly a light begins to glow from the ground where he was standing. The light began to consume him and bursted out afterwards.

Frog: What did you do to me?!

As Frog was about to pull out his sword he noticed something different.

Magus: Dont you like your old self or you have gotten used to being green and slimy?

Frog looked at his hands and saw five fingers with human skin. He touched his face it was not wet and slimy anymore it felt very smooth and dry. He touched his head and he now could feel strands of thick hair. Then suddenly a guard was passing by them and saw him.


The guard hurriedly ran inside the castle shouting "HE'S ALIVE! HE'S ALIVE! HE IS HERE! LET US REJOICE HE CAME BACK!"

Frog pulled out the Masamune to see his own reflection on the blade. He saw a face he had never seen a very long time. He could also see his spikey green hair which he caressed. He felt new to this form even though he was born with it. He already got used to being a frog. It was so new to him like he had already forgotten how to be a human for he had already accepted his fate as an anthropomorphic frog. The knight looked at himself with awe and astonishment as if he was seeing another person in the reflection.

Magus: You'll get used to it again eventually.

Magus went along his way and Frog now turned back into Glenn inserted back the Masamune and followed behind the Dark Lord


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