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Chapter 6 When A Flower Blooms

Magus: "What?!"

Magus noticed that Eliana was not wearing her armor. She was only wearing the garment she usually wears under it, a purple scarf around her neck, and dark brown leather boots on her feet. Without her armor he could see how fragile she looked. He could see how feminine she is without her head gear exposing her very long silver hair flowing down her shoulders and braided at the ends. Her fair rosy glass like skin radiates from the sunlight that struck her face.

Magus:"I cannot stay here... I must go."

Eliana: "But... You should regain your strength first, I dont know what happened back there but y-you almost died.."

Magus: Hmp!

The Dark Lord was forcing himself to stand up. He felt his whole body trembles as he tried hard to move. He felt his head was as if floating in air and his vision of his surrounding was moving in circles. He felt dizzy and nauseatic. As The dark lord tried to stand up he stumbled on his feet. He was able to support his body and protect his face from hitting the ground by his hands. Eliana hurriedly assisted him but it infuriated the man that he quickly withdrawn and pushed the silver haired woman away from him so hard that she stumbled onto the ground as well.

Magus: "Do not dare touch me!"

Eliana: "I was just trying to help you."


The silver haired woman silently stood up and walked out. Magus realized that he was too weak that he could not even lift a finger he decided to sit down even though his head was killing him. As he inspects himself he realized some of his body parts have been bandaged, cleaned and was taken cared of. He was only wearing the fabric clothing he wears under his breast plate. His breastplate, gauntlet, boots and cape was worn off and it exposed his bulky and well built physique.

Magus: ("I... I need to get out of here...")


("I know...")

("The time gate for now is too dangerous for me... to use...")

("DAMN IT!")

He placed his palm against his face as he felt frustrated to the situation. He hated everything that was happening to him. He felt lost again in the midst of darkness. Alone. He was trying too hard to find rationality from everything.

He felt empty. He felt weak, useless and without any existensial significance.

As his mind linger in his thoughts he had been unaware that time had passed by. He sat and had his back against the wall, stared blankly at nothing.

The dark lord was startled when the silver haired woman went back inside the hut. She was carrying a wooden tray with plates and bowls made from hardened clay. Steam came out from the plates and bowls. As she entered the hut she carried an enticing aroma that cleared his senses and made his stomach grumble.

The silver haired woman placed the tray in front of him. The plates and bowls contained mouth watering and freshly cooked dishes such as large amounts of stewed meat, bread, mashed potatoes and slices of apple.

Eliana: "This should help you regain your strength. I... I hope you will like it. J-just call me if you need something."

Magus: "..."

The silver haired woman stood up and let the dark lord be left alone with his food.

After Magus had finished eating, he cannot deny that he enjoyed the food and had felt refreshed but still he knew his powers still hasn't came back and still needs to recharge.

The warlock had regained some strength to stand up. He walk to the door and cleared some of the dried palm leaves that served as a curtain. He peeked through the hanging dried palm leaves to see whats going on outside. It was mid day, the sun is up and there were people moving around, everyone seemed busy. Some were building stuff, it seemed they were building huts, children running around, women carrying baskets, some were cooking, and some were weaving palm leaves. It was such a busy atmosphere.

Magus saw Glenn in a grassy field with his Masamune drawn out and he looked like he was having a spar with someone which the dark lord realized was the young lad Haelan.

Magus came out from the hut and immediately a young blonde girl saw him. The child ran and stopped when she was in front of him. The child looked up to him with her round blue sparkling innocent eyes and and enthusiastic smiling lips.

Young Girl: Yay! you're already awake, our hero is awake!

Magus: "What?"

Young Girl: "You're our hero! You blew that big flying monster into pieces now we can go out from that cold and dark cave! Thank you Mister... Uhhhh..."

The little girl seemed to be thinking of something or was trying to remember something, with her blue round eyes looking up and her fingers touching her chin.

Young Girl: Ummmm! never mind! Thank you Big Mister for saving us all! Now we could enjoy playing outside! See yah!

The little girl ran away from him to be with the other children running around. The dark lord was dumbfounded.

Magus: ("I never intended to save anyone...")

Magus felt disgusted that these people think he was a hero that in fact what he was trying to do was to destroy everything. He felt his hatred building inside of him once again.

He felt this hatred because of his guilt.

The dark lord was about to flew away when he realized he was out of power to even levitate, so for the first time in many years he would be using his feet to walk.

And there he walked away from the people. To be alone.

The Dark Lord went to a still snowy cliff looking over an open field of flowers that was near The New Alghetty village where the survivors have settled. He could see the petals being blown away by the wind despite it being far away. The sound of the cold wind to his ears was like a comforting hum of a mother. He sees the sun over the horizon starting to set as the sky began to show transitioning colors from yellow, to orange, to purple, to blue.

It reminded him of his big Sister who stood as a mother to him, while their real mother had lost her way into madness.

Magus and Schala, they only have each other. But they were seperated and had lost everything because of the lust for power the people around them have.

Magus: ("Schala... I will never stop until I find you...")


The dark lord was startled as he heard the familiar voice coming from behind him. He didn't even turned around to see who the person was.

Magus: "You again... Leave me alone... "

Eliana: "Magus... I was just..."

Magus: "I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE! How the fuck were you even able to find me?! Are you following me?"

Eliana: "I dont know either, I just thought you would be here."

Magus: "HMP! And whats with those people thinking I am their 'hero'? Which we all know I am not!"

Eliana: "They're just expressing their gratitude despite whatever intentions you may have. Whatever it is, it liberated us."

Magus: "Thats what the weak ones always do, find someone to save them."

Eliana: "No one should ever be alone in this world...we must find the rainbow after the storm."

Magus: "HMP!... Leave me be"

Eliana: "We are going to have a celebration after the restoration of New Alghetty is completed and everyone have settled down with their new homes. This will be a celebration for our freedom and for a new beginning.. I hope you could come...while you are still recovering."

Magus: "I am just wasting my time here, Once I have my powers back we will be on our way."

Eliana: "I see, I'll be heading back to the village then... Do you want to go back with me? I think You need more rest."

Magus: "I would like to go back on my own."

Eliana: "Okay then... See you."

When the silver haired woman turned she was frozen for awhile as she sensed something had moved in the bushes.


Eliana, despite being unarmored, unequipped with any weapon and was just wearing a fur coat above her dress quickly dashed to chase the silhouette she saw that quickly came out from the bushes as they sensed it.

The silver haired woman chased the silhouette and Magus was behind her when suddenly Eliana unknowingly stepped on a camouflaged ditch as the ground collapsed. The pit was very deep that light could not even reach the end.

Magus quickly dashed forward trying to save Eliana.


They try to reach each other's hands as far as they could in mid air. The Dark Lord suddenly saw a flashback of his dream where he was trying hard to reach for Eliana but she was being drifted away that seemed never returning back. When Magus was able to have a good grip of her hands he realized they wont get to the other side of the ditch because it was too wide, it was all too late and they were facing an inevitable fall. Realizing that, he quickly pulled her to him, hugged her tight with his thick arms and have his back facing the ground as they fall.

Magus let his body recieved all the blows as they hit some debris, he made sure he wont let go of Eliana's fragile body, with his hand supporting her head.

The dark lord let his body hit the ground first while He holds Eliana as secured as he can.

As the smoke of dust had been cleared. The dark lord loosen his grip of the silver haired girl who was motionless but he could feel that she was still breathing. It was too dark he could not see anything.

The dark lord started coughing, he coughed out some blood that was caused by the damage he had recieved from the blows and the direct hit of his body to the ground.

Magus: "FUCK!"

He tried to cast a fire spell to have some light for them to be able to see but his efforts did nothing.

The dark lord started to hear moans of pain from Eliana.

Magus: "Eliana!"

Eliana: "M-Magus.. my leg I think its impaled with something."

The silver haired woman used her power as her hand glowed with a white bright light that behaves like fire. It gave them enough light to see everything.

The two of them were covered with dust. The dark lord had bruises and cuts, his nose was bleeding, had some blood on his lips, a cut on his forehead that was also bleeding, his face was very much covered in blood. Eliana on the other hand had minor scratches and bruises but her left leg was impaled by a sharpened piece of wood and was bleeding pretty bad.

She moaned louder from the scruciating pain as she tried to move. Magus was able to sit with much effort to do so.

Magus: "I need to remove that wood Eliana and tie it with something really tight to control the bleeding. And I am sure its going to hurt as hell"

Eliana: "I... I know..."

Magus: "Tell me when you're ready..."

Eliana: "I... I am... Now..."

Magus had positioned himself, torn a piece of cloth from his cape rolled it and had put it to the silver haired woman's mouth for her to bite. He then held a good grip of the wood.

Magus: "Take a deep breath Eliana."

He quickly pulled the wood out from her leg and gushes of blood came out from the impaled wound. Eliana screamed from the top of her lungs despite biting a rolled cloth in her mouth. Her back have arched upward from the amount of pain.

Magus quickly torn another piece of cloth from his cape and tied it on her legs to control the bleeding. Eliana screamed louder, and tears fell down from her tightly shut eyes as she was experiencing excruciating pain. The glowing magic from her hand went off as she lose her focus over it.

The silver haired woman breathed heavily, and droplets of cold sweat had formed on her forehead.

Magus: "Eliana, you need to cast the magic again... I need light for me to see as I cover your wound."

She casted the light back, and the dark lord went on to securely cover her wound with another torned piece of his cape.

Then he went to check up on leaned over with the support of his elbow to look at her face closely. Her moist eyes were still shut and was still breathing heavily. All he could hear in that dark pit was both of them breathing. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him with her silver sparkling eyes. They looked straight at each other, just silent and breathing.

Eliana slowly and softly touched his face with her hand.

Eliana: "Y-you're bleeding too..."

She had spoken on a very soft voice she almost whispered.

Magus: "This is nothing..."

Eliana: "You... Protected me"

Magus: "I was not able to, you still got hurt."

Eliana: "But I may have been dead if you didn't..."

Magus: "J-just shut up..."

And they remained looking at each other, not a word spoken, just breathing. He looked at her every feature, her eyes, her nose and her lips, same with Eliana. She looked at his crimson eyes, his pale skin covered in blood, his nose, and his lips. Their faces were so close to each other they could feel each others breath.

Eliana: "Thank you for saving me..."

Magus widened his eyes dumbfounded. Eliana slowly lifted her head and closed her eyes as she gently touched his lips with hers.

The Dark Lord's heart started to beat so fast he could even hear it pounding against his chest. He could feel her warm soft moist lips against his, and felt he wanted more of it. He closed his eyes and started to move his lips, that seemed to be asking permission for entry. Eliana opened her lips as a sign of giving him permission and it all became synchronized movements. His lips and tongue were moving softly against hers. He was tasting her sweet mouth and could feel how heavy she is breathing that was beginning to sound like a soft moan that made him want even more. He sucked her lips, and tongue. It was so sweet, and warm. And slowly they stopped, both breathing heavily.

They both opened their eyes looking at each other. They were both shocked but there was not a trace of regret.

Magus: "W-we should find a way to get out of here, it will be cold at night here..."

Eliana: "Y-yes...W-we should get going..."

Magus withdrawns himself to stand up. Eliana tried to sit with much effort and dusted off her hair and body.

Magus: "There's no way we could climb that. If I just have my powers back by now I could just carry you and fly back up there."

Eliana: "We just have to find another way then... They are going to be worried if we won't be able to come back soon."

Magus: "Were you able to see who sneaking up on us earlier?"

Eliana: "Unfortunately no... but I got a bad feeling about this... We know very well Dalton have escaped. Thats why I wanted to catch that person so badly we ended up in this ditch. We need to get moving... I'm getting worried even if Glenn and Haelan were left at the village they'll be looking for us."

Magus: "Wait for me here, keep the lights on, I'm gonna check around to see if theres any other way we could get out of here"

Eliana: "Alright..."

The Dark Lord wiped his bloodied face with his torned cape, and started to walk the area to check if theres any tunnel. He saw a bunch of dried twigs and debris that were compressed in a wall. He pushed it all aside, kicked some of the dried twigs to break them off. After all of it was almost removed it exposed a tunnel which looked like it might lead into a cave.

Magus: "This place might have been a mining site for something back in the ages... This tunnel looks like a cave channel, we should be able to find an exit."

Eliana: "Thats great! Lets go that way!"

Eliana was struggling to stand up. She was unaware Magus was already walking towards her.

Magus: "I'll just carry you... Hmp! You're going to slow us down."

Eliana: "I...I'm sorry..."

Magus: "Just shut up.."

The dark lord piggybacked the silver haired woman with one of her arms around his neck, the other one casting the light magic. Magus began to walk inside the chamber. Eliana held onto him tightly resting her head against his shoulder. So she could feel the warmth of his body even more. As they went through the tunnel it became much colder as the night came by.

Magus: "A-Are you alright?"

Eliana: "Yes... I am... I may sound ridiculous... But... I feel like... I dont want this to end..."

Magus: "It is ridiculous... Tsss... But Why? Look at where we are now, silly!"

Eliana: "I can be anywhere... With you.."

Magus suddenly stopped walking.

Eliana: "I'm sorry..."

Magus: "..."

Eliana: "Why did you..."

Magus: "I did what I did... Now shut up!"

Eliana: "Okay..."

Magus: "Let me ask that question..."

Eliana: "Huh?"

Magus: "Why did you save me when I went berserk? You risked your life to... to save me, are you that stupid? Why do you keep bugging around?"

Eliana: "Because... I just know you need somebody... I know no one would be enough to... Replace what you and your sister had.. But I know you need somebody to be there for you...to understand you... Even if you push them away. I felt I needed to save you back there...for you to be reunited with Schala. It won't happen if you're already dead.

Magus: "If I'm going to die, then it shall be the end and I will simply laugh. Dont try to do stupid things again. You were just lucky. "

Eliana: "But you won't be able to fulfill your promise..."

As they walk the straight pathway they ended up seeing two separate directions, which are a left and a right, where they both do not know what direction they will head into.

Magus: "One might lead us to an exit but also might take us deeper within this cave, unfortunately we would not know."

Eliana: "You are right, if theres still sunlight I might feel it, my power is attracted to sunlight... But its night already. What shall we do?"

Magus: "We have no choice but to stay here for the night and wait for sunrise... From the looks of this cave, it looks like it has an intricate set of channels. We dont wanna get deeper into it."

Eliana: "I think you're right... If we go deeper, it will be hard for me to sense any more sunlight..."

The Dark Lord gently placed down Eliana on a flat ground, with her able to sit comfortably. He too had settled himself in front of her.

Eliana using both of her hands casted out a ball of light and placed it between them.

Magus: "You should rest, it wouldn't be comfortable, but you should sleep."

Eliana: "Are you kidding me? Ive manage to sleep on a cave for years, on a forest with a never ending winter storm, at the construction bay of the ocean palace, and having dried leaves as bed at the old Alghetty with Earthbound Ones. The last time I've slept on a warm cozy bed was way back in Enhasa. This is nothing to me now."

Magus: "Then why does it seem you dont feel any hatred?"

Eliana: "Hatred for who and for what?"

Magus: "Hatred for the reason of all those suffering..."

Eliana: "My hatred won't change anything. I try to pick up the pieces shattered and try to make beauty out of it. It won't be back to it's original beauty but I may find a different and unique beauty within it."

Magus: "..."

Eliana: "Like when I was seperated from my father, i was sent to slavery, I was able to make a new family and friends like Haelgar, Haelan, the people of new Alghetty, Glenn and you..."

"I still want to be with my real father and thats my dream. The good thing is I have people that are important to me while I go on to this journey. I dont have to be alone."

Magus: "Everyone will have to deal with their own suffering by themselves."

Eliana: "In a literal sense that is true, but once you have that kind of unbreakable bond... You will have someone willing to be with you even with all that burden, pain and suffering, that person will share carrying all those burden."

Magus: "That's Pathetic. Go to sleep."

Eliana: "Goodnight... Magus... Thank you for carrying me when I can't walk... Thank you for giving a part of yourself to share with me carrying my burden."

And she smiled at him, her innocent gem like eyes looked as if they were also smiling at him. Her face was glowing and was full of life. There was not a trace of fear, greed nor hate. It was the most genuine, and heart felt smile the dark lord had ever seen aside from his sister's.

Magus: ("What?! She got me... She is so beautiful when she smiles like that...")

The dark lord was astonished as he looked at her while she settled down herself in the most comfortable position as possible. She lay on the floor sideways facing him on a fetal position to avoid her leg touching the cold floor. She hugs herself to make her own body warm as it is very cold. She closed her eyes while Magus still stared at her dumbfoundedly.

Magus: ("Eliana...")

The dark lord had also lay himself to rest. And he closed his eyes. He had slept too.

Until he heard some painful moans. He quickly woke up and looked at the silver haired woman who was shaking, and had flushed cheeks. He suspects she was having a fever from her injury. She was still sleeping but her face was grimacing.

Eliana: "F-Father... dont... go..."

Magus stood up and went to her. He touched her forehead and he confirmed she was having a fever. He did not have any Panacea or at least a Potion with him.

Eliana: "Magus?"

It seems she still has her kin sense. She was still able to wake up when she felt a near presence.

Magus: "You have a bad fever, I need to get you out of here as soon as the sun rises, you're having an infection."

Eliana: "M-Magus... Its sooo cold..."

Her weak voice was shaking as she talk.

Magus: ("DAMN IT! IF I JUST HAVE MY POWERS RIGHT NOW I'LL GIVE YOU FIRE! NO! I'LL GET YOU OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW! What the fuck should I do Eliana? I dont want you to feel this pain! If I could just take it away...)

The dark lord lay himself beside her. He put his arm under her head and pulled her gently closer to him, to give his warmth to her. He wrapped his arms around her.

Magus: ("This is all I can give you for now... My warmth. I hope this would take the cold away... You ended up like this because you are so stupid looking and worrying for someone... Like me")

He could feel her trembling slowly fading away.

Eliana: "Magus... "

Magus: "Ssssshhhh... Go back to sleep..."

Eliana: ("I wish this will never end...")

And the silver haired woman had fallen back to sleep so as the dark lord.

It was Eliana who was able to wake up first as she was able to feel sunlight coming from somewhere. She looked at her energy orb it was brighter than before. It is a sign that it is sensing sunlight from up above the ground. Then she turned to look at Magus's face above her. He sleeps so peacefully. It was the first time she saw him as vulnerable as that. He was always shielded and reserved.

Eliana: ("I feel so lucky to have seen you in such unprotected state... But sadly we cannot stay this way... I wish I could see you every morning like this")

Eliana: "Magus... Wake up I can now sense sunlight. We must go..."

Magus quickly but gently got up to his feet as he realized she was looking at his face at what he thinks him being in a very unflattering state.

Magus: "Tsss... Have you been awake for a long time now?!"

Eliana: "N-no I was not..."

She Lied.

Magus: "Good, how are you feeling?"

Eliana: "My head is killing me to be honest, but we need to get going."

Magus: "Okay just hold on...we will be out of here in no time.

Eliana disintegrated the energy orb which served as their light through the night. The dark lord carried her again on his back and they went on their way. She casted a faint orb of light to serve as their direction as it will move towards where it sense the nearest source of sunlight. Eliana could only gave out much of her energy that was left. Magus followed the orb while Eliana passes out from time to time as she was burning with the worse fever

Magus: "Hold on... Eliana..."

Eliana: "Magus..."

It took them hours to finally saw a sunlight from an exit but it was a bit tiny that only one person could fit at a time by crawling. This will be quite hard for Eliana, for it will take up to 3-4 steps to finally get out.

Magus: "Eliana... Wake up... This is it..."

Eliana: "Huh?! Y-yes... Finally"

Magus: "But you need to crawl... You have no other choice."

Eliana: "I... See... Then I will.."

Magus: "You'll go out first I dont want to leave you alone here."

Eliana: "Okay..."

Magus placed her gently down in front of the exit hole. The sunbeam was passing through the hole which gave her some heat. She started to crawl inside the hole. Every movement gave her excruciating pain that made her scream. She could not move the affected leg that much anymore so she just dragged it, which made it bleed. She was about to cry from the excruciating pain and she had cold sweats all over. Magus went inside the hole behind her and couldn't do anything to ease her pain. She would pause at each moment as she could not bear the pain. She was leaving a trail of blood which Magus would be crawling upon. Then finally after all that torment, she was finally out and laid down on the ground. She was already pale as white, and was sweaty. She could finally see the blue sky... Magus had quickly got out and even though he was very exhausted, he quickly got up to his feet and carried Eliana to his arms.

Eliana had become unconscious, he walked for hours until he finally reached New Alghetty. He saw Glenn and Haelan talking to a group of men, they were all armored and equipped with weapons. Some of the men saw Magus and Eliana with horror on their faces. Magus who was not able to walk straight anymore out of exhaustion, pale as white, and cracked lips had fell down to his knees.

Glenn and Haelan turned their heads to see what the commotion was all about, and their face went white as they saw Magus and Eliana on that state. Everyone quickly ran to where Magus fell and could no longer get up.


Haelan: "BIG SIS!"

Haelan held the unconscious Eliana to his arms from Magus.

Magus: "Glenn.. Cure her... Quick... Then Give... Her Elixir... "


After Magus had said these words he fell down to the ground.

Glenn: "Thou art Water, the source of Life, Cure thy Maiden! CURE II!"

After Glenn casted the Cure II magic, Eliana's wound disappeared but she was still unconscious and pale. Haelan quickly but gently held her neck, placed the tip of the bottle of elixir onto her mouth and made her drink the fluid.

Her pale skin had turned back to it's pinkish color and she quickly regained consciousness.

The Silver Haired woman opened her eyes, and gasped for air and quickly stood up..

Eliana: "MAGUS!"

She ran towards the unconscious man and lay his head on her lap. She touched his face with her hand as streams of tears flowed down her cheeks..

Eliana: "Glenn... Please heal him now..."

Haelan: Big Sis?

Glenn: "O-of course my Lady...Thou art Water, the source of Life, cure thy Man! CURE II!"

As the water touches the warlock's body, it healed all of his cuts and bruises. After that Eliana also made him drink elixir.

As the dark lord regains his consciousness Eliana wrapped her arms around his neck as she cried loudly.

Eliana: "Thank you..."

Magus: "Tsss... Why are you crying? I'm not dead yet..."

Glenn and Haelan were both confused as they have no idea what happened or rather what was happening between the two. They could only watch them. Until Haelan could no longer hold himself.


Glenn: "Young lad, take it easy."

Eliana: "It's a long story Haelan, and I'm really sorry If we made you all worried..."

Glenn: "Thou art should not be sorry my important thing is that you are both safe now. But may thou art ask what happened?"

Haelan: "NO! And sis what were you doing with... With HIM?! WHY ARE YOU EVEN TOGETHER? AND WAS... ALONE WITH HIM ALL NIGHT?!"

Eliana: "Haelan!"

Haelan: "If theres something going on between the two of you... I dont like him for you Big Sis! Even if you deny it I can feel it, I can see it through your eyes! You were never like this! You... You even cried for him!J-Just forget about me!"

The teenager ran away from them.

Eliana: "HAELAN!"

Magus had already regained back his strength, he got up to sit.

Magus: "What a crybaby..."

Glenn: "Oh Come on, Feinlord... Eliana, do not worry for thy young one, thou art will speak to him. By the way my Lady going back to my question earlier, what happened?"