Rain pelted her without any mercy, the droplets felt like icy pitchforks were stabbing at her. The wind had begun to pick up, the razor-sharp gale cut through the rubble like it was made of clay. Lightning struck the earth, sending plumes of dust and smoke into the sky. Fires raged on, setting everything ablaze, turning the once lush green hills into a hellish landscape. In the sky, the monster that had signaled the end of everything roared as it continued to destroy everything she cared about. It showed little mercy as it struck down the helpless humans who desperately tried everything they could to stay alive. They flung spells, hexes, weapons, but nothing worked against the beast. Soon, one by one each of the humans fell, they were either crushed under the monster's weight, burned to a crisp, or they decapitated just like her friend (Or would it be more accurate to call him her rival?) had been. And then it was just her and the beast that called itself the 'Creator'.

She gritted her teeth, and tried to force herself onto her feet, before her legs gave out and she fell back into the shallow ditch she had been in. Her head hit the ground hard, and for a moment she could have sworn that she saw stars for a brief moment. Muddy water splashed onto her, which helped her clear her head as she shakily stood on her feet. She nearly pitched forward, but she quickly planted his weapon into the ground. She idly wondered what he would have said if he saw her using his sword as a cane, he'd always been fiercely determined on keeping it as clean as possible. A small chuckle escaped her lips, as she imagined his expression. She shook her head and took a deep breath as she hovered in the air, before charging at the beast. She let out a war cry as she swung the sword, scoring a direct hit.

The beast roared in anger as it turned to face her, it then swung its claws at her, and she darted to the side. Her hair whipped around her face as she cast a spell, aiming it at one of the beasts many eyes. Her signature spell burned through the air, as it rocketed towards the beast. The beast swung its tail, canceling out her spell. It then rushed towards her, using one of its horns to impale her in the stomach. The beast then swung its head, sending her plummeting to the earth. She crashed into the ground, creating another crater, and she winced as her wound healed itself. The beast took a deep breath of air in, and then hurled a ball of blue fire at her. She scrambled to get out of the way, as the ball of fire hit the spot where she had been previously been. As the ball of fire hit the ground, it caused an explosion that sent her flying. She inadvertently dropped the sword she had been holding as she finally came to a stop.

She coughed out a glob of blood as she stood back up, and she scrambled to pick up the sword. She couldn't afford to fail, if she did then it would win. And she wasn't about to let that happen, even if it meant that she had to fight the 'creator' for centuries. It wasn't about saving the world anymore, there was barely anything left to count as a 'world' anymore. Villages and cities had been swallowed up by the void, which was quickly beginning to eat away at the fabric of her 'reality'. The 'creator' dived towards the ground, as it landed it caused fissures in the ground to form that threatened to swallow her up. She flew into the air and watched as the ground was swallowed up by the void.

"Alright you bastard..." She growled as she held her sword out to the beast, "Get ready to die!"

The beast roared, seemingly as an answer to her challenge. A ball of fire formed in its jaws, as it shot bursts of fire into the sky. The sky lit up in flames as she dodged ball after ball of fire, she increased her speed as she dived towards the beast. She held her sword out in front of her as a scream built up in her throat as she plunged her sword into the beast's skull and then-


Hermione blinked awake as she heard a voice call out her name. Her eyesight was blurry, and for a moment all she could see was a few blobs. Slowly, her eyesight returned as the smell of disinfect caused her to cough. She could see rows of beds with other students laying in them, staring blankly at the celling. The window was open, and a cool spring breeze caused the curtains to flutter. Standing next to her were her two friends, who were watching her with worried looks on their faces.

"You're awake!" Ron shouted, "When they found you in the library, we thought you might never wake up!"

"The library?" Hermione asked. And then she remembered what she was doing before she ended up in the infirmary. "Harry it's a basilisk, that's why all the students have been paralyzed!"

"We figured that out when we got into the chamber," Harry said as he explained how he and Ron went with Lockheart to the chamber, how Lockheart had tried to take all the credit for himself, and the fight he got into with the basilisk and the Heir of Slytherin.

"It turns out that Voldemort was possessing the diary," Harry said, "He was using Ginny to get the basilisk to try and kill the muggleborn students."

"Oh," Hermione said, "What happened after you beat him?"


"Now, now you can tell her all about your adventure later," Madam Pomfrey said, "For now she needs to rest."

Harry and Ron nodded and left the room, leaving Hermione to wonder about the dream she had. It was probably nothing, it was probably just an odd nightmare she had after she was petrified. But her dream felt so real to her...she could still remember feeling the heat from the explosions...Hermione shook her head. She was just tired, something like her dream couldn't happen in reality. As Hermione went back to sleep, she didn't notice that she was keeping an iron grip on the sheets...