Cornelius Fudge paced back and forth as he stood in the lobby to the French Ministry. He had no idea on how he was going to go in there and face them. Normally, he wouldn't pass on the chance to show off whenever they had to meet, mainly to show how superior Britain was in comparison to the to the other nation, but with this situation there was no way he could try to pass off their superiority. In fact this whole 'trial' was a bit of a sham on the French Ministry's part, it was their way of showing how 'weak' Britain had gotten, and he knew that the other nation's wouldn't hesitate at the chance to kick him while he was down. Fudge heard a loud crack in the air, and he turned to see Albus Dumbledore standing in the lobby.

"Good morning Cornelius." Dumbledore smiled.

"Is that all you have to say?!" Fudge shouted, "'Good morning?!"

"Well what did you want me to say?"

"How about, 'I'm sorry that one of my students made you look like a laughing stock', or 'I'm sorry that my student broke all the statute of limitations,' or better yet, 'I'm sorry that my student ruined everything we've worked for!'"

"Calm down Cornelius," Dumbledore said, "Getting angry isn't going to solve anything."

"Then what am I supposed to feel?!" Fudge shouted, "The muggle media has already started latched onto the incident, too many people have seen what she can do!"

"If you paid attention to the media, you would know that not everyone is convinced that she used 'magic'," Dumbledore said, "Most of the muggles assume that it was all 'special effects', only those who are deemed rather peculiar by others are latching on to it being magic!"

"That's still too many people!" Fudge shouted, he coughed and pulled out some medicine and popped it into his mouth. "Once this is over, expel that girl and snap her wand, I don't want to see her ever again."


"You may come in now," an attendant said as she stepped into the lobby.

Fudge sighed and walked into the room, Dumbledore nodded his thanks to the attendant and stepped into the room with him. Fudge swallowed heavily as he looked at the ministers that were gathered in the conference room. Some of the ministers were looking at him in disapproval, some of them were looking at him with contempt, while some were smirking at him.

"Minister Fudge we are glad that you could make it here today," The French Minister said, "When you had ignored our previous letters we sent over the course of the week, we thought that you were intentionally avoiding us."

"I would never do such a thing." Fudge said as he and Dumbledore sat in the empty seats, "I take my duties as a minister very seriously."

"Really?" The minister from America said, "You're still bringing Dumbledore along because you want to show off."

"I think it's more because he knows that Dumbledore is smarter than him," the minister from Spain said, "Isn't that right Fudge?"

Fudge grit his teeth as the other ministers laughed at him.

"Now, now, we are not here to throw petty insults around," The French minster said as the minsters stopped talking. "We are here to talk about the young girl who used magic to attack hospital staff."

"Yes, her name was Hermione Granger, correct?" The Japanese minster asked, "She came here on vacation with her parents?"

"Yes," The French minister said, "She publicly displayed acts of magic when she attacked the staff, burning several men and injuring others in the fight."

"So, what do you plan to do to?" Fudge asked, "I suppose I should say, what do you want me to do to make up for this-"

"I don't expect you to do anything," The French minister said, "I want to keep her here in France for a few months."


Fudge saw that the other ministers were just as confused as him as they stared at the French minister.

"You heard me," the French minister, "We want to stay here for a few months, then she can go back to Britain."

"Is that...all you're going to demand?" Fudge asked, "You aren't going to push for a more severe punishment?"

"I think that our plan is punishment enough," the French minister said, "There's no need to go any further than that."

"May I ask what your plan is?" Dumbledore asked.

The French minister smiled, and Fudge couldn't help but shiver. Whenever he saw Schezo Wegey smile, he felt like it was like he was a prey standing in front of a predator.

"That's a secret Dumbledore," the French minister said, "We can't give away everything, can we?"

Dumbledore frowned as the French minister called the meeting to a close.




"Ugh..." Hermione groaned as she opened her eyes. She blinked to find herself in a completely unfamiliar location. She seemed to by lying on the stone floor of an aging prison cell. The walls were a muddy brown, and spiked vines slipped through the cracks in the wall.

"What..." She sat up, and immediately she felt like she wanted to vomit. She didn't know what she was doing here, the last thing she remembered that she had been with her parents and then...

She shook her head, but she couldn't remember anything past that point. She looked down to see that a set of silver keys attached to a sheet of paper was on the ground.

'Hello there, if you're reading this you must be a bit confused as to why you're here. I have decided to place you in this labyrinth as a way to...test your strength. Though you may not realize it, this scenario is quite... nostalgic for me. If you want to escape this labyrinth, find me and face me in combat, if I find that you're worthy enough I may take you under my wing. If you can't make it to me, or if I find that you're not worthy enough... then I have no issues in finally claiming you for myself. Brave the labyrinth if you want your freedom...'


P.S (I meant that I want your power, not you.)