With a year of being a MASH 4077 resident, somehow Hawkeye gains the title of "Furnace Fixer" and literally is called upon to fix the camp furnaces. Doing so for the nurses one night when there is a cold front, Hawkeye does not expect to go blind. Just as he begins yelling, the nurses push him out of their tent to find a surgeon when B.J., Radar, Colonel Potter, Margaret, and Klinger end up running up to find out what is happening. Margaret along with B.J. guide the Chief Surgeon who is holding his eyes confused by both his lack of sight and the commotion around him, to surgery.

When his eyes are bandaged, Hawkeye continues to try and do his job as a doctor as a patient, which Frank quickly takes umbrage against and has the man removed to the Swamp. However, despite the bandages and the couple days of feeling sorry for himself, Hawkeye notices that he can pick up on his other senses. He may have to be lead everywhere, but he is not too upset, especially when it is Margaret guiding him.

"You're doing really well with this," Margaret praises one day when she sits with him outside the Swamp. Unfortunately due the heavy amount of visitors, people would notice if Hawkeye stayed at her tent with her.

"Thanks. How are you doing with all of this?"

A heavy sigh escapes Margaret's lips as she answers, "I'm getting better."

"Well they do say 'for better of for worse'," Hawkeye replies with a smile. Nudging him gently with her elbow, the nurse answers, "They also say 'in sickness and in health'."

There is a pause for a moment before Hawkeye seriously states, "I always thought you'd leave before me."

Shaking her head, the nurse answers, "Please don't talk like this. We don't even know if your sight is permanently gone."

"But what if it is?"

"But what if it isn't?"

"What are you two kids arguing about now?" B.J. teases coming up to the pair. Waving off the comment, Margaret stands and offers B.J. her chair before squeezing Hawkeye's hand and telling him she will be back to see him later.

His being passed around becomes a usual occurrence, so much so that Margaret purposefully sends Klinger on an errand just so she can spend time with him. Standing outside the latrine, the nurse is surprised when Hawkeye notices it is her right away. Telling her it is her perfume, Hawkeye purposefully gets it wrong just so he can tease her. She teases back before asking him where he wants to go. A few seconds later, Margaret is leading her husband to the mess tent just in time to hand him over to B.J. once her husband starts singing to her. As B.J. stays with him, he is equally surprised how keen his friend's senses are.

The night before he gets his bandages removed, Hawkeye sneaks out to take a walk to his wife's tent. When she opens it and finds her husband on the other side, Margaret quickly lets him inside if not only to get out of the cold. Once the door is shut, Hawkeye asks his wife if she will kiss him.

"What?" She questions.

"I haven't been able to even kiss my wife in the last couple weeks. Please?" He practically begs. She does and soon they are disrobing and making their way to her cot. Neither has gone this long without even a stolen kiss from the other, so their time now they will take the most advantage of.

By morning, Margaret wakes up to the sound of birds chirping before quickly waking her husband so they can look some semblance of presentable in case someone comes looking for him. Late in the afternoon, Margaret, Colonel Potter, B.J., Radar, and a few others watch in anticipation as Hawkeye gets his bandages removed from his eyes. To their glee, their Chief Surgeon has his sight back. Margaret wants to kiss her husband, but settles for a pat on the shoulder. All she wants is some more time alone to stare at his eyes that she never realizes she misses so much. Thankfully, she gets the chance that night as he takes her in as well.

After a fairly easy week comes a barrage of casualties. Everyone works almost forty eight hours straight before Colonel Potter decides everyone is supposed to take shifts in order to do their job properly. The only problem with his plan is that as soon as some of the camp gets to sleep before their shift, shelling starts nearby. Hawkeye, unfortunately is one of the surgeons who gets to work for thirty six hours while his wife gets to fall asleep in her comfy cot. Sighing, Hawkeye knows he will only be getting glimpses and possible nods and a smile or two from his wife as they past each other coming in and out of the scrub room. The arrangement lasts for three days before there is any type of break, if by a break, the camp gets to be on rounds of three twelves instead of three twenty fours.

One afternoon, knowing he has maybe twenty minutes to even talk to his wife in the last few days, Hawkeye slips into her tent. Quickly, he sits at her desk and steals a sheet of stationary. He only looks up from the love note he is writing her when the tent door swings open.

Annoyed with the shelling and barrage of casualties, Margaret falls dramatically onto her cot while her husband smirks at her from his place at her desk.

"What's wrong?" He asks. Sighing, the nurse sits up and states, "I'm sick of this war. Why don't you just get me pregnant and send me home."

"I would if you'd let me."

Making a face at him, Margaret soon asks what he is doing at her desk. Shrugging, Hawkeye explains that he is writing her a note that she can read when he goes in to his shift in a few minutes. Checking her watch, the nurse notes he has ten minutes until his shift. Smirking, Hawkeye stands up and goes to sit next to his wife. Helping her with her shoes, the surgeon asks how her shift was.

"Horrible. I had to spend it with Frank's incessant whining. You know he almost knicked the small intestine while he was gloating about his medical practice?"

"That's our Frank," Hawkeye deadpans as he massages his wife's feet. After a moment he asks, "How long do you think this wave will last?"

"Hopefully it will end soon. I can't imagine there are many soldiers left."

To the camp's relief, the next week creates another lull in wounded causing Hawkeye to get back to his usual hijinks and Margaret the ability to make a house call when one of the local women goes into labor. Relying on Klinger to relay the message, Margaret follows the mother's oldest child to the home.

Margaret watches the mother bond with her new baby and wonders if she will ever get that chance. She and Hawkeye briefly talk about having children, but with the war, she wonders if their window of opportunity will pass them by. Leaving the house with the family, the nurse makes her way back to camp contemplating how terrible a person it would make her if she purposely decided to get discharged. Entering camp with the baby in her arms, Margaret sees Klinger and he asks how everything was. Telling him the mother and child are well, the nurse is surprised by the commotion that occurs when she comes back. Finding out they were searching for her, and Colonel Flagg is called, the nurse spends most of the rest of the day explaining that she was helping with a delivery.

Alone with Hawkeye in her tent later, Margaret asks him if he was worried about her being gone.

"A little, but Frank had enough worry for the both of us. I just got to hide my feelings with snide comments."

Rolling her eyes, Margaret asks, "No, really."

"I was terrified, but don't think calling in Flagg was the best idea. His asanine ideas almost made you're being gone bearable. At least I had a distraction."

"Well its nice to know you had fun while I was gone."

"Yeah, but not as much fun as I could have with you here," He suggests with a smirk. Shaking her head, Margaret answers, "If I weren't so tired, I'd say yes."

Hugging her closer to him, Hawkeye asks her how the delivery was.

"Fine. I had to take the umbilical chord from around the baby's neck, but other than that it was fine."

Her next statement causes Hawkeye to release his grib and turn to look at her as Margaret says, "I really want us to have a kid."

"Now? This isn't because of your delivering the baby?"

Shaking her head, Margaret answers, "Not now, and no. It just made me realize that I want one."

"Tell you what, if this war doesn't end this time next year, we can talk about a possible army discharge," Hawkeye comprimises knowing neither of them have the longest window of opportunity when it comes to having children. Kissing her husband, Margaret pulls away with a smile and says, "Thank you."

With the help of B.J. a couple days after Margaret returns, Hawkeye decides to set up an anonymous letter service for the nurses to see who will have a date with him, secretly hoping the date will be his wife. Despite how cavalier he acted when talking to his wife a couple days earlier, the surgeon is terrified of her being gone again and hopes that he can romance her again like they did when they met.

Finding out about her husband's letter scheme, Margaret decides to have a little fun. Calling a meeting with her nurses, the women groan. Sitting in the nurse's tent waiting for the lecture, the women are surprised to find their head nurse stage a prank. Agreeing, simply because the women are actually getting a little tired of the selection of men around them, they listen to Margaret as she appoints a woman "Sweet Preserves" to write Hawkeye.

Raising her hand, Nurse Able asks, "Major? What if we all write the letter?"

Smiling, Margaret states, "All right, it's settled. I will have all of you write the letter, and then we will ambush him at the rendevouz point."

Happily, the women begin to throw lines around, when Nurse Kellye bravely asks why Margaret is doing this. Nodding sharply, the head nurse replies, "I feel like pulling a prank, and if any of you breath a word that I am the one in charge, there will be consequences."

"Yes, Major," The women grumble. Depsite the threat, the nurses have fun writing their letter waiting to see Hawkeye's reaction.

Trapping the Chief Surgeon, one of the nurses who volunteers as "Sweet Preserves" lures him into the supply room where Hawkeye is surprised by a chorus of women laughing at him and his wife throwing popcorn at him.

Later, Hawkeye finds himself in his wife's tent commenting, "I tried to get you to go on a date with me earlier, but it looks like we can stay home."

Laughing, Margaret smiles a smug smile before adding, "But we can always have a date here. I'm still worried we'll get found out if we're alone together in public."

Sighing, Hawkeye asks when that will be. Frowning, Margaret answers, "As soon as I pretend to marry Donald, I guess."

To his chagrin, Donald turns up a few weeks later out of the blue. Surprised to see him, Margaret practically lauches herself at him causing Hawkeye to be concerned for a moment at how close the pretend couple's friendship is.

"If I weren't confident in our marriage, I'd be jealous," Hawkeye states as he finally meets Donald properly in Margaret's tent not long after the man gets there. Waving off her husband's remark, Margaret states, "You're in luck, he's the embodiment of your persona."

"Not husband material?" Hawkeye teases not noticing Donald's awkward shift in stance. Margaret shakes her head.

"Now we just have to get through this pretend ceremony, and we can live in peace," The nurse says to both men, but directs at Hawkeye.

"What there is of it," Her husband notes just as Frank comes to the door. Knowing his cue, Hawkeye leaves the tent curious as to what Ferret Face is even doing here. Frank is beside himself excited to see his Donald in person and says so to Margaret who chuckles worriedly thinking with the lack of letters that Frank and Donald's correspondence has ended. She leaves the men alone feigning a need to go to the latrine just to give the men time alone hoping no one will notice or say anything about leaving them alone together. However, she has little reason to be worried about anyone finding out about her friends when the surgeons decide to throw the couple bachelor and bachelorette parties.

That night, the men, sans Frank, take great amusement in putting Donald in a cast, Hawkeye more so because he does not necessarily trust the guy with his wife. Seeing the 'couple' off at the end of the day, Hawkeye makes sure to eagerly kiss his wife and wish her well knowing she will have a relaxing week sight seeing.