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Alex was admiring his hospital, that he had started, it was a purely charitable business meaning he gave free check-ups and operations. He had consumed numerous business owners and has access to all of their assets, he has quite the sizeable fortune to keep the hospital going for a long time. He opened it up a year after the outbreak, and it has been open for 50 years since. He made a deal with Blackwatch, so they would leave his sister alone, but they would keep on hunting him. On the way to a patient's room his phone started ringing, there was only one person who had his number.

Alex pulled his phone from his pocket, well his clothes are made up of himself so he pulled the phone from inside himself. When he saw that it was Dana he immediately answered the phone. He hadn't seen her since her last birthday, but he was planning on visiting her soon.

"Dana what's wrong!?" Alex asked concern bleeding into his voice.

"Alex you idiot, you never change, whenever I call you doesn't mean something is wrong you dummy," Dana replied smoothly, even though she was in her late seventies she never dulled always as sharp as a tack.

"Well, why did you call me then? If something isn't wrong, what's going on." Alex said, still concerned about his sister's safety.

"Alex I'm in the hospital," Dana stated the fact calmly.

"What happened to you, are you okay?" Alex asked.

"I already sent you the address of where I am, don't take to long Alex. I love you, don't take too long." Right after Dana said that she hung up the phone.

Alex looked at the address, she was in New York, Manhattan. He sighed, that was a twenty minute run from Virginia. He ran to the front desk, to let the receptionist know that he was going out for a little while.

With that Alex walked out of his hospital, and into an alleyway where he shifted back into his normal appearance, writhing black and red tendrils rearranging themselves into his leather jacket, hoodie, jeans, and tennis shoes. He pulled out his phone and checked out the GPS, he would have to jump southwest from where he was at in order to make it to New York. He coiled the biomass inside of his legs while preparing for a big jump into the air. Once he reached the point where his biomass was squirming on the top layer of his skin, he released the tension in his legs. He leaped forty stories high into the sky, once he reached the apex of his jump he pushed himself forward with an air dash, he spread his arms and legs out to glide for a while. He repeated this process until he was out of town in the woods, now he could run as fast as he could to build up speed and then jump.


Alex made it to the hospital, where Dana is, in thirty minutes. He hadn't been back to New York in a long time, Dana lived in New Jersey which was close by, but he did not want to go back to New York ever again, so he took ten minutes to find the hospital. While walking down the sidewalk he noticed the cameras in the streetlights pointed directly towards him, he rushed down the street in a light jog. When he arrived, he wasted no time, rushing inside to the receptionist desk.

"Where can I find Dana Mercer's room?!" Alex snarled at her.

"I'm sorry sir, but she only wants the family to visit..." she trailed off as she saw how Alex was staring at her.

"I am her family," Alex growled, he was starting to get frustrated with this woman.

"Well can I see some form of identification then?"

Alex smiled, one that had nothing but malice and hatred behind it. He leaned in closer to her still smiling. "I am Alex Mercer, her brother." Once the receptionist heard those words she looked confused for a second, the woman in that room was in her late seventies and this man looked to be in his late twenties.

Alex was still smiling, "you asked for a form of identification, right?"

The woman gave a small nod. Alex raised his right arm up for her to see, then he let his biomass writhe and change. His arm became pure black with a metallic sheen, the change was still occurring on his hand, his fingers elongated and thinned out, forming sharp blades that were three feet in length. He had swords for fingers

"How is this for identification?" Alex moved his fingers for emphasis. His smile was gone, while his eyes had taken on a ghostly blue glow.

"Y-yes sir!, Ms. Mercer is in room 302 on the east wing." She yelled while looking at the phone by her.

"Thank you for your help," Alex shifted his arm back to normal. "oh and if you call the police, be prepared for a bloodbath. Just make sure you use the key phrases, Alex Mercer, Blacklight and Zeus. That will make this place a war zone and I'm pretty sure you would not want that." Alex said, making sure he pronounced the words for her since it looked like her brain was melting out of her skull. He felt a little bad for her, but it didn't concern him as much because, Alex had a lot of regrets, but he didn't regret tricking James Heller, into thinking he was dead, that guy would have killed the receptionist while saying the line, I am going to skull fuck you. He is a violent jarhead and a complete jackass. Alex would admit that he was impressed with him, at being able to beat his double, while not as strong as him the double could take some punishment and dish out a good deal of damage. It was thanks to James resolve to save humanity which gave him reason to try again and find a reason to let them continue existing.

She nodded dumbly agreeing, Alex, nodded back and left it at that. So he headed towards the west wing. He already knew that Blackwatch would arrive in just a few hours since the camera's had already seen him. They more than likely had a program that ran him through their database, and once a match was found, Blackwatch would be pulled in.

Alex sighed, he was really tired of Blackwatch chasing him down and trying to capture him. They were not going to be able to make anything from his strain, he made sure that his virus could resist any alterations from outside sources, other than himself. He reached Dana's room faster than he expected to, Alex grasped the handle gently, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to control his strength. He stood at the door unsure whether he should go in the room.

"Alex stop creeping at my door and get in here already." Dana's voice carried out the room, she sounded weak and quiet. Alex could hear her due to his enhanced hearing.

Alex jumped a little, but he would never admit to doing that, he pushed the door open. Dana was laying in the bed, she was struggling to put the oxygen mask back on. "How did you know I was out there? I didn't make any noise or anything." Alex asked incredulously.

Dana shook her head and gave him a pointed look. "Only 'you' could give off such an oppressive feeling, by just standing in front of a door," Dana said, Alex's face dropped a small bit and he was scowling at her.

Dana laughed at him and broke down into a coughing fit. Concerned Alex rushed over to her side. Dana raised her hand to stop him, "I'm fine, just a little cough."

Alex narrowed his eyes while activating his infected vision, which allowed him to see disease and other illnesses. He knew how Dana is at times, hiding things from him to protect him.

Her heart was beating weakly and it was darkened from the rest of her body, and her lungs were as well. Her heart was in the beginning stages of shutting down. She was going to die, her body was weak and getting weaker by the minute.

"Dana, what's really going on?" Alex asked concern leaking into his voice.

"Well, I was going to tell you, after we talked. Though I guess I can't avoid it when you are an expert in calling bullshit, right?" Dana sighed, a little bit let down that this was the first issue they would talk about. "As you could probably see, I am dying. The doctors say there is nothing they can do, that I only have a limited time to live. But that not the thing that makes me upset, it's the fact that you haven't started a family of your own. I want some nieces and nephews, Alex. "

"What!? Are you being serious right now?" Alex stared at her, "you're dying and this is what you want to bring up now."

"Yes I am, I want you to be happy Alex. You have been suffering for a long time. You are lonely, you creep around me and my family whenever my or one of my grandkids birthday's roll around. You love them like they are family by blood, but you aren't. I love you like a brother but we both know that Alexander died a long time ago. Then you were born Alex, I loved you at first because you looked like my brother, but I was so lucky that you were there Alex, you saved my life and I saw what you were capable of. I came to think of you like family, related not by blood but by choice." Dana sighed as she looked at him, "Alex, you need to have people to care for, people who know who/what you are. It doesn't have to be now or later, but eventually, you will find someone."

Alex scoffed, "and how do you know that?" He crossed his arms, waiting to hear this answer.

"Chalk it up to old lady wisdom, smart ass." She said with a small tender smile. She reached a hand out to Alex, one he reluctantly grasped. "You should get going soon Alex, Blackwatch will be here. They probably already know that you are here and are getting ready for you. I will see you later." Dana patted his hand and wrapped her arm around her reluctant brother.

Alex knew she was just saying that, but he pulled back from her with a smile on his face. "I love you, Dana. I hope to see you soon, as well." He turned on his heel and walked to the door, he turned back to see Dana one last time. She was giving him a wave goodbye with a smile on her face. Alex mirrored the wave, but he wasn't able to smile because he knew that this was going to be the last time he saw his sister.

Alex opened the door and walked down the hall, his steps were getting heavier and heavier with each step. He kept walking with no problem, his biomass was increasing dangerously, normally he was able to keep it spaced around his body keeping him at a reasonable weight, but he couldn't help it, he was going to lose his sister. His next step cracked the hospital floor, he had to get out of here quickly. He broke out into a sprint and jumped through a window.

Once he hit the open air, he spread his arms and legs and started to glide through the air. While he was gliding away from the building, he was quickly hit by something in the back and he and the thing plummeted to the ground quickly. He hit the ground hard, the concrete splintering and the cracks spiderwebbing away from him. He groaned as he sat up, that was annoyingly painful.

He looked at the creature, it was a strange thing. It was covered in pitch black fur, white bone-like armor and mask, and its eyes were just red, nothing but plain red. It snarled and growled at him, looking completely rapid.

Alex did a quick look around and he saw that they were everywhere. These creatures were killing people and eating them, he saw policemen shoot them but it wasn't doing anything, these things were tough. A large number of buildings were on fire and a few were demolished as well.

The creature pounced at Alex, but he instantly had his own claws out. Alex slashed vertically at the creature, bisecting it vertically. Alex reached out and grabbed the closest half of the creature, he consumed it. His feeder tendrils digging into the provided material, that's when he noticed.

They were of viral origins! and it felt suspiciously like his own viral signature, but twisted into something else. That's when Alex heard screams, he whipped his head towards the source. It was a school bus full of kids, heading to the school. Alex leaped to the bus, his armor form already in use. He turned his arm into his long blade, its wicked sharp edge gleaming, ready for use against these creatures.

Alex spun in the air and brought the blade down hard onto a creature, killing it instantly. 'They may be tough for guns, but they aren't a match for me.' Alex thought as he continued to slaughter the creatures.

He slashed at one on his right, opening it up from the throat to its stomach, effectively disemboweling it. He threw his left fist as hard as he could towards the head of another, knocking it clean off, leaving the body to sway and then topple as if it realized too late that it was dead. He brought his armored leg down on the head of another creature, delivering a brutal ax kick, which turned its upper half, into a fine black mist.

Alex was starting to get bored of these creatures when a large bear-like one lumbered from around the corner. It quickly moved in on him, which surprised him considering how large the thing was, he figured it would be slower.

The bear brought its paw down with a terrible amount of force. Alex was knocked across the street and into a building.

Alex pushed himself off the building, steadying himself. This thing hit harder than one of Blackwatch's super soldiers and that was saying something, it felt closely like what the alpha hunter was able to do.

Alex walked casually to the middle of the street, he didn't want to wast his precious biomass, but sacrifices had to be made. He clutched himself tightly while his biomass writhed across his entire body, twitching painfully and erratically. When it reached the climax of the bio-explosion, he released a numerous amount of tentacles from his body, which sought out the strange creatures within a two block radius, it took an extreme amount of effort and mass which left him quite hungry and weak, he couldn't maintain his armored form any longer. Alex walked towards the sound of fighting, hoping to find a quick meal.

However, on the way there Alex heard a noise coming from the alley, he quickly turned his head, only to find himself on the receiving end of a syringe, which had been plunged into his eye. The chemicals inside of the syringe sent his body into overdrive, it was something new, something he wasn't adapted too. He wobbled forward while pulling the syringe from his eye, trying to get a good look at who attacked him. The only thing he did see was a soldier in a black uniform, and a rifle in his arms, Alex quickly lost consciousness after that.

The Blackwatch soldier sighed with relief, "target acquired, I repeat target acquired! I have Zeus and need immediate extraction! I do not want to be here when he wakes up."

The soldier sighed in relief once more, as he heard HQ's response.

He was certainly glad that this was over. He was about to turn around and let the others deal with the unconscious bio-weapon until he felt something grab his feet.

He screamed as he felt tendrils dig into his flesh and quickly convert his mass for the monster to sustain its self off of.

Alex was standing in the man's skin, using it as a disguise. He felt what he felt and knew what he had known, he felt bad for the soldier. He was only a grunt, he was just told what to do and followed orders. The guy had a loving wife and two daughters, he was a good dad. He had gotten them a pet dog for Christmas and was actually on his way home to see them. It felt like minutes for the soldier when in reality it was only a couple of seconds, Alex was glad that his feeder tendrils were efficient even if it was a cold comfort. Alex now had another person's life bumping around in his head and he didn't like it, even if the memories were good but that made it worse. He had stolen another man's life and identity took him away from his children. He could hear the man begging for him to leave his children alone, but Alex knew that the people he consumed were dead. It was just his guilty conscience playing tricks on him.

Alex turned walked on from the scene, his mind set on dismantling another plot against the city, which could lead to the destruction of the world.

-MC- (Major time skip, I am sorry for confusing people. Think of everything before this as a flashback. 3000 years is a healthy amount right?)

Alex groaned quietly as he exited his room, careful not to wake anyone in the house. It was only 5.30 in the morning. Alex walked into the kitchen evenly distributing his mass as not to make any noise. He grabbed some bacon, eggs, sausage, chocolate chips, cookie dough, butter, flour, milk and bread out of the fridge and closet respectively. He places the ingredients on the counter while using his knowledge of how to cook breakfast. He had already changed his appearance, he was now wearing a gray sweater with an apron over it, jeans and a black pair of socks.

He used tentacles from his body as extra arms, grabbing ingredients, mixing the bowl, cooking the eggs, and cleaning the dishes while he diverted his attention to grabbing items that shouldn't be left around on the floor. He quietly sighed and shook his head with mock annoyance, deep down he was actually quite amused with them.

Alex finished cooking the eggs, bacon, sausage biscuits and pancakes for breakfast, then the cookies which he baked 45 of, and cleaned up the entire kitchen to living room area in the span of 30 minutes. Alex tentatively looked at the clock which read six, in Roman numerals.

He walked toward the stairs and yelled up to them.

"Hey time to wake up! I fixed breakfast and cookies," he waited for a moment, hearing two bumps hit the floor he frowned, there were supposed to be three bumps. "I guess, I can use all the hot water for a shower!" Even if Alex hates water and would do anything to avoid, in their sleep addled minds they might believe it. Alex smirked as he heard the next bump into the floor, they probably rolled out of bed in order to get there first.

Alex walked to a chair, that he pulled up by the stairs to wait, and took a seat. Alex was greeted by two heads of black hair first, once that had white ends and the other red ends.

They both snapped their heads towards him, "Where are the cookies!" The two said in complete sync, their eyes filled with delight and a lot of hunger.

Alex slowly pointed towards the kitchen, into which they bolted. They were in a hurry to get to the chocolate chip cookie goodness.

Then a bright yellow set of hair entered his vision, towards which he looked lazily. "Did you really use all the hot water! I need that to look good," she grumbled, but still had a small smile on her face. "I didn't think that you would need it that much, but hey if it would make you look better then go right ahead."

"I always look good, now go eat first and take your shower later," Alex deadpanned not really amused. "You would have gone first, but because of that little barb they get to go before you today." Alex gestured towards the two in the kitchen stuffing their faces with cookies.

"Whmmm Amm we doing firsht?" The taller one with black hair and white ends. The smaller one looked to him as well, they both had crumbs on their faces which gave him a small smile. 'Like mother, like daughter,' he thought with fondness.

"You two can shower, before this one." Alex gestured at the yellow-haired girl, said girl crossed her arms and pouted towards him.

"But dad-"

"No buts, you only have yourself to blame with that comment, Yang. Now go fix yourself a plate before those two finish off the cookies," he leaned a little bit closer to her and whispered. "Don't tell them, but I made healthy cookies," Alex said with a smile, he winked and she winked back, showing she understood what he wanted from her. He pulled her closer and placed a small kiss on her forehead, when he pulled back he pointed toward the kitchen. She walked to the entrance to the kitchen and was welcomed by a plate of food being held towards her, Alex used one of his tentacles to fix her a plate of food while talking to her. She gave him a smile while she walked into the kitchen and took a seat across the cookie genocide that was taking place.

"Summer, Ruby," they both looked at him each with a cookie in hand, "if you both fix some actual breakfast food, I'll make some more cookies as well as strawberry shortcake."

They both chomped the cookie they were holding and bolted to the plate rack, where Summer grabbed two plates while Ruby held on to her cloak. Summer swiftly and skillfully made a plate for her and her daughter. She gave Alex a pointed look, that said he better make the cake and gave him a sweet smile.

Summer handed Ruby her plate and walked by Alex while placing a kiss on his cheek as she went to her seat. "Thank you for the breakfast sweetheart, but I have to ask, what's the occasion?"

Alex looked around while running his hand through his slicked-back curly brown hair. "Well, today is your birthday. So I figured that I would do something nice for you." He looked away from them and out the window with a slightly embarrassed air about him.

Ruby and Yang shared a look, Yang pulled out her scroll and started to take very obvious pictures of her father's face. He never got flustered or embarrassed and by god were they going to take all the pictures.

Summer stood up with a smile on her face, her food quickly forgotten. She leaped at him, wrapping her arms around his neck while nuzzling against his cheek. "That is so sweet of you and here I thought you were just going to buy me a gift and forget about it. I think that so far this is the best birthday yet, Thanks, Alex!" She placed a light kiss against his lips and pulled back with a large smile on her face, Alex smiled back at her.

Breakfast went by quickly and Alex drove his kids to school while Summer went out to do some Huntress work. Alex promised her that the cake would be ready by the time she got home.

When he pulled the vehicle up to the school building he turned and faced his two daughters in the back seat. "You two remember the rules, right?"

"Don't use our powers in front of others, don't shapeshift or use tentacles to write or grab things, no jumping to insane heights and finally don't cause trouble unless trouble finds you." Yang and Ruby recited flawlessly, after being told this a numerous amount of times to the point of redundancy.

"All right," Alex smiled with pride filling his eyes. "I love you both."

"Love you too, Dad!" They both said as they exited the car and ran to the school building.

As Alex was watching them enter the building, he felt his scroll vibrating inside himself, sighing Alex formed the pocket in his pants and grabbed the scroll, it was Summer.

"Where do you want to meet up, honey?" Alex asked Summer since this was her birthday he let her decide where they would meet up for lunch.


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