AN: So I haven't made an update in a while, but don't worry. I have the next chapter of Izuku Midoriya in progress and I am nearly done with it. I have a new one that I will be posting soon and I personally like it. I am sorry to those who open this up to see the new chapter of the fic. I am currently swamped by work and college stuff, making it difficult to find time to write. So if any of you are interested in any of the works that I am kicking around, PM me and let me know and tell me some opinions about them too. I look forward to hearing from people who actually read these things

Prototype X RWBY crossover in progress

Izuku Midoriya-Quirk Thief in progress

Devil May Cry X RWBY crossover on hiatus for now.

Possible ones


Tokyo Ghoul

and some others that are on the backburner for now.