Chapter 13

***Kathryn pov.***

We just made it to Tony's house. We ran up the stairs down the hall until we reached his room. We entered the room and Tony turned on the light as we looked around the room.

"Where is it?" Rudolph asked.

"Somewhere around here." Tony said pointing to the rug.

Rudolph pulls away the rug revealing wooden floor boards.

"How do you know?" Rudolph asked.

"We have visions Ro, remember?" I said.

"Ok,Ok, No need to bite my head off!" Rudolph said.

"Biting is your job, ours is finding the stone." Tony said.

Rudolph grabs a fire poker from the fire place and starts lifting up the floor board's.

"Its our job to find the stone." Rudolph corrected.

And once one was off, we started ripping through more trying to find it.

I heard a truck coming from outside. I went to the window and immediately paled. Rookery was here. He knew the stone was here.

"Guys we got company!" I said.

"What is it?" Rudolph asked concerned.

"Rookery coming, we have to hurry!" I replied.

We started hearing banging on the front door downstairs. So Tony closed the door while I helped Rudolph move the wardrobe in front of it. And we went back to searching for the stone.

"I'm coming!" We heard the voice of Rookery from down the hall.

We looked through another hole. Nope not in that one. I heard the lock rattling.

"Oh, you locked the door." Rookery said Rookery before banging his axe against the door trying to break in.

We kept on digging through more floor boards. At last after making a huge mess and ripping off floor boards. I felt fabric, I pulled out the familiar worn out pouch.

"I found it." I said.

They moved towards me to look. I took out the cloth unfolding it revealing the shiny ruby stone.

"The Stone of Attamon." Rudolph said.

We smiled at one another. We finnaly found it.

Our moment of happiness was cut short, when Rookery barged into the room with a glowing cross. making Rudolph jump into the fireplace hissing in pain.

"Hand it over little girl!" Rookery said as he glared with his hand out.

"No! It doesn't belongs to you it belongs to my friends." I said.

"Well it belongs to me now." Rookery said.

"You tried to kill me along with my friend's and you expect me to hand this precious stone to you out of the blue? Sorry. But I'm not going to give it to you without a fight." I said.

"Wrong answer." Rookery said.

Before I can say something back, I was thrown over his shoulder. I started screaming in fear. And I tried getting out of his grip and telling him to put me down. Rudolph tried to get to me but the cross kept him from trying to. When Rookery got to the window, he threw down a orange inflatable thingy and jumped down causing me to scream more. I heard Rudolph say something to me that made me feel strong.

"Kathryn! Be brave my angelus and don't give him the stone!" Rudolph cried out.

"I'd rather be staked than give him the stone!" I cried back out to him.

Rookery shoved me into his truck.

Rookery rolled his eyes complaining how vampire love is disgusting.I tried rolling down the window to jump out, he locked it. I tried stealing the keys while he wasn't looking, nope.

He just shoved me back into the seat. Driving away from the house and the boys. As we were riding down the road, Rookery was honking at cows that were blocking it and I looked out my window to see more cows walking on the side.

"Give me that stone!" Rookery snapped while trying to keep his eyes on the road.

"You will never get it gramps!" I exclaimed.

"I said give me the stone!" Rookery snapped again.

We got into a mini wrestle match but he was like a wrestler and was more built, that he twisted my arm behind my back,making me scream in pain, grabbing the stone from my hand and putting in the car view mirror.

That's when the truck came to a complete stop. I saw a cow flying in front of the truck or should I say vamp cow.

There was more than one cow there was a herd of vamp cows. I saw Rudolph and Tony floating down and giving me a smile and a wave.

I waved back.

"What do you want? *holding and dangling the stone* This? Well come and get it." Rookery said challenging them.

Rookery placed it near my hand-reach. I already had a plan in mind.

"Yee-haw!" Rudolph signals the vamp cows.

Rookery pressed down on the gas pedals as the truck started to pick up speed as we rode through the vamp cows.

One of the cows did a number two on the windshield. Rookery made a stinky face turning on his windshield wipers which only made it worse. While Rookery wasn't watching I took the stone and put it in my pocket and used Tony's mouse that Anna gave him from the old country for good luck and put in the pouch leaving Rookery a little surprise. Anna's right that mouse did bring good luck.

"Kathryn! the lights! Turn off the lights!" Rudolph called out somewhere above all the blinding lights.

I reached over and pressed every single button I saw on his truck turning off the lights. Rookery shoved me back, but I won't let him hold me back this time.

Rudolph stuck his hand from the truck above.

"Kathryn!" Rudolph said.

I looked up to see him reaching his hand through the ceiling of the truck. I took my saviours hand and he pulled me out and we flew away.

We watched from above smirking as Rookery and his truck that is carrying Bob's blimp driving right off a cliff.

"Going..going..Gone!" Tony said.

I pulled out the stone.

"Oh Ro, guess what I got?" I said in a singing voice.

"You got the stone? How?" Rudolph smiled.

"Let's just say that Anna's lucky mouse was very useful." I replied.

Rudolph and Tony started laughing.

We cheered all the way to the cliff, where I saw a clan of vampires Mom, Tony's parents and Ivy.

"TONY POWER!" Tony shouted waving to his parents and Ivy.

"Oh my gosh!" I heard Mom and they're parents said as they saw us flying.

I laughed at Tony's excitement.

When we landed Rudolph and I continued to hold hands not wanting to let go. We walked over to Frederick. Tony gave me the puppy look. I smiled and handed him the looked at Frederick.

"I think you have been looking for this sir." Tony said.

He handed him the stone.

"The stone" *smiles at me and Tony* "Thank you my friends." Frederick said smiling.

"Your welcome." we said.

"Tony?" Dottie called on him.

"Mom!" Tony rushed over and hugged his parents.

Rudolph and I walked over hand in hand to Mom.

"Hi Mom, I like you to meet Rudolph Sackville-bagg." I introduced her to him.

"Hello Rudolph. It's nice to meet you." Mom said.

"Nice to meet you to Mrs-" Rudolph started.

"Holly." Mom said.

"Mrs. Holly." Rudolph said shaking hands with her, "I'm sorry that we had to meet in this situation. I love your daughter with all my soul and will do anything to protect her. May I ask with your permission, if I can take you daughter out on a date when I return human." Using the modern word for court since they both mean the same thing.

She nodded. "You have my permission."

After a mini visit with Mom. We went back over and stood with his family. Frederick held the Stone of Attamon in the air.

"The Stone of Attamon is ours!" Frederick announced.

Rudolph and I held hands tightly knowing what was going to happen next. While Ivy and Gregory we're holding hands tightly also. The clan rejoice as their stone is back with their leader. Frederick points the stone

towards the comet. Just exactly how it was in the dream.

" die.." Frederick chanted.

Like the dream, the stone starts moving and the comet shot a beam of red light and hits the stone.

Everyone was excited, until Bob's blimp blocked the comet from the stone interrupting the ceremony. We all frowned on why the blimp is covering the comet.

"Hey that's my blimp!" Bob said confused.

Hanging at the bottom of the blimp was no other than Rookery. He started screaming and kicked the stone out of Frederick's picked up the stone and shined the glowing cross in the clans faces. I immediately jumped in front of Rudolph protectively blocking him from the blinding light.

"Noo!" Ivy and I shouted.

"Mom! Dad!" Tony shouted.

"Alright that's it!" Bob said having enough. He walked over to Rookery and punches him in face and in the jaw.

"Go! Dad!" Ivy cheered.

Rookery shined the cross in Dottie's face she smirks.

"I don't think so." Dottie said. She moves the cross out of the way and punches him in the face and in the stomach.

Tony was mimicing her movements. "You go Mom!" he also cheered.

Tony and I saw the stone fly in the air when Rookery released it. Luckily Tony caught it. Bob sent Rookery off the cliff for good this time. The blimp floated away revealing the comet.

"The Ceremony!" Frederick shouted.

"Tony! You know what we want, wish it! You have to wish it now!" Rudolph told him.

Tony closed his eyes and raised the stone and made the wish the beam of light coming back, fog started appearing covering the clan one by one disappearing.

I turned to Rudolph tears running down my face. He tightened his grip on my hands.

"So this is good-bye then huh?" I sadly asked my voice cracking a bit.

He smiled a little wiping my tears away.

"No, I will come back to you if it's the last thing I do." Rudolph said. He kissed me our lips moved in sync. We parted and continued to hold hands and looking at each other before the smoke consumed him to.

When they were all gone the red fog turned into sparks and swooped straight toward the comet.

I ran towards the cliff along with Tony and Ivy,looking up where the comet is.

I felt emotionless, my heart was hurting now that he's not here. Tony lost his first best friend and brother. And Ivy lost her love whom they finally gotten together. Tears we're forming in there eyes as we did a group hug.

Our parents came up behind us. Dottie placed her hands onto Tony's shoulders.

"What did you wish for?" Bob asked.

"For their dreams to come true." Ivy replied.

Mom and I had a silent ride back home. Not a single word was spoken at all. Once the car was parked in the driveway of my house, I found my way to my room, buried my head in the bed-sheets and sobbed.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed the story! And did you really think this was the end of the adventure? Honey, this is just the beginning. In progress of making a sequel called 'Scotland at Moonrise' keep a lookout!