Disclaimer: A Wrinkle in Time, all characters, places, and related terms belong to Madeline L'Engle and Walt Disney Pictures.

Author's Note: A bit of a writing experiment. Plain text is bookverse. Text in italics is movieverse.

A Wrinkle in Time Kiss

Meg doesn't see it coming (near the story's end).

Meg sees it coming (in the middle of the story).

In the calm before the storm she's both scared and at peace, thoughts centered on Charles.

In the calm after the storm apprehension washes over her, Charles far from her thoughts.

There's Calvin's firm grip…abruptly pulling her close…suddenly his mouth pressed against hers.

It is Calvin's gentle touch…slowly tipping her chin up…finally his lips touching hers light as a feather.

Meg's heart races.

Meg's heart stops.

She can feel his frustration, fear, and longing.

She senses his belief, hope, and regard.

It lasts a moment.

It lasts an eternity.

The boy doesn't see the dawning happiness in Meg's countenance.

The boy observes the awed, shy smile that spreads over Meg's face.

Calvin walks away.

Calvin stays close.

And to Meg it seems like this is an ending…

And to Meg it seems like this is a beginning…

Her first kiss.