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Chapter One:

Fifteen hundred years. That's how long he waited.

Merlin had to endure centuries of solidation ever since the Battle of Camlann. He tended to go through laps of depression every few centuries; his beard would grow out, he'd barely eat, and most days he'd just stare out to the lake where the Isle of the Blest once stood thinking about all he'd seen. All he lost.

It got so bad in the late 20th century that he cast a spell on a newborn owl to make him able to speak, which also ended up boosting the bird's intelligence as one of the side effects and named the owl Archimedes. It was this owl who could understand the Sorcerer when he was like this, and would even tell him off for being like this. "you said it yourself, Merlin. Arthur will return" he said to Merlin who lowered his eyes "but this world has changed … pollution, deforestation, all this madness … magic grows weaker by the year. I don't even know if the Old Religion will even be able to bring Arthur back" Merlin said still brooding. He said this all the time of course but this time felt more real, he felt all hope was lost this time. Then suddenly, something happened he did not expect: a small heat was felt over his heart as he say a glow under his shirt.

Quickly moving his beard out of the way and lowering the neckline of his shirt, he saw the mark of the Triple Goddess, the Triskelion, started forming until it was like a sort of tattoo dark blue in color "she branded me?! Why-" but what Merlin had to say was cut off by a bright light engulfing the room "Archimedes!" Merlin called as his owl swooped over and was held by Merlin until the light engulfed them as well.

Along a grassy meadow, in the back of a wagon going down a dirt road, three friends were hitching a ride to the nearest town. One was a blonde haired tan boy with a diamond pendant dangling from his ear named Shô. The second one was another male who looked like a life sized block toy man named Wally. The third was a girl that had cat ears and marks on her face that made her look cat-like named Millianna . "i hope Sister will be okay" Shô said for the third time that day. It had been only last night the three decided to go their separate ways after what happened at the Tower of Heaven. They smiled at the freedom and friendships they gained and the ones they had lost.

"she's got her dandy friends, Fairy Tail ain't gonna have her get hurt again" Wally said as Millianna nodded "we all miss her Shô, but i get the feeling we'll see her again. No doubt about it" she said as Shô still looked unconvinced but nodded all the same then looked up at the clouds thinking before he saw something flying through the sky. At first he thought it was a shooting star but he couldn't be certain "hey what's that?" he asked pointing up as the two looked up as well "huh? A shooting star?" Wally asked thinking the same thing "but it's not night" Millianna said but Wally looked at her with a sweat drop "Milly, that's not how it works" he said as Shô kept his eye on the thing before he saw it getting bigger "it's coming this way!" he shouted as the driver looked up and panicked before slapping the reigns harder and swerved as far as he could out of the way while the three held on for dear life.

When the object fell, a wave of magic rippled outwards that caused the waggon to topple over with the three in it as they fell over on the grass and held onto each other until they felt the wave had passed. When they got up, they were shaken and shocked to see the creator where the object had landed had, not a shooting star, but a person. A young man with raven black hair who looked no older than his early twenties was holding onto an owl, both looking pretty banged up. "what the-" Wally exclaimed as Shô slid down with a concerned expression on his face "hey! Wait up Shô!" Millianna cried as she slid down after him grabbing Wally with her.

As they approached the man, they could feel incredible magic power coming from him: more powerful than even Jellal. "is he okay?" Wally asked as Millianna voiced in her concern "what about the widdle kitty?" she asked as Wally swear dropped again "i think it's a bird" he said as the young man moaned slowly opening his eyes to see the three looking at him as Shô spoke up "it's ok … you … i guess you fell. Can you tell us what happened? Do you know your name?" Shô asked as the man struggled to speak but managed to reply in a weak voice: "Merlin" he said before passing out