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Chapter 11: Nirvana

"Erza …" Jellal said calmly looking at Erza, his face unreadable but then grabbed his head. "Erza …. Who is that? I cannot remember who I am or where I came from! I only remember that name" he said in a whimper then looked at her "do you know? Do you know who Erza is?"

Erza was in shock upon hearing this and was on the verge of tears "oh Jellal …" she muttered and took a step towards him which startled him slightly and sent a ball of light magic at her. However the only signs it hit were several small singes on Erza's breastplate. "Alright then!" She said in a louder tone looking stern at him. "You come to me, i am Erza!" She said making Jellal stunned but Erza continued

"And you are Jellal. There was a time we are close friends." She said as Jellal's breathing slowed down "we … we were?" He asked hopefully but Erza continued to glare at him "yes … but that was before you became deranged, desecrated the dead, hurt my friends, destroyed the magic council, and killed Simon!" Hearing all this, tears began to fill the man's eyes, feeling his heart hurt. "If you try …. If you even DARE TO FORGET THE PAIN YOU CAUSED, THEN I'LL TAKE MY SWORD THROUGH YOUR HEART! NOW COME TO ME! NOW! FACE YOUR ATONEMENT!" Erza cried letting her righteous anger take over.

However, what happened next was something she didn't see coming.

Jellal stood there, looking down in pure shock as his hands shook. "I …. I did that?" Jellal questioned with a broken voice threatening to sob "to my own friends?! No … please" he said as tears finally did fall and grabbed one eye "please … please tell me it isn't true. Tell me … how can i make amends?!" He cried out before clawing at his own face while his tears fell in earnest now.

Erza watched and couldn't believe it, was this the same Jellal? Or … or did her old friend finally return to her? Before the madness, before the heartbreak? Was this truly his second chance?

/ / / / / / / / /

Elsewhere in the Woodsworth Sea, Lucy slowly regained consciousness and found she was wearing a new outfit much to her confusion, and Natsu was in a matching one, much to her annoyance. "What the heck is going on here?!" She exclaimed but a monotone voice spoke up behind her: "your clothes were tattered so i brought you a new set from the celestial spirit world" Virgo, the shackle-wearing maid spirit said but then Lucy asked why Natsu was dressed to match. The maid only shrugged "fan-service for your shippers" she said confusing Lucy.

"Hey look" Natsu said pointing up at the column of light (Virgo's comment just going over his head) as Lucy followed his gaze "hey, it's changed" she said as Virgo nodded "it changed color a few moments ago, if there isn't anything else i will take my leave" she said before vanishing. "Wait, i didn't summon her … does that mean I'm out of magic energy?" Lucy thought before looking at the light then at her friend. "Let's go, Natsu. Everyone should be heading there by now" she said as Natsu nodded sternly.

Grey was with Wendy after Leon and Sherry said they would try to help the Trimen after discovering them nearby and was semi-close to the beam of light. Merlin was flying on a now full sized Kilgharah who was carrying Eric, Kianna, Sorano, Richard, Morgana and Jura as well were flying to the pillar as well though at a slower pace do to the extra weight. Midnight was simply standing in a clearing gazing up at the light, knowing the time was coming for Nirvana to awaken and knew who had arrived to seal their victory.

/ / / / / / / / /

"My how pathetic"

Both Erza and Jellal turned to the voice who spoke and saw it to be Brain with a smirk on his face "to think: that ethernano coma erased your memories" he said before laughing "but tell me: if you have no memories, then how did you find Nirvana?" He asked as Erza turned to Jellal, confused herself "I'm not sure … but i heard something … a voice, speaking about Nirvana. Then it was like a map appeared in my head to where it was" he said as Brain just shook his head in amusement stepping to them.

"And you unlocked it for us … how kind- WHAT?!" Brain said before seeing purple lines appear like a seal "a self-destruction circle?" He asked but then smirked before hearing Jellal grunt in pain and turned to see he placed one on himself as well, planning on taking the deactivation code with him. "No! No Jellal! Don't do this!" Erza cried out while Brain simply laughed making the redhead glare at him with rage "he really has lost it all, or else he would have recalled that not only did I teach him this spell, but I also created it" Brain said before raising his arm and slashed it down causing the seal around Nirvana to break.

"No! Jellal, please your plan didn't work, get this off! You need to live! Please!" She cried with tears in her eyes only to jerk her head up hearing the roar of a dragon and saw Kilgharrah in the air flying down to Brain, but the leader of the Oración Sies just smirked and raised his arms up "NIRVANA! AWAKEN!" he commanded as a bright light engulfed the area before the dragon and riders could even get close.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / /

After the light subsided, Erza was holding onto Jellal from one of the ledges and saw a large … leg?! Nirvana was some sort of giant moving thing 'that's bad for Natsu' she inwardly thought but still continued to struggle to pull him up "Jellal … you have to dispel the magic circle! I need your help to get you up here!" She called as Jellal gazed up at her. "I can't, after what I've done-" he started but Erza glared in anger "YOU NEED TO LIVE!" She shouted startling him "please … live and atone! Don't leave me!" She begged as Jellal continued to look up at her in awe and grabbed her hand with his other and climbed up before dispelling the Self-Destruction Circle.

"Why … why do you want me to live?" He asked as Erza blinked at him but he continued "I failed to destroy Nirvana, and I hurt my friends. why-" he asked but Erza just hugged him silently "I lost you before … years ago …. But I have you back" she said before breaking the hug and smiled at him "and maybe you failed … but that won't stop them" she said looking out to one of the legs and saw Natsu, Grey, Lucy, Richard and Jura running up it.

On the ground; Merlin, Erik, Kianna, Soranno, Morgana, Shou, Wally and Kilgharah all stood around Sawyer who had just returned with a large cross-like coffin. "Hope I'm not too late" Sawyer said as Merlin shook his head "maybe not, but we need to take care of this now" he said not noticing Shou and Wally were flabbergasted "how … how could he possibly have survived?" Shou asked as Merlin glanced at the two before back at the coffin and began his theory.

"From what I discovered about the Lacrima from the Tower of Heaven, it held a great amount of magic power. Power enough to suspend a person between life and death … I won't know until I see, but maybe .. just maybe … this one is too" Merlin stated as Sawyer removed the lid. Even though they knew who it was that was in there, Wally and Shou still couldn't believe who they were seeing.

Simon Mikazuchi.

Bruised with shards of lacrima on him but alive.


"Morgana, I'll need your help if we want to continue fighting. Last I tried this was with Mokarov and I ended up unconscious" he said but Morgana was hesitant, and after a moment of thinking he knew why: the natural balance. In order to bring Simon from the brink of death, another life must be in exchange. Merlin knew this and he already offered the sacrifice: his own immortality. "It's ok, it's been decided" he said but Morgana still looked unconvinced but nodded all the same.

"You all go up" Merlin said pointing his head up to the city as it started moving "Fairy Tail and the others will need all the help they can with Brain, I imagine." he said as the others nodded grimly. As they took off and climbed on one of the legs, Merlin and Morgana used their ancient magic to heal Simon. It took a while, Nirvana was already miles away from where they were, by the time Simon finally opened his eyes "welcome back" Merlin said as the iron jawed wizard fell to the ground and slowly got up. "Where …. Where am i … Erza … where's Erza, is she safe!?" He asked finally looking up at the two making Merlin nod. "She's safe, not to worry … and from what I heard from a friend, Jellal's darkness has been purged from him also" Merlin said as Simon looked down in shock.

"Merlin? …" a voice asked as the sorcerer froze and turned around and his eyes went wide in shock. Standing in the center of the river was a woman in a red dress with a blue shawl over her shoulders with long flowing hair and a loving smile with warm brown eyes. Like a trance, Merlin ran to the lake with tears in his eyes as they embraced each other. Morgana was confused until she saw the two share a kiss and felt pain in her heart and turned away.

"Freya … oh Freya i missed you so much" Merlin said holding her tightly. Freya simply smiled holding him "oh Merlin …" she said as the water started moving strangely and what looked like a tentacle started moving up behind the sorcerer as Freya's eyes shot open revealing harsh icy blue irises and the tip of the tentacle turned sharp as a blade.

"I won't miss you" she said as the water lunged forward.