All of my muses ran away when I came back to write another chapter for this novelization of Super Paper Mario. So, I am looking for someone to pass down the mantle to.

However, you will have to send a Private Message asking to write it. I will only pass the story to you if you have extensive knowledge of the original Super Paper Mario, which was put out in 2007 by Nintendo; I will also read the stories that you have written to see if you have the capability to be original with your interpretation without forgoing the story. I will NOT tolerate any M-rated content (i.e. no adult content).

I trust that you will be able to judge yourselves to see if you are able to take on another writer's title. I will be checking on your status on the story.

P.S. This was my first fan fiction, so please treat it with respect.

I might decide to continue on this in a while, but I highly doubt it, so I must wipe away my tears and leave it at the orphanage, waiting for a loving figure who can take care for it better than I can. Don't leave it parent-less, and let it into your heart.