Jim sat on the bridge of his ship looking down on the planet that he had studied on and held his life. He was leaving behind things that meant a lot to him, his family his friends and his wife. Everyone he loved and cared about was all being left behind. He knew Soron would be going. Soron was a large Klingon that he had met on his first day at star fleet academy and had protected him from all danger big or small.

Soron would be his first officer and would be a great addition to his crew. But there was one that was missing from this journey to the Zeta Quadrant in the splasnae galaxy. There were people there who used a power called the force and the ones that used it for good were called Jedi but the ones who used the dark side of the force were called sith.

Jim was just hoping that he wouldn't meet up with any sith. He had heard the Jedi were keepers of the peace but some could be tempted by the dark side of the force which lead to the Jedi downfall the first time.

But that was not the reason he was going to the Zeta quadrant. The real reason for this was he was chosen to be trained in the ways of the Jedi. He just had to do get something called Medaclorians checked.

Then he heard the doors of the bridge open as his first officer walked in.

Captain, said Soron.

Soron, said Jim.

You are concerned about the galaxy were going to.

Yes I am. I mean, what will the Jedi do if I am force sensitive.

They will most likely offer to train you sir.

I can't leave behind my wife and children and stay in another galaxy. It won't be right.

We are about to activate the intergalactic traveling pylons. Said The Helms Man.

Begin the travel. Said Jim.