hey everyone, well here is my new fic it was requested by kanishsa agarwal and i am happy to say it's time to post i will try and post once a month and this is going to be a long fic, the longest i've ever written, this is one of the fastest story I've ever written. when I was first requested to write this fic I was a little apprehensive about how I would write it, but as I drove into it headfirst it's snowballs and it's become the fastest story I've ever written to date. this story is more than I ever thought it could be. originally I hoped to make it at least 20,000 words now it's double that so I thank kanisha agarwal who requested this for giving me the opportunity to write it

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Harry couldn't believe his monumentally bad luck as he continued to walk further into the dark and creepy trees of the Forbidden Forest. He not only got stuck with Draco Malfoy, the world's biggest prat, but also with Fang who, until Hagrid said that he was a "bloody coward," sounded like a good idea for them to bring along with them as they went alone deeper into the forest. As they walked away from the others Malfoy jumped, twitched, and not to mention, complained the whole time when anything happened. The wind blowing, a branch rattling, or an animal scurrying in the distance, and Malfoy just had to make a big fuss over it. It was anyone's guess as to why Harry didn't just stop and walk off in the opposite direction, and as far away from Draco Malfoy as he possibly could.

It was almost an hour later, and only by chance, that Harry saw something shimmery on the ground. Getting Malfoy to stop, Harry looked closer. It was silver unicorn blood, large drops of it were scattered all over the ground. The drops led further into the woods, following them the pair soon heard something in the distance. As they moved closer, Harry realized it was two people talking, one's voice was weak and slightly wheezy, the other was strong and horsley gruff. Harry could barely hear, let alone make out the words that were being spoken.

"What in the world-"

"Keep quiet, Malfoy."

"Don't tell me to be quiet Potter. I'll-"

Harry quickly covered Malfoy's mouth with his free hand and turned his attention back to the two figures speaking in the clearing in front of them. Afraid to move closer for fear that it would alert whoever was talking to their presence, Harry simply tried harder to make out the softly spoken words.

"My Lord... I... help.. you... need... blood... cursed..."

"No, I need it," the weak voice mutters.

"... but, not... strong."

"I... have to..."

"... another way... Lord... more time?" The gruff voice asked, sounding desperate.

"NO!... time... need...once..." wheezed out the weaker, heavily cloaked figure.

"My Lord, I... get it... you," said the gruff voice, sounding determined. "If it... done... I will..."

"...can't... in the castle... get past... Cerberus... and Dumbledore's..."

They continued to talk, until the larger man with the gruff voice stiffened and stood up, announcing, "someone's here my Lord, I can smell them."

"Get them! Now! Before get away and they tell someone," yelled the weaker voice as well as he could with how weak he sounded.

"Run Fang! Get Hagrid," Harry yelled throwing caution to the wind, knowing that staying hidden wouldn't matter now that they've been caught spying on the two unknown people.

Turning around Harry lifted his wand only for Malfoy to pull out his own wand and turn it on Harry, pointing it right in his face.

"Malfoy what are you doing?" Asked Harry alarmed, turning his attention away from the large man that was lumbering towards them.

"I'm saving myself Potter. I'm doing what is expected of me."

"What?" Harry asked, confused, but he didn't have the chance to get an answer from Malfoy, not that it was likely that he would have gotten one. As the large man ripped Harry's wand from his hand and grabbed him and lifting him up into the air. Once Harry was securely trapped in the man's arms he turned around and took Harry towards the weaker man.

"I see you're not a total loss, young Malfoy. Come on, our Lord is waiting," threw the gruff man over his shoulder as he carried a struggling Harry closer to the cloaked figure.

As they entered the small clearing, Harry, who was kicking and yelling, stopped. Suddenly he started to cry out in pain, his scar burning like someone was pressing red hot metal to his flesh.

"Ah, Harry Potter. Bring him closer Fenrir."

"Yes, my Lord," Fenrir said, though in that moment he wished he was anywhere else. The second the wind had shifted and he had smelled people close by, listening, he couldn't help but become alarmed. Every werewolf had a Mate. Male, female, young, old, it didn't matter. The exact moment a creature smelled them, they knew that person was their Mate, their perfect match, the other half of themselves, someone that could handle their inner creature. Unfortunately for Fenrir it seemed that the boy he was holding was his Mate.

As Fenrir had gotten closer to the two young boys his heart sank, even without much light, he could still tell who his Mate was. His dark messy hair and bright Avada green eyes, were unmistakable, he looked so much like his parents, he couldn't be anyone else but the son of Lily and James Potter. Knowing he had no choice, he grabbed his hopefully future Mate, who was a fighter. A few of the hits almost making Fenrir lose his grip on his fighting Mate, almost allowing him to escape. But Fenrir's fear got the better of him and decided that in his grip, Harry would be safer for the moment.

Stopping in front of his Lord, he knelt down next to the Dark Lord while still holding the kicking, and screaming young man. Malfoy kneeled close behind him, shaking in fear.

"Harry Potter, I spent so much time looking for him and it he who finds me. And young Draco, it's good to know your father has taught you properly... I'm too weak for this screaming. Fenrir, give me the boys wand."

"Here my Lord," Fenrir said as he handed over the wand.

"Ahh," said the Dark Lord as he gripped the wand tightly in his thin hand. "It feels so much like my old wand... Time to stop this racket. Consano," he chanted wheezily. As he turned the wand towards his own forehead, and with that, Harry stopped screaming and passed out from relief of the pain.

"My Lord?" Fenrir asked as he watched his Mate stop screaming in pain even though the healing spell wasn't used on him.

"It's an effect of the scar, my old friend. When I'm in pain and Harry is close, he has no choice but to feel it too and reacts to the pain just like that. It happened when he was a child too. Don't you remember that day when we had all gone to Bellatrix's and Rhodolphan's vow renewal? I had been holding Harry at the time when Dumbledore and his order attacked and he cast the killing curse at us both and as a result, neither of us died, but poor Harry got this scar that connects us both to each other."

"No my Lord, remember, at that time the other werewolves and I were being kept hidden as a surprise. I had never got to meet H-harry... My lord?"

"Yes, I remember now. All this time being so weak has scrambled my memories quite a bit, is something wrong?" Tom asked, a cough breaking through the wheezes.

"He's my Mate my Lord."

"What wonderful news! Too bad it's at such a time. Speaking of time. Malfoy, go back to the castle, fall and trip a lot on the way there. Do all you can to make it look like you were attacked, tell them both you and Potter were attacked, and you ran away in fear for your life."

"But what about Potter?" Squicked out Malfoy, his eyes still averted to the ground. He had been doing his best to listen to the conversation the men were having not that far away from him, to no avail.

"Harry Potter will be taken care of, expect your father write you a letter or to come to the castle in a few days time, tell no one anything until you have spoken to him. If anyone asks you don't know where you were when you got lost in the forest. Now go, that giant will be coming along soon enough."

"Yes, my Lord," Draco quickly got up off the ground, bowed and then ran back into the woods.

"Look at how small he is my Lord," commented Fenrir as he looked down on Harry's prone form.

"Yes, it is strange. Now I told you stop it with all this Lord stuff, I am still me, call me by my name would you... How odd... he isn't anywhere even close to being the size of Draco, he looks more like he's seven or eight years old rather than the eleven he is. Do you know where he's been all these years Fenrir?"

"I had heard rumors that Dumbledore had sent him to Lily's sister, his muggle Aunt. We have all tried to find him many times over the years, but with no luck," replied Fenrir looking sick at the thought. Even though he had never met Harry until now, he had known both James and Lily very well. Well enough to know how Petunia and her husband felt about magic, and would have felt about having to live with a magical person, let alone raise a magical child.

"Damn that blasted old stupid arrogant goat! He knew what Petunia was like. I suppose he felt fine leaving Harry with those... those monsters! He never got over how Lily and James felt about his methods and how they joined our side once they found out our true goals, what we are really like, not the vile lies Dumbledore spreads about us. If they had died when I was still in power, if I hadn't been attacked, I would have taken the boy in myself. James was so much like a son to me after they had realized the real truth. But no, I had to be there that night, Dumbledore just had to find us, and attacked me. He almost destroyed my body. All these years... who knows what lies have been fed to Harry, how they've twisted the past and manipulated everything that's happened."

"What better time than now Tom? When will you ever have a chance to be this close, to get to him before they fill him with even more lies. "

"Quite right, I wouldn't have but it past Dumbledore to have gone as far to put spells and charms on Harry as well. Revelio Incantamento...

"That dirty rotten, no good, old son of a bitch! He's the worst, what a manipulative old bastard, look at all of these spells, and potions," said Tom as he looked down at the piece of paper the spell conjured. "Compulsion charms, all with loyalty towards Dumbledore, The Weasleys, Gryffindor, his relatives, The Dursley's. Hatred compulsions towards me, Slytherin's, and even more towards Severus his godfather. The old coot even found a way to block his natural magical abilities, healing, parseltongue, natural occlumency, not to mention his brain, all natural above average intelligence locked away. All of these spells have dulled his brain to the point where they have made it nearly impossible for his brain to work properly, at least without great difficulty or concentration. He even has a love potion towards Ginny Weasley in his system, and much more, what good would that do in a young boy? It's a wonder how Harry is still alive, all of this is restricting his magic, if anyone else had all so this on them they would be dead... unfortunately it will take more than a spell or two to remove all of these, these... abominations from him.

"I fear we will need to do a cleansing ritual. I believe all of the ingredients can be found here in the forest. We will need a clean pond, moly flowers, powdered unicorn horn, red clover, and three speckled owl feathers. I know there's a pond a few yards to the east, and I left the unicorn I drank from earlier in a clearing behind us. I can summon some feathers from the owlery, and I do believe that moly grow near caves, there are some on the other side of the lake in the mountains, a half an hour walk at most. You go look for the flowers, they have black leaves and white petals. If you could cut off some of the horn before you go to the caves I will begin grounding it and watch after the boy. We will need to be fast, there is no doubt that the giant and Dumbledore will come looking for the boy soon. I can use some of my magic to cloak us for a few hours but not much more. Time is being wasted, go, and on your way there and back look out for red clover, I will look for it here as well."

With those words they moved with a frenzy, or at least Fenrir did, Tom being to weak to move at such a pace. Fenrir swiftly cut a piece of horn off and gave it to Tom, he then took off running into the trees. With Fenrir gone Tom made sure to keep and eye and an ear out for any sign of danger, as well as looked after the sleeping form of Harry, while he ground the unicorn horn and tried to recall everything he could about the cleansing ritual they were going to use.

The boy moved some and moaned in his unconscious state, but otherwise was easy to watch, though despite his size was heavy for the Dark Lord as he moved his body through the forest over to the pond they were going to use. Luckily Tom spotted a few sprigs of red clover when he stopped and took a break to breathe while he was carrying, or more accurately dragging, Harry to the pond. Once both of them and the ingredients he had were at the pond Tom recited the ritual through his mind, this was not something he wanted to mess up. Tom only had one chance to get this right, with Dumbledore no doubt about, was already looking for the boy. Tom couldn't afford to waste a second of time.

If anyone had been watching they would have seen a large snake in the shadows of the night, following the the pair, minding its own business as it slithered after them along the forest floor.


Fenrir didn't bother with trying to hide his existence or presence as he ran through the forest, he took off at a crash worthy pace and didn't slow down, or try to be quiet as he ran through the underbrush. Breaking branches and shaking bushes in his wake. He, like his Lord, Tom, knew that time couldn't be wasted, he had to get the flowers and get back to his Mate as fast as possible. Just by running as fast as he could he made it to the caves in record time, finding the flowers however was taking up any of the time he saved by running. He had before long, looked through only two of the dozens of caves with no luck, and was about to look in a third when something crashed into him unexpectedly. The attack was so unexpected that Fenrir didn't have a chance to prepare and was thrown into the hard stone of the exposed outer walls of the caves. Out of the corner of his eye Fenrir spotted a leathery wing that was bigger than him, but only just. Fenrir cursed himself silently, he had forgotten that during the school year the thestrals tended to go across the lake, near the caves he was currently looking through.

Pushing himself off the ground he quickly ducked into the closest cave, just in time to avoid being hit by another thestral. The bird and horse= like creature was too large to fit into the cave entrance to follow him, but it waited in the entrance way, waiting for Fenrir to get close enough for it to attack again. Despite being called dark creatures thestrals didn't like werewolves, they had become prey of them too often, despite not having much if any meat on their bony and skeletal frames.

Taking the chance while he was trapped in the cave, Fenrir decided he might as well look for the flowers. The cave like most other caves that were near water that cave was moldy, cold, wet, and rather small at the entrance, but got bigger further in. After over ten minutes of no luck, Fenrir returned to the mouth of the cave, the thestral was still there waiting, but it looked to be bored waiting for him to come back. Fenrir paced back and forth just out of the thestrals reach trying to think of a way to get out past the thestral, and not worry about the time that was quickly ticking away while he was trapped. Then out of the corner of his eye did he catch a glimpse of white, there right next to the thestrals feet was a patch of what he was looking for, moly flowers.