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Nathair was happy that he had no need to pack for returning to Hogwarts except for the handful of presents he had gotten for the twins, Charlie, and a few small gifts for his other friends in Slytherin, he only wished he could give his old friends gifts but he had only branched out to the twins and Charlie so far. Despite that he had still gotten a gift for Neville, as the twins had been working on Neville for Nathair and hopefully he would be able to talk to the teen before summer and the end of term. It was a collection of expensive and rare seeds that any herbologist would faint over having as well as a handful of books that contained important information about the plants that the seeds would grow into so they could receive proper care.

As Nathair reached for the floo powder to head over to Malfoy manor to head with them to the train back he felt arms reach around his waist pulling him back towards the owner of the arms. Panic started to rise before the smell of trees and the familiar warmth and feeling of the person gave away who it was that had grabbed him so suddenly.

"You are lucky you know… if I had screamed father would have come running here so fast and would hex you without thinking," said Nathair knowing that his father would have come very fast as they had only just said their own farewells and could not have gotten that far. "I looked for you after breakfast to say goodbye but I think it's safe to say I was unsuccessful."

"I had to look in on my pack. I had hoped I would get back here in time to bid you farewell." Fenrir lived in both the manor and his pack's land which was a forest nearby that was unplottable and had the fidelius charm on it to protect the werewolves and their land from wizards and witches that would seek to harm and kill them without a second thought. When Fenrir wasn't with his pack his second in command, the pack Beta Lucas, was in charge.

"I think you're lucky, another minute and I'd be gone until spring hols," said Nathair as he turned around in Fenrir's embrace and they were now face to face, or more like chest to face as Fenrir was much taller than Nathair.

Fenrir gumbled unhappily at the reminder of how much time they would be apart as he brought a hand up to move a small piece of hair at the edge of Nathair's face before cupping a cheek in his rough hand. They both stood silently as they took in each other, trying to calm themselves as they knew how distraught they could become if they dwelled on the thought of not seeing each other for months.

"I have to go… I can't miss the train and I can imagine Draco working himself into a tizzy about being late," said Nathair as he backed up away from Fenrir despite that all he wanted to do was curl up in the wolf's embrace.

"I know… but you can't fault me for wanting to have more time with you, to want you to stay instead of having to go back. My wolf howls at the very thought of you being so close to danger and so far away from safety."

"Well your wolf has no say in the matter and I have to return… The traitor needs to pay and I have friends who are better off with us than the light side. I have to go now… I will write, you better write back," said Nathair as he removed Fenrir's hand from his face, giving it one hard squeeze before letting it fall between them and flooing away.

Fenrir watched with a heavy heart as his Mate disappeared effortlessly in the green flames of the floo and turned away trying to stop the heaviness that wanted to consume him from settling.

Nathair flooed to Malfoy manor and found exactly what he thought he would, Draco grumbling about being late to his father's, who both looked ready to strangle him if they had to continue listening to him moan on. They looked less murderious when they saw Nathair come through the floo only to roll their eyes when Draco didn't even notice his cousin standing next to him as he continued to complain.

"You know… if you stop talking we could leave and be on the platform already," said Nathair as he watched Draco jump so high as if gravity had stopped working and they didn't need magic to achieve such heights.

"Merlin's Balls! What do you think you're doing sneaking up on a person like that?"

"Nothing, I just got here. Is that a crime?" Nathair asked innocently as his uncle and godfather tried and failed to hide their amusement.

"All that should matter is that Nathair is here now and we can all leave," said Severus. "Some of us have to get back to school now and can't take the train to get there in a few hours."

"Yes, so let's get moving… I have no desire to spend my time standing on the train platform," Lucius drawled as he placed a kiss on Severus's cheek before he disaperated to the school.

"Where's Aunt Cissa?" Nathair asked as Lucius took a hold of him and Draco so he could side apparate them to the platform.

"She is with Bella… Bella has been having a bad week and Narcissa is there helping keep her calm," said Lucius before disaperating the three of them. "You know Narcissa is one of the only ones that can calm her down enough and get her thinking straight again."

"I wondered why she wasn't here making a fuss over Draco," Nathair said before jumping out of the way as Draco became indignant and moved to attack Nathair. "Bye Uncle, thanks for bringing me."

Nathair took off onto the train looking back to see Lucius gripping Draco's arm to keep the blond from taking off after him.

After a few moments Draco had calmed enough to say his goodbyes and make a more dignified entrance onto the train where he set off to find his friends and enjoy the train ride back to Hogwarts.


Nathair made sure his whole body was covered by his cloak as he made his way to meet the twins… It was only the morning after getting back to Hogwarts, but it was better to be safe than sorry, lest he and the twins be seen together by unfriendly eyes. 'Under the eye' was a special hidden room beneath the clock tower that the twins had shown him during his first year, and as far as they knew only the three of them knew about the hidden room.

When the twins had first found the room it had been coated in several centimeters of dust that had shown the room's disuse and unknown status, as it usually took centuries to gather such a thick layer of dust. It had been pretty bare when they found it and after a handful of useful cleaning spells the room was clean. The twins then took their time searching the castle's many abandoned rooms for furniture and anything else they thought was cool and moved it to the secret room. While they had their cave, that wasn't the best place to hang out in, it was cold and filled with potions and other projects, and sure they could make it more cozy, but the hidden room was better and it would take much less magic to fix up then the cave would have. Besides, they tended to blow things up in the cave and make huge messes, so it was nice to have another place to relax.

It had taken a while for Nathair to decide what to get the twins for Yule but he got them something they would really want, he got them ingredients and books, dark books. Ones that they could appreciate and could give them ideas for jokes and ones that would show them just how wrong their family and the light side was. They knew that their family and the light wizards were wrong but not just how wrong they were, how evil and prejudiced their views on magic were, and how their actions would cause far more danger than they realized.

As Nathair got closer to the clock tower he heard voices and slowed down as the voices got louder so as to not give himself away by making too much noise by getting too close and touching whoever was speaking.

"Ginny, everything will go according to Professor Dumbledore's plan, you just have to be patient."

"That's easy for you to say," Ginny snapped back. "But it's been over two years and he is still missing. It's gonna be a little hard to seduce and marry someone when no one even knows where Harry Potter is."

Hermoione gave Ginny a cold look. "Don't talk so loud." she scolded, her eyes darting around. "You have no idea who might be around, and those slimy Sytherins would love to hear what you just said. Besides you heard the Headmaster, he thinks he's getting close to finding Harry, we just have to wait."

With the topic of Harry closed, the girls continued to walk, talking about other uninteresting things, getting closer to where Nathair was hiding in the shadows. As he saw them approach he pressed himself back, going into the darkness further so he wouldn't be seen. Their conversation had not surprised him, not in the slightest. Nearly everyone who had seen behind Dumbledore's nice and grandfatherly facade knew that he had had plans for Harry's life and that he had stopped at nothing over the past two years looking for him. In fact Nathair was disappointed that he hadn't heard anything new, or even interesting, from the two Gryffindores. After Nathair made sure that the girls were far enough away he stepped out to the seamless darkness and continued his way to 'under the eye'.

When he made his way to the small staircase that ran up the walls to the platform that overlooked the courtyard outside he ducked unternieth the stairs and over to the small shaded corner. All but completely blocked from view, the corner was something that nearly everyone overlooked as evident by the accumulation of dust and cobwebs. Leaning over the tiles Nathair took and poked one stone tile that had a small chipped corner, sticking a lone finger in the hole it created and tugged the tile up. The tile was amazingly light despite its large size and thickness, and even as a first year he hadn't had much trouble lifting the tile alone. Once the tile had been lifted high enough Nathair was able to squeeze himself far enough underneath the tile and through a decent sized hole that was hidden beneath the stone.

As Nathair dropped from the ceiling onto a large pile of pillows the twins had set up below the entrance to the hidden room, he was attacked by two excited Gryffendores in a flurry of ferocious hugs and overly gooey kisses.

"Get off of me!" Nathair screeched as he tried to escape the grasp of the twins who were unforgiving in their relentless attack.

"Oh come on-"

"Don't you love us-"

"Were hurt-"

"You don't love us anymore," the twins said as they let go of him only to let go of him and wrap each other up in a hug and started to weep loudly, whipping away fake tears.

"If you two prats don't shut it I won't give you your Yule presents." Nathair threatened the pair who were quick to hop up like excited puppys.

"Presents?!" They asked simultaneously, identical grins spread across their faces, eyes glittering dangerously.

"Yes, presents. Though if you didn't want them I suppose I could keep them myself or find someone else to give them too," Nathair said, disappointment in his voice as he looked sad for the sake of the twins.

"No! No! You don't have to do that," Fred and George said, looking scared at the thought of not getting their presents. "We just missed you little brother."

Nathair gave them a good look over before with an over exaggerated sigh, gave in and pulled a nondescript holiday looking present out of his invisibility cloak and he tossed it at the pair who caught it together and they gave him a similarly wrapped gift in return.

Inside the small box was what at first glance could have been a pile of junk, but was in fact an assortment of the twins' joke products, though some of them couldn't really be called jokes. They explained what everything was and how it could be used. Extendable ears to listen in on people from a distance, instant darkness powder to hide in or use as a getaway, potion that when thrown at your feet could teleport you a hundred yards away, a potion that acted like a bogart but made people hallucinate and think their worst fears were actually happening to them, and dozens of other useful little "jokes."

And though he loved his gift the twins were much more excited over theirs. Even with all their sneakeyness they hadn't even been able to get a hold of the really good dark books, from the school restricted section or sneaking away to knockturn alley. The ones in the restricted section were nothing, at best they were neutral magic, not a speck of dark magic in them. Dumbledore had made sure to banish all the dark magic books from the school as soon as he could, thought what not many people knew was that the school was semisentiant and it had saved all the books he had tried to burn or banish into nothing, it had used its own innate magic and had whisked the books away to the room of hidden things in the room of requirement.

Hogwarts had seen it all, everything that happened in its walls or on its grounds, every whisper every step. And it had seen what Albus Dumbledore was when he was still learning in its walls, it had heard his plans for their world and was horrified. The school did everything a semisentiant building could do, it influenced people and events as best it could and tried to stop him when it was able to. Like with the books, Hogwarts was able to manipulate what the Headmaster saw to make him believe that he had destroyed the books, when instead they arrived unharmed in the room of requirement.

Once the twins had calmed down they gave him another gift and a letter, this time from Charlie, a set of thick battle robes in dragonhide. Shed skin, of course, only ever shed dragon skin. Some illegal traders, shops, and fools who didn't know better than the difference between shed and not shed dragonhide, shed dragonhide was illegal to purchase. As the only way to get unshed dragonhide was from dead dragons or murdered ones, and killing a dragon meant a life sentence in Azkaban.

Harry in turn also had a gift for Charlie, a large assortment of dark books, yes more dark books, all on dragons and a multitude of other magical creatures. He gave it to the twins so they could send it to Charlie, it was less suspicious for him to be getting a package from two of his brothers. Unlike the rest of their light family Charlie had a neutral affinity and the twins had a dark affinity, which was why they did so badly at Hogwarts, it wasn't that they didn't apply themselves or weren't smart enough. Their magic just wasn't compatible with what was being taught.

Once they were through exchanging presents the three of them settled down amongst the many chairs, sofas, and thick cushions the twins had decorated the room with to make it comfy.

"How was the Burrow?" Nathair asked, before laughing at the pure disgusted look on the twins faces.

"It was horrible-"

"As usual."

"I bet," said Nathair as he could just imagine being strangled in all that family love.

"Charlie made it better," they said as one. "It took a while to convince him but he believes us, that you're back."

"That's good, I've missed him. It will be good to be able to talk to him again," Nathair said wistfully as he looked down at the letter and present he had just gotten from the dragon handler.

Before the twins and Charlie had felt like all the family he would ever have, and then his father had saved him, and yet he had lost his three older brothers when he gained his new family. But now his old family and his new family were coming together, and they would be stronger, together they would win.