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American Loaded Dragon: Jake Long – Season 2

Chapter 1: Breakout

"I can't believe in everything that happened those last weeks." Spud commented as he walked through Central Park with his friends Jake and Trixie.

"I know." She replied. "Cheerleaders being recruited by gorgons; you and Jakey going undercover as Huntsclan students."

"At least we escaped before without having to face that kraken." Jake replied. "The real surprise was Principal Derceto's real reason to come to my school. I can't believe she thought I was the kelpie."

"And I can't believe in how many adventures we got involved." Trixie commented.

"And that's because we didn't get involved with the Demon Sorcerers from the very beginning." Jake replied. "Have you ever imagined going through the whole world to stop them from returning?"

"I just hope Mr. Brock, our new mythbiology teacher, doesn't become crazy like Rotwood." Spud said. Jake and Trixie are so accustomed to him they're not very surprised at the sudden change of subject.

Their conversation was interrupted by two screaming voices. They then see two Huntsboys running in terror. "Jakey, aren't they the two amateur dragon slayers who you and Spud were impersonating?" Trixie asked. "What're they running away from?"

As if on cue, they saw a giant serpent chasing the two Huntsboys. Jake and Spud quickly recognized them as Huntsboys #88 and #89 back from when they infiltrated Huntsclan Academy. "Look!" Huntsboy #89 told the other Huntsboy while pointing at Jake and his friends. "Non-Huntsclan humans! Remember the protocol and act natural."

"Oh, right." Huntsboy #88 replied and then they started walking and whistling.

"Uh, weren't they running away a few seconds ago?" Spud asked.

As if on cue, a giant serpent showed up and started chasing them. Jake and his friends ran for cover. "Look!" Huntsboy #88 told #89. "The bystanders left. Now we can fight like real dragon slayers!"

"Or we can keep running away." #89 suggested.

"Good idea." #88 agreed. They kept running until they say a red dragon showing up. "Isn't that the American Dragon our Huntsmaster told us about?"

"Yes, #88." Huntsboy #89 answered as he recognized the dragon from the Huntsclan's files on past attempts to slay it. "It's our chance! For some reason, it's fighting the serpent. Whoever wins will be too exhausted to have a chance against our combined might."

"The Huntsclan must be really desperate to take those cowards to the battlefield." Trixie commented.

"Shouldn't we help Jake?" Spud asked.

"Those Huntsboys had just seen us with his human form, Spud." Trixie sadly answered. "If we go help him now, they'll be suspecting we know his secret."

"About him being a billionaire?" Spud asked.

"The other secret, Spudinski." Trixie answered with a frown.

The battle between Jake and the serpent ended with the serpent fleeing. "We lost the serpent!" Huntsboy #88 exclaimed in terror.

"But at least we can appease the Huntsmaster with an American Dragon pelt." Huntsboy #89 maliciously replied. "Ready."

"Set." #88 added.

Jake then breathed fire at them, prompting them to flee in horror. "I'm glad they're gone." He commented.

"What's the big deal about that serpent, Jakey?" Trixie asked.

"It must be that crystal skull on the serpent's headdress but we must talk to Grandfather about this." Jake commented.


"Here it is, young ones." Lao Shi stated upon recognizing the serpent in a book. He told Jake and his friends that the serpent was guarding one of the thirteen Aztec crystal skulls and whoever got all of them could have one irreversible wish granted.

"So what?" Jake asked. "Do we get that one and send it to the Dragon Council so it won't matter if the Huntsclan gets all others?"

"It's not that simple, young dragon." Lao Shi stated. "The giant serpent is enchanted to guard that skull and, whenever the skull isn't with it, chase the skull. The serpent could have unwittingly lead the Huntsclan to us."

"Then what do we do?" Spud asked.

"Jake can patrol the skies while looking for the serpent." Lao Shi replied. "I'll contact a wizard friend of mine from San Francisco to see if he has an enchanted box big enough to put the skull inside it. As for the rest of you, don't you have any school projects to work on?"

"Oh, yeah." Spud agreed. "Jake, Trixie and I are working on a hundred uses cream for Mr. Brock's class project. We call it "100 uses cream"."

"We're working on the name as well." Trixie replied.

"Jake, how about we use the cream on that zit?" Spud suggested.

"Zit?" Jake asked.

"That one on your nose, Jakey." Trixie answered while pointing at the zit.

"That's no zit." Lao Shi explained. "Jake is starting his first molting cycle."

"Okay then." Trixie calmly replied and then Lao Shi's words sunk in. "Jake has a molting cycle?"

"Yes, young ones." Lao Shi calmly explained like he's discussing weather. "Each dragon has a molting cycle. Once a dragon experiences it the first time, there's one every ten years. My last one took place last year."

Fu Dog then remembered what happened when he went on a vacation during that cycle. "Kid, I hope that cream does work to make the cycle end sooner." He commented, making Jake worried.

"The skull is the priority." Lao Shi said.

"Don't worry, Jake." Trixie said. "We're here to help with the project. It's the advantage of being a three-person group instead of a two-person one."

"Three instead of two?" Lao Shi asked.

"Mr. Brock wanted to divide the class into pairs but Rose's departure left the mythology class with an odd number of students so there had to be a trio so no student would have to work alone, Grandfather." Jake explained.


Jake met his friends, who became disgusted upon seeing his face. "That bad?" He asked.

"I won't say otherwise even if you give me a million dollars." Trixie answered while trying to avoid barfing.

"What do I do?" Jake asked. "Our current mythbiology teacher actually knows his magical creatures. What if he can recognize a dragon's molting cycle? He actually knew that 'fairy' in the picture presented by Rotwood was a wood nymph."

"We still can try our cream." Spud suggested.

"Let's wait for a moment I can be in dragon mode, okay?"


That night, the Huntsman decided to join his new apprentices for their serpent hunt. He felt he should do that without an apprentice without as much of a field experience as Huntsgirl had before being captured by dragons. He caught himself wondering if she was being tortured or if the dragons killed her and disposed of her body where he'd never find it. He eventually killed the serpent and Huntsboy #89 caught the skull and rose it above its head. "Take that, American Dragon." He shouted.

"Don't mind if I do." Jake replied and he swooped in.

"Get that skull!" The Huntsman shouted. He's about to join when Lao Shi showed up to stop him. "It'll be the last time you get in my way!"

Meanwhile, Huntsboys #88 and #89 kept chasing Jake. "You can't escape us, filthy dragon."

"I don't have to." Jake replied with a malicious smile. "Boo!"

"Yaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" They fled in terror and Jake decided to return to help his Grandfather.

Jake arrived on time to give Lao Shi an edge that made the Huntsmaster decide to flee. The dragons then returned to the shop. "My wizard friend didn't have an enchanted box big enough for the skull but we won't need it anymore, Jake." Lao Shi said. "Now we'll take it to the Dragon Council for safekeeping as you suggested."

"Don't forget the cream, Jake." Spud said.

"There's something else I should do first, my friends." Jake replied.


After Jake and Lao Shi delivered the skull to the Dragon Council, Jake visited his girlfriend. "Jake, what happened to you?" Rose asked.

"My molting cycle." Jake answered.

"Okay." Rose answered.

"Is that all?" Jake asked.

"Jake, I already knew you're a dragon and that doesn't bother me in spite of the Huntsclan teaching me to think all dragons were filthy and disgusting." Rose explained. Jake then told her about his latest adventure. "Really? My former master took those clowns to replace me? They probably didn't tell him the list of magical creatures they killed only includes video game characters."

End chapter.

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