Chapter 10: The Night Before New Year

The Chinese New Year is an important occasion for the Chinese and for people with Chinese ancestry. At least those in touch with their Chinese heritage. The Night before New Year, however, is a time for rest. Jake Long invited his friends Trixie and Spud for a pizza night at Canal Street Electronics. Upon paying for the pizzas and the soda, he noticed something strange. "You're not Strikemaster Ice." He commented.

"Do you mean the guy I'm replacing?" The delivery boy asked and Jake nodded. "I don't know for sure but rumor says he and two friends of his left to join a monastery."

"I wish him good luck and I still can't believe Lombardo's allowed him to add that name to his tag." Jake said and gave a tip. "Thank you and goodbye."

After the delivery guy left, Jake shared his pizzas with his friends. "A billionaire invites us for dinner and we get pizzas?" Trixie mock complained.

"Sorry but the caviar delivery guys are on strike." Jake joked.

"Good because those things taste like carp roe." Spud replied, not catching on the joke. "How can anyone like that?"

"It's an acquired taste, as in it is most of the price one must pay to buy caviar." Jake joked. "By the way, I was joking about intending to order caviar instead of pizza."

"Really?" Spud asked. "But what about the strike?"

"Honestly, I don't even know if caviar has enough delivery guys to form a union of their own." Jake commented.

"Pass the ketchup, please." Trixie asked and Jake handed it to her. "Thanks. By the way, Spudinski, how do you know caviar's taste? Jakey knowing it I can understand but you?"

"My parents are invited to some of Jonathan Long's parties." Spud said.

"So, what's gonna be tomorrow?" Trixie asked. "Will you clean it up or pay someone to do it for you?"

"Neither." Jake answered. "It's bad luck to clean anything during the Chinese New Year. Especially in a magical place."

"Superstitious much?" Trixie asked.

"Well, you're talking to a dragon." Jake replied.

"Somehow it's still the easy part to believe in comparison to you being a billionaire." Trixie commented.

"I'll clean it up tonight after you and Spud leave." Jake explained.

"I still don't know how you resist the perks of being rich." Trixie commented.

End chapter.

Author's Note: This version of Jake is more in touch with his Chinese heritage than his canon self and won't start the confusion from "Year of the Jake".