Chapter 12: Jake's Family

"Dad, I'm worried." Haley Long told her father.

"About what, Haley?" He asked her.

"About Jake." Haley explained. "I know he's risked his life before but Arcanon and that muscle gear the Huntsclan uses makes me even more worried.

Susan Long then showed up. "I don't like it either but the magical world needs protection and your brother is one of its several protectors." She commented.

"Do you think I should be protecting New York while Jake's away?" Haley asked.

"That's up to your Dragon Master and the Dragon Council, Haley." Susan replied.

"I only hope I'm right about Sasha being the Talisman-powered Tigress after all the explaining I had to give her owners." Jonathan commented. "I had to tell them about Royal Medicine."

"You didn't tell them about the magical world, did you?" Susan asked in worry.

"I had to show evidence and, unless they agreed to let the Chans take Sasha away, they'd probably see the Forces of Darkness in action when they took her, Susan." Jonathan explained.

"I understand, Jonathan." Susan reluctantly accepted her husband's point.

"I still don't get how Trixie's and Spud's parents agreed to let them go to Vegas." Haley said. "What did you tell them?"

"I'm not sure about Trixie's family but I told Spud's Dad he and Jake would learn more about how to run a hotel and a casino, Haley." Jonathan answered.

"I suppose interacting with entertainers might count as part of that learning." Haley commented and giggled.

"With a mind like that, I can have you work at Long Enterprises' legal department." Jonathan replied.

"Thank you, Dad." Haley said and returned to her room.

"Jonathan, I didn't want to say anything in front of Haley, but I'm worried as well." Susan commented after Haley left.

"Me too, Susan." Jonathan replied with a more serious tone.

End chapter. Sorry it's so short.