So, for the past couple of months, grimlock1997 and I have been coming up with ideas for a new "Family of Four" series starring Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Mina Mongoose and Zooey the Vixen, and since the holidays are coming up, we thought of starting off the series with a Christmas-themed story.

So, here we are now with our first-ever episode of "Family of Four"! We hope you enjoy this!



It was winter time on Bygone Island, and all across the island was a blanket of soft snow, covering the jungles and almost the whole of Hedgehog Village. Winter winds blew gently across the sky, while snowflakes fell silently from the clouds, and the night time sky was hardly seen, as snow clouds were blocking out any signs of the full moon.

The citizens of Hedgehog Village were walking through the snow in their appropriate winter clothing. The weather had gotten cold over the past few weeks, so people started either wearing warm winter jackets, with their hats, scarves and gloves, or they'd stay inside their homes and keep warm by the fire place, or even just stay in their toasty warm beds.

With 24 days left until Christmas Day, everyone was doing a bit of last minute Christmas shopping, as people wanted to shop for last minute items before Christmas Day arrived within the next three weeks.

However, one little family had already finished Christmas shopping early, and they were now having some winter fun in the snow together.

Just near the center of town, Sonic the Hedgehog was racing around in the snow at speed, kicking up snow dust behind him, as he wore his gray and blue patched winter jacket, along with his grayish-blue gloves and winter boots. He didn't wear any trousers despite how freezing the winter weather could be. He had a snowball in his gloved hand, as he was looking for a very familiar and beautiful mongoose.

"Mina! Where are you?" Sonic called out, "Come on! I just wanna show you a snowball I made! I promise it won't be a cold one!"

As Sonic raced around, snowball in his glove, he was unaware to the fact that Mina Mongoose, who was Sonic's girlfriend with a beautiful and talented singing voice, was actually hiding behind one of the many buildings in Hedgehog Village, giggling quietly to herself as she watched her boyfriend Sonic running around in circles, trying to look for her.

Secretly, Mina had a snowball of her own in her hands, intending to throw it at Sonic, before he could hit her with his own snowball.

For winter clothing, she was wearing a green winter hat with small purple stripes across it, along with wearing black winter tights, comfy purple and green streaked winter boots, a black winter jacket with a purple streak on the bottom half of it, and for gloves, she just wore her trademark white and green ones. Her purple and yellow hair was hanging behind her head, flowing freely rather than tied up like usual.

"I'm gonna get you good, Sonic," Mina said quietly to herself with a smile.

Peeking carefully behind the building she was hiding behind, while trying to keep her shoes from crunching in the snow, Mina watched Sonic run around once more, before coming to a stop in the middle of the center of town. He was still holding his snowball in his glove, but he couldn't find his girlfriend.

"Come on, Mina!" said Sonic to no one in particular, "Where are you?! I just wanna show you my snowball!"

Mina hid behind the building again, smiling with sparkly eyes at the thought of Sonic wanting to 'show' her the snowball he made, and the blue hedgehog had no doubt hit her with.

"I'll show you my snowball first, sugar plum," she giggled, peaking back from the building.

Once Sonic turned around, Mina made her move. The mongoose girl stepped away from the safety of her hiding spot, and she blasted her way at speed towards the blue hedgehog. A purple aura trailed behind her form, as she raced her way to Sonic.

Sonic had only just turned back around, and before he could even get time to react or sidestep, Mina threw her snowball straight at Sonic, which flew like a rocket and then splatted all over his unsuspecting face.

"Aaahhh!" he exclaimed as the cold snow hit him, "Mina!"

"Gotcha, Sonic!" laughed Mina, slowing herself down to a stop next to Sonic.

"I didn't know you were behind me!" whined Sonic, shivering a bit from the cold.

"Well, you did say to me yesterday that I need to be much sneakier in snowball fights, sugar plum!" replied Mina with a cheeky grin, "And I took your advice to my advantage to snowball ya!"

Sonic only frowned for a few seconds, before he eventually broke into a chuckling smile, as Mina brushed away the snow from the hedgehog's face.

"Well played, Mina," Sonic chuckled, "You got me good."

"Yes, I most certainly have, sugar plum," Mina agreed, smiling.

Snowflakes continued to fall quietly in the winter breeze, as Sonic and Mina then wrapped their arms around each other, and came in for a winter kiss together. If there was one thing that could keep the hedgehog and mongoose feeling warm at Christmas, it was their shared love for each other.

After a couple of seconds, Sonic and Mina broke their kiss, and placed their foreheads together, looking lovingly into each other's eyes, with Sonic's remaining their pure emerald green, while Mina's green eyes were sparkly with love and care for her boyfriend.

"I love you, Mina Mongoose," said Sonic lovingly.

"I love you too, Sonic the Hedgehog," replied Mina as the two gently rubbed noses together.

When they started pulling away and unwrapping their arms from each other, Sonic backed up quickly and threw his snowball he still had in his glove straight into Mina's face.

"EEK!" Mina shouted in surprise, "Sonic!"

"Heh heh!" laughed Sonic, "Gotcha back!"

Sonic then quickly blasted away at speed, leaving behind his blue aura that trailed behind him whenever he ran fast.

He laughed heartily just as Mina brushed off her face from his snowball and made a playful glare after her speeding boyfriend.

"Ooh, I'm gonna get ya, Sonic!" Mina shouted, "I'm gonna get ya!"

Mina took off after Sonic, purple aura trailing behind her, and snow dust trailing under her boots.

While Sonic and Mina were playing cat and mouse in the snow, running around the townspeople and blasting at supersonic speeds, another pair of lovebirds were nearby in the town, building a snowman.

Tails and Zooey were just adding on an old scarf to their recently built snowman. Like Sonic and Mina, these two young lovers shared a special love that was unbreakable, although Tails had been together with Zooey a little bit longer than Sonic had with Mina.

As Zooey, who was wearing a knitted winter hat over her ears, wrapped the scarf around the snowman she and Tails had built, she caught a glance at Mina chasing Sonic.

"I see Sonic and Mina are at it again with their snowball fights," chuckled Zooey.

"Why am I not surprised?" chuckled Tails.

"This snowman looks so gorgeous!" said Zooey, as she looked at their snowy creation.

"It just needs a hat and it'll be done," said Tails, gazing with wonder.

Their snowman was made of three snowballs and featured tree branches for arms, several buttons on the chest, the recently wrapped scarf around its neck, and a neatly-done smiley face with a carrot nose. For Tails and Zooey, this was the most beautiful snowman they had ever created together.

Meanwhile, Mina was now the one being chased by Sonic, and now it seemed that the two lovers were engaged in a game of tag in the snow.

"Hehe! You're it, sugar plum!" Mina laughed, running through the snow.

"You can't outrun the fastest hedgehog in town, Mina!" Sonic shouted in return with a laugh.

As they ran about with their game of tag, Tails and Zooey just laughed together as they saw Sonic chasing after his sweet mongoose girl.

Then, Zooey seemed to notice that Tails was apparently staring at her coat and he was smiling at it, looking a little bit cheeky as well.

"Okay, Tails, what are you smiling at?" asked Zooey.

"Oh, just, uh, ... I can't help but see how your coat is so fluffy," chuckled Tails sheepishly, although he quickly began to regret saying that.

"Fluffy, you say? Hmm," said Zooey with a somewhat mischievous grin.

"Um, ... y-yeah," said Tails nervously.

"There's only one thing I can think of doing when I hear the word 'fluffy'," said Zooey.

Tails began to back away with tiny steps, but his girlfriend easily sensed what he was trying to do, and she instinctively knocked him down into the snow and started tickling the fox on the chest.

"Hey! No! Stop! Naaahahahahahahahahahahohohoho!" laughed Tails as he shook around from the sudden ticklish sensations.

"You want fluffiness? You got it!" teased Zooey.

"Pleeheeheeheeheehease!" begged Tails, "I didn't meeheeheeheehean it that wahahahahay!"

"Sorry, Tails, but sometimes I just can't resist!" said Zooey with a teasing smile, and she continued to wiggle her fingers all over Tails' chest, making the fox thrash around in the snow, trying in vain to escape the tickle torture he wished he wouldn't be getting out in all this snow.

"Pleeheeheeheeheehease!" laughed Tails, "Stahahahahahahahahop!"

"I don't think so! I think your laughs are just too cute!" replied Zooey, and she moved her fingers to Tails' armpits, as she knew those were among his more ticklish spots.


"Now that's the kind of fluffiness I love to give my sweetie!" chuckled Zooey, as her tickling practically turned her boyfriend into a simple laughing poodle.

Before long, she moved her fingers up to Tails' cheeks and gave his face some very ticklish sensations that brought more laughs out of his mouth.

"MMHMMHMMKEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEEEE!" the two-tailed fox giggled uncontrollably.

"Wait, I know a more fluffy way to keep that smile on your face!" teased Zooey, and she held one end of her scarf and gently brushed it against Tails' cheeks.

"No! NO! NAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" chortled Tails, as the soft scarf tickled his cheeks so much that his whole body was shaking and his legs were swinging up and down.

"Oh, yes! Those are the most adorable laughs I've heard all day!" smiled Zooey with satisfaction.

Within a moment, though, it quickly became apparent that tickling Tails' face with her scarf tickled him so much that he nearly fainted from exhaustion, so she immediately stopped tickling him and allowed him to catch his breath.

After a whole minute, the fox finally recomposed himself and stared up at his girlfriend.

"I sure hope you never plan to tickle me like that again!" Tails panted.

"Well, you did ask for some fluffiness, didn't you?" replied Zooey, fluttering her eyelids.

Tails chuckled as he watched his girlfriend's eyelids fluttering.

"Well, yeah, but not like that," said Tails.

"Hmm, how about this?" asked Zooey, and she helped her boyfriend back up and gave him a great big hug, before kissing him on the cheek.

Tails blushed and smiled cutely at his girlfriend as they hugged each other tightly in a very warm embrace that almost made their hearts melt.

"That feels ... much better," he sighed dreamily, making Zooey giggle.

Then, as soon as the two young lovers ended their winter hug, they heard a squeal within the town. Turning, Tails and Zooey saw that Sonic was still chasing after Mina, only he was now throwing snowballs at her, intending to playfully hit her with a cold snowball like before.

"Eek!" exclaimed Mina playfully, "Ice cold snowballs! Keep away from me, Sonic Frost!"

"Keep still, Mina!" laughed Sonic as he threw snowballs on the run, "It's only snow!"

Mina only laughed along as she kept on speeding around the town and avoiding Sonic's fast throwing snowballs. Sonic continued to chase his girlfriend around, throwing snowballs as fast as he could.

Zooey and Tails chuckled at Sonic and Mina, before they remembered about their snowman. It still needed a hat to be placed on top of its head. The question was, though, where were Tails and Zooey going to find a hat to place on their wonderful snowman?

Then, Tails came up with a suggestion, when he suddenly noticed Zooey was wearing her winter hat on her head. He smiled at the idea, and then he glanced to the snowman which had yet to receive a hat.

"Say, Zooey?" Tails asked, "Why not give our snowman your hat?"

"My hat?" Zooey questioned, looking up at her hat, "I guess we could use this old thing for our lovely snowman."

Taking off her hat, Zooey placed the old knitted hat on top of the snowman, which in a literal sense, 'topped it off' nicely. However, while putting the hat on the snowman, the two were suddenly splattered with two snowballs.

"AHH!" shouted Tails, "Cold!"

"Very cold!" exclaimed Zooey, "Who threw those snowballs?!"

"Whoops! Sorry guys!" Mina called to them, as Sonic sped past the two foxes, "I'm trying to get Sonic with some snowballs!"

Mina then raced past the two foxes, with snowballs in her gloved hands that she was trying to hurl at her boyfriend, Sonic.

As Zooey was looking at the hat that she had placed on top of the snowman's head, she suddenly noticed a mistletoe hanging off a tree right behind Tails. She smiled and slowly brought Tails back towards the tree. The fox was confused for a moment from his girlfriend's odd behavior.

"Uh, Zooey, ... w-what are you doing?" Tails asked nervously.

It was then that he looked up and saw the mistletoe, and he blushed profusely.

"Would you like a special kiss under the mistletoe?" Zooey offered with a smile and glistening eyes.

Tails smiled back with deep red cheeks and chuckled sheepishly.

"Uh, ... I guess ...," was all he could say as he was so taken aback by this unexpected event.

"Come here, my sweetie," chuckled Zooey cutely, and she pulled Tails into a hug, much to his surprise, and kissed him delicately on the lips. The fox felt his heart melting with happiness as the kiss sunk in, and he returned the kiss on her lips.

The two kissed for a minute before they finally broke away with red cheeks and smiles. It may have seemed sudden and short, but for Tails, no holiday moment was more magical than a kiss with his loved one under the mistletoe.

"Merry Christmas, Tails," Zooey said, smiling lovingly at Tails, "I love you."

"Heh, and I love you too, Zooey," Tails responded, as the two hugged happily together, as the snow fell between them.

Tails and Zooey held hands together and walked away from the tree where the mistletoe hanged from. As Mina eventually stopped trying to hit Sonic with snowballs, she caught sight of the two young lovers, and she just sighed happily. She was finding Tails and Zooey to be really adorable together, and seeing their love for each other looking almost similar to her own relationship with Sonic made her heart warm and filled with Christmas spirit.

"Those two foxes look so perfect together," Mina said to herself, smiling, "Tails is such a lucky guy to have Zooey in his life."

Mina turned back to face the tree that Tails and Zooey had walked away from, and the mongoose girl soon caught sight of the mistletoe hanging from the tree branch above. Seeing that delicate festive decoration hanging on the tree gave Mina an idea on getting her boyfriend Sonic to kiss her under it.

Sonic was ruffling Tails' head in a playful and brotherly manner, and once he did that, he was walking back over to see where Mina had gone to, and the mongoose girl found this to be the perfect opportunity to catch him under the mistletoe.

"Oh, Sonic?" Mina called in her sweet singing voice.

"Huh?" Sonic asked, turning to see Mina.

Sonic soon saw that Mina was standing underneath a tree with what looked like a mistletoe, which had green leaves and white buds on it. Mina glanced up to the mistletoe briefly, and then glanced back to her boyfriend, fluttering her eyelashes at him, in a flirty sparkly eye fashion. The instant Sonic saw that festive decoration hanging above his girlfriend, his face immediately went red with a blush.

"Come over here, sugar plum, and let's share a Christmas kiss together under this lovely mistletoe," Mina continued, smiling with clasped hands and a little blush of her own.

Sonic gulped nervously with a sweat drop forming on his head. Tails and Zooey glanced at each other, knowing that Sonic was bound to bail out of kissing his girlfriend, due to his inexperience with mistletoes in the past, even before he got together with Mina.

"U-Um, gee, I... I would love t-to, Mina," Sonic said, stuttering, "B-But mistletoes are not my t-thing... really."

Mina's blush and sparkly eyes disappeared, and her smile turned into a smirk, her eyes going half closed, knowing already that Sonic was just trying to weasel his way out of kissing her under a mistletoe.

Placing her hands on her hips, Mina stared to walk over to Sonic, and when the blue hedgehog saw his girlfriend walking to him, he knew that now was the time to try and make a run for it.

"Get over here, Sonic," chuckled Mina, pretending to be annoyed at him, in a similar manner to Amy Rose.

"N-No can d-do, Mina!" Sonic said, sweat dripping from his head, as his started backing away quickly, "Gotta go fast!"

Before Sonic could even get the chance to speed away as fast as his legs could carry him, Mina judged her timing right and dashed at her boyfriend with her super speed, just managing to grab him before he could take off like a ramjet vehicle.

"No you don't, Sonic!" she said, walking back over to the mistletoe, dragging Sonic with her.

"Ahh!" shouted Sonic, "Mina! No! Let me go! Tails! Zooey! Help me!"

All Tails and Zooey could do was just watch and almost laugh their heads off, as Mina dragged Sonic back under the mistletoe, with the blue hedgehog's winter boots leaving drag marks in the snow in the process. Sonic tried desperately in vain to get free of Mina's grip on his jacket, but the mongoose girl proved to have a bit of a stronger grip than he realized.

Finally, after some slightly forceful dragging, Mina managed to get Sonic to stand under the mistletoe, but she kept her hold on her boyfriend's jacket, just in case he tried to escape again. Once again, Sonic tried to get himself away from the festive tradition, and even though he liked to share one or two kisses with his girlfriend, he just didn't want to be under a mistletoe.

To make matters worse, unaware to the blue hedgehog, his little brother, Tails, had gotten a little camera out of his coat pocket, and he started filming the whole thing. Zooey could hardly contain her giggling when she saw Tails starting to film the scene going on.

"M-Mina! Be reasonable!" Sonic shouted with more sweat dropping from his quills, "We're not even anywhere near Christmas yet!"

Mina didn't need to use words to reply to Sonic's protests. She just pretended not to listen to her sugar plum. Before Sonic could even protest anymore, Mina closed her eyes and yanked him towards her, kissing him passionately on the lips under the mistletoe, making him go stiff in surprise, and making both of them blush brightly.

Sonic was at first too stunned to do anything, but he eventually closed his eyes and kissed Mina back with equal passion, wrapping his arms around her.

While the citizens of Hedgehog Village walked on by without giving a glance at the couple, Tails and Zooey just smiled at the two lovers, with Tails cheekily continuing to film the whole moment on his camera. A moment later, Sonic and Mina ended their romantic kiss under the mistletoe, and looked into each other's sparkling eyes, faces blushing red and snowflakes falling on them.

"There, you see, Sonic?" smiled Mina, "Kissing under the mistletoe isn't scary. It's just sharing the magic of Christmas with your loved one."

"Heh, I suppose so, Mina," Sonic chucked, "Your kisses are always sweet and magical to me. But this one is by far one of the best kisses we've ever shared together."

"And we got all on video, too!" Tails spoke up, giggling.

Hearing Tails' voice made Sonic and Mina snap back into reality, and when they heard the word 'video', they quickly turned to see that Tails had just finished filming the whole thing!

What a cheeky little fox!

As Sonic and Mina looked at Tails hitting the stop button on his camera, the two tailed fox suddenly realized that he had said that out loud, and now he had been caught red handed. While Mina giggled and blushed even more in embarrassment, Sonic's blush was twice as red than his girlfriend's blush, and he was even more embarrassed than her.

"Uhh ... oops," Tails muttered, giggling nervously.

"You're in trouble now, Tailsy," Zooey giggled.

"Oh yes, you are SO in trouble, Tails!" said Sonic, glaring with an embarrassed look on his face, "I'm going to have to tickle him, until he deletes that video footage from that sneaky little camera!"

"Eep!" Tails squeaked.

After he heard the word 'tickle', and knowing that Sonic enjoyed tickling his little brother for fun, only in this case it was more for payback, Tails immediately backed away from the slowly approaching Sonic, before he made a mad dash into the air with his twin tails, taking flight almost immediately, the camera still in his hand.

"Gonna have to catch me first, big bro!" Tails exclaimed, as he flew away at quick speed with his tails.

"Hey! Get back here, Tails!" Sonic shouted, speeding off after the flying fox, "You can't get away from me!"

As Sonic chased after Tails, intending to get his playful yet strict revenge on the sneaky little fox, Zooey laughed at the sight of her boyfriend Tails being caught and now being chased down by his own big brother. Mina walked over to see Zooey, as she too watched her boyfriend Sonic chase after Tails.

Snowflakes fell silently, as Mina spoke to Zooey.

"Do you think Sonic will actually catch Tails?" Mina asked with a giggle.

"It depends on how far Tails can keep ahead of Sonic, really," Zooey replied, smiling at Mina, hands in her pockets, "I've seen Amy trying to keep up with Sonic, but that's only when he accidentally gets her mad and makes her try to hit him with her hammer. But Amy can surely run, though. She should try out for the Hedgehog Village Sports Day Event, next year."

After the vixen said that funny little joke, Mina then let out a loud laugh, finding Zooey's sense of humor to be very positive and colorful. It wasn't often people could make Mina Mongoose laugh, but Zooey's little joke was just enough to make her laugh for the first time in ages.

Once the laughter died down, Mina and Zooey looked back up to see Sonic still chasing Tails around, who was flying as fast as he could to get away from his playfully vengeful big brother. Both Mina and Zooey knew that Sonic was eventually going to catch Tails at some point, but with the snow and ice being a problem to the blue hedgehog, then the chase would have to carry on for a little while longer.

"Well, we'd better go and see what those two troublemakers are getting up to in their chase," Mina said, before running off with her super speed, "You coming, Zooey?"

"Sure! Just wait up for me!" Zooey replied, running after Mina.

As the two girls ran off to catch up with Sonic and Tails, the snow carried on falling quietly from the sky, while the Hedgehog Village citizens just carried about their daily routine, walking around in the snow, talking about their excitement for Christmas, and what they would do to celebrate the festive holidays.

Christmas could be a magical time for everyone, but even with 24 days to go, tonight's snow filled activities with Sonic, Tails, Mina and Zooey were a memory to remember in the small family that they had formed together.

Well, that will wrap up our first-ever episode of Family of Four. We had fun writing this story, and we hope this will be a great start to a series that will be filled with lots of love and fun in it!

There is a good chance we may do at least one more story before Christmas, but if there just so happens to be the chance that we don't, then we wish you a Merry Christmas! Anyways, this is DiddyKF1 signing out for now, and I'll see you next time! :) Holiday cheers!