Here we are with Episode Seven in our 'Family of Four' fanfic series, which stars Sonic, Tails, Mina and Zooey. It's been a long time since we made any episodes, so you could say that we've been on a mini hiatus.

But we're back on it!

Yesterday was grimlock's birthday, so we decided to write an episode that would be somewhat fitting for the occasion, even though this does not involve birthdays.

This episode will be shorter than our other six episodes, but we promise it will be much better than our infamously complicated 'Water Caves' episode, which was an absolute nightmare to write. This one will be much better, less complicated and more simplistic.



It was a beautiful, starry night sky on Bygone Island, and above the tropical island were billions of bright, twinkling stars shining within the sky, with a full moon shining down on the jungle and giving the entire island a completely beautiful and quiet atmosphere. Nothing could spoil tonight's lovely atmosphere, not even Dr. Eggman.

Within Hedgehog Village, a nighttime event had been set up for the villagers, which was called 'Dance Under The Stars', and this was a special dance event that took place once a year in the month of June, where people could dance under the starry night sky, while quiet and majestic music would be played over speakers to make the dance event feel special.

Everyone had mixed feelings about this dance event. While most of the townspeople loved to dance with others under the stars and have a magical time, some people would rather prefer to just sit on the side and look at the stars, or just not bother to attend the event and stay home. Either way, it was their loss, and they would regret it sooner or later in their lives.

Everyone in town was getting themselves ready for the start of the annual dance event, and Mayor Fink was the one person who funded the event, despite the fact that he would rather use the money for something constructive instead, but due to his slightly greedy intentions, he was precluded from using the money for the dance event.

As the dance event was starting up in town, Sonic the Hedgehog and his girlfriend Mina Mongoose, were on their way to the dance, with Sonic wearing a black coat, white shirt and red bow tie, replacing his brown neck chief he usually wore, while Mina was wearing her beautiful black and purple streak dance dress with glittering golden stubs sparkling on the sides of it.

"Oh, Sonic, it's such a beautiful night out here," sighed Mina dreamily as she clung onto her boyfriend's arm as they walked.

"It certainly is, my darling," Sonic agreed with a smile, "They say June 5th is the most beautiful night of the year with all of the stars in the night sky."

"And they certainly picked the right date for the dance night under those stars, too," Mina added with a smile, "It always makes me remember the first time we danced under the stars together when we first met, sugar plum. Do you remember that night, Sonic?"

Sonic nodded with a smile.

"I certainly do, Mina," he chuckled, "And I shall never forget the first dance we shared together."

Smiling lovingly at her boyfriend, Mina gave Sonic a loving kiss to the cheek, making the blue hedgehog chuckle as they finally arrived at the dance.

When everyone saw Mina Mongoose make her appearance with Sonic, lots of the townspeople were beginning to ask Mina for her autograph and picture, because they all knew that she was a very famous singer and songwriter in Hedgehog Village, whose singing voice sounded like an angel from heaven. Of course, Mina loved her fans, and she was proud of being a celebrity, but she also loved her Sonic within her famous celebrity life.

Meanwhile, Tails was in another part of town escorting his girlfriend Zooey over to the 'Dance Under the Stars' event, dressed up very smartly for the occasion.

Zooey was wearing her sparkly rose red dance dress, which was the same color as her crimson red dress she wore every day, only with sparkly white diamond stubs on the skirt and hips of the dress, which sparkled so much like Mina's golden stubbed dress. Zooey also wore a pearl necklace around her neck, a pearl bracelet on her wrist, and she had a red rose sitting in her hair.

Tails was wearing his little tuxedo jacket and white shirt outfit that he used once to try and act romantic to Zooey, when he was crushing on her. To add a little bit of fun, he even wore the white mask over his left eye to make it seem like he was 'Phantom of the Opera'.

Despite the previous attempt of using this little costume to try and win Zooey over when he was crushing on her, Tails could now wear it with confidence, since Zooey was now his official girlfriend, and he didn't have to worry about trying to act 'romantic' to her, because he now truly loved her with all of his heart and soul, which made a special romantic bond between Tails and Zooey that would never break.

As the young lovers made their way to the dance event, Zooey couldn't help but giggle at Tails' little costume for the dance.

"I must admit, you look pretty adorable in that little outfit, Tails," chuckled Zooey.

"Zooey," Tails said, blushing, "I'm not-"

"Adorable? Oh, but you are," smiled Zooey, "Just imagine when the Phantom of the Opera joins the dance floor with the girl of his dreams. It will be such an adorable sight for everyone to see!"

"Oh!" chuckled Tails sheepishly, his cheeks turning bright red in embarrassment, "I wouldn't say that, sweetheart. Remember when I tried to impress you by wearing this once, when I was crushing on you? You closed the window on me."

"Aww, I just thought you was acting really weird at the time, Tails," replied Zooey, "But now I know that you look really nice in that outfit, and you're wearing it just for me."

"Hehe, only for the girl of my dreams," chuckled Tails, holding Zooey's hand tightly in his own.

Zooey responded in a similar manner to Tails, by holding his hand tightly in her hand, showing that their love was very strong and unbreakable.

"Tonight will be just as special as that day we fell in love," said Zooey, "Just imagine the stars in the night sky twinkling down on us while we express our love so beautifully."

"Y-yeah," giggled Tails nervously, scratching the back of his head, "I've always been nervous about this event, but with you around, I think I'll be in for the happiest night of my life."

"Aww, Tails! Me, too!" replied Zooey, planting a kiss on his cheek.

Sharing some laughs, the two young lovers continued on their way to the dance event that was now just a few minutes away. They knew Sonic and Mina were going to be there for sure, but their friends Amy, Knuckles, Sticks and Perci were also said to attend the dance, since it was very special night under the stars.

Although, Sticks was a somewhat inexperienced dancer.

Eventually, after they arrived into town, Tails and Zooey soon saw Sonic and Mina were already at the dance, and they were just starting to share a slow dance together, after Mina had managed to finish signing autographs for the fans that crowded around her. Being a celebrity was one big thing in life Mina really appreciated, as well as her family and friends.

A music player was playing music with a local citizen working on the music as a DJ player. The dance was set up mostly in the Meh Burger area, where the tables and chairs were moved out of the way and placed to the sides, whilst people danced together or alone to the music that was playing over the speakers.

As Mina danced with Sonic, the young mongoose girl suddenly caught sight of Tails and Zooey walking in. Grinning brightly, she stopped dancing with her sugar plum and went over to see her two close family members, with Sonic eventually following her after he got spun around unexpectedly by the mongoose.

"Tails! Zooey! You guys made it!" said Mina excitedly.

"Hehe, of course we did!" replied Tails, grinning, "And it seems you guys got here first as always."

"Heh, we're not ones to be late on special occasions, little bro," chuckled Sonic, giving Tails a playful noogie on the head as he did, which made Tails giggle.

"We wouldn't miss out on the annual 'Dance Under The Stars' event in town," added Zooey happily, "And of course, my Tailsy is looking absolutely adorable in his little Phantom of the Opera outfit."

Once again, Tails was blushing red on his cheeks. He claimed to not be adorable, and was more serious and formidable, but both Zooey and Mina thought otherwise that he was more adorable than serious.

"Zooey, seriously," said Tails, blushing, "I'm not adorable."

"Aww, but you are!" giggled Zooey, pinching Tails' blushing cheeks very gently, "Didn't you see yourself in the mirror earlier? There was adorableness written all over it!"

"She's got a point there, little one," added Mina with a smile, "You should be lucky that you have Zooey to call you those lovely words, too, like I always call my Sonic a sweet sugar plum."

Now it was Sonic's turn to blush brightly, and it made Tails chuckle, but the embarrassed blush didn't last long for Sonic, because he immediately chuckled at Mina, before he grabbed her, spun her around, dipped her down and kissed the mongoose on the lips delicately, surprising her quite a bit. Mina was quick to kiss Sonic back and wrap her arms around him as they kissed.

Once the two supersonic young lovers broke off their kiss, they stood back up before turning back to Tails and Zooey, who just smiled at them before gazing at each other lovingly.

"Come on, Tails, let's dance!" said Zooey, "The stars are already out, and we have the whole night to dance under them!"

"Lead the way, my love," replied Tails, smiling romantically.

Giggling excitedly, Zooey grabbed Tails by the hand, and lead him out onto the dance floor where other people were dancing with someone or just dancing alone, while one or two people just sat on the tables to the side.

Tails gently placed one hand on Zooey's hip, and used his other free hand to hold hers, whilst Zooey did the same to him, and the two loving foxes were soon starting to waltz slowly together to some romantic music while the stars shined down on the town.

Zooey's sparkly dress glimmered against the shines of light from the moon above the town, creating a small makeshift starry night like atmosphere for the two, and impressing some nearby townsfolk.

Sonic and Mina watched their young family members dance the night away and then looked at each other with bright, romantic smiles. Now, it was their time to dance alongside them, as Mina flirtatiously offered Sonic her gloved hand to him to escort her to the dance.

"Shall we dance, sugar plum?" asked Mina lovingly with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Absolutely," answered Sonic, taking Mina's hand ever so delicately before leading his girlfriend over to the dance floor.

Soon enough, Mina and Sonic were strutting their stuff on the dance floor, with the glittering golden stubs on Mina's purple and black dress shining and glittering around in the moonlight, whilst they danced together and catching some attention from the townsfolk.

Nearby the dancing couples, Knuckles was carefully slow dancing with Perci the Bandicoot, who was wearing a nice light purple dress and wore purple high heel shoes. Knuckles was doing his best to be careful as he danced with the Bandicoot he had a crush on.

"You're doing really well for a first timer, Knuckles," commented Perci with a smile as she was gently twirled around by the echidna.

"Well, I'm not all about muscle and strength," replied Knuckles, "I'm more like a gentle giant kinda figure to the team."

"And you're quite a handsome 'gentle giant' if I do say so myself," flirted Perci, blinking cutely at the echidna, which made him blush pink on his cheeks.

Elsewhere on the dance floor, Amy Rose, who was wearing a pink and red streaked party dress, was trying to teach Sticks how to dance, although the badger was having extreme difficulties in dancing, along with the fact she had to wear her 'formal' black dress from the awards ceremony night.

She just didn't like wearing it at all, but she was made to, as according to the tradition of the event to wear dresses and suits to the dance.

"Why do I have to wear this ridiculous outfit?!" complained Sticks, "I never liked wearing it when that awards ceremony came to town!"

"Well, how do you think we felt when we tried so hard to make you act like a mature young lady, Sticks?" asked Amy sarcastically, "Now, just follow my lead, okay? Two steps forward, one step back. It's that easy."

"Easy for you, but not for me!" Sticks retorted nervously, "I don't even know my lefts or rights with my feet!"

Sighing and trying her best to keep her cool on, Amy gently started showing Sticks the easy-to-learn steps to dance, by moving one step back, and awaited the almost paranoid badger girl to move two steps forward.

"Come on, Sticks," she encouraged her, "Two steps forward. It's not that hard."

Nearby, Mina and Sonic were dancing together and showing off their dance skills, when all of a sudden Mina once again stopped dancing and caught the sight of Amy trying to teach Sticks how to dance. The mongoose watched with curiosity just as Sonic joined her, putting an arm on his girlfriend's shoulder.

"What's Amy trying to do with Sticks, now?" he asked.

"I think she's trying to help her learn how to dance," answered Mina, "It looks like Sticks is gonna freak out at any minute."

"I know how it feels for her to dance," sighed Sonic, "I tried teaching her to dance myself, and all we did was knock down the background we set up in the living room."

Mina giggled at Sonic for that little memory before both the mongoose and hedgehog watched Sticks eventually start freaking out over her left and right feet, and making Amy let go of her hands immediately.

"GAH!" exclaimed Sticks wildly, "I CAN'T DO THIS!"

Sticks tried to run off, but her frantic frenzy caused her to run straight into Amy and knock them both down onto the dance floor. They landed in a heap and caused themselves to get embarrassing attention from the townspeople staring at them in disbelief.

Amy blushed in embarrassment. Finding herself on the floor was not what she had in mind. Sticks immediately got up and continued to frantically panic, just as Knuckles and Perci came walking over, arms around one another.

"Whoops," commented Knuckles, "Looks like you guys slipped on a banana peel."

"More like Sticks went into panic mode again, Knuckles," corrected Perci.

Tails and Zooey watched the drama unfold, although they were not very surprised at Sticks' wild behavior, given how uncontrollable she was.

"I think someone still needs some dancing lessons," commented Zooey.

"You can say that again," agreed Amy as she got back up.

"Can I go home now?" asked Sticks uncomfortably, and Amy glared at her.

Zooey began thinking of an idea that she and Tails could do together to catch the crowd off guard; something of a small little roleplay based on their fancy appearance.

"Say, Tails, how's about we give everyone something they'll never forget?" suggested Zooey.

"Hmm, ... I think I know where you're getting at," smirked Tails.

Zooey giggled as she gazed at her boyfriend's mischievous-looking smile, even if he meant no mischief at all. Rather, they wanted to impress everyone by doing something completely out of the blue, something that might make the night extra special for the two foxes.

Smiling, the two stepped to the center of the dance floor, facing each other and staring into each other's eyes twinkling under the stars. They stood there, staring, waiting until they knew they had the attention of everyone on the dance floor, then Tails knelt in front of Zooey just as a very romantic piece of classical music began to play over the speakers.

Just as the music started, Tails pulled out a rose he had secretly hidden in his coat pocket and held it out in front of Zooey in a romantic fashion.

"Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime. Lead me, save me from my solitude. Say you want me with you, here beside you. Anywhere you go, let me go, too. Zooey; that's all I ask of you," Tails spoke in a Shakespeare-esque tone.

"Wildly, my Mind beats against you, but my soul always obeys," replied Zooey, copying the same tone in her voice.

"See how she leans her cheek upon my hand," said Tails, pressing her hand against Zooey's cheek gently, "O, that I were a glove upon that hand. That I might touch that cheek."

"Nay gloves n'r mask can hideth the true loveth of mine own heart's desire. Thou art mine own heart anon and f'rev'r," Zooey said romantically, making everyone's eyes go wide in amazement.

"Uh, ... just when did they start studying Shakespeare?" whispered Amy.

"Aren't they just adorable together?" chuckled Mina.

"I can't stand adorable," Sticks muttered quietly to herself.

Sonic chuckled along with Mina and smiled at his little brother. He watched with a smile as Tails, rose still in hand, pulled Zooey closer in bridal style and kissed her passionately on the lips just as the music made a buildup suitable for such a romantic moment. The two closed their eyes and kissed for everyone to see. Nobody could take their eyes off such a beautiful sight, and the music only made the moment even better.

Before long, Tails and Zooey found themselves receiving applause from those surrounding them, as they kissed one another in such a romantic manner.

"Uh, ... w-wow," gasped Sticks in shock and amazement.

"It seems as though they rehearsed," commented Amy.

Everyone watched as Tails and Zooey broke off their kiss and opened their eyes, still staring at each other as if no one else was there, and they started dancing like a groom and bride as the music's crescendo blended into a rhythm they could dance to. It was such a splendid sight for everyone to see.

"I love you, my sweet phantom," said Zooey with a bit of flirtation in her voice.

"And I love you, too, my gorgeous red rose," replied Tails, putting the red rose he had between his teeth with a wink of his eye.

Whilst Tails and Zooey resumed dancing together, Mina looked to Sonic and happily dragged him back out to the dance floor under the stars, and together, they began waltzing to the music playing over the speakers.

"You're a wonderful dancer, Sonic," commented Mina playfully.

"And you're a wonderful singer," replied Sonic as he twirled Mina around gently, "You're the one person who has a set of 'Racing Hearts'."

Giggling with a blush, Mina once again brought Sonic in for a romantic kiss just as the moonlight shined down on them, with the eerie moonlight making Mina's dress sparkle with the golden stubs shining brightly. Soon enough, Sonic and Mina broke off their kiss and carried on dancing under the stars with Tails and Zooey dancing nearby them.

While Sonic danced with Mina, one of the villagers, Wild Cat, had managed to ask Amy for a dance with him, and since the pink hedgehog had no dance partner and that she didn't have the time or patience to try and teach Sticks how to dance again, she accepted Wild Cat's offer to dance, and the two were soon dancing together to the music.

Sonic took a quick glance at Amy dancing with Wild Cat, and when she turned to him, the blue hedgehog gave her a thumbs up, which she smiled and returned the gesture, before resuming her dance with the friendly villager.

Knuckles continued to dance with Perci, who was happily enjoying the time of her life dancing with the 'gentle giant' echidna, as they waltzed to the music.

Doctor Eggman had even attended the Dance Under The Stars event, although he didn't dance because he had tried dancing before and he was terrible at it. Orbot and Cubot were doing their best to strut their stuff on the dance floor, although they could only do the 'robot' dances, since they had no legs.

June 5th was a very special time of the year for the people of Bygone Island, and dancing under the stars was a special event that Sonic, Tails, Mina and Zooey would always attend every year, whenever the stars shined down upon them and their friends.

For the Family of Four, tonight was a very special night.

A very short episode for the 'Family of Four' series, but this one was made to celebrate grimlock's birthday, and we haven't written anything on our fanfic series since March after that incredibly stressful 'Water Caves' episode.

The 'Dance Under the Stars' event was based on the idea we put into our now defunct 2018 'Sonic Boom: Lost Love' fanfic. Since we both lost all interest in that old project, we felt that putting the dance event in as an episode in Family of Four would be a nice reference.

This episode was a lot better than the last one, it wasn't very long and complicated, and it was a special episode, too. I couldn't help but think of something Shakespearian between Tails and Zooey for a bit more classical and romantic flavor. ^^

We hope you enjoyed it!