He had been building a kingdom, granted he had his men murder a monarch to get as far as he had, after starting a revolution under the false implications of making a democratic land. And it was quite easy; he had the right connections. The only flaw was his subjects: many of them had been extremely... defiant. So he had used his armies, he had began taking the kingdom he'd earned, piece by piece. Assimilating his people through many means, exterminating the persistent.

In fact, he had just been doing that. Some filthy peasants had insisted he had no right to be in their clan's land. Then it happened.

"T-teach" he'd heard his right hand call with a stutter from behind him, fear lacing his tone.

He'd heard some commotion outside the large tent he was staying in, littered with luxuries. he'd expected they could handle whatever was happening themselves.

"Teach" he heard Burgess breath, more stressed. With an annoyed huff he dropped his pen and started to turn around, perhaps he'd set his hopes too high.

Burgess had his back turned to him - he felt an involuntary pang of rage spring through him at the show of disrespect, but shoved it down - and he could see the terror in his semi-hunched form. He made to rise.

"What do you wa-" he started, exasperated, before he felt the earth quiver beneath him, almost knocking him off his feet. stumbling, he caught himself, looking up only to see Burgess fallen on the ground.

Now, with a view if his front, he observed a deep dent in the man's brass armour - he was injured.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw something swoop past the entrance of the tent. He forcibly slowed his breathing, trying to keep himself calm at the utter chaos that was now visible to him.

"There's s-something out there, a-a monster-" Burgess began to rant over the rumbling land, as he moved to pull the man up. He ceased him action when the bright-haired man froze, choking on the breath, before his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

He hadn't just employed Burgess for his bulk. He'd seen his foolish bravery first hand, that had led him to arrogantly march into battle despite the near non-existent odds; hell, he'd exploited it on several occasions. No trivial threat would make him faint out of fear. Perhaps he'd been drugged? Teach, once again attempted to move over to his large, armoured soldier, only to freeze at the sight of a woman.

This woman might not have stood out if she wasn't wearing the strangest clothes - blankets?-, bearing giant wings of gold, and doused in blood.

It was storming towards him, face set in an inhuman sneer no normal person could manage; anger flared off it, it's form becoming more hunched an bestial with each stride.

He knew he should have moved; he wasn't sure if it was the crippling panic, or the petrifying glare it had set on him, but one, or both, were holding him in place.

He failed even to stand, as the tremors strengthened, horror coursing through him. The creature stood over him, it's hands pressing against his chest. His breath stopped. She began digging. He started hyperventilating. His open torso, burned. He could feel air - hands - in a place it should never reach: so cold. With his star-filled, rapidly darkening vision he caught a satisfied expression dance across it's features. It was enjoying this. God, it hUrt So MUch, hE CoulDN'tBReaTh,HisheART-

Everything went black.

He couldn't feel anything. His mind felt like it was part of the endless abyss surrounding him, like it was... everywhere.

He couldn't tell how long he'd been there, or recall anything before now.

And, he could feel time lagging around in places.

Honestly, he didn't have much of a problem with this; he was content with just being-

He suddenly felt his person contort and stretch and bend in ways it shouldn't. His mind was pulling and snapping for so long, he tried to scream but nothing came out.

Then it was done. He felt solid, grounded: focused, but disconnected. He almost felt like he wasn't really there, and though now he could think much more clearly, he couldn't see, he couldn't speak.

But, he could hear(feel). He felt vibrations of violations as someone walked under(inside) him - what? - and touch the back of- aaaaaaahhhhh.

It was happening again - It was enjoying this.

mentally panting when the pain had finally stopped, he stayed there unable to do anything about the gaping hole in him.

And, so he continued to stay there, unmoving, for a long, long time.