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Alright, with the 13th Fannies now in the books, I have a new story idea that'll answer a good question. How would Drew and Sheila react to news of their live-action selves? Will Kim survive the Thanksgiving drive from Hell? And how would this affect the rest of the family during the annual Lipsky Thanksgiving? Plus, is there a marriage proposal long in the making?

Well, we're about to find out in this small story.

The fanfic is rated T for crude humor, a semi-wardrobe malfunction and mild language.

Kim Possible, characters and settings, are created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney.

Alexa and Justin Stoppable are created by KPRS4ever and Hotrod2001. All rights go to them

Any other OC I create is my own.

"The Lipsky Family Thanksgiving"

Chapter 1 - The Villains' New Makeover

(November 20, 2018, 3:50pm)

"Drewbie! Do you have your keys ready?" Mama Lipsky asked her son. "We have to hurry to get to Smarty-Mart!"

Drew replied in the living room, searching every nook and cranny. He was in a blue button-down shirt and jeans.

The Lipskys were just two days away from T-Giving Day...and a whole lot of people

"I'm still looking for them, Mother. They should be around here somewhere.

"Why don't you try the coffee table?" Sheila Lipsky snarked. She was wearing dark baggy denim Club Banana overalls. The overalls had holes in the kneecaps and Sheila wore them with the right strap hooked and the left strap undone over her green and black button-down shirt. She also had a green and black-colored bracelet on her right hand and a statement gold necklace. Her long raven hair was in a ponytail. Black and green tennis shoes completed the outfit. Sheila also had white gloves on that prevented her from using her powers while as a civilian. As per her agreement with Global Justice, she would take them off only on missions.

"This seriously reminds me of the time you locked your keys out the family car." she continued while watching the entertainment channel with their 10-year old daugter, Alicia. "It took you two hours to open the door...with a brick..."

"Sheila, it would help if we can get to Smarty-Mart before they run out of turkeys! And can you bring little Alicia along?" Drew insisted.

"Fine...Dr. L. Just don't get your labcoat in knots, alright?" Sheila sighed.

"Mommy! Daddy! Look!" Alicia exclaimed, pointing to the TV, "You're on the entertainment news!"

"Huh? What the-?" Drew wondered, looking at the TV screen.

The news reporter said the following: We have new news concerning the live-action Kim Possible movie!

"That's weird." Sheila said while standing up, the undone overalls strap dangling behind her back. "There hasn't been any new news concerning about that live-action movie since August."

"Wasn't that when the movie added the original person who played as Kim Possible?" Drew replied.

"Yes, and when Dementor's original VA was cast too." Sheila recalled, putting her hands in the overalls pockets.

"Since then, everything has been quiet on Flitter, AddressBook and BuzzTube too!" Drew said before their daughter added. "There was hardly a word about it during the Fannies ceremony a few weeks ago."

"Look! It's you two!"

Drew and Sheila closely observed the TV.

The Middleton Entertainment Magazine has unveiled its very first image of the live-action versions of Dr. Drakken and Shego.

It showed the image of the LAM versions of Drakken and Shego.

Drew analyzed it and said, "It seems that they got my costume right and the scar too, but I need to ask one question, Sheila! Where's my blue skin? All I see are blue veins on the guy's face! The blue skin was what made Drakken...well...Drakken!"

The news reported unintentionally provided an answer to him.

According to the co-directors of the film, he won't be sporting his traditional blue skin. From one of the directors, he said, and I quote "He has a blue infection within him. It's like one experiment went totally disasterous for him and a blueish hue was one of the side effects."

"That's not exactly how the 'experiment' went in my case!" Drew exclaimed.

Turning to his wife, he asked, "Sheila, can you get on your tablet thing and see if there are any more pictures?"

Sheila turned on her tablet and went to that site on the Internet.

"Sorry, champ. That's the only picture that they have." Sheila replied.

The directors said that Shego's outfit too has received an update as well. They also said that the original outfits, in live-action, would've looked like pajama one-sies!

It then showed the LAM Shego's outfit, which featured more black than green. This earned a loud rant from Sheila.

"Oyyyy! Those two should know my ratio between black and green! Hell, even the custom outfit that GJ made for me kept the same color balance! And are those actually nails on those gloves?!"

The directors also said that they had to find the Shego actress that had the right amount of snark and sass while also being physically threatening as well since the Drakken actor was really tall and they felt like they made the right...

Sheila then turned off the TV, speechless after hearing this news.

"This is going to be one eventful Thanksgiving!"