Chapter 3 - The Thanksgiving Ride From Hell - Part II

(Nov. 19, 9:30am)

For the first 65 miles of the drive, the ride was uneventful with Kim gazing out into the Colorado countryside and Ron listening to "Holiday Road" on the radio. It was all quiet in the back seat with Alexa and Justin both sleeping in the second row. Rufus was curled in a ball, sleeping as well. The Stoppable-mobile was traveling down Interstate 76 right on the outskirts of Merino, Colorado. Gipsi, their GPS, was serving as their guide.

Ron decided to break the ice to Kim and asked her, "KS, do you believe in such a thing as the Stoppable Vacation Curse?"

"What?" Kim questioned, stunned that her husband would say that "Of course not!"

"Need I remind you of the time my parents and I went to Texas during 7th grade and I ended up carsick? Or the time during our senior year and having to deal with Drakken being possessed by a cursed pirate without the use of our high tech?" Ron asked, reminiscing on past events. "And, most infamous of them all, Camp Wannaweep!"

"I know about all of those, Ron. But we're all grown up now!" Kim said, pointing out the here and now, "We're into our thirties now! We got two beautiful...and peacefully So I guarantee you that nothing will happen to us on this trip to Mama Lipsky. My 'rents are also going to be there as well, so I expect you and the kids to be on your best behavior."

"That totally won't be a prob! The Ronster's gonna be cool like school!" Ron said, while flowing his left hand outward and keeping one hand on the steering wheel. "I'm like a glass half-full that's never empty!"

Kim took a look at the gas gague and said, "Um, Ron, speaking of empty..."

Ron looked at it too and said, "Ooops..."

The gas gague was nearing the red E.

"You forgot to fill the van up with gas before we left for a trip...again!" Kim muttered, raising her eyebrow.

"No prob, KS! All we have to do is to go to the Dinoco at the next exit." Ron replied. "Now let's see here! We are nearing exit 125, Sterling, Colorado."

He saw the blue information sign for gas that, yes, there is a Dinoco.

Kim turned to the sleeping Stoppable kids and said to them, "Okay, Stoppable troops, we're coming up on our first break of the trip. Do any of you kids need to use the rest room?"

The kids then woke up from their sleep.

"I do!" Alexa squeaked.

"I don't!" Justin added.

Rufus woke up and shook his head, indicating a yes.

"Fine." Kim sighed "Looks like I may need to use the restroom as well!"

"Alright, we're entering the exit now." Ron said while pulling the van into the onramp.

The van headed right to go to the nearby Dinoco and stopped right.

Ron said, "Alexa, my dear, go with Mommy to go tee-tee. I'll stay here with Justin and fuel up the van."

"Yes, Dad!" Alexa replied as she got out of the car with Kim. Rufus got out the car as well.

"Do you want anything, Ron?" Kim asked.

"Meh...just a coffee and some nachos." Ron replied. "It'll tide me over till we get to Oolal...Ooolei?"

"Ogallala, Nebraska!" Kim corrected him.

"That's what I was about to say, KS." Ron groaned, "There's a Bueno Nacho over there that we can eat for lunch.

Kim and Alexa headed off together into the Dinoco. Ron, in the meantime, took the key out of the ignition, and set the keys to lock because of the fact that Kim had a lot of valuable jewelry. He put the keys in his back pocket loosely and got off the driver seat, whistling. But he was unaware that the keys slipped from his khakis pocket, falling onto the seat. He closed the door and started to pump the gas.

After about 5 minutes, the gas tank was full.

"Ah, she's all up and ready to go!" Ron grinned while putting the nozzle back into the pump.

He turned to the drivers seat and gasped! Ron's keys were on the edge of the drivers seat...and the van is locked with Justin inside!

"Oh no! Oh please NO!" Ron exclaimed.

His wife, meanwhile, exited the women's restroom with Alexa.

Kim decided to unhook the right strap of her leather overalls, leaving the left strap up. The right strap swung behind her back and the bib constantly flapped -

"I did a good job!" Alexa squeaked.

"Yes, you did, honey!" Kim smiled, patting her daughter on the head, "That gives you and your brother candy!"

She bought a couple pieces of candy for Justin and Alexa, two Nachos with cheese for Rufus and Ron, and a diet soda for herself at the register.

"Please and thank you!" Alexa said to the cashier.

Kim smiled at this and said, "I used to say that when I was your age, shortly before I met your dad in pre-K!"

Rufus crawled up on Kim's shoulder and chittered.

"What is it, Rufus?" Kim asked to the mole rat.

Rufus pointed out to Ron rushing up to the convenience store and he was panicking.

"Ron, what is it?" Kim questioned.

"My keys are inside the van and it's locked!" Ron screamed.

"This is so the third time in a month that this has happened!" Kim sighed, "Let me just get my..."

"No, KS! This is the job for the man of the house!" Ron exclaimed before asking the cashier, "Uh, do you , by any chance have a crowbar that I can use?"

"I'll see if my manager has one." the cashier replied.

"Ah, thank goodness!" Ron said with a sigh of relief, "I thought this trip would end up in disaster!"

The store manager brought him a crowbar and said, "Bring it back, okay?"

"No, problem, dude!" Ron grinned.

"Ron, you know that I..." Kim sighed, trying to intercede.

"Don't worry, KS. I got it all under control!" Ron replied with the crowbar in hand. He went back to the van to try to open it.

Kim groaned loudly and carried the nachos with cheese. She had the candy and sodas in a plastic bag.

Ron got to work and used the swan neck of the crowbar on the door. But unfortunately, he made four small dents on that door and he dented the door handle, This earned a facepalm from Kim.

He then tried another idea. "Come on, Justin! Give Daddy the keys!"

Unfortunately for Ron, Justin tried to get the keys but the keys fell off the seat and into the console.

"Wise guy, huh! Well, Mr. Locked Door, we'll just see about that!" he yelled as he used the crowbar try and break the glass window, but all he could do was a few cracks with his small frame. Justin, meanwhile, was enjoying all the destruction, clapping his hands. He had crushed small toy cars before with a brick.

"Oh no! Now how am I supposed to get to them now?" he complained.

Kim cleared her throat and took out her lipstick from her CCB handbag.

"Let me show you how the real experts do it, Ron!" Kim replied while taking out an extra set of keys from her handbag. She inserted the key and opened the lock.

"And there you go. That's how you open the car!"

"Okay, that solves that problem!" Ron said, giving the crowbar back to the manager. "Ah, thanks for bringing my food, KS!"

"You're welcome, Ron!" Kim replied as she escorted Alexa back to the van while the overalls strap dangled from behind her back.

Kim got back into the car as well. She dug her hand through the compartment and handed Ron the keys.

"Ah, there they are! Now let's roll!"

Ron started up the engine and the van headed off the Dinoco back onto the interstate.