Chapter 5 - The Thanksgiving Ride From Hell - Part IV

(12:00 noon, Ogallaga, NE)

The Stoppables entered into the Bueno Nacho and approached the counter. Kim's overalls strap was dancing behind her back. Ron approached the counter and asked the cashier.

"Can I have three Nacos, grande-sized, with extra diablo sauce along with two chimmeritos and two grande-sized drinks. Also a Southern Border style salad as well. And two Lil' Nino kids meals with mini-Nacos for both?"

"That comes out to $21.95." the cashier said.

Ron paid for the food with his credit card. The entire family, and Rufus, then sat down at a nearby booth.

"So what you're saying that, the day before we head to the Lipskys, we should go past the Corn Palace?" Kim asked while eating her salad. A few birds were flying right onto a nearby wire over the van.

"Yep, it's the only one of its kind in the world, KS!" Ron replied. "We did book a hotel in Mitchell, South Dakota, remember?"

"Oh yeah, I do, Ron!" Kim replied while eating her salad. "You made all those corn puns."

"Mmm...corn!" Rufus squeaked with delight, chowing down on his Naco with extra chees.

"Kinda corny, isn't it?" Ron chuckled while eating his Naco. "Expect the Ron-man to have a lot of them in store!"

"Just don't overdo them!" Kim giggled, swallowing a bite.

"And also, we're gonna go to that Bear Country place that Justin wanted to go!" Ron said, explaining the other place that they plan on going on their week-long South Dakota trip.

Little did they know that more and more birds were gathering over their van.

"I really do want to make the 'rents happy for this Thanksgiving." Kim sighed as the smile faded from her face.

"You okay, KS?" Ron asked.

"It's just that it's the first Thanksgiving that we're going to without Nana cause we went on that mission last Thanksgiving." Kim replied sadly. "Both you and me have had so many memories at her house."

Rufus comforted Kim while patting her on the shoulder.

"Don't worry! We'll always treasure them!" Ron smiled while giving his wife a hug. Kim replied back with nothing but a kiss to him on the lips.

"Ewww...that's gorchy!" Justin exclaimed.

Kim chuckled, "Justin, in about 20 years, you'll get to experience love."

"I don't want to get cooties!" Justin huffed while playing with his Lil Nino toy of a monster truck.

"And I don't want to suffer from the effects of the Stoppable Vacation Curse!" Ron exclaimed.

"Ron, that curse is not going to affect who we are!" Kim replied while holding out his hand. "You've got me on your side! It's so no big!"

"Yeah..." Ron smiled, threading Kim's hair, "...everything's going to be all right!"

"Look, Mommy! Birdies!" Alexa said, pointing out of the window.

Kim and Ron turned around and saw the birds, 150 in number, all perched above the van.

"Uh...Ron, what are those birds doing?" Kim wondered.

"I'd better hope they do not what I think they are going to do..." Ron whimpered.

"And that would be what?" Kim asked.

"Oh...crop circles!" Ron exclaimed.

The birds answered that for her as they all turned their backs...and started to lay literal waste to the Stoppable minivan.

"Ooooh! They're making ice cream!" Alexa said, smilling.

Kim said with disgust, "I don't think that's ice cream, Alexa!"

"Oh no! The Stoppable Vacation Curse is in full effect!" Ron screamed.

The birds continued to pelt the van with their poop.

"I'm going to chase the birds away!" Ron proclaimed.

"Ron..." Kim muttered, fearing what Ron's going to do next. "You're not thinking..."

"Sorry, KS...but it must be done!"

He ran out of the restaurant and began to make cawing noises and began to flap his arms around wildly, imitating wings.

Rufus groaned at his owner acting like this worked.

The birds got scared of this weird 30-year old man imitating a large bird and flew away.

"See? I got rid of them!" he said from the parking lot.

Turning to the kids, Kim said to them, "Put your toys in this bag that you want to keep. We'll throw the rest away."


The Stoppables finished the rest of their food and threw the remants away.

"Okay...first off, we're getting that car washed to get the bird poop off." Ron decreed. "And then we're going back on the road!"

"I'm with you on that, Ron!" Kim agreed.

Bird poop had completely covered the van from the top, body and windows.

The family then headed back to the van and, as before, entered from the passenger side because the new SUV was still there. Ron started up the engine and began to back up. He also turned on the windshield wiper fluid to clean the bird poop off.

"Ron...careful." Kim insisted.

"Do not worry, KS! I got it!" Ron replied as the sound of scraping paint was coming off the vehicle. "Tell me if I'm all clear!"

The van was finally free, although the new SUV sustained a lot of paint scraping marks.

"That's going to hurt their insurance!" Ron said, not knowing who the SUV belonged to.

"Yeah, Ron, you should be clear, I think!" Kim replied, craning her neck. "But I can't see out of the back! Watch out, you might run into the..."

And the van then rear-ended something metal.

Kim groaned at what he ended up rear-ending in.


"Again...that was my bad, bad!" Ron groaned.

It cracked more of the rear-view window. It made the dent that was made earlier from the gas station even bigger, cracked the right rear tail-light, caused the rear passenger hubcap to fall off and not only cracked more of the rear bumper cover but also it came loose from the right.

"Let's just get out of here, Ron!" Kim insisted. "We can't have any more delays than this!"

The van headed out of Bueno Nacho.


Ron and Kim then went to the nearest car wash to clean off all the bird poop there was on the vehicle. He paid $10 for the wash. The Stoppables were in the waiting room with Justin continuing to play his Lil' Nino toy and Alexa was sleeping on the chair while Kim was playing games on her smartphone.

The entire family waited for the end results as the car came out of the wash. Fortunately for them, all the bird poop was off the windows. Unfortunately for them, some of it still remained on the body.

"Well, it'll look as clean as it can be." Ron said from the waiting room.

"Good enough for us. Let's get back on the road!" Kim agreed while standing up from her seat. She nudged her daughter.

"Come on, Alexa, get up!"

Alexa yawned and went with her mom back to the van.

"Good thing we're not going to run into things like this ever again!" Kim said as she fastened her seatbelt.