Hey guys! Raven here!

"Owen! Come and do the calendar! It's your turn" Percy called.

"Okay, Dad! Just a second…..." came his reply. Percy smiled at this. He loved being a father, it was sometimes annoying, but still, kids who follow your every step is just an absolute treat. As he waited for his 10-year-old son to come downstairs, he watched his beautiful wife walk down the stairs with a cup of steaming coffee.

"Morning, Wise Girl. Wanna make crepes for the kids with me? I know you like to..." Percy wiggled his eyebrows. Annabeth rolled her eyes and sighed.

"I'm pregnant, Seaweed Brain, do you think I want to bend over?"


"Exactly. So, no. Make them yourself if you really want to make crepes."

Percy didn't get why Annabeth was acting a tiny bit rude.

"Are you okay, Annabeth?" he asked softly as he put his arms out, waiting for her to fall into them.

"No." Annabeth walked forward and fell into his arms. She started sobbing silently in his arms. "I hate being pregnant. I always have the worst experiences with pregnancies."

"Hey, hey, hey. Don't cry, princess. We have four beautiful and healthy children, and about to have five, what are you fretting for?"

"Because being pregnant isn't the easiest thing, Percy." Annabeth said, suddenly pulling away from him. "You don't get it because you've never been pregnant, and will never be, but just to let you know, its not easy."

"Calm down, get a hold of your emotions and take deep breaths." Percy said. Annabeth obeyed and took deep breaths.

"Daddy! Mommy!" Ava shouted as she bounced down the stairs.

"Hey, Monkey! Did you have a good night sleep?" Percy asked.

"Yup!" the 7-year-old exclaimed.

"Well, that's good. Mommy's not feeling good because little Jackson is making it uncomfortable, so do you want to help me make crepes for your sisters and brother and of course you?" Percy asked.

"Yes!" little Ava said.

"Um, Percy" Annabeth tapped Percy's shoulder "Hailey's at Natalie's house, and Hannah's at Emily's house."

"Oh, wait, really? OHHHHH! Yeah! You're right!" Percy said.

He really is a Seaweed Brain. Annabeth thought.

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