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December 23nd

"Hey. Annabeth. It's okay. You're okay. Just wake up." Someone said. Something was clinging onto her left hand. She really did try to wake up. She really did. But whenever she opened her eyes, the whole world was blinding light.

"Oh. It's okay, go back to sleep." The same person said.

Finally, after a really long time, Annabeth could open her eyes without the blinding light. Something-rather, someone- was clinging onto her hand. Annabeth glanced over, and saw a Percy, but a very worried and scared Percy. He was holding her hand, with his chin resting on the left of their clasped hands. Percy's cheeks were sunken in, his black hair oily and flat, and worst of all, when Percy opened his eyes, his beautiful sea green eyes were a dull green from the lack of sleep.

"Wise Girl! You're awake!" Percy said, but as soon as he finished 'awake', doctors came in, and pushed Percy out of the way.

"We need to check that she is okay before you talk to her!" One of the doctors said, another checking her heartbeat monitor, and another checking something else.

"Okay." Percy reluctantly sat down on one of the couches facing Annabeth's hospital bed, and called his mom.

"Wait! Where's Wayne?" Annabeth cried.

"Oh, it's okay, he's home with my mom at our house." Percy said, lifting the phone away from his ear for a second. Annabeth sighed of relief. Her little baby was okay.

The doctors did a few tests, and after a few hours, they deemed Annabeth okay to leave the hospital.

"Mommy's awake!" Sally said to the four kids, and went over to Wayne's crib. "Waynie, your mommy's awake! You'll finally get to see her!"

"Really?" Hailey and Hannah both said. The thirteen year olds just turned thirteen a few days ago, but they didn't want to celebrate without their mom. None of the kids were going to school, and while they could do whatever they wanted with only their grandmother around, they just watched TV, to distract them from the fact that their mom was in the hospital.

"Yay!" Ava said, and jumped onto Owen's back. The ten-year old bounced her around, and she shrieked with joy.

A few hours later, Sally got the update that Percy and Annabeth were in the car coming home.

All four children gathered outside to welcome their mom back home, and Sally was holding Wayne, so that Annabeth could meet her newborn, because Sally thought that she didn't want to waste a second climbing the stairs, when she had already waited 2 weeks to meet her newborn.

Then, Percy and Annabeth pulled up, and the children were so happy to see their mom, but also their dad, because he was always there at the hospital with Annabeth.

"Mom!" Owen shouted, and ran over to give his mom a huge, but a light one, because he knew that she just came from the hospital. Owen looked like a carbon copy of Annabeth, but a boy, so he was more a momma's boy. The other children waited in a line to hug their parents, and when Sally came over with Wayne, Annabeth teared up.

"Waynie, you're so beautiful." Annabeth murmured. Wayne was beautiful, with his thin brown hair slightly covering his head, and his green eyes that were surrounded with grey spikes. Sally passed Wayne over to Annabeth, and she kissed her baby on the forehead.

Meanwhile, Ava hugged Percy super tight, because she was a girl version of Percy, so she was a daddy's girl. The 32-year-old gladly hugged his daughter back.

Hannah came over to Owen, where they shared the same blonde hair, but Hannah's eyes were sea green, like her dad. Owen and Hannah watched their family hug one another, with their grandmother.

It's was becoming late though, so they all went inside the house, made some hot chocolate for the kids, and Sally had already made dinner, so they ate her wonderful mac and cheese, and then, of course, her signature blue cookies.

"Yum," Hailey sighed, brushing a mischievous piece of black hair away from her grey eyes.

Annabeth looked at her amazing family, and told herself how lucky she was to have them.

"Hey Percy?" Annabeth asked her husband. They were lying in bed, they had already tucked in their four kids, and Sally was sleeping in their guest room. Wayne was in his crib across from their bed, where there were around 9 pacifiers, a trick Sally had learned kept Wayne asleep for almost 5 hours, because if he lost a pacifier, he could just reach out and grab one.


"How long was I in that coma?" Annabeth hadn't wanted to bring up the topic in front of her kids, so she chose this time to ask.

"About 2 weeks."

"So that's how old Wayne is?" Annabeth asked.

"Yeah. And Leo is almost finished with Hailey's bracelet."

"Great." Annabeth responded.

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