The pattern holds unchanged for a while. The first indication that it may develop into something different, for better or worse, comes about a week later, when one of the boys' nighttime exploits results in the violent acquisition of yet another vehicle that the operation might have a use for: a battered old commerce lorry, red with rust and bullet-ridden roof to tire. Mitzi takes note of this, to which Freckle begins twiddling his finger and mutters an apology, like he does. His boss pats him on the arm with that mellow smile of hers, like she does, telling him that it's okay honey, they both did a great job tonight. Now they simply need to have the thing fixed, preferably on a budget.

Viktor remains skeptical. He sees the holes for himself, of course, but he hasn't entirely bought into what everyone claims of the boy's qualifications. He can hardly imagine this peaceable pipsqueak serving any purpose in a gunfight other than making for an embarrassingly difficult to hit target. Still, there has to be something more to him than meets the eye, same as his screwy cousin, for against all odds the Defiance job had ended up being a messy, bloody, but ultimately successful affair, as had most of the other assignments they'd been handed since. The liquor was beginning to flow in again, one way or the other, and so Lackadaisy had kept limping along for the time being- not unlike himself.

Having the lorry fixed on a budget turns out to mean that Viktor is to effectively take it apart and put it back together again, if he judges that it can be salvaged. He voices no complaint over this, like he does, but Mitzi won't hear of it; climbing up and down this huge thing, with his injuries…! So she turns to Rocky, sweet, ever-eager Rocky, and asks: didn't you mention your cousin was something of a handyman, honey…?

This time Viktor does think to protest. He's about to, but then notices the wide-eyed panic on Calvin's face as he listens to his cousin enthusiastically oversell his middling mechanical know-how, and decides to view this whole ordeal as more of an opportunity.

Freckle darts a look at him at some point, a furtive glance brimful of dread, and sees that Viktor's fangs are showing. He figures that's him smiling.

He prefers the glaring.